Aranuth Speaks: “Good Vibrations”

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Aranuth Speaks: “Good Vibrations”


Hello once again. This past month has been one of many changes the world over. As expected, following the elections in the USA the whole world is reconsidering their options and resetting their national and international focus. Here in Australia the political scene is all over the place like smashed eggs with political parties staggering from one policy disaster to another and forming alliances with previously declared enemies. The political bed-hopping and “change partners again” is amusing with insults being hurled across the parliament floor at the opposing parties and independents. It’s a childish circus!

The energy of the recent full moon and eclipse shook most people’s tree leaving them confused, bewildered, and with some serious physical and mental issues. For myself, I had to cease all activities and rest for a full week because of both mental and physical exhaustion. Luckily, I had my wife and a few close friends with my health in mind urging me to stop, rest, and regenerate. I did.

My autobiography, “Rider in the Mist”, (ISBN 978-0-646-96707-3) is being reprinted with fresh supplies expected to go into bookstores and libraries across North Queensland within the next week or two. Popular comment of the book is that it is “a bloody good read” with several readers inquiring about a follow-up book. The sequel is now flowing from my fingertips and shows promise of being every bit as intriguing and popular as the first book.

The February channelling session was very well attended and the message really hit the high spot with most people. If attendance numbers keep increasing we will have to arrange the chairs in the larger adjacent room. I intend videoing the March session  and putting it up on YouTube ( )  joining the videos of previous sessions.

The Message:

Ha, ha, ha haa.  Welcome everybody.  Welcome once more.  Do I need an introduction? No.  If I do, I am Aranuth.  Aranuth of the community of the Brotherhood of Light.  As usual we try to bring you things of great interest.  Knowledge. Information. Something exiting and different.  Something for you to spend quite some time pondering and considering, and today is no different because what we intend doing today is opening you up.  We are going to open up your mind.  We are going to open your mind to things that you have possibly never heard of.  What we are going to talk about is vibrations.  Good vibrations.  Good, good, vibrations and all types of vibrations.

You are aware, you are all aware that you had a song called “Good Vibrations”.  Well the song writer never knew how close he came to accurately describing the benefits of positive, happy, vibrations.  So he wrote “Good Vibrations”.  Well, good. Good, that word is not sufficient.  It is excellent, excellent vibrations.  With vibrations, I will start close to home, close to you individuals, and then I will slowly expand it out to encompass every thing.  Ha, ha, ha.  Alright, vibrations.  You are more than well aware that you all have a personal, individual, custom-made vibration.  You are a vibration, within a vibration, within a vibration, and so on, and so on, and it keeps going.  Starting with you, the individual self, you are a vibration.   Now one of the benefits available to you, if you wish to focus on and use positive vibrations, is that you could use it to manifest a fabulous life.  You can use it to avoid pitfalls and problems.  You can use it for everything.  I just want to slip this bit in here: everything has a vibration.  You have, your horse, your dog, your cat, the very timber in your walls, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the water, everything, everything has a vibration.

Most souls incarnate go through life with a faint, blurred, understanding that they vibrate at times; at times they do vibrate.  All too often it is when they are worried, concerned, or upset that they notice the vibration is ooh, ooh, ooh, not good!  You are vibrating all of the time.  There is not one millisecond that you are not vibrating.  Once you learn to control and master your vibration, you master your life. Not just in this life, but you master your other lives, because you can’t master it now and then forget about it in other lives.  The mastership always remains.   Previously, I came and we spoke of positivity. Those of you that  were here at that time, or have read the text of that discussion, of that talk, will remember how much importance we place on positivity.

As a running mate: as a twin to positivity, is vibration.  When you learn to couple them up and use them in tandem, you have nailed it.  So we come back to the individual.  We come back to the individual soul.  So you see, when we look around here we see that you are all vibrating.  When you are vibrating, you are all there in this (his hands shows encompassing everything) happening.  But you are not.  Your vibration actually manifests, creates, and accelerates your thoughts, your feelings, your emanations, your words.  It all goes into the one vibration and comes out color.  There is colour, there is vibration and there is sound.  So we start with vibration.  So for those of you who have excellent extra sight, able to see with their third eye what’s called auras, which is the colour of your energy emanations, you will see different colours radiating outwards from that person: that is that soul’s present vibration.  Now when you upset that soul, the vibration changes.  So to does the colour.  So at no time can you have a Kirlian photograph of your aura, Ha, Ha, Ha, which is constant.  If you take the photo now, (snaps fingers) and thyen upset that person, it will all change.  The colours will change! Hmm. So, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your actions, everything about you, as it changes, it changes your vibration and it changes your colour.  In the realms we don’t put much store in colour.  It’s just a wonderful suit you are wearing.  It has wonderful benefits as well.  We look at your colour and we know who and what you are, what experiences you have had,  and what lessons you have learned as well as where you are on your pathway.  So that’s just one indicator.

We want to come back to vibrations. You all have experienced many times that you are vibrating nicely and then someone else comes close to you and you may feel a bit of vibration rejection.  That’s because your vibration is okay and their vibration is not a match; not compatible in any way. And with two different vibrations looking at each other, nothing is ever going to fit here.  And your own personal vibration understands that the vibration you are receiving from this other one is not good at all. No match; no connection. Conversely, it also works with falling in love. So that is why you are vibrating here (he points to the heart) Someone comes into your life and they’re vibrating there.  And all of a sudden it is magnetized.   And these two vibrations are saying, Match, Match, Match.  So they want to get closer, and closer, and closer.  And as they get nice and close together both vibrations harmonize.  It’s a match.  It’s a nice and clean match.  And people say “I’m in Love”, “I’m in Love”.  Also people might say this is my friend, this is my friend.  We have a bond.  We have a connection.  I don’t understand what that connection is but I’m going to tell you that my vibration and their vibration is good vibrations.

So you have good friends, or lovers, or partners: it’s  the vibration that does it.   It’s the vibration!  Now friendship, couple-ship, marriage, whatever, nothing survives unless it is a nice match.  Sometimes we’ll come together and our gears do not continually mesh, so after a very short period of time you give it away. Finish!  So good, good, good vibrations are what you are aiming for.  How do you get good, good vibrations?  By putting a positive spin on your own vibration.  Don’t worry about anybody else.  Don’t worry about changing their vibration, simply because you can’t do it. Neither can you affect the sun or the moon coming up.  You cannot affect someone elses vibration.  They will vibrate at their own frequency the same as you do.  So when you find a perfect match it is because you have a perfect vibration.

Your vibration governs everything in your life.  Everything.  So if you get out of your bed in the morning and you have this positive thought and you send out this positive vibration, that all is good.  All is very good. All is going to be very good.  And if everything is going to be good, it is going to be a wonderful day.  Positive things are going to happen!  So here you are setting up good vibrations for the day and as I just explained vibrations have a magnetizing effect.  So if you decided it’s going to be wonderful day, filled with lovely people, you are setting up good vibrations. Those vibrations attract a similar vibration.  So use it.  So use it so that happy, positive, things come into your life.

Conversely if you get out of bed with a fit of the crankies, you know what to expect don’t you?  You know what to expect!  You’re going to put out negative, negative, vibrations.  People with good vibrations are not going to magnetize with you and will back off.  Other people with less than desirable vibrations will start to come dancing into your vibratory field and  that’s the last thing you want.  That’s the last thing you want!  Now if we just stop there for a minute.  We are going to go out, out, out, into the bigger picture.  You vibrate period. You call your dog and you pat him and he vibrates. The cat jumps on your lap and he’s vibrating.  Lean up against the wall and the very timber of that wall is vibrating.  Walk outside to water the garden.  The trees, the bushes, the shrubs, and the flowers, they are all vibrating.  So if you go out there with this wonderful, happy, positive, vibration, the vibration in the trees, the flowers and the shrubs will respond in kind. They will put out a good vibration.

So now what are you doing?  You are putting yourself in a pool of good vibration and you are trying to keep yourself in that vibration all day.  Once you get into it, it’s like a hot spa.  Oh, it’s so lovely.  That hot spa vibration is so very lovely.  That’s where you want to stay.  You don’t want to get out of there and have a negative vibration come along and spoil your day.  You do not want a vibration that makes you cringe away.  No, you only bring in what you put out.  What you give out, you get back in return.  Give out positive, positive ,vibration.  Happy vibration.  Loving vibration.  For goodness sake it is so easy.  Put it out there and watch it come flowing back.

As well as your pets, your animals, your gold-fish, etc. the rocks, yes, even a rock has a vibration.  The whole planet has a vibration. The whole universe has a vibration.  The entire  multi-verses has a vibration.  The frequency, energy, going right back to the source has a vibration.  Because it is the source that emanates, radiates, the vibration. Generally speaking, it vibrates pleasant, even vibration.  It’s what you do with it that changes and alters it.  So the source, the cosmos, is sending you some lovely vibration. From then its up to you.  When you wake up and open your eyes and say with happiness and positivity, “This day is going to be grand” and that vibration changes around you simply because you just changed it!  You just did it.  You put a positive, happy spin on it.  So you get out of bed and you want to jive.  That’s good.  Isn’t it better to get out of bed and jive down the hall to the kitchen rather than dragging your ass out of bed and down the hall saying “Oh God, it’s Monday again!”.  Positive vibration. Positive, happy, vibration.  You: You are the creator.

Too many religions talk about the Creator.  “Let’s say a prayer to the Creator asking can you fix this up for me”?  Change all that!  It’s not up to the Creator to do that.  It’s up to you to do it.  You are the creator of your own reality.  You are the creator of everything around you, within you, including everything that comes close to you.  You are the creator .  You and you alone decide how you are going to deal with that.  So, it is very, very important for individual souls, both day and night, every moment that they are conscious and consciously aware, you must keep telling yourself, well, it must be very beneficial say to yourself “Wow, it’s going to be a great day”.  “And I feel so good”, “I feel so good all over”.  Positive, good vibration. It’s so good that you want to get in it and stay in it.  And when people with negative vibration come into your orbit, step around them.  Keep going and leave them to it.  You are not responsible for their vibration.  They are.  So don’t jump in their pool of negativity.  They are the ones that created the pool and they are the ones that got to swim in it.  Go around them, keep going.  Keep manifesting positivity.

I didn’t say manifesting accidentally. I deliberately put that word in there because vibration, happiness, and positivity is the prime accelerant for creation and manifestation.  So if you want to manifest something in your life, you are never going to do it by sitting down and saying “Oh God, I have had enough of this”.  It’s not going to happen.  When you have that positive, outgoing, and happy vibration you can say, “this is what I want”.  “This is what I want to bring into my life”.  “This is what I want to have in my life”.  “This is what I want to be”.  Think about it.  You are the creator.  Don’t worry about calling someone up top.  You are the creator.  You create your own life.  You control your vibration. I just mentioned before that you are radiating this vibration.  It’s like you are tap dancing on the spot and people who come into your life as a match for that, tap dance to the same vibration.  They are a match.  So they come in and they become your good friends, good partners, good relations.  We have all that because the vibration is there, the same magnetized vibration that draws good people to you and draws good things to you.

Now then, the positive, happy, vibration doesn’t discriminate, and doesn’t say “I will bring in good people and bugger all else”.  Positive, happy, vibration, pull into your life the things that will fit into your vibration.  So if you want to manifest things in your life it’s very simple.  What you do is keep thinking about what you want to have in your life .  Keep imagining what it would like to have it in your life.  Feel what it would be like to have it in your life. “Oh, its beautiful, its lovely, and now I have got it in full and I love it”.  While you are doing that, your vibration is going into that.  Vibrations have a magnetizing affect so you are putting out this vibration that you want this, or that, or the other, in your life and just like a partner, a lover, or a friend it comes vibrating in.  Here she comes jigga, jigga jig.  Because you are calling it: you are calling out for this vibration. It is so easy to think about it, to focus on it,  however you must put your heart into it.  “Oh I love this”.  “Give me more of this”. “I love it because it is wonderful”.  “It’s truly wonderful”.  And that vibration is going out and picking up the vibration of the universal vibration that’s a match, that’s a fit,  so into your life it comes.  Into your life it comes!  As long as you do this with positive, happy vibrations.

Now even if you start your day jiving with positive, happy, vibrations, you don’t have to do another thing because the universe is already at work bringing in the things that you desire.  It will not always bring in everything you desire right now.  But it will bring it in.  Sometimes there are other considerations.  There are other souls incarnate, other peoples pathways, other situations involved.  And they have to come into alignment before it actually manifests and comes to you.  You don’t have to worry about that.  Just put the thought and the heart-felt feeling out there of what you want.  Just put it out there.  It will come.  It will come in its right timing.  Every time.  Right time. On time.

So if you would like to consider that from this day forward, not only when you get out of bed, but all through your day maintain a happy, positive, vibration because then you are the magnet, you magnetized that.  So spend your life calling in happy, positive things.  It’s as simple as that.  So if you go back over what I spoke about last time, the positivity of everything, the positive mind-set, positive words, positive actions, think about that and couple it up with your vibration.  Your positive, happy, good vibration.  Out goes the energy, out goes that magnetic vibration, and in she comes, because you have put positivity on your creation which leads to manifestation.  It is that simple.

It would be wonderful, most beneficial for everyone if you could remember that and focus on that all day, every day, every single day.  Good vibrations.  And it brings in what you want.  What you give out, you get back, so give out that beautiful vibration and watch it all come back to you.  Ha Ha.  That’s enough for today.  Thank you.  I wish you well and I wish you love, and I will be back again.  Aranuth thanks you for your attendance and your  attention  Thank you.

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