Aranuth Speaks: Realities. May 2018

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Several people have contacted me recently commenting that they, or more often than not their teen-aged children, are experiencing long bouts of disinterest, lassitude, and lethargy.  Many state that they have little or no interest in life and simply want to lay around the house with a slothful mental and physical attitude.  Yes, it is part and parcel of the effects of ‘the change’ however, that does not mean that they should give up on life.  Life is a challenge .. it is meant to be!  Some postulate that the ‘be still and quiet’ listlessness is part of their spiritual energy advancement and upliftment; it isn’t!  There is a time and place for everything; a balance of work / responsibility and rest / play.  I keep harking back to the ancient saying “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water”.  As an highly regarded medium friend used to say “Keep on keeping on!”  Everyone has a pathway to walk that includes many life challenges, experiences, and lessons and it is there to contribute to their advancement and soul enrichment.  To try to circumvent that life plan is simply ill-considered and foolish.

As an experienced medium and clairvoyant I am often told that I am “so lucky”, that I am “protected” from life’s painful experiences and perils.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I, like many other souls incarnate, have endured, still endure, as many, and often times many more painful and challenging life experiences than others.  Many of us fall into the quagmire of self pity and a level of despondency when times are tough and particularly challenging.  We are here to experience, to learn, and to advance: it is called soul growth, soul enrichment.  Remember it is generally only the hardiest, most resilient souls who are allowed to take on the greatest of life’s challenges. Again, it is a matter of “keep on keeping on”!

On a different note: In a space floating between asleep, awake, in an altered – maybe distorted – time and space, John Lennon appeared to me in a vision and commenced singing “Imagine”.  He did not sing it just once; he sang it through a few times.  Upon awakening I realised that the message was clear.  If we wish to create and manifest anything in our life then we must “Imagine” the happy, superb, and wonderful result actually becoming manifest in our life. Just imagine!


Well good evening dear souls.  Welcome Home; welcome to your house of Light.  This is your Atherton Home I believe.  I’ve been here and spoke to you before, some time ago, but then again as you are aware we take turns coming to you to deliver our individual message which is most times a consensus of opinion from my brothers and myself on our particular level.  Now while I am talking about levels, I thought it might be appropriate for me to speak with you about what you call your levels.  Your vibrational levels more to the point.  More to the point again, you call it ‘spiritual levels’.  Now that is well and good, however it is not really correct but it is your perception of what is reality and what is unreality.  There is also your perception of levels which you seem believe might be in a graduated degree.  Well let me tell you that there are no degrees or graduations.  There are no defining lines or boundaries in the realms, in the ethers, it is all one however, if you could imagine yourself like being on the ocean floor and you slowly drift up, drift up, drift up, heading towards the surface which is your ultimate goal.  So there is no graduations, levels, partitions, or compartments in the ocean: neither is there any compartments or degrees in the “Ocean of Allness.  The “Ocean of All That Is”.

Now then, when you talk about being spiritual, spirituality, and so on and so forth, I wish to firstly bring to your mind the fact that spirit, spirituality, is not something that you should desire.  Not something that you should attempt to achieve.  Not something that you should aim for like a goal.  Simply because, and here’s the joke, you are Spirit.  So if you are looking at attaining a degree of spirituality well then, you are looking for yourself aren’t you?  So now you know where your self is; so I would advise you to cease looking for spirit which is yourself … you have already found yourself.  So now, to carry on with that theme, Spirituality, well, we have told you many times:  many, many, times that you are spirit. You are spirit in form.  Spirit energy embodied.  You are that and you are here on this third dimensional level, this level of solid matter, and you are here specifically as a learning process.  So this level of solid matter was devised and created so that you souls may come here and enjoy a third dimensional, physical embodiment experience.  Now when you leave this realm and move to another realm of non-physicality, when you leave this realm of physicality, it will cease to exist for you.  It will cease to exist because it is the unreality.  This reality, as you perceive it, is a construct.  It was constructed simply to provide you with a learning environment so be warned, I will be coming to visit. Ha Ha Ha.   Oh I enjoy my visits.

Now then, it is fallacy to think, say, or want, to become spiritual when you already are that.  Spirituality or spiritual advancement does not really exist in the form or format that you think it does.  So now, we will move on to a position where we can pretend that you have now moved out of third dimensionality.  Where do you move to?  Well, I just described it.  You move to the “Ocean of All That Is.  Just like the ocean, the depth of “All That Is”alters: the temperature and elements of the water alters, and many other things associated with that water alters; so too does things alter for you when you pass over and take on non-physical beingness.  Now, having said before that there are no compartments, no graduations or levels, once you go into the “Field of All”, the “Ocean of All That Is”, you will float around in the energy for a very brief period of time until your light … now I wish you to listen to this carefully, your Light, disembodied energy being that you are, your Light will be magnetically, yes magnetically, attracted to a vibrational level commensurate with your level of experience and development.  Experience and development not only in this one life but in your entire series of lives.  Your complete folder of lives.  The accumulation of the experiences, lessons, your development and the soul growth, your Light, will be magnetically drawn to the Light of the level where you will be best accommodated.

So, now we talk about accommodation.  Well, let us put it this way.  Again, there are no compartments, no levels, no boundaries, however, there are realities similar to billions of tiny bubbles; each and every one of those tiny bubbles, if that is where is your life is attracted to, you will be drawn into that bubble which is a stand-alone energy level as you would call it.  It is a stand-alone reality.  Now, we spoke about the non-physical reality, so in those non-physical realities you will be able to see, perceive, and experience everything that that reality has to offer, and at that point in time it will appear to you to be the only real or true reality when in effect it is just one of billions of realities.  Now you may share that reality with others.  Maybe several, maybe a few, but in that reality you will perceive other beings even though they are energy beings, energy infused beings: you will still be able to perceive an embodiment of theirs similar to the manner in which you see or perceive a physical embodiment on your third dimensional realm.  So the reason why I bring this knowledge to you is we in the Brotherhood, in the realms, desire that you have a much better understanding of the realities; the realities that you see, and of course there are billions of realities, and every reality is authentic.  It exists and it is there for souls whose light has been magnetically attracted to that reality because that is the reality that, shall we say, that soul deserves to inhabit: that is the reality where you will contemplate your past lives on this physical realm, but you will also learn.  You are not going to another non-physical reality to sit on your rear end.

The learning goes on and on.  So when you are magnetically attracted to that reality you will have more experiences and lessons and so on and so forth to add to, to increase, your soul growth; to increase your soul knowledge, to increase your ability to understand; and when you reach a reality high enough you will learn the secrets of how to create.  You will learn the secrets of creation itself.  So, as you go through this life on mother earth, we would like you to realise that every day of your life presents a learning opportunity, and often times you are learning, you are experiencing and learning even though you may not be fully aware of it.  So as you go through this life on earth, do not think that this is the ‘be all’ it isn’t.  It’s very, very inclusive, comprehensive, and all-embracing across the board.

We see life on earth as a very vague, insignificant, and fleeting reality which is only there to serve the purpose of providing you with an opportunity for experiencing and learning.  So now when you wish to call to your guides, possibly to the ascended masters and other great beings, it would be nice if you realised that those beings are composed of energy and their energy intermingles with your energy and reality, so they are not that far away.  It is not a chore for you to travel any great distance and perform any great feats of learning to contact them.  You do it mostly unknowingly already.  However, if you wish to do it knowingly it is simply a matter of you sitting quiet, still your mind, divorce yourself from the outside world of solid matter, and simply call to the guide.  Call to your higher self.  Call to your ascended masters.  You do not have to apportion any great obedience to what you perceive to be an ascended master from a level that you will never attain.  That is erroneous.  You can easily contact your masters, your guides.  You can contact anyone, and that includes biblical figures.  You can contact all of them by thought.

How do you drive your query to your master?  You drive it, enforce it, with heart-felt desire and emotion.  It is the emotion of that heart-felt desire that is the rocket booster that takes you from here (snaps his fingers) to here (snap,snap).  From you to the master.  It’s because the master is only that far away (snaps his fingers again).  So in this world of earthly life you do certainly have your daily duties but you also have your higher duties, your shall we say, your attachment to uplifting yourself;  upgrading your energy;  which is really upgrading your understanding and knowledge of what really is.  What really is …  is “All That Is”.  So you may wish to ponder that.  You may wish to spend a little bit more time going within, putting out an emotionally powered, an emotionally charged, heart-felt desire to gain knowledge; to gain information; to gain assistance, on how to walk your path more successfully and with greater ease in a higher state of love, peace, bliss, etc, etc.

So on this day, I have come to deliver that information to you and we in the realms know well our message will go out to a far greater number of souls who are not physically or geographically right here beside you.  And so dear souls before I leave I would like to remind you of one thing: there is little, very little difference, between you souls incarnate and us dear souls discarnate.  We are only a thought away.  The only difference is you have taken on solid physicality to achieve your experiences and learning process, and we have completed that process many times in the past and prefer to work from higher vibrating non-physical realities.  So thank you for having me this day and I sincerely wish and hope that the message, the information that I have imparted on this day, will be of great benefit to you.  Thank you Dear Souls.  Good Evening.



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