Aranuth Speaks July 29th

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Aranuth Speaks.…

29th July 2011



Time flies when you’re having fun…..but oh wow, did the cosmic and lunar events come out to play with our already finely balanced personal energies over the month of June…..and then somehow overflowed into this past month of July. From sleepless nights to sleep-filled nights; from days of euphoria to days of skittish, on-the-edge senses and emotions; from feelings of utter helplessness to feelings of stupendous power, from insecurity to super confidence, and invincibility ….rollercoaster-like lows and highs….we didn’t miss out on much!


July also saw more earthquake activity in our neighbour nation across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand, with a flow-on effect impacting on the Australian southern states of Victoria and Tasmania. Earthquake activity in this area will continue as Mother Earth stretches and flexes. Elsewhere on this earth particularly the Pacific Rim – Ring of Fire area there has been several instances of inner-earth rumblings, grumblings, eruptions, and associated earth changes.


All across the world governments of all types of political persuasion and ideology are in trouble. Popular revolt by the masses demonstrating – generally violently – against human rights abuses, oppression, control, corruption, and fiscal mismanagement indicate in no uncertain terms that the people have had enough and are demanding openness, honesty, and integrity from our elected and non-elected leaders.

The press, especially the Murdoch media empire, have been outed, exposed; their disgraceful phone hacking of popular, private, and public figures has seen everybody from the Prime Minister down to the average man / woman in the street demanding criminal prosecution, increased legislative control…. and accountability by all sections of the media.  Perhaps they should include governments in that.

The masses of souls incarnate are doing what they came here to do… their part in the evolution of the planet and the “Change of the Ages”.


Once again “community” will play a big part in the sustenance, safety, and security of souls incarnate during the “Change” transition. Designing, building, supporting, and maintaining a high level of independence and self-sustainability will help to insulate our community from the more adverse effects of the changes. Supporting your local community, your local producers, farmers, service providers, etc will reduce dependence upon vital and basic supplies, foodstuffs, services, etc presently imported from other areas, other states, other nations. However, we are cared for, protected, and carefully watched over as we dutifully tread our intricately designed life pathway.

Nothing happens at random; nothing!


Of course Mother Earth will go on …albeit in an altered form; altered and changed for the better. Regardless of what the negative doomsayers parrot, the planet is not about to destruct or become a desolate wasteland; it will continue to alter, change, and evolve with every species, including the human race, either leaving, adjusting, or adapting to meet the changed conditions. Those species already considered “extinct” on this planet already live on in another parallel dimension.

Those souls who are sufficiently spiritually advanced and wishing to participate in the transition (ascension) process into a higher level of expression will be given the opportunity to continue their evolution on a new earth. The new earth will be similar to our existing planet but will be energetically, topographically, and visually altered and enhanced; it will be breathtakingly beautiful.

I say that from personal experience….I have been there! My guides have taken me there to experience it first hand.


*** The channelled message below has once again been affected by the tech gremlins; the tape in my recorder indicated that it had only recorded the first portion of this message. I played the full tape through and discovered much to my annoyance that this channelling commenced at the point where a previous channelling finished leaving only 15 to 18 minutes free for this current channelled message.

Here’s what I salvaged from the recording….and the surprise that followed.


Hahahhaha   Good evening everybody, good evening once again. Welcome home; home, your temporary home, your house of light and love, And for those of you that have the eyes to see if you were to cast your eyes around you will notice the multiple hues of colours; what an exciting blend it is.  Spectacular?….. Hhmm?…my very word. Spectacular, glowing brightly, individual and composites of lights….. beautiful, hmm.


Now, have you been taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, your life?  Well then, let me tell you the way ahead, the way home, the way to what you call ascension – which as I have said before is in effect a transition period, you are only transiting a number of vibratory levels or increment of those levels.  Responsibility: are you taking responsibility for yourself, for your life?  That is why you are here. You are here for the experience, for the lesson, and whilst you are here it is beneficial for you to look to returning home to the realm best suited to your level but, still while you are here you may not shirk your duty.  Who is your duty to? Your duty is to yourself; first and foremost to your self!  Not forgetting you are the one, the primary energy, who designed everything that you wished to encounter and surmount in this life walk. And you came here specifically to do that.  Now there is not much sense being here to complete an incarnation, a book of experiences and lessons if you are continually asking to go back home.  If you are continually asking to go back home I pose this question. Why did you come? Why did you come?

You came because you were seekers of development, advancement, and enlightenment.  Seekers of the ultimate soul enrichment …not seekers of wanting to go back home straight away.

“Are we there yet”? Ha, ha, ha.


Whilst you are here it is imperative that you walk that pathway, that pathway that you designed.  It was very, very, carefully thought out, very carefully scripted.  Many other players and conditions were put into place to facilitate the lesson that you wanted out of that experience so you are not going to let all that go to waste are you?  Of course not!

I realise that there are some issues in your day-to-day physical life that you would consider distasteful; well it is all there as a learning process for you. You designed it, you wrote the script, you brought it in; you brought it to yourself. There is no sense using the word “blame” and saying “I blame you, or you, or this, or that”.  There is no blame.  You should not even use that word, blame. Everything that happens to you during this life earth-walk was specifically designed for your advancement and many of the distasteful issues were designed to assist you and your group.  You share these experiences with others, other people; you have a group experience; everyone in that group who is part of the experiences, who is affected by that issue, all take something out of it.  Most take something very different to another out of it.  But the issue is there: it’s like a banquet, you may take out what you wish.

Not everyone will select the same thing because other souls who are sharing this lesson with you have different aspects of that lesson which they choose to experience and those aspects are very different from yours.  So you have to take responsibility, personal responsibility, for your life here, for your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, everything, it’s all there for you.  It’s what you requested; Its what you wanted.


Now then let me take you one step higher, who is the Creator?  Look around you and you see all of these things, your environment, your issues in your life, your lesson plan, your growth, your soul enrichment; and so many, many, many, talk about the Creator.  Let me ask you again, who is the Creator?  Who created all of these lessons for you?  Who created all of these experiences?  Who created everything out there (points to the outside world) to facilitate your learning experience?  Who created that?

Obviously you did. Very obviously you did because if it wasn’t you, why does it exist?  Think of that!  Why does all of this exist?

Because you and many other souls like yourself created it: So you are the proxy, the de-facto Creator. Of course there is a Supreme Creator; and just like you the Supreme Creator continues to grow and expand and to become more potent, more powerful.  The Creator is not stagnant, nothing, nothing is ever stagnant. Everything is in a state of flex, sometimes turmoil; it is expansion, growth, expansion and growth, expansion and growth.  It goes on and on infinitely; it is infinite. So where do you draw your power from?  The Creator! How do you draw your power from the Supreme Creator?  You are part of the Creator energy, an aspect. You may consider yourself to be an aspect so minute as to be a grain of sand on the beach but that grain of sand is still the beach and you are still the Creator.  That’s why you are creating all of this for yourself.  You are the Creator! Whoo….hooo! H-e-l-l-o, (clap, clap, clap) think about it!  You can co-create anything you want. You may not Merlin the magician right now but you can aspire to be that; and you can become that if you diligently apply yourself to creating these things.

You have it all there.  It lies there somewhat dormant; sometimes, sometimes it kicks into life; sometimes it opens up like a flower and gives off its power in the same manner as a flower exudes its scent.  So we would like you to spend much time considering your creative ability.  Hhmmnnn?


You have already, already back in your home realm, used your powers to create everything you needed, everything you needed here for this earth walk, for this incarnation, so that you will be primarily, primarily, the sole beneficiary of that plan.  And of course there are secondary effects which are those people around you: those people that come into your life and out of your life; people who you cross tracks with, people you relate to; they are secondary beneficiaries, – you are the primary beneficiary.  You are individual, sovereign energies and yet you are still part of the Creator energy which makes you a Creator. However you have not developed sufficiently enough to display and utilise all of the powers that an enlightened Creator enjoys.  But you will become that, if you so choose.  You will become that; why?  On and on, infinite expansion, infinite expansion and advancement. And the running mate to that is increased power and ability.  Hmmm

In this daily life, it would be to your benefit if each morning when you opened your eyes you made a commitment to yourself that you would confront and surmount every issue that faces you or crosses your path on that day.  There is no pass, there is no fail, there is no “I’m going home… I had enough of this”.  Just let your pathway unfold and as each little item and each little issue comes into your area of influence on that pathway, pay attention to it, surmount it or solve it in a manner that you as a sovereign individual, that  you feel is the best for your self; best for your own self, for your own advancement.


Of course, of course you would have consideration of the flow-on effects of your decision on other people.  But first and foremost it is your life, it’s your pathway, it’s your lesson, it’s your advancement, it’s your growth.  You don’t have to feel guilty about any of that you know. You do not have to feel guilty about leaving someone else behind, about going in another direction, about changing directions in your life or altering midstream that lesson plan to include another aspect.  It is incorrect for you to think that the actions that you heart-feel is your direction, your desired direction is incorrect. It is incorrect to feel guilty because your pathway doesn’t fit in with some one else’s idea of what you should or should not be doing….. because some one else should be attending to their own pathway; they should be paying attention to their own lesson plan, their own advancement, their own issues, minding their own business, instead of judging other people and the way that they handle the issues that confront them in their lives.

There comes not just a time, there comes many times, there are a great number of instances, where you souls have an epiphany, a revelation, like a lightning strike… BOOM!

This sudden explosive realisation of something in your life.  A sudden realisation that you have been going down a pathway that is now redundant and you need to take another course. There will be instances where you will have sudden revelations that you understand and you are understanding about the deep truthful understanding of what it is you are doing here.  How many of you look at an issue and say to yourself, “why me”? What am I doing here? Why is this in my life? I don’t want this. Where does this come from? And then all of a sudden you have this sudden epiphany, this sudden realisation “WOW! “I created this, I brought this into my life as a lesson and the fruit of the lesson was a sudden realisation”.  WHAM! The sudden realisation of what’s it all about, why it is there, and how you are going to deal with it.  And then you move on: you go on with it.  But so many people lack the courage to go ahead take charge of their life and live it according to the information that was encoded, encoded in that realisation.

Now you have all had instances of that. You all have had many instances of the sudden realisation of what an issue is really all about.  And those, shall we say encoded messages, where do they come from? Where does the encoded message within the energy of that epiphany, what was the source of that?  We know the nature but what was the source?  The source was what you call your Higher Self.  Your Higher Being-ness, your Soul Self which you really are but yet you do not express fully while you are in physicality.

So we have this grand intelligence which is your Higher Self observing you the physical self running around in circles, too-ing and fro-ing. You come to a roadblock, you do not know how to surmount the barrier or remove it so the Higher Being-ness of the self that you are encased in physical embodiment watches the limitation attached to the physical being-ness who cannot see a way through the woods and need a little push along so your Higher Self sends an encoded message to you.  And in the encoded message its like (clap, clap, clap) “here we are son, this is what it is all about” and then you go “ahh gee, I never realised that, I never thought of that”.  That is a very basic explanation for the coded message that comes to you.


This is why I say to you for your own benefit, individually and as a group, for your own benefit, when you are confronted with a situation that does not seem to offer up any solution sit still, stop to-oing and fro-ing and worrying and stressing.  Sit Still! Clear your mind, remove emotions because emotions can be very destructive and distracting.  Sit Still!  Go within, ask the Higher Self for that revelation, ask your Higher Self for that realisation and then wait for it.  And when it comes it sometimes come to you like a bolt of lightning… Kapow!  Other times it seeps in, seeps in over a period of time which could be minutes, hours, or days.  But the fruit of that issue is that you got the information that you required.  You received the full explanation and it comes to you as an understanding as an “Ohh yeahh, that’s what its all about”.

Now when you reach that stage “Ahh, that’s what it’s all about” then continue to sit still and consider what is the most fruitful, beneficial, and positive way forward through that issue and into the next aspect of your life.  There are so many, so many souls incarnate and this is not a judgement because from where I am we are shall we say we are able to see a much bigger picture than you.  We see the whole big picture surrounding the issue of each individual soul.  We must stand back and observe and not interfere simply because you came here of and for free will choice.  Your pathway, your lessons, your experience, was of your free will choice.  The way you address these issues is your free will choice.  Now should we intervene, we would be spoiling it all; we would be doing you a disservice instead of a service.  So we stand by, we stand ready, your guides, your teachers, your mentors, your Higher Self stands ready; this is your support team children, this is your support team.  Guides, great beings of light, ascended masters, ahmm, especially the Higher Mind, this is your support team; what a grand support team you have.  Please give some thought, some consideration, to that. You may not be in the knowingness or the realisation of that up until this point in time but you know now because I have just informed you of that.

So you have that support team, we understand that you go out there and there is a very disturbing issue that confronts you and you feel alone, lonely, naked, weaponless, vulnerable, that is the time, that is the time when you need to sit quiet and be still, realise that you have this massive, powerful support team there waiting to go into action.

But they cannot go into action until such time as you invite them in.  You must ask them in, you must ask for help, so that they are not transgressing your fee will, your free will choice; ask them in, invite them in.

And I have already explained to you the method by which you do that.  Sit quiet, Sit still.  Go within.  Wait.  Cast off all mental hi-jinx or constructs. Cast off all of those negative and upsetting emotional energies. Divorce the mental, emotional, and physical; divorce it from the issue so that the soul being-ness, the soul energy that you are, speaks directly to your support team and your Higher Self, the Higher Mind; wait for your answer, do not put conditions on that answer like – “well I need that answer in 7 minutes flat” – you will accept the answer when it comes.  It will be given to you at the appropriate moment; it will be given to you at a point where it will prove to be the most effective on your life pathway; at the point where it will be the most effective; where it will have the most positive result.

At this point in time, at this point in your time, in your life, on your pathway, it is imperative that you know this and that you understand this; and that you not only know it and understand it but you put it into practice.  Not just every now and then, all of the time.  Constantly, be aware, put it into practice because your world faces many changes, a great many challenges. A lot of these challenges, upheavals, and what you call tragedies are not directly associated with you, your pathway, or your development, however you invite them in and you take it on and you wrap it around yourself like a cloak and then you become mentally and emotionally involved in an issue that is not of your concern.  That issue, that lesson, is not for you unless it is more localised or more directly, more directly impacts upon your life, your pathway, your progress, your lesson plan.  So with your news broadcasts, be selective of what you take in; be the observer, be compassionate observer, but distance yourself from it mentally and emotionally.  If it’s not your lesson stop investing mental energy and emotional energy into it which distracts you from your development on your pathway and puts up a screen, a barrier between you and your Higher Self and your support team; because while your whole being-ness is absorbed with these things outside of yourself, and not of your concern, it is putting up this energetic smoke screen which is stopping realisation, epiphanies, information, all of this, you are stopping it from coming in.  Cut it out! Deal with what’s in front of you; deal with what is part of your life, your pathway.  Because it is all about you; it’s all about you, that’s what you are here for.  If it wasn’t all about you, you wouldn’t be here.  So it all comes back to the sovereign individual energy that you are; so care for self, care for self, promote self, and let the others walk their own pathway without judgement.


And so children that is about all that the Brotherhood has to impart to you on this occasion but we found it very necessary, we found it very necessary to put this issue before you; to put it into your physical consciousness so that you will deal with it on that level and we encourage you to deal with it on all of the levels which I have just explained.


…..Tape runs out at this point. … was the end of the message anyway.


*** Believe it or not the estimated 15 to 18 minutes of tape remaining actually recorded another 40 minutes of channelling and ran out at the point where Aranuth was about to bid everyone good evening.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d time ?……I’m not even going to try and understand it!


Peace & Happiness,






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