Aranuth Speaks. Meditation Process. Atherton May ’17

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Hello Everyone:

This past month has been another one of those months where so many souls all across the planet have been ‘shaken and stirred’ by the erratic energies of much-needed change. The changes both energetically and physical are badly needed to break up all of the old deeply embedded people control systems, questionable rules and regulations, false beliefs, and of course expose the real reason behind the ongoing wars and aggression that only serves to promote world dominance by ego maniacs. They also make a lot of money for multi-national corporations and the dark suits behind the arms manufacturing and sales trade. I see the three pillars of deception and control: government, military, and religions. I also see positives everywhere as the average person in the street awakens to their own source of true beingness and immortality, and recognise the confidence tricks perpetrated by various governments, military, and man-made religions, and who now demands truth, freedom, and equality for all.
Again I see the struggle being fought and won by the good people who not only desire, but demand, peace and prosperity for all. On a more personal note, I encourage everyone to go in peace and positivity; meditate daily for world peace, good health, happiness, and abundance for all.

On another note: my second book, the follow up to Rider in the Mist, “Emergence”, is ready for the printers and should be available for sale early July.



Good evening everyone.  Welcome once more.  This evening I have something new and different.  New information that will help you to understand more than what you do up until this point in time.  As you can imagine, every day of your life, change happens.  Something changes.  Nothing remains the same.  It might only be incremental change and then again it may be a major leap forward.  When I or my brothers come to speak with you, we endeavour to give you information in a format that you can easily absorb, understand and help you to go forward on your pathway.  We try not to bring anything that would bamboozle you or cause you to cast the information aside.  Every word we speak we wish you to fully understand the impact and the importance of it.  At this time of change, I would like to inform you that change does not simply happen outside of you.  Change doesn’t just happen in other places to other people.  Change happens to you!  More specifically, change happens within you.  Now the most important change and the one that I would like to you to focus upon is the change within your soul, within your beingness because any change that is on your outer, outside of your physical, well that will continue to change and is of no great consequence.  Its the change within that is the most important part.

I would like to use the analogy of a pregnant woman.  A woman with child.  There is change within her at every tick of the clock. Until it becomes time to birth that child, that reaches its apex, it’s climax.  So too does your development, your energy beingness development.  Except that it has a far greater gestation period which goes on for many many incarnations until such time that it is you who decide to put the brakes on.  That is as far as you wish to go for that particular time.  You may pick up the thread, the acceleration of change within you again at a later time.  Now change within yourself as I said, the analogy is of a woman conceiving, nurturing and growing to birth.  Change within yourself.  That’s where the gold is.  That is what you are supposed to be doing.  It’s what you were supposed to be doing for eon’s of time but along the way, understandably, the human race was hijacked.  Often times they were their own hijacker because they lost interest in developing.  They were befuddled by the physical things around them.  It does so happen at this particular time most people, most souls incarnate pay more attention to what is happening outside of themselves.  When I say outside of themselves, I mean, what happens to the physical and their surroundings, community, state, national, planetary.  They become more befuddled by the happenings outside of themselves and they neglect what is inside themselves.  In their true beingness.  Their sovereign self.  I would like to explain it to you in this manner.  It would benefit every soul incarnate at this time if they were to spend more and more time going within.

Now we have often said meditation is a wonderful tool.  Meditation is actually a vehicle.  Now the meditation vehicle carries you within yourself.  Not within your physical self.  It’s the vehicle that carries you deep within to your energy self.  Your soul self.  If you were to spend time, to practice going within, going deeper within, going even deeper within.  Children let me assure you if you were to go deeper, deeper within, you will find yourself transiting through a portal.  Some may describe it as a holy portal.  We in the realms describe it as an energy portal.  Once you go through that portal you will be stunned.  You will be surprised.  You will be amazed.  It is like you are having a major epiphany. If you go deep enough to find that portal and go through it, you will find the essence, the true essence of your “self”.  Of your “soul self”.  Too often people go within, and we hear you saying, ‘oh but I meditate for half an hour every morning’.  We are yet to hear you say, ‘I meditate in the morning and each morning I endeavour to go deeper and deeper and deeper’.  Looking for that elusive portal that will transport me into another realm.  It’s a realm where all things are possible.  In that realm, you will meet a very old friend.  That very old friend is your ‘self”.  Because you see dear ones, when I look around you, I see a facsimile, a facsimile of yourself.  It is most of the time, an outer view of your “self”, a slightly inward view of yourself.  In this time, in this day and age that is not sufficient. You have to go deeper, deeper, deeper and you will know when you are approaching the portal because you will have a feeling, an ecstatic feeling of being lost in space.  You will find yourself gliding through a dark sky dotted with brilliant stars and when you reach that point, you are fast approaching the portal.  Have courage, have courage.  Continue on.  Deeper.  Deeper.  As you glide through that portal there will be that grand epiphany.  You will know everything.  You will understand everything.  It will be as though you are a complete encyclopedia of the planet earth and the universe and galaxy where you are positioned.  That is coming home.  That is coming home.

Now within that other realm, all things are possible.  You only have to think advancement and development and it will happen.  I will guarantee that.   You will find as you go into that space where you are feeling ecstasy like you are floating through the night sky, you will realise this physical dimension does not count anymore; it has no value anymore.  Has no relevance to you the soul.  We in the realms believe that is now most important for you to undertake that inward journey.  Without being judgemental or critical, we would like to say to you this is the time of sorting the wheat from the chaff.  Those who wish to be chaff, so be it.  So be it.  Free will choice.  Those who wish to be the golden grain, they are the ones that will go deeper, deeper, deeper and they will reap more and more benefits.  You see it is a coming home.  It’s a coming home.  We would like everyone, every being, every soul incarnate and discarnate to understand that there is only “home”.  There is only that space, that realm that is “home” where all is known, where all is possible or is accomplished.

What you see around you, you could say, it’s a distractive illusion. It is an illusion that continually distracts people and prevents them from becoming who and what they are. That prevents them from having total knowingness. And with that total knowingness comes total understanding and total power.  Total power!  You are a seed of the creator energy.  I am not going to use third-dimensional terms such as God or those other terms.  Many of those are fake.  They are so false.  They are red herrings across your pathway.  You will find that it is designed to keep you enslaved and to stop you from going through that portal and discovering that powerful being that you really are, and that is what sets you free.  That is what sets you free.  Because once you go through that portal into that other realm, all is known, all is possible.  You can create anything.  Anything.  Simply because you are a creator.  I do not wish you to feel that you are an individual being, body, or energy that is, in a creative energy stream.  I would like you to understand and understand very clearly, you ARE the energy of the Creator.  No individuality attached to it.  That’s a third- dimensional concept and an erroneous third-dimensional concept which is promoted by people’s physical image of all looking a little bit different from the other.  You are not this physical image! You are not this separate entity!  You are not this separate being!  Once you go deep enough to go through the portal into that other realm, epiphany, you are the Creator. If I said to you, once you go through that portal, you are a cup of water in the ocean of Allness.  You will accept that because the ocean of Allness is Allness, it is the totality.  So if we change that slightly and say that you are a bundle of energy that goes through that portal and becomes part of this mass of energy that is the Creator.  The Creator does not have an image, a face, a body.  The creator has none of that.  The Creator is not a separate energy.  The Creator is not something separate from yourself.  When you slip through that portal into that realm you are the Creator simply because, your energy is the Creator energy.  There is no defining, there is no separating.  That’s what you are.  You are the Creator energy.

What are you doing here?  Well, you selected the embodiment to come here to this third-dimensional realm.  This realm of solid matter to challenge yourself.  To put obstacles on your planned pathway.  And that’s all for a good reason.  It’s for you to discover that nothing is insurmountable because you are the Creator.  That object is there to prompt you to strive, to return, to the Creator energy.  So how do you overcome all of those obstacles?  Well, we just spoke about it.  Going within.  Sit quiet.  Ignore the physical.  Go within.  Ignore what is happening within because when you get into that first level it’s pretty much experiences, colored lights for the children, all those distractions.  You see and you experience things.  Go beyond that.  Go beyond that.  Leave that playground, go deeper.  Keep going deeper.  State very clearly in your mind and your heart that you are a piece of gold.  You are the Creator.  You wish to return to the realm, the level of creation.  You wish to rejoin the totality of the energy that is creation itself.  That is where you should be aiming for.

Again, I want to reassure you, I want to reassure you if you apply yourself to the method that I have just explained to you.  If you continually apply yourself, once you get through that portal, you will find wondrous things.  Wondrous things.  I use the word epiphany before, well, that is correct.  As you go through that portal, an epiphany.  You realise that everything else that you have endured or experienced up to that point of time, doesn’t count anymore.  You have found your way home.  You have found your way through the maze.  You have found your way home through all the false trails, all the false tracks, all the dead ends, all the side streets,  You have found yourself home as Creation, not as an individual in the ocean of creation.  You are an ocean of creation.  Dear friend it is important, very, very important for you now to follow that method and free yourself from this dimension of solid matter and every other dimension because there are other tricks.  There are other false trails in front of you where you can exit this third-dimension in an altered state and find yourself in a slightly higher dimension in another slightly higher dimension which is there to fool you.  To lull you into a falseness of achievement and security.  Simply because you meditate and go into an altered state and you access a realm, say two levels above where you are. It’s not it.  That’s the trap.  That’s the trap.  That’s the matrix to hold you here.  Go on. Go on. Go on.  Meditate deeper, deeper, deeper.  You will know when you find the portal, and as you guide through the portal, you will experience a feeling as though you have just been shattered into a million pieces as you go through that portal.  You will find that you are not pieces anymore.  You are wholeness.  Oneness.  Because you are in the Creator realm.  Oneness.  Wholeness.  No separation.  No individuality.  I and my brothers are honored to be given the opportunity to come to you and give you that information which has previously been withheld and hidden from you.  Now I show you the pathway home.  It’s up to you if you want to take that pathway.  And so I say to you, blessings, blessings, blessings.  Peace be with you every step of the way to encourage you to keep on, to keep on keeping on until you go through that portal.  So thank you again dear friends.  Good Evening.  I will come again.  Thank you.

That session was a wonderful one with the unknown guide speaking very clearly with only a couple of pauses for me to enunciate the correct wording.

Peace & Happiness


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