Aranuth Speaks: Clarity of thought: November 2017

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Another month has passed and nothing much has changed in the world excepting the location of ‘flashpoints’ of eruptions of souls wanting social justice, world peace, and a place to live happily, healthfully, abundantly, and  harmoniously. Here in Australia, the nation, states, and territories are either preparing for or actually entering an election period. We are thankful that we live in a democracy that allows us to confirm, alter, or change our government; many nations and states across the world do not enjoy this freedom.

As in past months (this process has been going on for some time) quite a number of people have contacted me wanting to discuss unexpected changes in their entire five-body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, higher self) beingness. They are becoming more acutely and intensely spiritually aware; experiencing epiphanies and ‘light-bulb’ moments of sudden and clear understanding; manifestation of unspoken desires or wishes, and / or displaying an uneasiness and restlessness with the goings-on of the world around them. Some souls have told me that when they look out of their window or at the scene around them they see a very different view emerging; it’s as though there is another smokey transparent image superimposed over another. Awakening souls yearning for change and now awakening and finding illumination of the signposts indicating the pathway home.

It is wonderful to note that the plight of refugees, displaced persons, refugees, along with cruelty to animals is being brought before the UN for condemnation and affirmative action. Humanitarian and animal rights groups from all across the globe are springing into action with petitions and calls for positive action.

Every morning upon awakening I thank my guides for the happy, healthy, and wonderful things that will manifest in my life on that day. I look forward to the positive and joyful experiences that await me. Of course, the experiences and lessons on the daily pathway of my family, friends, and associates that may have an effect upon me, I view as opportunities for them to resolve, overcome, grow, and add to their soul enrichment. I send them love.


Well good evening once more.  We have come with a change of pace this time.  A change of subject.  As usual it is something helpful to assist you on your present day pathway.  Your now moment on your pathway.  We watch, we observe, and we wonder why you do not live in your now moment.  In your present, very, very, present now moment.  We sit back from where we are and we observe the energy, the energy of your thought mechanism; how your mental body operates, and amazingly how you allow your mental body to take charge of your every minute, every moment, beingness.  And we wonder why?  Why do you surrender to your mental?  To your old memories; your old hurts, betrayals, and pains.  You look like a refuse-tip picker!  Here you are spending a great majority of your day rummaging through everything that is past and that should have been let go, released, and consigned to nothingness.  But, you keep calling it back.  You keep rummaging through all of those old lessons, those old experiences, and it prevents you from living in the now.  It prevents you from seeing with clarity what is happening on your present day life pathway.

So, clarity: I would suggest that Clarity would be the name that we will give to the subject of our talk this day, this evening.  We would like to point out to you that if you decide to take charge, let your true beingness, let your heart-felt beingness take charge, put it in the drivers seat so you can be the pilot of your own pathway.  Clarity.  We would ask you to look, consider, what it is that you have been doing moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day.  We would ask you to consider this, “what benefit have you received from living in the past”?  “What benefit have you received by not only living the past but reliving the past”?  We watch you recalling past events, past experiences, past lessons and you ponder the outcome of that particular experience or lesson, and then Mr Mental takes charge and decides to alter that.  Alter that outcome to something more palatable and acceptable for you.  There is no altering the outcome!  What was, was.  Simple as that.  You cannot recall an old memory, an old hurt, an old lesson.  You cannot recall any of that and change it to something bright and beautiful and positive.  People, we say to you, let it go.  It was only a happening.  It was a lesson or an experience that came into your life.  You attended to it as best you knew how and there was a result.  Past, it’s back there: you cannot call it back, relive it, and manufacture a happy result.  It does not happen and yet so many of you continue to do it believing it will change.

Clarity.  Clarity.  Everything that has gone before right up until this very moment if you so please is past.  It’s gone.  It does not exist anymore; except in your mind.  So you hold it in your mind.  You draw it into your heart, and you stab, stab, stab yourself with that old hurt all over again.  You want to re-feel, re-experience, all that pain from that past incident?  For what?  For What?  We say to you: release all past, everything that you call past, and let me put in a qualification in there, it is the past but it still exists in an energy form on another realm.  That’s got nothing to do with you.  Nothing to do with you. What would be of greater benefit to you is to simply say “it’s over”. It’s over.  It’s gone.  It does not exist anymore.  It is not in your life anymore.  Do not entertain any thought of it … but the secret is apply clarity.  Absolute Clarity to every moment in your life right Now.  Shine the search light of Clarity on everything, every single issue in  your life right now.  Put the search light of clarity on it and you will be surprised at what you discover because if you put Clarity on every single thought, word, action, of the right now you will see it in an entirely different light.  You will not see it colored by past events, affected by past events.  You will not see it affected by your memory of past experiences.  So if you do not have any past, it can’t interfere with the clarity of the present moment.

Now you all look at what is happening to you on your pathway right now.  Well, if you wish to apply Clarity to what is happening, be very, very, clear in your mind and in your heart about what is in your life right now, and just the action of recognising and allowing the clarity of the situation to come forward.  Many times it brings its own reward in clarity of answers.  So you didn’t really need to go to others asking “what do I do now”? “What’s this all about”? “What is happening to me”?  If you get clarity attached to it, it will become clear.  You will understand.  You will see each and every issue, each and every item.  You will see it clearly, and when you see it clearly I might tell you seeing it clearly means seeing it in a totally different light to what you thought just a few minutes ago.  So, there are so many issues happening, events happening in your country, on your planet, world-wide.  You do not need to delve into all of that because you are only going to confuse yourself more and more.  You just need to allow, allow a situation;  put it in allowance.  Look at it with Clarity and you will get clarity by sitting still in quiet contemplation, in meditation, all of those processes prevent old memories, old hurts, old pains  from the past re-emerging.  If you can allow yourself to go into a quiet state you will resist the past.  It’s just a part of the process.  The past will be dismissed.  What you will have is absolute peace and quiet in the present moment which allows answers to come to you.

If you wish to see into the future, it’s not going to happen while you are running around worrying about past events. So by releasing the past and going about your day quietly, peacefully, in contemplation, meditation, you need not even ask because the answer to many things just comes drifting in.  It just comes to you.  Why does it come to you?  Because, you put the thought out there that you would like understanding and answers to some situation, and the process is that the universe does not deny you.  The universe cannot deny you.  The universe will give you the knowledge, the information, and the answer.  Providing that you allow it to come in.  Providing that you don’t let Mr. Mental start to qualify things.  It doesn’t need to be qualified or quantified.  If you are in the very now moment concerning yourself with only the now and present, you are automatically putting out an energy that wants the answers and the information to what is in your life right now.  What is appearing and what may appear.  As I have just spoken the Universe must supply the answer.  The Universe cannot deny you.  However, you can deny yourself the opportunity to receive that knowledge or information.  You can deny yourself to allow it, to act upon it.  And so previous to this moment, we in the realms considered how we could best help you in your present moment. We chose Clarity.

By coming here to talk you on this day we are attempting to clarify what happens in your life.  What is past. What is present, and what you may create.  So, let go of all of the pasts.  It is as though it didn’t happen.  It is a movie you saw and then completely forgot about.  Let is go!  Only be conscious and sense what is happening now.  Right now.  What’s happening?  How do you feel about it?  If there is something happening right now that can be vexing,? The way to clarify it is to just sit still and quiet, contemplate, meditate, whatever suits you, and then wait.  You don’t have to keep putting thought onto it.  You don’t have to reach out to the future and hang on like grim death.  Simply ask for clarity; clarification of your present moment.  The universe receives that energetic signal and immediately sets up a response.  Don’t worry about the response.  You have sat quiet.  You have asked for clarification.  The Universe will supply it in its own time.  It doesn’t always supply it in the next moment or the next day.  In its time, in right timing, in good timing, the universe will supply.  So do not be impatient.  Do not be impatient!  It’s coming.  Know that it’s coming.  Know that you are already on your pathway.  You are already doing your lessons.  You are already having your planned experiences.  You are already processing your life pathway.  You are doing that.  Don’t look back.  Look forward.  You want clarification in the now moment.  So when you look into the future , look forward, you want clarification in every now moment.  So when you look into the future you look into the now moment.  And a few more minutes into your so called future, it is another now moment, so the now moment is an ongoing cycle., that just keeps rolling.

So if you are in the now moment, the only thing your senses will register is what is happening in that now moment.  Because things are changing, changing, changing.  Change is a constant.  Change is a constant!  If you are looking at your pathway in a very clear manner, the answers will come.  You will negotiate your pathway much happier in a more peaceful, productive, fruitful, and rewarding manner.  You will not receive and process from energy from the future, from the Universe, if you are continually going back there picking through the rubbish bin, looking for old memories; old hurts; old betrayals.  Get the refuse tip out of your mind.  Take charge of yourself.  Your energy beingness is in charge of your whole five body system.  Your individual energy beingness is in charge of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual form.  So your energy beingness, the who and the what that you are, that’s where you want to be.  You want your energy beingness to be in very now moment.  Every time the clock goes “tick” it’s a different now moment.  “Tick” it’s a different now moment.  “Tick” it’s a different now moment.  You have to stay in the continuity of the now moment with no hooks, chains, or anchors pulling you back to the past so that you can process everything with clarity.  Quiet clarity.  Processing with great clarity.

The universe is receiving that energetic signal and it is supplying, it is responding.  So if you can practice that.  See if you can catch yourself before you go back to the rubbish tip of old memories.  Catch yourself before you go back there.  It then will become a matter of course.  It will be a matter of course that your process will be staying in the very now moment.  Every now moment.  Every present moment.  And then you will have an uncluttered mind  You can look clearly at what the situation is.  And you will be surprised.  You will be surprised.

And so dear ones that this is a short message today but it is what we have planned for you today: we will have more for you and we will help you along your pathway providing you choose to adopt it, providing you accept our word and adopt what is happening, the process that we have laid out for you.  Thank you very much and good evening.

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