Aranuth Speaks Cairns December 2021 – Zetino

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Aranuth Speaks: “Colours of All That Is.”


Hello from North Queensland Australia once again: it has been more than a few weeks since I last posted an article due mainly to personal energy development and upgrades along with a lift in consciousness – among other things – which I am not at liberty to divulge as yet. It has been quite a bumpy and “anything can happen next” ride over the past few months … years actually, and it is far from over yet. When i look back over the past few years I clearly recall my guides saying that the old paradigm on our lovely planet has to decay, crack, and crumble, and be totally dismantled and removed before the new paradigm of love, light, harmony, and peaceful co-existence can be installed. Recently, in solo meditation, my guide advised that it will happen but not in my lifetime. Oh well, we just “keep on keeping on” and do our bit towards assisting with the change.

Recently I conducted a five hour course titled “Spiritual Awareness and Development” which was a great success: the dear souls attending the event had a wonderful time and expressed the opinion that the information in the meditation process, which was very different and more successful than the accepted norm, helped them tremendously. The meditation procedure was followed up with a channelled message which was happily received. Going by the success of the pilot course I will now rework it and offer the course to other areas. I have also considered offering the course by audio and/or video for those souls unable to attend in person.


Good evening everyone.

This is Isiah at your service. Previously today you did speak of “service”. And yes, it is incredibly important. To be of service to your brother, your sister, mankind, animals, and the environment. Perhaps you would like to know and understand that we too in the realms perform this service. It does not matter what vibratory level that we inhabit, what space we are in, once we rise above a certain vibratory level service is a requirement. So yes, as above, so below, so below, as above. You serve over there and we serve over here. But the reason that I am here, the reason that I was chosen to visit with you, is to to talk to you about Colours.

Colours. How many of you dear souls incarnate consider or place much emphasis on colours? Well, colours are important. They play an important part simply because colour performs multiple helpful tasks. You are aware that you have colours in your aura. Well, that serves a purpose; not a terribly important one. Colours in your aura simply denote where you are at this particular point in time. Now at a point later this evening, those colours in your aura will be quite different to what they are now depending upon your mood, your experience, your perception, your shall we say, state of mind, your state of beingness. So those colours can change and do change. They are in a constant state of flux.

Now, colours also denote, when you are in the realms, we see you, other souls see you, not your aura, not just as a physical embodiment that is a colourful energy embodiment; the colour, colours, of your energy beingness denote every single thing, every experience, every lesson, every happening to you individuals in each and every incarnation. Each and every incarnatio! The experience that you have, the lessons that you have had and learned will all attract a certain blend of colour. And that colour, the saturation of it, and the depth, the brilliance of it, denote what you took out of those experiences, of those lessons.

So, in the realms we will see you with multiples, multiples of colours, some blending, some not. But you see, in the realms, where I am, we do not have to read your CV, we do not have to read a report on you. We observe and read the combination of your colours, and looking at the combination of your colours we know almost instantly where you are not just on this parhway in this in carnation, but what you have garnered, what you have experienced, and what you have profited or benefited from in each and every previous experience. So here in your level of physicality you may see a soul who could be considered, at first glance, to be rather insignificant. We in the realms are looking at that soul and we see a soul that has benefited greatly from numbers, numbers of incarnations; numbers of lessons, of experiences, and how much they have benefited from them. So, the soul incarnate at this time that you may or may not consider to be insignificant or not much worth could actually be a soul of great knowledge, of great experience here posing as an insignificant human to carry out and achieve an important task … which brings us back to service to others, doesn’t it? Ha, ha, ha.

You will pardon my jocularity, but from where I am and where we see these evolved souls incarnating on your planet choosing to look like one of the crowd, and we know exactly what that soul is doing here and now. The service that that soul is providing. If only you could see the true colours of that soul, you would then understand the service that they are doing. Service to you! You who are not as advanced as the person supplying that service …hmnn? Now with colours, colours alter and change. Just like I mentioned before with your aura. Your aura changes depending upon your present situation and the colours come and go, they blend, they separate, they part, they mix up, and they do all of those things depending on your mood, your state of mind, where you are at, all those sort of things, so, your aura as we see it does not play a significant part in your life. We see the aura, but from where we are, we do not take much notice of that because we know that the colour combination is very fleeting. It’s in a state of flux all of the time. What we are looking at is, your technicolour overcoat.

Do you realise that you are surrounded, encapsulated, in an energy cocoon of colours. Of colours! Now, at times, those colours will alter and change in content, in depth, in clarity, simply because you as individual, what you are doing in your quiet times, in your meditative times, like you have been enjoying this evening. You may call for the gold of protection. You may feel you need protection. So you call to the realms for you to receive a ray of gold to add to your already multi-coloured overcoat. You may wish you could have the pink, the gentle pink, the mauve’s, the pale blues and greens, the healing colours. You may require healing. Not just solely for your physical body but for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body; not just for those bodies; but for the entirety of the energy being that you are. So you see colours, colours play quite a considerable part in your life. And I would encourage you, yes, to keep calling for the colours.

This one, this one, my medium, his overcoat colour is white, he is white. That is his colour ha, ha . And people look to see his aura to see what colour he is. His overcoat is white. A shining one. So, colour does play a magical part in your life. It is beneficial for your to have colours in your abode. In your residence. Colours in your garden. Colours in every aspect of your life. And at this point I would like to say, that the colours that you feel drawn to, the colours that you feel magnetically attracted to, are the colours that you require for your healing, for your advancement, for your understanding. So, I understand many of you souls incarnate, you have that special colour. Why do you have that special colour? That is the power, the ammunition, that is the colour that helps you achieve what it is that you are going to do in this incarnation.

So what is your journey here? Well, if your journey is healing, well then you may be attracted to light blue, pale green, lilac, all soft pastel shades. If you are here, walking a pathway of say mathematics or physics, your colour maybe an iced blue, a cool practical colour for a very practical reason, because you are reasoning with practical numbers. So, regardless of what you do, you will have a special colour that you like to keep close or keep closer around you. Because physically, in your energy beingness you know that this is the colour that supports you. This is your power source. It’s a power source, it really is. So colours play a very important part in everyone’s life.

Now I would like to extend that. I would like to extend that further. Have a look, observe if you will, observe. Observe the habitat of your birds, butterflies, mammals, animals. What do you see, what do you realise, what do you know about those animals, those reptiles, those insects, whatever, they draw energy from the colours around them! They draw colours, they draw the energy of colours! Now of course you understand that there are what you call crystals. crystalised rocks, they all attract colour. They attract a colour. That colour then, they amplify and radiate. They radiate colour to the environment. They radiate colour to all species around them. I am talking about the human species as well as the animal kingdom. The colour even of your sea life, the fishes, crustaceans, whales, the seals, walrus etc, that live in the ocean. The colour surrounding them is their source. The colour gives them energy. Colour gives them life. That is the colour that they need, and when you have a look at it, look at it, non-judgementally, look at the pollution of your rivers, streams and lakes. Does anyone ever consider that marine life are not able to retain their lifeline, they are unable to match with the colour they need because lakes, streams and rivers are full of filth. Discoloured. They are almost lifeless. There are some rivers, lakes and streams that are dead. Lifeless. And you know it because it does not support marine life anymore; marine life which has now moved into another dimension. I won’t say it dies, it has simply moved into another dimension. Which is higher, cleaner, finer so they survived and still survive in another dimension.

When humanity finally realises that they must start the clean-up of their planet, that they must go on a restoration pathway. Restoring things, restoring the environment. Restoring ‘everything that is’ to its initial state of beingness. And at that initial state of beingness is the colours. And the colours are there to attract, magnetise and support all life; and that dear humans, is you too. You too! So I say to you colours in your life are very important, you don’t have to go off on a tangent, just understand that you need colour in your life. You need these colours around you because it is the energy of those colours that plays a supporting role for you as you negotiate your pathway. In the realms, in the realms, when you come home you will be stunned, stunned! amazed, overwhelmed, at the colours, at the colours that you find when you cross that bridge from physicality to non-physicality, to energy beingness. You will observe multiple colours, multiple variations of each and every single colour. Do you realise that you just don’t have a colour … hmm .. say orange, there are degrees of orange and each degree of that colour provides a service to the person who is magnetised to that colour, who needs that colour on their pathway to support them.

There we are again, we are going around in a circle, we come back to service. Service, everything is a service to each other. And so too should you be of service to your fellow human, the animals, the reptiles, the marine life, to your environment, to everything! Be of service to “All That Is”. All that is! Be of service to it. And it reciprocates. It reciprocates. It will be of service to you. Hmm … Oh dear, I really have gone on about colours and service haven’t I?

My brothers said that you need to be advised about these things. In the realms, in my brotherhood, we feel vindicated if we deliver a message of help to dear souls incarnate, however, we are of the understanding that you may or may not take that on board. You may or may not consider it to be .. hmm.. of importance. But that is only for now, It’s not tomorrow, maybe it’s for next year, maybe it’s for the future. But we can be of service to you by bringing you knowledge and information and you do with it as you please, when you please. So if you retain that information at some point or period in your life you will come to the realisation that the knowledge and information that has been imparted to you over the years of your time will bear fruit. It will bear fruit.

And so, … oh before I go, Before I depart … one of my brothers just advised me that I did not mention your food, true. One of my brothers in the light suggested that I remind you that the colours of your food play an important part in your overall, not just health, but beingness. You have the colour of your salad vegetables, your fruits, practically everything that you eat has a colour. When you have a favorite food it’s not always just the taste. It’s the energy of the colour that magnetises you to it. It magnetises that food to you. If it’s the green of vegetables, or that you want orange you go to fruit. If you want yellow you go to fruit or vegetables of that colour. So many foods are of colour and it is the colour that you require that supports you entire beingness. So you may consider next time you partake of a meal, you might consider the magnetism of the colour of the foods that you are eating. The regularity that you eat it. You might just come to the realisation that the colour of your food also plays a part, not just in your survival, but in your expansion as an energy being.

I think that I have covered it adequately. I wish you good evening. I wish you all, all of the best on your pathway. I wish for you to constantly being surrounded in love and life protection, health and abundance Be at peace. Be in peace. Thank you. Good evening. Good evening.

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