Aranuth Speaks about Higher Beingness: May 2015

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The last couple of weeks have been pretty much the same as ever with numerous people reporting all sorts of strange and unusual things happening to them. Chief amongst them were electrical, technical, and mechanical appliances and vehicles which ceased working or simply went bust. Running a close second came aches, pains, unexplainable illnesses, and of course sleeplessness, lethargy, disorientation and feeling like a stranger in an alien world. Let’s face it; this all part of the “changes” and will not go away until the change has been fully implemented.

The world over, people have been rising up, protesting, and taking up petitions against GMO crops, chemicals in and on our foodstuffs, animal cruelty, working class poor being subjected to 3Rd world (and worse) living and working conditions, and the infiltration by large corporations corrupting governments and sporting organisations. Very shortly – it is happening right now – we will see an increase in tragic man-made and natural events and happenings all designed to tear down the old 3D paradigm and allow the world and it’s inhabitants to transition into a much higher and more peaceful level of existence. All is in Divine Order!



Good Evening everyone.  It is I, Aranuth, who returns to address you on this evening.  Are you ready for a little excursion?  I thought today what we may do is rise, lift, expand, out of your current physical dimension and go into a vibratory level that is formless.  Absolutely formless.  It is simply space.  Now I am not talking about vibratory levels that are clearly delineated. There is in fact no delineation. Energy vibration is a continuous flow every changing, every rising in pitch, octave, and tune.  All too often souls incarnate attempt to solve various issues, problems, thorny things that confront them on their pathway, on this physical level.  The problem as you see it may be apparent, and affect you on this physical level, this level of solid matter, however, most of you well know that problems on this level are not resolved on this level.  They are resolved on a much higher level.  Even though you may assume that your mental body is advising you on how best to resolve issues, problems, and remove barriers on your pathway, that is erroneous.  It is resolved by what you have called a “higher power”.  It is resolved by a higher power.  The higher power is in fact, in most instances, a higher vibrating level of energy.  That is where the resolution comes from.

When we are confronted, accosted, by anything on a physical level, we should immediately move away from the level of solid matter and project, project our energy beingness, not just to our higher self, but to  to a higher level which has the clarity and the power to resolve the issues or show you with great clarity what is your best path;  what is your best course;  what is the best option for you to take.  What I would like to suggest to you on this day is to constantly, constantly, remember that you are an energy being in a physical body on this level.  The only thing that belongs to this level is your embodiment, your beingness does not belong here.  It may inhabit the body, but it does not belong here.  Your beingness belongs on level much much higher than this one.  So, if you are a being of a much higher vibratory level, does it not stand to reason that you should resolve every issue from the level commensurate with your beingness?  Simply put; everything is to be resolved from the level where your beingness resides, and your beingness does not reside on this physical level; it inhabits the physical body but does not reside here.  Evidence of that is when you are in an altered state, sleep state, meditative state, or any  of those altered states, you are not in your body.  It is not your body that is doing it.  Your beingness moves out of the restrictive embodiment and rises to a level commensurate with your advancement and understanding: and that is where you learn you meet up with your guides and other highly evolved masters, where you not only discuss your future, your future development, but you also learn how to resolve all issues  that affect you on your physical level.  You resolve them from a level where your beingness resides.

Now, it is rather simple but you may find it difficult sometimes.  The simplicity is firstly; know absolutely, know absolutely that you are not this body.  Know absolutely that you are a highly evolved being.  Know absolutely that you are only here in this embodiment, on this level of solid matter, to undergo experiences, learn lessons, which will add to, and expand, your soul growth.  Your very soul enrichment and upliftment.  So now on your day-to-day pathway it is most beneficial for you to spend as much time as you can “out of body” so to speak. Spend as much time as you can in the higher realm where you belong, where you belong!  So that everything, every single thing that comes across your pathway, or affects you in any way on this dimension, this level of solid matter, you can examine, work through, and resolve from that higher level.  Because from that higher level the situation is so much clearer.  On your physical level, often, often times, you have an issue that needs to be worked through.  If you attempt to do it on your lower level you will find that the waters will get muddier and muddier until such time as you cannot see clearly precisely what the crux of the matter is.  However, if you practice, and continually move into a higher state of beingness, there is no muddy waters; everything is clear.  So from a higher perspective you can clearly see the entire detail of the matter: why it was brought into your life as a lesson, as an experience, as just something for you to play with, as something for you to use your powers of creation and manifestation

So what I am here today to do is to inform you of is; it is now time for you to spend more, and more, time in your highest dimension. I’m not saying the dimension of the Creator, Logos, or the Ascended Masters;  I am saying, your higher beingness, your higher dimension; what ever dimension it is that you have aspired to attain.  It is of great benefit to you to spend more, and more, time in that higher level of beingness.  Do not concern yourself that you will be away in another realm and your physical embodiment will be abandoned or will get up to mischief, because at all times, at all times, regardless of how high you go up the vibratory scale, you know precisely what your physical embodiment is doing and undergoing.  You know precisely what the physical embodiment is doing.  When I say the physical embodiment I say the physical, the emotional, and the mental bodies.  You are still continually, and constantly, monitoring every aspect of that life, while in a higher realm learning, growing, expanding and looking for  ascension to another  higher level again.  That is what it is all about.  Ascending the scale, the vibratory scale: to reach the highest level that you can, which is the level that you have grown to, you have advanced to; the level that you have earned.  So what I am saying to you is that there is a vast difference between the real you, the real beingness of you and the physical beingness which is a representation of you.  It is not a representation of your soul enrichment.  The representation of soul enrichment will become evident when you are on that level, in that realm.  Not on this one.  This level only projects the image of the physical, the mental, and the emotional:  all of which you will alter on the higher level; a much, much higher level.

Every issue that confronts you has the capacity for clarification and resolution when you go to your highest beingness.  When you go to the highest level that you have attained, or can attain.  All of the great masters, each and everyone of the great masters, lived from, worked from, had their beingness in, their higher self.  The higher self is …  your higher beingness on the higher vibratory level that you resonate on!  Now the masters, the ascended masters, performed what some souls incarnate attribute to magical powers.  It’s not magical at all; not at all.  What it simply is, is that the masters, the highly evolved masters, knew absolutely, that they were energy.  They were intelligent energy.  They could access higher realms: they could assess higher knowledge; higher guidance; and so they did exactly that.  Whether it be manifestation or healing, it was all achieved from their higher self, their highest, higher self.  Their highest, higher beingness.  Never did they resolve it from a physical, solid matter, level: simply because they are not capable of doing that; of resolving anything from this physical solid-matter level.  This level does not harbour that capacity.  So should you aspire to be in total control of your pathway: if you aspire to grow, to expand; to become more creative; more able to express your powers of creativity; your powers of creativity and manifestation; which can and does alter and change your physical third dimensional reality; then do so!.  So it is to your benefit to spend as much of your time as you can in that higher space; that higher realm.  Because it is only from there that you can resolve issues of the solid-matter variety: and it is only from there that you can learn.  You already are learning from the ground up: from your physical beingness up to where you energy beingness resides now.  You don’t need to relearn that! What you do need is to go even higher: aim higher; go to the highest possible level that you can raise your beingness to.

So now when you raise your beingness to the absolute pinnacle of your growth and understanding, you then can call, you can then invoke, higher highly-evolved masters; ascended masters.  You can call them to assist you in your own upliftment; your own growth.  Dear ones you cannot stand still.  You are only allowed to remain stationery for a certain period of your time and then you will have to move upwards.  You will be prompted to move upwards.  The masters will come and create a situation which will make your present situation untenable and you will have to rise.  You have to grow.  You have to advance.  Nothing stands still.  Nothing!  Everything: everything that you can imagine, is in a constant state of change.  You included.  You must go on, and on, and on.  That is the universal law.  That is the law of the Creator.  You must continue to grow, to expand; and a vital part of your growth and expansion is accumulating the ability to manifest; to create.  Do you understand where you are going?  Do you understand that you are headed towards a state where there is absolutely nothing that you cannot change, alter, or manipulate because you are becoming total creators.  Total creators.  Your mission: your task; is to master everything.  Master everything.  To acquire the ability to create whatever it is that you wish to create.  Acquire the ability to manifest.

Now when we say acquire that ability, in all truth, I should say, unearth that ability; simply because you already have that ability but you have so successfully hidden it.  Buried it so much so that you do not realise that you are a very potent creator being.  It’s time for you to recognise this: it is time for you to recognise the fact that you are creator beingness.  You have that ability.  The only problem is that you are not using it.  You’re not acknowledging it.  You don’t believe that you can do it!  Well, you can!  You most certainly can.  But you are not going to do it from this level.  You are most certainly not going to do it from this level; this level of solid matter.  You have to rise up to reach the pinnacle of your ability, which is your growth and your advancement level.  You have to push the boundaries.  You have to rise up, resolve everything from that level and continue to push the boundaries to become even more advanced.  You need to push the boundaries to becoming “an ultimate creator” …   Yourself!  You are all children of the Creators light.  You are all sparks of the Creators light.  Within your beingness you know that you are a creator: that there is no separation: what you perceive to be the Supreme Creator Being … you are part of that.  You are part of that!  The Creative Being is like a huge energy form that spreads out in all direction without perimeter or parameter.  There is no separation, you from the Creator.  No separation of you from the creative energy simply because you do not know, you do not believe, that you are of the Creator.  You do not understand that you have to push the boundaries, aim higher with every little thing; as I previously spoke, take it to a higher level for resolution.  That is where magic happens.  That is where magic is performed.

Now, many of you, in your sleep state, you vacate your embodiment, you travel upwards through the vibratory levels.  You meet up with your guides, your ascended masters and great great beings of love and light; we are talking about masters who have achieved great things.  These are the ones that you meet up with when you get out of your body.  These are the ones that you discuss your advancement with.  These are the ones that you ask for assistance to remember that you are a potent creator, and to remember how to use those powers of creation.  Unfortunately, when you come back into your embodiment you are inclined to forget what has just taken place whilst you were in the realms with higher, highly evolved beings.  So if you commence the journey up the vibratory ladder, up the scale, if you commence the journey from this solid matter level; and work your way upwards intentionally, and very much aware that you are assessing higher realms where you can exert greater powers of creation and manifestation, once you commence the upward journey and continue it, it will become repetitive; never boring; but it will lift you up, raise you up in every moment of your time. But it all starts with you acknowledging that you are not this physical being.  Acknowledging that you are a very highly evolved, and very creative energy being, at this now point in time; and then committing, committing yourself to confront every single issue on your life pathway knowing that there is more power that you have on a higher level that you can call upon … and you must exercise that higher power.  Must exercise that higher power if wish to grow it, to expand it, for your benefit; because it is for your benefit alone.  Your benefit.  If you rise and rise again, grow, expand, advance, so to does everything around you.  Oh it is not as though you are leaving everyone else behind because everyone else is out there attempting to achieve the same as what you are. And understand that you are a sovereign, individual, energy being who contributes their energy to the energy of the All, of the Oneness, because you come from the All, from the Oneness.  There is no separation: there is perceived levels of clearly delineated levels but they are false, erroneous.  There is such a thing as delineation between levels but it is a constant and gradual flow.  And so dear ones I would encourage you, I would encourage you to go to your highest beingness at every turn of your pathway.  Take every issue to that higher level of beingness for resolution, and as you become more adept at that, so too will you continue to rise, to grow, to expand. And so dear ones I shall leave it at that for this day but I would hope that you will very, very, seriously consider what I have just said about going to your highest beingness in every instance.  Thank you dear ones, I Aranuth shall depart with love.  Thank you.

Peace and Happiness, Rainbows and Roses, Malcolm.

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