Aranuth Speaks: Exodus of Souls: March 2018

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Welcome to the new readers and followers of this site. You will find plenty of information to cause you to stop and ponder many things. The information contained in these ‘messages from beyond the veil’ may challenge your ages-old ingrained belief system, but then again that is what the messages are meant to do.

Regular readers of this site will be aware of the number of times that I have mentioned the ever-changing, ever-intensifying energies, and the effect it has been having on numerous people’s five-body senses, especially at Full Moon and New Moon phases. In a nutshell it is the effects of full moon or new moon energies on souls incarnate already dealing with aligning their energy system with the incoming new energy paradigm.  An increasing number of people contact me via phone, email, or text asking “What is happening to me”? “What’s going on”? It is as though they are expecting a calamity such as earthquake, typhoon, floods, or fires – and it is happening. The best that I can do is offer my interpretation of how the energies affect me personally.  Almost incessantly I feel “antsy”, apprehensive, like “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, along with aligning and accommodating the new energy infusion.  My guides advised me that I was “waiting suspensefully for the future to happen”. How very correct is that?  Along with that, I was given a nice piece of advice: “Do not focus on a problem, focus solely on a positive solution”. It doesn’t take much effort to apply that advice to everyday situations.  Also I am privileged to see much of the future, and by channelling and distributing these messages from higher evolved beings I hope to encourage people to make better life choices and make this world a better place.

Here in Queensland, especially Far North Queensland, we have gratefully received flooding rains to to fill our dams, lakes, and other water storage facilities. The many flooded towns, highways, and roads may have caused transport, both road and rail, passenger vehicle, and suburban traffic disruptions, but the farmers and graziers have smiles a mile wide on their faces; their immediate future is now assured.

The message below again exhorts us to see through the manipulations, exploitations, and controls by those who feed off power and greed. Everything points to the critical mass of souls incarnate demanding a return to universal love, peaceful co-existence, and a pristine and unspoiled planet. Let’s aim for that!



Good evening everybody.  We have come again with another message in the form of a shake up, wake up call.  We need to shake you up.  We need to shake all of you across your planet. We need to shake you up and wake you up.  Do you understand the damage that is being done to your planet at present?  We have something of a problem over here.  (In the higher realms) You are sending over so many souls before their time with incomplete pathways of experiences and lessons that are most important for the advancement of that soul.  And you are practicing killing on a grand scale.  Sending them all home with a half completed experience and lesson pathway.  Do you understand the damage that you are doing to these souls?  Not only that, the damage that you are doing to yourselves?  I am not saying that each and every one of you will pull the trigger or light the fuse of a bomb that kills and maims and causes such an exodus of souls; such a huge exodus of souls coming back over for us to handle.  Many of your governments and military forces have almost perfected what they feel is their ultimate ‘killing machines’.  Killing machines!  What about saving lives? Prolonging lives?  What about putting all those resources, concentrating all the money, all the man power, all the resources on saving lives.  Why are you not concentrating and focusing on all that?  Focusing on health and healing?  Making your planet a healthy and happy place to be?  You are already aware that governments,  governments right down to the little war lords from unheard of places and countries, they are all promoting killing for one or two reasons.  Power or Money!  In what you call your developed world, there are a handful of souls who control the worlds finances.  They get greedier and wealthier by the minute by promoting laws and opportunities for selling their weapons of killing, maiming, and destruction.

We feel that it is about time that all souls incarnate changed the system.  We feel that all souls incarnate have the capacity to stand up for what they know is right, and what they know is truth.  How many souls incarnate want to participate in killing? Hmmnn?  Very few except those that have been brain washed into thinking that they are killing other souls incarnate for the good of their country, or for the greater good of the world in general; all in the name of promoting world peace.  Do they not see that they are being used, abused, manipulated into doing the dirty work, the killings, for those who thirst for power and money.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  We have noted that the system on your planet as it now stands has seen the pendulum swing the other way where even peace promoting groups are being ridiculed and dis-empowered.  And all this has been happening at the cunning behest of those who thirst for power and money.

Peace.  Peace on Earth will lead all of you into a new dimension.  How many of you actively seek to be part of a movement of ‘be one of one hundred million’ souls who calls for peace on your planet.  From where we are, we see the possibilities.  We see the probabilities.  We see the potentials.  We do not like what we see.  Not for one tick of your clock.  The people of your planet; all of you souls incarnate, we would ask you now to do whatever you can do to promote peace.  To promote universal love, compassion, tolerance, and understanding, as opposed to the hatred and the killing that is promoted by those in powerful positions.  In many countries you have what you call democracy, or a system of government that is close to that whereby all souls have the capacity, the opportunity, to complain long and loud to the government about training more soldiers and buying more killing machines.  Training more and more soldiers to kill.  You have the power to stop that.  It’s called voting power!  If enough countries install a government that are dedicated, genuinely dedicated, to peace in their country, on your planet, then the entire system will change, and it will change quite speedily.

In the realms we do not interfere.  We do not step in and manipulate a situation because this is your learning experience.  Not our learning experience.  And learn you will after you have attended a sufficient number of funerals, then you will think about peace on earth.  Right now in a great number of countries across your entire planet there is so much friction and aggression; there is mass upheavals; so here is a golden opportunity for change.  Change can happen if the critical mass of souls on your planet decide to act for peace.  Peace among all mankind.  Peace for all of your planet.  You have the combined power to do that if you so choose.  You have all heard the old saying ‘you make your bed, you lie in it’.  If the killing, the wounding, and the bombings continue … well who made that bed?  With all the souls across the planet, you now have the opportunity to remake your bed.  You can remake it from one of thorns to one of roses. If you genuinely seek peace; if you wish to experience love; if you wish to experience peace, happiness and serenity you will not experience that until the greater mass, the critical mass of people in your country, on your planet, sway and fall towards peace.  Before the country can fall into an energy realm of peace, the warmongers, the thieves, the power gluttons, need to be neutralized or removed in as a peaceful method as possible.  We understand that there are times when only violence can accommodate and change the situation.  We never condone violence. However we can understand what prompts you souls incarnate to take that pathway to achieve what they want to achieve.  To change their lifestyle for the betterment of all.  Perhaps; perhaps if all souls incarnate, even those who do not understand peaceful meditation or the purpose of it, many souls incarnate still understand peace.  If they all sit in peace often enough, ask for peace, promote peace, think peace, manifest peace, well then you will have peace.

You will face some very large challenges individually: yes, but more specifically as a group, a country, a nation, a planet.  There are some things, some situations, that are bigger, much bigger than the individual however, nothing, nothing is bigger than the combined mass souls with a burning desire for change.  Our mission here today is to encourage individuals: perhaps you might like to participate in a peaceful group activity.  We are here to encourage you to promote peace.  To go about your life in peace, serenity, in quietude and focus on love of all things, all things! Not just of human incarnates or animals, all things!  Think about that.  Consider that.  What does ‘All Things’ constitute?  Well, are you aware that your water, your trees, your bushes, your flowers, your grass; are you aware that they have a degree of sensitivity? Are you aware that like your self, like your individual human incarnate self, they are on a pathway of evolution and advancement.  Even the very air you breathe carries not only a life force for you, it carries a life force within itself that is multiplying. And it is multiplying to give every thing on this planet more powerful, more cleaner, pure energy so that you may too progress.

Wars, killing; they are not just something that happens ‘over there’, you know ‘the other place’, ‘the other side’, ‘the other side of the world’; it’s happening to you right here and now!  If you are incarnate on this planet, it’s happening to you.  You are passively participating in the destruction of fellow human beings and your own environment, and ultimately, your planet.  We will not! Under no circumstances will we allow such a situation to come upon the combined human incarnates, the animals, the ecology, the environment; we will not stand by and see this happen!  We are not allowed to interfere in your earth experience however, there are very great beings of immense power, such power as you could not ever in your wildest dreams imagine.  They inhabit a rarefied energy realm well beyond your powers of comprehension.  They carry out the desires and wishes of the Creator, of the Grand Creator.  If the situation arises where you human incarnates are about to damage your planet beyond repair, those highly evolved beings will step in, take charge, and after they have finished their work, many of you incarnates will not be happy.  You will not be happy at all! Simply because the will, the desire of the Creator is for this planet to grow and expand in peace according to the Divine Grand Plan without interruption, interference, or change by human incarnates who we can call power hungry, money hungry, lesser beings who will have quite a lot to contend with when they return to the realms where they will feel, see, and experience what they have caused; what destruction, what pain, they have inflicted upon your planet and everything upon it.

There are many groups, there are many individuals, on your planet who are preforming stellar tasks caring for a human mass of hungry, deprived, and diseased souls incarnate.  There are individuals and groups who are doing a positively admirable job of bringing peace, love, and light to the planet.  We would ask you to support those people, support those groups.  One of the most efficient ways of resetting the compass of the pathway this planet is following is to ensure that those of you, those in charge of your community, your state, the country, the planet, have peace and love as their goal.  We do not come and speak to cause fear, or to frighten you; as I have said in the first instance, we are here to promote Love and Peace.  We come to help you. We feel much can be achieved on your planet if you as individuals and groups decide to help your planet, to preserve everything upon it, and you can do it!  You most certainly can do it!  Are you aware that when we observe positive energy being focused on a, shall we say, a negative situation, we feel more encouraged and more empowered to aim our resources to you and the situation that you are attempting to change. In a nutshell we assist by empowering you to do the change, to make the change, to be the change. We are allowed to empower you and we do so.  We are doing so.  We will continue to do so.  You set the height of the bar and we will ensure that you can meet it.  Set a high standard and we shall assist you to attain that standard.  The more positivity you put out there, the more positivity we will empower.

Its simple arithmetic, isn’t it.  You put in and we will put in.  You put something in and we will add to it, providing it is prompted by love and light.  It is for the betterment of all souls incarnate and the very planet that is here for you to enjoy your experiences and your lessons.  Before we depart, I would like to say congratulations!  I would like to give a big shout out of congratulations to all those peace minded souls who do whatever that is in their power to assist others and the advancement of every single thing on your planet, including Mother Earth herself.  We congratulate you as well as  assisting and encouraging you to continue on that pathway.

And so dear ones we shall leave you to ponder that .  We shall leave you to make your own decision.  It is your pathway, and it is you who set your direction.  As I referred to previously, you are going to make your bed and hopefully it is a bed of roses. A bed of roses encompassing love and light.  Thank you dear ones.  Much appreciated.  Thank you.

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