Aranuth Speaks – “Intention and Thought Power” Port Douglas October ’21

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Hello again developing souls everywhere:

The past month of October saw a continuation of the ever-changing aspect of our dynamic dimensional reality. The growing voice of people world-wide calling for urgent action to address the threat of climate change – global warming – is having a wake-up, shake-up, effect on our ‘stuck-in-the-old-paradigm’ politicians and decadent power-players. The perception of the world population as being “dumbed down” (often called by governments and the power players , “sheeple” / “wood ducks”, is now demanding change; big change! Right now! The people of the world will not be denied and are demanding succour, repair, and nourishment for our polluted, degraded, and debauched planet. If a large number of souls incarnate focused positive energy on the planet regularly and all that it is then perhaps we can assist with the restoration to a pristine environment again.

Here in Australia we are being viewed by larger developed world countries as being slow off the mark, reluctant to accept and adapt to change, and even “backwoods”: French President Macron even publically accused the Australian Prime Minister Morrison as being “a liar and untrustworthy, a backstabber” amid strained diplomatic relations.

All is in Divine Order” even though it may appear at times to be a case of “crash or crash through”.

In my neck of the woods – Far North Queensland Australia – there is a definite emergence of large numbers of souls incarnate desiring and actively pursuing spiritual awareness, actualisation, and advancement. My Spiritual Advancement workshops are always fully subscribed by interested souls searching for celestial / higher guidance on their chosen pathway to upraised consciousness. The most recent workshop which was held in tropical Port Douglas was a wonderful occasion with so many souls opening up to their spiritual potential.


Good evening everyone. My name is Raith and I welcome you all. It is nice to see you all and how very, very nice it is to be included in your gathering. Even better still, I feel honored to be chosen, to be allowed, to address you and bring forth this dissertation from my brothers and sisters in the realms. Earlier on you were speaking of “Intention”. Now Intention is quite important and it is also interlinked with Thought. They are, shall we say, twins. Now, intention; intention basically means what it is that you wish to focus on, intention is that you are going to focus on something that you want to bring about, manifest, as a result . So what is it you are wantng to bring about as a result? Now, when we match that up with that twin Thought you have the intention and the intention is to achieve a result. Now, the mind comes in and and the thought takes precedence and emerges to the fore; so what is the thought? Well the thought is actually the description, the description of the result that you intend to bring into manifestation. Are you following me? Are you following me? Clients responds “yes”! Now we have the intention . You intend to manifest something, you want to bring something in. Now the thought comes in, what is it? Now we are going to have a vivid, in-depth, in-detail, description of what it is you intend to create and manifest.

Now, having said that, we will hit the pause button there for one moment. Now then, we are going back, back, back. Where we are going back to is, the Divine Grand Plan. The Divine Grand Plan. So let’s start back, back, back there. The entire Oneness, All That Is, has a Divine Grand Plan. This whole planetary, interplanetary, the whole and complete bundle of everything that is, is part of the Divine Grand Plan. It is not a haphazard, randomly composed, plan thrown together; it is very, very precisely put together. The Divine Source of All That Is, lays down a Divine Grand Plan. Now, everything in your universe, the multi-universes, everything that exists, everything that is, is governed, covered, shaped, and directed by the Divine Grand Plan. Now, being in this world, your world, your solid matter third density reality is only one of millions. Millions. However, we are talking about your reality, Your reality, and more specifically, your planet, the future of your planet. Everything about the development of your planet is subject to a Divine Grand Plan. So, this planet that you are on, this blue planet is one of several, several hundreds of planets. You are only aware of one maybe a few. There are hundreds. Now every planet is governed by a Divine Grand Plan. So everything in your universe, everything that affects your blue planet, and every universe that revolves around it is subject to a Divine Grand Plan.

Now, on that planet. On that blue planet that you call earth, you as individuals, ha ha ha, you are governed by a Divine Grand Plan. So, you cannot get away from it. The Divine Grand Plan is in operation in every aspect, in every vibration, every reality. All That Is, governs the Divine Grand Plan. Now, if we take the Grand Plan in each of those realities in the Allness, the Oness, that Grand Plan can be altered or changed at the behest of the Supreme Creator. It can be altered, changed; It can be reshaped. Your planet can be reshaped, remodeled, we can do anything we, as the Creator, All That Is, Prime Source, can at any time, and it will change the path, the evolution, of your universe and of your planet. Now, in your individual life, you are subject to the Divine Grand Plan. As such, the Prime Source can alter or change things on your pathway. As a group, as a community, as an individual, it can be changed and it does change. It does change regularly. The Divine Grand Plan is at work at every tick of your clock. The Divine Grand Plan is never still. It is in a state of evolution and unfoldment all the time. Now what I wish to weave into that is Intention and Thought. So, you, as an incarnate have an intention.

So, you have an intention, you wish to create, you wish to bring something in, you wish to bring in that intended result; your thought comes in on top of the intention and together Intention and Thought will work together to, what you would say, refine, precisely what it is that you wish to create and manifest. It is not much sense having a creation intention if you cannot manifest it. So you create and manifest. Now, everything must be in alignment; must be in allowance. Allowance means allowing the Grand Plan to unfold in its perfection. Alignment means as the Divine Grand Plan unfolds in its perfection, with everything coming into perfect alignment. If its not in alignment, it cannot happen! You must have, as your saying is, all of the ducks in a row. So now when we start at a basic level, which is your Intention, accompanied by your Thought, so now they are joined together in harmony and they decide exactly what is desired. Desire, what is it that you desire? What is it that you want to bring in? What is the result desired? We have this creation energy, the thought, and the intention, which is the clay of creation. This is what you would say, this Intention and Thought are the building blocks of creation and manifestation. Now, can it be accommodated? Can it be accommodated within the Grand Plan? Can it become manifest?

Well, it’s not as simple as what you might think. Not that simple at all because what you as an individual, or as a group, or as a nation, wish to create and manifest must be in accordance with the unfoldment of the Divine Grand Plan. If it’s not, if it doesn’t fit, if it’s not in alignment, if it’s not in allowance, it will not happen. It is that simple. However, there are allowances made for you in your individual soul life, in your individual physical life. There are allowances made for you to alter, tweak, the pathway. So we are now going to hold it there for a minute. Before you came here this time. Before you came here many, many times before, some of you have had hundreds, hundreds of incarnations, but you won’t remember, you might remember one or two, but you won’t remember them all. You would be over burdened with trying to remember the details of every single one. However, before you come, before any incarnation, you have to have your own little version of the Divine Grand Plan. The plan may not be Divine but it is your personal version of the Grand Plan.

Now back home, where I am, in the realms, your true home, your true home, back at your true home, when you decide that you would like to incarnate again and you have chosen to incarnate on this blue planet of third dimension reality, you know that you can’t just come here with no plan in mind. You must have a plan; there has got to be a plan so, you, in accordance with higher beings, in accordance with those advanced souls who you have communicated with and jointly agree that they will be your guide when you are here in physicality. They will be your energy guides while you are in physicality. So, now, you have to agree upon what do you want to come here for. What for? So, we are going to have experiences with lessons attached, okay?

.Riinngg…… .riinnggg….. …….. forgotten client phone ringing stridently …… the communication link was broken ……… minutes later ….. communication link now re-established with a degree of difficulty.

What lessons do you want? Why do you want those lessons? Before you came here, were you prepared for this earth-walk, this pathway? Have you prepared yourself? Have you made any preparations to come back into this incarnation to achieve .. la de da de da. !!!! We don’t know yet! So, in concert with the one who is going to be your guide, and in concert with a being, a much wiser being from a higher level, you sit down and write the future life pathway script together. You write the script for this incarnation from go to whoa. Now, while you are conversing with the higher beings about what it is that you would like to experience, what it is that would be of benefit to experience, because you don’t come here for a glide it’s not party time. You come here to enjoy yourself but you come here to learn, to grow, to expand, and the only way you can do that is to face up to challenges and overcome them.

Now in the realms as an energy being, you have power. It may not be massive but you have power. Now with that power, when you get here, with your Grand Plan for this incarnation tucked under your arm, you are armed with power to confront and overcome numerous, various, challenges that this life has to offer. So, you write the script. You choose what experiences and lessons you would like to undergo. The higher beings act as hmmm .. your higher consciousness, and carefully consider whether you would be able to achieve that, or is it beyond your life development at this stage. You go through this process. You go through that process. Now once you have completed scripting of this incarnation, that script is taken and you accompany it to the council of twelve. The Council of twelve, they will examine your script. They will decide whether or not what you have included is achievable. Whether or not what you have included would be beyond you or not, and whether or not you have included enough challenges, enough experiences, enough learning, enough of confronting situations that we know that you already possess the power to overcome. So enough is enough! If they approve that script, everyone knows then that you have the power to confront those situations and overcome them. But if it feels like it is too much for you, your guide and higher beings will give you that little boost along when you are incarnate to assist you to achieve all of what you wanted to achieve on this pathway, in this incarnation.

So now you are all lined up; you have the script approved and it is all systems go. So, the next bit is conception, you are conceived, you are birthed, and here we are! ha, ha, ha. At birth you are starting on the first word of your script. The first step on you pathway. Sometimes you may wonder why you have included these highs and lows in the script. Well, you wanted it, you put it there, you wanted to experience that to grow and overcome. So as you go through life there are certain issues and situations that may confront you on your pathway. You look at these as blockages as boulders, or fences, or barricades, obstacles on the path. So it is up to you to use your power to figure out how to overcome them. Now if you can’t figure out how to overcome that, you can ask your guides, ha ha. You can go into meditation and ask your guides and higher beings, “please show me the way”. “Teach me what I have to do to overcome this”. “How do I transit this rocky road, this pathway”. Sometimes it becomes a bit all too much. Oh too much! So your individual Grand Plan allows for maybe a bit of diversion or deviation. So, what actually happens; what actually happens is that the guides will consult with higher beings and ask is it permissible for you to either dodge that issue or find an easier way around it. So allowances are made.

Sometimes allowances cannot be made because that particular situation that confronts you at that present moment may be vital, absolutely vital for your development and your advancement on your pathway. So they or I can’t take that away. You have just got to keep on working away at it. So sometimes your Grand Plan will not accommodate change or diversion. Sometimes your Grand Plan will accommodate the change. But as that change is happening here in your individual Grand Plan, don’t forget your individual / personal Grand Plan has to interweave with your planetary Grand Plan. So what we are saying is this, if there is an issue confronting you, your universe, your planet, your multiplicity of nations on this planet, you may or may not be able to alter your own plan because The Plan, the Divine Grand Plan of the universe and the planets may not allow it. You have to be there, you have to be part of change. You have to be part of, and you are part of the change. Your year 2012 which I believe is your Mayan Calendar change time which heralded in a large change and you are here for that, and we couldn’t let you dodge that because we couldn’t let the energy, the planetary energy of that time – which was a massive change, a massive change, – we couldn’t let you what we would say, mere mortals, say “nah I don’t want to be part of that”, you are part of it! You are part of it! So you have to accept the fact that you are the universe, the multiverse, the planetary energy realm and space, and it has its own Divine Grand Plan to follow. Within that Divine Grand Plan is the Planetary Grand Plan, and you have your own Grand Plan. And above you on the planet, don’t forget, there is the overall overarching Divine Grand Plan of All That Is. All That Is – Awesome.

So don’t ever think that you are a minuscule little organism of no consequence. You are part of the Divine Grand Plan that starts with All That Is. The Prime Source (Godhead) of All That Is, you are part of it. Doesn’t matter whether you are considered major or minor You are part of it. You cannot get away from it because the energy of All That Is, is the energy that sustains you. You are All That Is. So now we come back to Intention and Thought. We come back to you as an individual. You are an important part of the Divine Grand Plan. You always were! You always will be! So you have the intention, you have the thought, you know what you want to create and manifest, you know what you want to create absolutely. Accept the fact that everything is in alignment and you will get the green light so to speak, it will happen. If it is something you are trying to manifest in your personal life sit still and wait because everything has to be in alignment in the realms at all times; being in allowance does not always include what you would like to bring in. You have to stick with your Grand Plan.

I will not now delve into this manifestation process because there is a considerable amount of knowledge and information involved in creation and manifestation. We will save that for another day. However I thank you for being here on this day I am pleased to see the brilliant lights, your brilliant lights, emanating through this house of light which can be seen from quite a distance away. I thank you all for being here. I thank you all for absorbing this information, I thank you for having me here. And I wish you all the very best on your pathway. So, may the Divine Source bless you every day.

An abundance of blessings and all good things; Malcolm.

This channelling will be up on Aranuth Speaks Youtube in a few days.

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