Aranuth Speaks February 2018

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We are now fully embedded in the year of 2018: a year that promises much and many changes. Some of which will be welcomed; some of which will be unwelcome. As usual, I always tend to look at the upbeat and positive aspect; always look on the bright side – except where I need to describe circumstances and situations beyond my control, ability, and authority to positively change or alter. Still, it is good to view all changes as opportunities for personal advancement and soul growth. There will be challenges for all. For myself, in 2018 I will be confronted with big changes on my personal pathway; my physical/emotional/mental/spiritual pathway – that’s what I chose for this incarnation; I wrote the script; I walk the line.


I heard that!  I heard that!  ha, ha. Hmm. I wonder what’s next?  I wonder what’s coming?  Ha ha. That’s what I heard!   What’s coming is an extension of what we have spoken about over the last several months.  We spoke about truth and honesty.  But it’s not as simple as a single, singular, episode.  What I wish to talk to you about today is “truth” in a different aspect of your “truth”.  What I wish to talk to you about, and hopefully prompt you with, is “truth”; not only truth in action, but truth within yourself.  Now we have touched on truth on your pathway, in your daily life, in all aspects of your daily life.  We did speak about being truthful.  Being honest.  This evening I would like to take that one step further.  Are you, are you being truthful to yourself?  Now let’s not dwell on the physical or the mental self.  Let us go direct to your true beingness.  Your true self, which is connected to your higher self, ->higher self, ->higher self,  which is connected to the pathway that you currently walk.  The pathway full of experiences, choices of experiences, lessons etc. Are you learning from them? Or no?  We wish you to think about your true beingness.  Not so much your physical beingness and how you navigate through a third dimensional solid matter reality, but how you go into your inner compass. Your inner compass which you need to navigate on your physical  pathway;  not placing great emphasis on the spiritual aspect, but placing emphasis on every pathway that you have ever walked, on every and any dimension.  Because it would be folly for you to feel, to consider, that this physical pathway, this physical pathway of the present incarnation, is the only one, or it is the only realm that you have ever incarnated on.

You dear souls present today have had abundant, an abundance, of incarnations.  Of course many, many, of them have been on this third dimensional realm of physical matter.  You have also had incarnations on other realities; other levels of expression; other levels of beingness; and I would like to tell you today that those other levels were not always on the ‘higher realms’.  You have also had them on the lower realms. For ease of understanding we could put a word in there.  And the word is “cosmic” realms.  So I can say to you, as well as this physical third dimensional incarnation, you have had incarnations on cosmic realms which you could easily relate to by me using the word ‘galactic’.  So it might surprise you, it may surprise you to know that those ‘Galactics’ ha ha ha, those beings from ‘outer-space realms’, you’ve been there, you’ve done that, you were part of that.  So why are you so concerned, ha, ha, ha, why are you looking sometimes in fear of beings from other realms arriving here on your planet like an unexpected, unwanted guest arriving on your doorstep?  Ha, ha, ha.  You have had so many incarnations on a wide variety of energy realms.  Many energy levels.  Every one of those incarnations, up to and like the one you are having now, was for an express purpose; and the express purpose was for you to experience, and to learn, and to take something out of it.  Not just go there, have the experience, do the lesson, and forget all about it.  It all accumulates as soul growth, soul enrichment.  It’s all knowledge and information.

Think about this.  How many times have you heard somebody say the word “Akash”. “Akash”.  How many times have you heard someone say, ” well, I, we, he, she, goes into the Akash, recognises and gathers information which they bring back and radiate back here to help others along their pathway”.  Akash is a word that is greatly misused. Ha, ha. Of course there is an ‘Ocean of All’.  There is an ocean.  Every thought, every word, every deed, by every soul that is incarnate here and elsewhere, is all out there; it’s all in that Ocean of Allness.  Now each of you have an individual personal record of this incarnation, and the many other incarnations here and on other realms; a personal individual record of pathways of you passing this way. THAT is Akash! Your record unique to you.  Everyone, everything, that you have ever been in any reality, on every level, in every incarnation … that is totally you.  It is your personal record which we call, ha, ha, the Akash, ha, ha, Akash!  Everything else is out there is in the ‘Ocean of All’, it is a big ocean.  So what I would wish to prompt you not to just know, but to remember, because you know this, you know it well, it is just that you do not recognise it.

Every incarnation that you have ever had has been, of course, and naturally, filled with experiences and lessons and knowledge and information. So, go into meditation,  sleep state, altered State;  that’s where your mediums and clairvoyants go to gather information.  If we wish to gather information for you individual, personal sovereign souls, we go to your file in the hall of records.  People toss the word up “Akash”.  If we wish to go to find information, knowledge, or whatever to help us successfully negotiate this present incarnation, this present pathway, we don’t go to the hall of records or to the Akash, we open ourselves up to the combined memories of all those thoughts, words, deeds, in the Ocean of All.  You go there to pull that information in.  Wisdom, knowledge, experience, that’s what you draw in.  So having said that, I would like you to think about, to focus on this.  If you have any issue in your life whether it be soft and simple, or hard and difficult, you really only need to still yourself.  Still! Be still! Still your mind, ha, ha, ha.  Better still, get out of your mind!  Get out of there.  Get out of the mind.  Get into your beingness.  Get into the source of your beingness.  Get into this powerful light.  Get in there and then you ask.  You ask.  You need guidance hmm?  You need pearls of wisdom?  You need information?  Ask, then wait to receive.

Now then.  Not everyone receives in the same measure because being a sovereign individual soul you are on different levels, different stages of your advancement, your development.  So what you can draw from the ‘Ocean of All’ is as much as you can at your level advancement or development.  So some people may pull in more than others.  Maybe pull in less than others.  Too many people go outside of themselves and ask souls who do not know but profess to know, and they ask them for help and guidance, which they will get in a form of absolute uninformed nonsense.  Only you know your pathway.  Only you know what you need.  Now there are phsychically gifted people around who can and do look at you, look inside your energy to your pathway, and look at what is available from that ‘Ocean of All’ that can be brought in and be of wonderful assistance to you.  You don’t have to go to the Akash because you already have the Akash within you!  Your record. You have done it.  You know it.  You have been there.  It helps to go to the ‘Ocean of All’ for all that you require.  And there are souls, helpful souls, who can see your need of looking into the Ocean of All; they can bring forth some of the what you need: what you truly need is encouragement to go out there in the Ocean of All by yourself.  Because you are never going to learn unless you  go out there and look for yourself.

So the way that you advance is to keep asking yourself.  I wish to go.  I wish to know.  I wish to have the information.  I need the wisdom.  Ask for it from the Ocean of All.  You will receive it in a measured response.  The measure that I am talking about is whatever measure is best for you at this moment on your pathway.  You will receive!  You will receive!  So in this crazy-busy-noisy world that you live on and in this third dimension.  You need to go quietly.  Walk softly and gently.  Talk softly and gently.  You need go out there without disturbing things.  You need to close your eyes, find  your personal beingness in a pond of quietude. Stillness.  That’s your springboard.  That’s your springboard.  Go into that stillness state with the intention.  I said intention!  With the intention that you wish to receive information, knowledge, guidance, with whatever else you need.  You wish to receive what is best for you at this point on your pathway.  Because there will be information, knowledge, etc. but it may not benefit you by having access to it right now.  You may have to be further down your pathway;  but the universe realises and knows what will be beneficial to you.

That bring us back to truth, being true, being honest.  It brings us back to this.  Every moment of your life.  Every tick of your clock.  It is of great benefit to you to be as still and open as you can so that you may receive guidance, knowingness, wisdom, and information, all those things.  It won’t come in “bang” and smack you in the head!  It will come in softly and gently.  You won’t even feel it coming.  The only thing that you will feel is recognition that you have just received something; and if you sit very still and quiet, your body will absorb the benefit of it.  It will absorb the magical energy; and if your inner compass is set correctly on the pathway you will walk that pathway in joy, peace, and serenity.  It comes in just like an early morning fog.  It comes into your beingness. Your true beingness is the first thing that registers it, and it is your beingness, your true beingness, that benefits from it.  How could you not benefit from it?  It is truth coming to you and what is your life, your pathway, your folder of many pathways.  What is it all about?  It is all about you finding truth; you are drawn to truth, of being that truth.  And of course on this physical level truth in what you say, truth in what you do, truth in the way you relate to others.  That’s how truth manifests and works on this physical level.

Your body is one of solid matter.  The real truth, the essence of truth is; you are not this physical body.  None of all the physical bodies that you have had in other incarnations.  You are energy!  You are very powerful energy.  A powerful energy being who is here to rediscover and use the principles of truth on a third dimensional level: and there is a dearth of truth when untruths, non-truths, seems to be the rule.  So it all starts with truth within your true beingness self.  Truth.  Recognise the being that you are.  Ask to be assisted and shown whatever it is that you require to walk this present pathway in truth.  I say that again.  Ask to be able to walk this pathway in truth.

There are many, many discarnate beings, what you would call formless, they are only formless because they do not have solid physical bodies.  There are those formless energy beings who are far and away above what you call magical: they are incredibly advanced and powerful beings who through their combined efforts keep this planet, this reality and others, on a continuous evolutionary cycle; they hold you safe, they hold you in balance.  They do that through creation.  Creation and manifestation.  Do you realise that there are many very advanced energy forms well above those that you call Ascended Masters, well above those.  These beings are extremely intelligent energy beings that carry out the Creator’s wishes and desires.  They unceasingly, eternally, create and manifest many realities, but for you in this reality, they do it because they are providing you with an energy level, a vibratory level, that you can learn on.  You can have your experience.  You can and do have your experiences, lessons, and development because without those beings, those highly evolved beings holding the energy of creation and manifestation, none of you would be here today.  None of you would be here today.  So it’s worth thinking about.  It’s worth considering, it’s well worth contemplating, but I would advise you not to get too far ahead of yourself or else you will get to a point where you will get really muddled because everyone is at a different stage of development in this day and age.

So the reasons for my being here today is to say to you ”Be Your Truth’.  Be Your Self, your energy self, your energy beingness. Be that.  Put that first and physicality second.  Don’t forget this physicality will be gone one day, consigned to the rubbish tip.  It’s the beingess that you are, the energy being that you are, that is the jewel in the crown.  You are a jewel in the crown.  Let’s keep that jewel nicely polished, shining with absolute purity.  And so dear friends having now partially confused you, ha ha ha.  Having now given you much to ponder, which you will all benefit from to a certain degree, and that degree is how deep do you want to go and understand. Thank you dear souls and good evening.


My Predictions.

For this year of 2018 I sense a financial shake up coming which will have repercussions across the world, commencing perhaps in Russia and the Baltic states, that will gain momentum, expand, and negatively affect most European countries: in turn, these European countries under financial siege, will radiate an after effect, a financial shock wave, in the United Kingdom.  International trade and financial affairs may become a minefield for institutions and investors with the Euro and Crypto-currencies (virtual money) being regarded as unstable, lacking substance, and possibly with unsustainable and unreliable value. I see gold and other precious metals will be the international and domestic trade standard; silver will hold its value and will be a good hedge to currency fluctuations.

I sense that ‘we the people’ will gain increasing power, crowd power, and demand greater attention to the needs of the people, global warming, and the over-exploitation of natural resources forcing governments to turn to, and promote renewable sources of power – or get voted out of power.

The power and energy sources will change with newer, cleaner, and more user-friendly power generators being developed. The age of fossil fuels is on a slippery downward slope.

We will see more activity with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and flooding across the planet as Mother Earth cleanses and restructures herself. Coastal USA is inline for a big seismic shake-up.

Souls departing this third dimensional realm and entering higher realms will be subject to a ‘sort-the-wheat-from-the-chaff’ process whereby those souls will graded for eligibility to reincarnate and continue their development on a higher and finer version of solid matter reality (new earth), or destined to return to this corrupted current 3D level.

China will become a thorn in many countries side with its thirst for expansion and domination of the Asia Pacific region. Already we see China buying farms and other food producing industries so as the ensure future food supplies for their growing population. We might rue the day that our government allowed China to amass future food security at our expense. I see China amassing as much gold as they can as insurance against global financial strife.

We will witness more activity and visits/contact with entities from other distant galactic realms who wish to help us with access to advanced science and technology. Governments will be embarrassed by being forced to admit the existence of such galactic races which they have denied and kept secret for decades.

In a nutshell: 2018 will be a year of upheaval, revelation, and disclosure.

I do not claim to be an infallible prophesier; the above is my extrasensory perception of the future.

Peace & Happiness,

Health & Harmony,



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