Aranuth Speaks May 2011

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Aranuth Speaks

Ravenshoe: May 2011



Much has happened since posting Aranuth’s last message. Many and varied extreme weather patterns, earth realignments, and tectonic plate shifts and pressure releases have taken place; not to mention the flare up of protest demonstrations across the Arab world.

The Palestinian and Israeli conflict remains a matter of world interest whilst the Gaddafi forces in Libya endure bombardment from NATO warplanes and rockets. Syrian government troops have taken a hard line on protestors seeking democracy with hundreds of people being killed and wounded and thousands arrested.

Aranuth forewarned us a few months ago of these events especially the worsening Syrian crisis. This planet will continue to heave and writhe as it accommodates and reacts to the new incoming energy which is prompting people all across the planet to throw off the yoke of control, suppression, and oppression, and demand what is rightfully theirs….freedom.

Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland, and now Spain are experiencing severe financial difficulties with some requiring financial assistance or bail-out by the EU and the World Bank. Several other national economies are teetering and on the brink of financial collapse. Many dark deeds, secret plots, plans, and conspiracies previously hidden from public scrutiny are now being exposed and the perpetrators are being unmasked, named, and shamed.

The effect of the ‘Change of the Ages’ that has long been prophesied is now coming to fruition.

For people like you and I there is no call for alarm; All is in Divine Order. The most beneficial thing that we as souls incarnate can do is remain calm and accepting of “what is” and go about our lives peacefully and radiate unconditional love and light to the entire planet without any manner or degree of judgement. Strengthening our involvement in, and the bonds of support for, our local community will be of immense benefit to each soul in difficult times; however we are safe and protected even though sometimes we cannot fully understand it or see it clearly.

Aranuth has repeatedly said to his followers “I shall bring you home”….and he will.




Ahhh,ha,ha,ha,haa…Well good evening children; good evening to all.  It is so pleasing and gratifying to see so many light beings gathered here in your house of light once more.   This evening, what I have chosen to speak to you about is being your own pathfinder, your own pathwalker, relying solely upon your inner compass.  You are more than well aware of the changes that are taking place in, on, and around your planet: not only your planet also the universe and the multi-verses; the totality of the Allness.  Nothing escapes the effects of the changes; the change of the ages.  The time has come for you souls incarnate to now start recognising your own inner compass; being your own pathfinder, path walker.  Up until this point in time you could liken it to being on training wheels: now is the time for the training wheels to come off and for you to ride solo.

And in saying that, there will also be other light beings, great beings of light, who are there to guide you on your pathway to ensure your steadiness as you transit that pathway. However, it is entirely up to you to find your own direction using your own in-built direction finder; your inner compass.  This is the end of an age: this is the end of an energy age; this is the end of an era.  You are now moving into…. very soon you will be entering into…an entirely different energy age.  You cannot move into that age unless your training wheels are off. You must be able to walk your pathway as an individual light being.  Now, up and until this point in your development you have often relied on others, not only those discarnate beings of light, but other beings outside of yourself; other beings who are incarnate and who are walking their own pathway. You have sought instruction: you have sought advice; often times that advice was erroneous. Advice given most times in good faith however, still erroneous.  Now is the time for you to take control: you are the one in charge of your enlightenment and your advancement; do not hand the controls to another.


Now, if you hark back to your numerous and various incarnations on this planet and others – other realms, other levels, other energy levels – you have visited many levels, many planets, you have had many incarnations; now the object of those incarnations was the experiences.  You simply incarnated to have experiences. You were there to garner, gather, all of the brilliance of the colours and the experiences of those lessons and it was this which you could consider an adornment. Because as you gather to yourself all of these enriched experiences it enhances your own energy beingness which is colour, light, sound, vibration.  So, your aura, your personal energy, becomes a more deeply saturated colour, blend of colour, several colours, multitudes of colour; and they all blend, mix, match, and indicate the totality of what you are.

For those wise ones and very advanced souls, the great over-souls, they only need to look at your energy beingness and they recognise not just your primary colours but the blending, the intricate blending of other colours that go to make up the totality of your experiences. It indicates your level and depth of soul growth, of enrichment, and that is what it is all about.

So now, we have reached a stage where you are about to graduate from this energy age and move into a brand new energy age and continue with your enlightenment and your advancement.  It will go on and on because it is infinite. The only barriers that you will discover on your pathway are the ones that you have placed there yourself.  There is no limit to your advancement, to your enrichment, to your expansion.  No limit except the limit that you would place upon yourself.  And when you are in your energy bodies the far greater majority of you do not wish to place any restrictions upon yourself. That is why you have chosen to incarnate many, many, times on many, many, levels.

If you were going to restrict yourselves you would have done it by now.  Now then, if you were to look back on all of those experiences, all of those incarnations, you will automatically come to the realisation that the way you are, who and what you are, is the sum total of those experiences.

It is long past time for you to let go and release this looking back, looking sideways, looking at other incarnations on other levels, other planets. Why do you need to single out a few incarnations from the multiplicity of incarnations that you have had? Why?

Why do you wish to go back and play in that sand pit?  Right now you are the sum total of all of those incarnations and what are you doing here?  You are here to continue with your advancement; not to linger and keep reverting to other incarnations and other experiences.  That is over, that is done. You will now move on simply because when we move into this new age all of those past incarnations and experiences will cease to exist in your awareness…..because you will be the one who will choose to cut them adrift.  You will be the one who chooses not to have an awareness of those previous experiences, lessons, and incarnations. From this point on; from this very point onwards, you are now riding solo.  You and only you will define what is your pathway, what is your future as you say.  No one incarnate or discarnate will tell you or advise you of where to go, how to go, or what to do.  Masters? You wish to be masters? How can you be masters if you can allow someone else to dictate the terms, to tell you how and when to go?

From this point on it changes for every soul: every soul; I am talking about every energy entity incarnate and discarnate; every energy entity is a sovereign individual and walks a different pathway.  There are no two the same so no one can advise you on your pathway when their pathway is so radically different.  It’s your pathway; it’s your future.

You and only you will decide how to go, how to walk it.

We have spoken many times: many times I have been to see you and we have spoken about going within; going within.  The reason why we, the Brotherhood, come to you is to encourage you to go within. It is because we were wishing and hoping that you would discover your own inner compass.  That’s why you go within; to find your own compass, to find your own sovereignty, to come to the realisation that you and you alone decide your pathway.

So now, with the new energies coming in, you are going to be pushed to find your own pathway. So, from this very point on I would advise you to cease listening to others, to cease going back into other incarnations which are actually concurrent, parallel.  This (indicating the present space / dimension) is the one that you walk.

There is a new pathway; it is a pristine pathway of light that you are now entering into.  You will need, you will need to have a wonderful understanding of your inner compass because your inner compass, the being within, the awareness, the knowledge within, is the only one that is going to guide you on which direction to take; the speed that you will transit that direction associated with your future and future advancement.

Children: now! Start now! Stop asking others what is your pathway: stop asking others to define your pathway or explain your pathway.  You are sovereign individuals and as such you now take full responsibility for yourselves; full responsibility you will take for yourself.  Every decision taken by you must be made wholly and solely by you: that is your way forward; that is the way you will need to go forward or else you are going to wobble around on the pathway and make very slow progress indeed.  Indeed!


In a short period of time your reality is going to change dramatically. You are already experiencing dramatic changes at various geographical points across your planet. That is just the beginning; that is just the beginning.  Not to fear: not to fear; everything is in Divine Order. You are well cared for whether you realise it or not.  Nothing happens at random.

What I would suggest to you is to be aware of the changes taking place on your planet but not to let it affect you on your pathway.  I would encourage you all to continue onwards and focus on your own development; focus on your own pathway.  Be aware of but do not take too much notice of other things happening at various places on your planet or in other peoples lives; other entities lives. It is not your life; that is for them.  They are sovereign individuals the same as you.

It is not as though you do not care or that you are not compassionate: it simply means that you are not being distracted or diverted from your pathway.  So be discerning: be very discerning; let not the events and happenings of your world, of your planet, affect you. Walk your pathway: focus on your pathway; become your own pathfinder; use your inner compass to become your own pathfinder.

It’s not easy but it can be done; it will be done.


Allowance:  Allow yourself to be guided by your inner awareness, your inner compass, and even if you ignore that inner compass you are still going to be carried along your pathway. Your progress will be slow, bumpy, and there will be a few diversions so it is far, far better for you to stride ahead confidently seeking only your own counsel; only seeking your own counsel, not the counsel of others who know naught of your pathway.  The way ahead is clear. I would like to reassure you that your future is crystal clear; it is crystal clear; it is light. You will be amazed; you will be in awe of your pathway as it unfolds providing that you keep your eye on that pathway, walk that pathway, do not take any diversions, be not tempted to deviate; and under no circumstances let no other entity guide you on a pathway that they know nothing about. It is your pathway so you should walk it with confidence.  You should walk it with your head up, your eyes open, being discerning and yet confident; and you can be confident that you are on your pathway.

Do not doubt. Never doubt! Of course you will question: of course you will question your pathway; you will question the happenings on your pathway. “Why it is happening to me”?  But that does not mean that you should use those questions as an excuse to deviate from your pathway. Walk ahead: walk clearly; walk confidently; keep going. Do not allow anything associated with this (indicates our 3D surroundings) dimension to claw you back; to restrict or hinder your progress.  Children, I am trying to make very, very, clear to you. I am trying to make it crystal clear to you that your pathway is already light-filled. It is all laid out there before you: it is a crystal light-glowing highway and all that you have to do is walk it.  That’s all you have to do.

Your pathway is a highway: it is glowing; glowing with light.  There is nothing to fear, nothing whatsoever. Just stride ahead confidently: that is it; that is your future.  Because you see your lessons in this dimension are almost over.  It is graduation time; and you will graduate.

There are those souls incarnate, not only on this planet, not only on this vibratory level which encompasses other planets; there are souls, younger souls; souls who have been corrupted or diverted who will cling to the lower vibrating realms for reasons known only to themselves ….. that is their choice.  Those souls that you may regard as being left behind will still be watched over: they will still be cared for; nothing changes in that energy. They will still have great beings, great over-souls, who will periodically come to them to assist them in their evolution, but being free-will choice those souls will have to choose to have their ascended masters, the great light beings, come to them and assist them.  And being free-will choice, those ascended masters,  great beings of love and light, will not come, will not interfere, will not intercede; they will do nothing for those souls on the lower levels unless those soul so desire.

Worry not about those souls, their pathway is clear: they will again; again in another age, in another era, have a chance to move, to ascend as you would say, but you souls here at this time, this evening, listening to my discussion, reading my words; by doing so you have already indicated not only your awareness but your acceptance. You accept what is: you accept your future; you accept your pathway, and you accept the fact that you are all here to grow, to expand, to advance, to become an even brighter and more powerful being.

And as you go to these ..ahhh… you may say, rarefied stratospheres of love and light you will find that you will want to continue to expand; to grow even more powerful, more brilliant, and you will… you will go on… into infinity… there is no ending.

There is the Allness and the Oneness which is totally encompassed in infinity.  Everything continues to expand and so shall you… if you so choose. However, to recap what we have been talking about here today: the simplified explanation of the entirety of it all is this: cease relying upon anything outside of yourself.  Rely totally upon your inner self, your inner being, your true self, your compass. Become your own pathfinder and path walker.

In coming days I will be returning to you bringing updates, bringing you encouragement, bringing you knowledge and information.  We will continue to do so until we have helped each and every one of you souls into the new age.  All of you souls who have indicated to the Brotherhood that you wish to advance, will advance. We will not leave one solitary soul behind.

As spokesman for the Crystalline Brotherhood of Light I have said many times; “I shall bring you home” and I repeat, “I shall bring you home”, each and every one of you.


I would like you to ponder that. I would like you to ponder very deeply everything that has been said here this evening: and I would encourage you to make your own choice and make the choice to become your own pathfinder. Take charge; take full charge of your development because that is the reason for you walking this pathway; that is the reason for all of your parallel and concurrent incarnations. All of that is to prepare you to become the sole provider of your own energy, your own beingness.

Hmmn: now that is something to ponder.


And so my dear children, reluctantly I say, I have come to the end of my little speech you might say. I shall leave you now. I shall leave you in love. I shall leave you in light. I will always be ahead of you beckoning you to come into the light, to follow me. I shall always be behind you making sure that you do not stumble, fall, or get left behind.

I will bring you home.


Thank you children.



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Peace and Happiness.



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