Aranuth Speaks December 2018

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Times have been a bit on the complex side over the last three months. I have not channelled or posted a message in that time mainly because of family health issues weighing heavily on mind and preventing me from focusing on bringing Aranuth through in a clear and positive manner. All that will change in the New Year of 2019.

The year of 2019 will be a year of uncertainty with the delicate razors edge financial situation affecting nations, businesses, trade, and personal accounts right down to the family budget. All in all, watch your spending and finances closely.

There will also be a sharp movement from the world population who will accelerate their aversion and resistance to being overruled and controlled by governments, who, in many instances, are in turn being manipulated by big business. The adverse treatment of animals, all sentient life forms, and the state of, and preservation of, planetary eco-systems will also come under the microscope and be highlighted. The day of the infringing by ‘big brother’ on populations, nations, and states will come to a tumultuous finale. The situation that you accept and walk past is the standard that you set.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Christmas.

Peace & Happiness



  1. Thanks Malcolm, always enjoy reading your uplifting channeled messages. I feel that 2018 has been challenging for many, myself included, and it’s those challenges that are often necessary to make us grow and evolve. Here is to a happy, prosperous and joyful New Year! Best wishes to you and your loved ones. And thank you for your guidance on a personal level this year.

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