Aranuth Speaks: “Chemicals” March 2017

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Another month has passed and the planet keeps turning despite erratic national and international affairs. Reading the news from reliable independent news agencies I can’t help but wonder who, what group, or what cabal is the manipulator behind the breakouts of international argy-bargy, aggression, armed skirmishes, wars, and terrorism. Who ultimately benefits from all of this? Is it about controlling finance, oil, mineral resources, arms trade, world trade, precious metals, or simply control of the world itself. The next step is making currency obsolete and forcing people to use a credit / debit card thereby the cabal controls people, nations, by controlling their money, their food, their water.

The heart wrenching side effects of the contrived wars and terrorism is the apparent laggardly interest by governments to the plight of the millions of refugees, people who are starving, diseased, and dying – collateral damage the military cold-heartedly defines it – not to mention the destruction of many old cities and homes leaving millions of people on the road as homeless and stateless refugees. My guides advise me that it is well and good to be aware of what is happening, but not good to become emotionally or physically involved in these events. All really is in Divine Order.

The change of venue to Atherton for my monthly channelling sessions has proven very popular. The 11 a.m. start time slot is particularly good allowing parents adequate time to shop for groceries etc and pick up the kids from school.

Many people coming for healing sessions and readings have been seeking answers to a variety of metaphysical and spiritual questions. In response, I have decided to conduct a Q & A session here in Atherton at the QCWA premises in the coming weeks. Anyone wanting to put forward a question will be able to do so in person at the session (date and time to be advised) can do so by advising me of their planned attendance. For those not able to attend in person, you can submit your query by e-mail. All questions and answers will be posted here on my site for the benefit of all readers no matter where you live. E-mail questions to

On another note: My book “Rider in the Mist” (third print run) has arrived from the printers and is now on sale at $25-oo per copy plus postage in Australia and New Zealand. I am looking at making the book available in E-book form for overseas readers later this year.

Orders for hard copy books can be placed through Ms Dot Sweeting.  E-mail.

My follow-up book “Emergence” is half-written (half-cooked?) and should be in print by Mid-August.



Good evening everyone.  Thank you.  Thank you. Welcome once more.  In line with my desire, I thought I would bring you something different. Every time we come we attempt to bring you knowledge and information that is usable right now.  Something applicable to everything that is happening in your life, in your day.  It’s totally applicable in ‘the now’.  Now previously we have touched on specifically spiritual things.  Today what we wish to bring to you is something a bit more down to earth but still has spiritual over tones.  This may surprise you because what I am going to talk to you about today is chemicals.  Chemicals.  Yes.  Very much third dimensional.  Chemicals.  What we thought we might explain to you is the role that chemicals play in your life.

Now not all chemicals are dangerous, harmful, or to be avoided.  Certainly there are great number of chemical substances that are harmful, and  can damage your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  But there are also chemicals which you would term ‘good’, beneficial.  So today we thought we might get right down to the third dimensional life that you live,  this life of solid physical matter.  So I would like to commence by saying to you, that you as a being, came from a chemical concoct.  Now that may seem a little bit hard to compute.  Your physical body is actually made up with neurons, protons, electrons, you name it, and they are chemically based.  If I were to take you back to many, many eons ago, when supposedly, supposedly you crawled out of the water and evolved as a human, ha, ha, that is incorrect.  Yes, when you came to this earth you did splash down, you swam ashore, and you did start to inhabit this planet.  Many people, many scientists will say to you, something happened.  Something happened.  All of a sudden, what we call humans, who we thought may be coming from primates suddenly changed.  What was the catalyst, the change?  I can tell you, I can assure you, that you were deliberately changed through a chemical and energy process.  A chemical energy process that interfered with your entire primitive beingness, shall we say through your DNA, all those eons ago so that you may evolve and progress quickly because you hadn’t been progressing very much at all.  You were almost stagnant when it comes to evolution.

With or without the Supreme Creator’s permission, there were beings from other realms, cosmic beings from far off realms, who came to this planet without permission and they did interfere with your ancestors DNA which were almost totally primate.  They injected chemical substances into the physical embodiment to change the entire structure of the DNA which was the catalyst for making you more humanoid.  From there its a story of evolution.  So I just wanted to clear that up with you firstly so you know that you were, to put it bluntly, chemically interfered with.  Your beingness was chemically and energetically interfered with. So now we have modern-day humans.  The most successful human organism ever.  The human organism of today is the most successful, most advanced, most intelligent, most innovative being that has ever walked this earth.

Now, having said that, I would like to appraise you of the abilities of other chemicals.  In your every day life you have chemical substances that extend your life.  There are chemical substances that your medical profession will prescribe for you to overcome various diseases, illnesses, and those chemical substances were specifically designed to be beneficial to the human body.  To not only extend your life, but ensure that the life you are living, you had full ability to express growth in every aspect of your self.  So, please do not look upon chemicals, per se, as the boogie man.  They are very helpful and you can take the majority of them with confidence.  Now there are also chemicals that are very harmful to you.  It is up to you to be discerning and decide what chemicals benefit you, and what chemicals damage you.  In your normal daily life you come in contact with chemical substances every hour.  Every hour of the day you touch something that was touched by a chemical substances.  Even the very chairs that you sit on, the cups and plates that you eat and drink off, they were washed or cleansed in a detergent which is not natural based.  It is chemically based.  The very chairs that you sit on have been wiped down with a cloth and a chemical spray.  Your motor vehicle with that fresh new smell is chemical.  So you see, chemicals touch a considerable part of your life.

When you go to your supermarket to purchase food and other consumables it would be most beneficial for you to pay attention to what that food or that consumable item contains.  What is the basis of it.  There are detergents, washing powers, hair shampoos, soaps, ladies nail polish, shoe polish.  Think of the number of things that you touch everyday that are chemically based.  If it weren’t chemically based you would be using derivatives of natural substances, however, if you walk through your stores and super markets how many items can you find on any shelf in any aisle that are completely derived from not just a natural substance but an organic substance: because the natural substances have been fertilised, sprayed, and washed and they have been chemically altered.  So you look upon products derived from natural substances and you think that this is very clean and healthy for me when the direct opposite is the case.  Not only that, your food stuffs, I would encourage you to read closely the small print on all processed and packaged foods.  You do not need myself or members of my brotherhood to come to tell you anything. Any food stuff that has been processed and then packaged indicates that it has been interfered with and is not a wholesome food.  Even the meats and the game that you eat, the fish are chemically altered.  They have been washed in chemical substances such as your chlorine in your system.  Your animals have been raised on chemically altered foods.  Even the grass that your animals eat contain toxins.  Even those that you feel are organically raised, once that beast has been processed, cut up, packaged, it is still exposed to chemical substances.  The very packaging itself is made from chemically altered products.  The cardboard has a high degree of chemical substance.  The labels on your cans have a high degree of chemicals.  The packaging, the trays are all produced using a chemical process.  So it is very, very difficult, for any soul incarnate to distance themselves from chemicals.

The very fruits and vegetables that you have, we would encourage you to wash thoroughly in clear, clean water only.  Because many of your fruits and vegetables have been very heavily sprayed with some of the most harmful toxins known to man.  These are the toxins that you ingest.  So today, my brothers and myself thought that we would give you cause and pause to consider where your food comes from. How it is produced. How it’s packaged. How it’s processed.  How you prepare and cook it and how you consume it.  The reason why I am here today with this message is because in the realms many of the brotherhood are very concerned that your very basic building blocks are being interfered with by chemicals.  Harmful chemicals.  We understand that you cannot disassociate yourself entirely from chemicals.  However, we would like you to consider them carefully, the chemicals in your food.  But not only that but what is in your atmosphere.  Here in the realms we see pollution as extremely harmful.  Not only to humans but to animals as well.  We see extremely harmful substances in your air, in your water, as well as in your foods.  You drive in your motor vehicle down the street and you breathe in all these harmful toxins that we call emissions from other motor vehicles  So you breathe that in and your body absorbs it.  You drink water that has been treated.  You drink alcohol, soft drinks, even your fruit juices; they have all been treated with chemicals not with organic natural substances.

Your scientists are starting to realise this and your doctors are years behind.  Why do you think that many of the population are contracting diseases that have never before been known to man.  The reason why they have never been known to man previously is simply because the chemical pollutions in your air, in your water, in your food, in such high concentrations, never existed back then.  We hear you talk about the good old days.  The good old days.  Your milk came straight from the cow.  Your beef came straight from the paddock.  Your fruit and vegetables came out of your garden or a nearby orchard.  And yes, they were healthy for you; and yes you could eat all those things and still enjoy a long healthy life simply because what you were consuming in the good old days was considerably purer.  I won’t say totally pure, but simply purer that what you are consuming today.  I would advise you, my brotherhood would advise you, to pay attention to your environment, your food, your water.  Pay attention daily.  Daily!  Somewhere across your planet, the medical profession discovers an illness or disease that has never before been encountered.  That is the result of what many people like to label ‘modern-day living’.  To put it bluntly, modern-day living is killing you!  It is killing you before your time.  We have become a bit concerned.  We in the realms have become a bit concerned about this.

You see when you incarnate, not just for this lifetime, but when you commenced your very first incarnation you had a plan.  You had a life plan that extended over many, many, a great number of life incarnations.  So that plan you so very careful devised and put in place was to cover experiences, lessons, and happenings; gaining wisdom, soul growth, soul enrichment etc. in each and every life.  Because where you see where reincarnation has chop, chop, chop, (Aranuth indicates a cutting motion between lives) cutting a continual life plan into individual lives, separate individual lives, we see it very differently.  We see it as a continuation of one. Continuation of the one.  Because you lived that life to the end, as you so planned, you pass over, you transition, back to the realms where you continue your development.  You may not still be physically embodied but you continue to experience and learn over there, and then you transition back here again with your plan with this life; and you return to spirit and so on and so forth.  It is one continuous life here and over there.  My friends would call it ‘Life as you describe it’.  Now as time goes by, and as more and more of your food stuffs and consumables are becoming more and more highly chemicalised, it is also interfering more and more with your physical embodiment, and your physical environment, with the totality of the world: your world, the world around you.  We see this as shortened life plan.  You are here right now, right now with a plan.  Now that plan is very important.  If it wasn’t we would bring it and you wouldn’t be here.  The plan is very, very, carefully thought out and worked out.  So that in this life span, in this current physical incarnation, you will encounter experiences, learn, and grow, and gather all this to you; and when you reach the planned cessation of this personal physical incarnation, you go back to the world of spirit.  You go back with the complete, a completeness of understanding, knowledge, and soul growth.  All of these things, all of these successive lives as you call it, all of these successions, all bundled togetherto become soul growth.

So if any one life fails to reach its conclusion, you have been denied vital soul enrichment.  Vital soul growth.  So that is not the plan.  The plan for you is to live out your life as planned  and not interfered with.  We are very much aware of … I will expand on this in a moment… we are very much aware of the deliberate polluting of your air with foreign bodies, chemically based bodies that are, well, you call them chem trails.  They are deliberately sprayed from aircraft to affect your entire system.  The first thing that they affect is the neural, the nervous system.  You can’t think properly, you can’t plan properly, you become dumbed down.  You become pliable.  You can be manipulated.  The chemicals in these chem trails can do all things to you.  There are also things of an energy, electro magnetic, standard or type, that are deliberately designed to interfere with your inner compass.  There are forces on this planet – I am not going to say, negative dark forces, that’s a judgement – I am not here to get into judgement.  I am here to tell you truth.  Absolute truth!  There are forces on this planet who have one thing in mind, the control every one and everything.  The poor souls do not see, cannot see, and will not be allowed to see, the result of their actions.  So it is incumbent on all you poor souls, all of you souls alive right now, to distance yourself from anything that is chemically based, unless you absolutely have to use it.  If so, cover your body.  Clothing. Gloves, Protective foot wear.  Eye wear. Hats and mask, oxygen mask.  Honor your physical body for what it truly is.  Honor it. Protect it.  Love it.  Protect yourself from harmful substances that you will find everyday in your supermarket, in your cupboards, in your pantry in your car.

There are many, many harmful substances.  If you have to use a chemical based substance, such as to polish your shoes, put your gloves on. Discard the gloves. Discard them appropriately. Your water:  Ensure that you have only the very best and very clean water.  If you can afford filtration devices, do so.  If you can’t, you can always store your water in glass containers and bless it.  Bless the water that you are about to consume.  I tell you truthfully.  You can bless your food.  You can bless your water.  You can ask that anything harmful in that substance, that food, that water, whatever.  You can ask for all harmful substances to be negated.  You can do that.  People do not understand the power that you have.  I would like to extend that a little bit more.  I would like to say this: It’s not simply the inner power that you have, it’s the power of your connection to the Supreme power of what you call ‘out there’; what you call ‘out there’ in the universe, the multi -verses, ‘out there’ is the energy.  The creation building blocks.  That energy out there that originates from the Source.  You can ask for it.  Ask for it.  Ask for it.  That’s all you have to do.  Ask.  You can ask for that energy, that power, to bless your food, your water, to bless whatever you like.  Bless your animals, your pets.  Bless them.  We are not talking about man-made concocted religions, we are talking about the ‘universal truth’.  The universal truth.  The universal energy.  The cosmic truth, the cosmic law.  The cosmic energy.  That’s what we are talking about.  There is an incredible, an absolutely incredible power ‘out there’ at your disposal, and all you need do is ask.  Ask.

Well my dear friends it has been wonderful to have been here today.  Aah haa, I am picking, I am picking up thought forms that are saying ” this does not sound like your typical Aranuth.”  Ahh, I am from the brotherhood.  We do not need names.  You are all advanced enough and familiar enough to know that we in the brotherhood; we in the world of spirit, are not individual beings, we are One.  However, one aspect of the oneness is chosen and directed to speak through your medium.  Simple as that.  So I will say to you ‘good day’, ‘thank you for coming’.  It is my pleasure, it is our pleasure, the brotherhood’s pleasure, to be able to address you; to pass on information, knowledge, and guidance, which we hope will be of great benefit to you.  So good day.  Good evening. And may the source bless you.  Thank you.

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