Aranuth Speaks: Big Changes August ’19

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Apologies for the missing July channelled message; my fast typist has been away visiting family so the July and August message will be a little late. I am so slow typing! There are some very big changes happening in my life, still! This year of 2019 has been a roller-coaster commencing with the death of my wife of 54 years, my dealing with her unexpected passing, and the void it left in my family’s life. We all know absolutely that our wife and mother is in a much better place – she has been back to visit more than a few times – that it was her pathway, her time, and that all is in Divine Order however, so many wonderful years of having such a lovely wife and mother does not recede from memory easily.

Moving on: My guides have prompted me to get moving and involve myself in assisting them to channel information and knowledge to raise the awareness of as many souls as possible. To bring as many souls as possible into the light, for them to radiate light, to be Love and Light, so as to enlighten the planet and everything upon it. In response to their promptings I have decided to increase the frequency of my channelling sessions and to hold talk sessions, with audience participation question and answer segments, at planned intervals to give opportunity to those attending to broaden their knowledge and understanding of spiritual and metaphysical matters.

My new plan for the immediate future is to use the rooms at both the Cairns Spiritual Centre and the Dragonfly Zen on a regular basis for talks, channelling sessions, and readings.

Sunday the 18th of August. “Dragonfly Zen” rooms, 142 Grafton St Cairns . From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“Understanding Your True Spiritual Self”

Demystify and simplify the Higher Aspect of your Sovereign Self. An informative talk followed by audience participation Question & Answer session.

Sunday the 8th of September. Cairns Spiritual Centre 194 Spence St Cairns.

“Stimulate Your Higher Self”

The process, power, effects, and efficacy of Spiritual healing energy both “hands-on” and absent/distant. This will be followed by an audience participation Question and Answer session.

These type of talk / Q and A sessions tend to become very lively, spirited, (no pun intended) and inclusive with many participants voicing their queries and opinions.

Peace & Happiness,

Rainbows & Roses,


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