Aranuth Speaks “A Better Future” July 2017

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It is that time of the month again when I post another important message from Aranuth and other wise guides who give us valuable information and point the way of Love, Light, and Truth. I observe the world from a rather geographically detached-from-world-affairs location; one where I can stay in my own comfortable space and let the growing national and international affairs madness fly by like a swarm of angry bees. The concept of having elected members to be our voice in government and to govern for all electors is an absolute fallacy. As in most things Truth is the first casualty: even in our own daily life truth is sacrificed for expediency.  If we cannot accommodate and practice truth in our own individual life it is a bit rich to expect that those in the government, military, religion, and business world to do it. Today’s message puts a candid point on it.

One redeeming feature is that there are so many kindhearted souls all over the planet expressing honesty and truth, caring for those less fortunate than themselves, scorning greed, as well as caring for, and agitating for, animal rights and well-being. Well done: keep up the good work carers.

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Good Evening everyone.

Thank you once more.  Oh dear, what a ride; what a ride!  I came in with something of a bump.  It’s all good.  It’s all good.

What we have for you today is what you would possibly consider a continuation of our last 2, 3, and 4 messages.  We find this of great importance as every other preceding message.  However, this one I feel may be a more impactful on you.  I’m going to bring this discourse through in two segments that will be linked together.  Hmm.

You are well aware of the disturbances that are occurring all over your planet.  And they are occurring on every level.  Every level.  Now, first I would like to make one statement.  Ten years: 1 decade; you have ten years; you have one decade to turn things around , yet you must persevere.   There is going to be ongoing and more wide-spread disturbances and upheavals.  I’m talking about social.  I talking about state and national.  I’m talking about planetary.  I am talking about all of these things.  Everything on your planet.  Everything that affects you is what I am talking about.

Now, for you own benefit.  For you own peace of mind.  Your own progress.  You surely must focus and focus very determinedly: Firstly upon yourself.  Now we would recommend that you focus very pointedly upon yourself.  So we are going to start with one.  We are going to start with you as one.  There are massive changes and upheavals, tragedies, all over your planet.  And as I have just stated you have one more decade of that to go.  Now throughout the planet, and thereby to help yourself, we would suggest to you that you would start with yourself.  Now we wish you to start examining your mind.  And examining your heart.  Because your mind conjures up deception and chicanery: it is a tricky conjurer.  It conjures up to many types of scenarios which do not benefit you in any way, shape, or form and may hold you back.  Because your thoughts – let me make this very plain – as you think, so you are.  Your thoughts have lives and every time you have a thought it radiates out into the ethers and it is alive.  It wiggles, it flexes, it pulses.  The more you focus and give power to that thought the more powerful that thought becomes: and what happens to those thoughts? They become manifest.  They become manifest!  You created them!  So your thought;  the results of your thoughts, become manifest because that is what you have created.

Now have a look around your planet today.  Ask yourself this: who created this chaos.  It certainly wasn’t us.  Where did the chaos come from?  Thoughts.  Thoughts.  Uncontrolled thoughts.  Random thoughts.  Negative, angry, aggressive, greedy thoughts.

Change: for the benefit of your planet and every single thing upon it, we need change to start with you.  We need it to start with your thoughts.  You are the one in control.  You are in total control of your thoughts.  I know, we hear, we hear you saying, “oh my mind runs away with me”.  That’s because you let it!  If your mind is running away with you that simply means that you are not controlling your thoughts.  You not exercising  dominion over your mental.  Let’s not be forgetting that you are composite.  You are a composite.  You have a physical, emotional, and mental; you have spiritual, and then you have totality.  Totality.  Never been there yet but there is a total; a total power.  So physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental are all individuals.  You can package them up, ball them all up, but they go higher because there are many higher levels above them.

Now you can control your thoughts if you want to.  When you become aware that you are thinking something that’s of a negative, unhelpful, hurtful, painful, aggressive manner; pull yourself up.  Pull yourself up.  Deny that thought!  Deny that thought the opportunity to become live and powerful.  Reel it in.  Reel it back in.  So, where do these thoughts come from.  Well you understand where they come from. A lot of it is old superstitions, old memories, old hurts, old pains.  All of these things are there like a pot of stew bubbling away and it comes up, and rises up, and it comes into your mental: and then you start to focus on all of the negatives; and as you focus on it you expand on it, you grow it, and you end up with a mountain. And the thought goes out and becomes manifest, and then you wonder where the chaos comes from.  It is simple.  It is simple.  So let’s have a look at the sources of those thoughts again.  The source of the thoughts – are you ready for this – the source of your thoughts is what is in your heart.  What is in your heart?  You continue to carry many things in your heart.  You need to let it go.   You just won’t let it go.  The old hurts. The old pains.  The old systems.  The betrayals.  You continue to hold them within your heart instead of radiating forgiveness, Acceptance,  Allowance,  Peace.  You do not have that and you allow the cauldron, the poisonous cauldron, the cauldron of poisonous memories, thoughts and emotions.  You allow that cauldron to keep bubbling until it comes up and it takes precedence, it dominates your mental … and your mental loves it!  Because finally you are paying attention to the metal; the deceptive monkey mind!  More and more attention you pay to your mental.  And as I have said, you are the one who are creating and manifesting that.

So, let’s not beat about the bush.  Let’s not dodge the issue.  It all begins with you!  It all begins with you.  Now I am very much aware that you consider me assertive, thank you, that’s a kind word.  I am here, and I am assertive, because it is the only way that I get your attention and get you to feel, experience, the full impact of your negativity.  You can change it.  So start with the heart.  Start with the heart.  Can you not feel Love.  Can you not feel Love?  For the flowers.  For the water.  For the sky.  For the sunshine.  For the animals.  Can you not feel love for those people who you have decided have hurt, deceived, betrayed, or harmed you?  Can you not give them forgiveness?  Can you not give them Love?  Now we are really getting into the sticky stuff aren’t we?  Into the sticky stuff.  Love is all there is.  All there is, is Love.  We in the realms have tolerated all of these negative mind machinations of yours going out into the ocean of all because you have free will choice.  Now it is time for us to for warn you.  Now is the time for you to change … and you are the one in control of that change.

So let’s start with, Love.  Love is all there is.  Everything comes from a Love vibration.  If it’s not coming from a Love vibration where is it coming from?  It is coming from a dark source you are creating yourself.  That’s where it is coming from!  So now, what we would suggest to you dear souls, and we would like you to expand on this and broadcast this far and wide, you souls need to start with self-examination.  You need to examine everything that has gone before.  Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your aches and pains, your positives and your negatives.  Now while you are examining these we are not suggesting to you that you get into judgement.  We do not want you to get into self-flagellation Nonsense!  It was all an experience.  It was a lesson.  You are supposed to learn from it.  We are here to point you in the right direction and you need to learn from it right now.  No judgement!  No guilt! No self-flagellation!  No blame!  We need you to look openly and honestly at yourself.  You have to open up your book of feelings, thoughts, actions.  Recognise that every thought that is not of love; if it does not come from love get rid of it.  It is unhelpful. It is harmful.  It is dangerous.  So we suggest to you that you look closely within.  Don’t judge.  Don’t flagellate yourself .  Be kind to yourself.  You are all aware of the word merciful.  Be merciful.  Be merciful to yourself and every other person, every other soul, and every other thing.  Extend mercy in the same manner and measure that you would wish to receive.  Mercy for yourself.

So I suggest, the brotherhood suggests to you, that you go deep within your heart.  Clear out everything that no longer serves you.  Clear out every negative thought and emotion in your memory.  Delete it all.  And commence looking at things with a Love vibration.  Encompassed in that Love vibration is Forgiveness.  Allowance, Compassion, Understanding, Tolerance.  If you cannot radiate or exude that, turn away.  Do not involve yourself in anything.  It is not an easy task because souls incarnate have been coming here to this planet for millenniums. Many have learned nothing!  They have had many lives, millions of experiences and lessons and yet they have learned nothing.  So we are here to help.  We have been coming to you for a long time to help.  We have been actively pushing you in excess of  what you would term three decades now because if we left you alone you would go straight down the pit.  We are there to lift you up and point you to the light; to encourage you to take the pathway of the light.  To let Love and Light be your two guiding head lights as you walk your path.  If you all, as one, start exercising positive thoughts, understanding, forgiveness,  oh it’s like a disease; it’s contagious you know.  So those around you:  those who you associate with; they look at you and wonder; and they hear your words of kindness and compassion and mercy;  they hear the words of positivity, and they catch it.  While you are in a positive, forgiving, merciful, peaceful mood, your health changes too.  Because a lot of your health problems come from your mind.   The high jinks, the mental stunts, the circus performers in the mental.  That’s where your illness comes from! Understand?  And so I would like you to very, very, seriously consider that because you are in the driving seat. If you wish to end the sickness, chaos, the wars, the tragedies: if you wish to end all of that on your planet start putting the positives out there; not the negatives.

Now at the commencement of this discourse I did say I am going to give it to you in two segments.  So be it.  Segment No. 2.

Consider the children.  What sort of planet do you bequeath to your children?  What sort of thoughts and feelings and happenings and the consequences of them are you bequeathing to your children.  Do you want to see new young souls coming in?  Do you want to see them coming in to a world, a planet, of peace, of harmony of love of gaiety?  Is that what you would like to give to your children.  Your children; all children.  Or would you like them to born into a world that they detest:  that they cannot manage; that they cannot process; a world in which they cannot progress.  And not to put a negative spin on this …  count the number of child suicides at present.  Who is responsible for the suicides?  The shortening of the planned term of life of these new souls?  Who is responsible for that?  Who created this environment that all these children are being born into?  Who created this world?  Who created all the negativity, the fear, the distress, and the disease? We know who created that!  We know.

Again, I thank you now: right now is the time for you to start the change.  Dramatic change.  Change what you hold in your heart.  Change what is allowed; allowed into your mind because you are the creator of the thoughts and your allowance and acceptance of the thoughts.  Don’t create them!  Don’t allow them!  Don’t allow anyone else’s negative thoughts to impinge upon you or  invade your beingness.  A decade.  A decade.  That’s what you have to turn this ship around.  It’s time to expose the controllers, the liars, the treacherous, the cheats and deceivers.  It is time to expose those that do not serve the planet or the population.  Expose those people who are there for war, for greed, for aggression.  Expose them.  Have nothing to do with them.  Promote Love and Light.  They are your twin head lights, Love and Light.  Make sure they shine bright on your pathway.  And so whatever is in your heart, put into your mind, and put into practice.  If you are going to generate and exude Love and Light make sure that power overwhelms all of the thoughts and is the driving force behind your actions.  So your actions should mimic Love and Light.  Your words should mimic Love and Light.  Your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, everything about you should mimic Love and Light.

It has been a long journey for me to come this far.  And so dear ones I am holding in, holding in.  It has been a long journey for me to come this far.  Where I come from is a realm higher than you would ever conceive.  That is not the point.  The point is, I and others of the Brotherhood come great distances, sometimes at risk, to shake you awake; and that’s what we do.  We are awakening you to your true beingness, and we are hoping that we will be there to welcome you home.  The ones that make it home will be welcomed.  We want all to make it home.  Thank you I bid you good evening.


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