Aranuth Speaks about Realities

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Time flies: Already we are past October and Christmas is approaching fast. I have never been a ‘Christmassy’ person with decorations, carols and such. As an adult and father, Christmas took on a different hue. For children it’s an exciting time of gifts, parties, family dinners, and holidays at the beach, the lake, the country, or visits to strange places. It would be wonderful in the lead-up to Christmas if religions, other Christian, demonstrated acceptance of the Christmas tradition, tolerance and freedom of religious expression, and all nations and communities commenced holding out the hand of friendship, care, and compassion to displaced persons forced from their homelands by war, aggression, and in some cases genocide. We are all human: we are all international brothers and sisters; we are all ‘One’. Love, understanding, care, and compassion should transcend all and every religious, racial, cultural, societal, and ethnic origin.  Love is … all there is:  all there is … is Love.

Here in Australia there is promise of a return to normal wet seasons, the monsoon seasons that bring beautiful drenching summer rain that fills lakes, dams, and other water storage facilities: God knows the country needs it. Accompanying the normal wet season predictions is the likelihood of more than a few, thirteen actually, cyclones across the ‘Top End’ of western Australia, Northern Territory, and down the tropical eastern coast of Queensland. Hopefully these cyclones will not be as destructive as those we have have experienced in recent times.

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Well good evening everyone. It is wonderful to be back here again. To meet with you and possibly relay knowledge and information that will prove helpful to you in your every day life, in your physical life, and your spiritual life. What we chose to talk to you about today is Realities. Realities. Too many of you can be confused about a word as simple as reality. Today what we thought we might do is describe what ‘reality’ and ‘realities’ are composed of. Now firstly, we should address your individual reality.

Now, reality is not one blanket that covers all. Reality means multiples, a multiplicity of realities.  Some far, far, beyond your comprehension, your ability to comprehend.  So your individual reality. Let me start by telling you that you are not only an individual, but a unique individual in so much as every soul incarnate and those discarnate too are all at different, differing, levels of advancement, understanding. So reality : before each of you souls become incarnate, when you are planning to return here to this dimension of solid matter, and you choose to come here, you are not forced, you have chosen; you have chosen to be here. Now when you look around, I see and I hear you saying in this reality, in this reality. Well, I have to really divide that. You have what you call your third dimensional reality. Well done. Have you ever thought. Have you ever considered. Have you ever contemplated that you, each and every one of you, has a different reality which you refer to as “the reality”, the all encompassing third dimensional reality. Not so.

Whilst you are planning your next earth experience shall we say, the next incarnation, you list, you make a list, you scribe script, every experience and lesson that you would like to undergo and enjoy on your upcoming earth walk. So you write your script. Of course you have your own higher evolved guides who oversee the writing of that script to ensure that the lessons and experiences that you are placing in that script is something that you can handle without over-reaching and doing possible damage to your pathway. So now you are born into this all encompassing reality but that’s not your reality. Your reality is the lessons and the experiences that you are going to have in this third dimensional vibratory level. Again, there is no over-arching, totally supporting, reality that is supporting everyone or available to everyone. That’s incorrect. So now you have your own pathway. You choose your birth. You choose your nationality. Your place of birth. Your parents. You choose your schools of the future. Your friends. Where you live.  You chose all of that; you wrote that in your script. And that script becomes your reality. Because no other soul is under going the exact same lesson plan that you are. So your reality differs from everyone else’s reality. That’s why we say you are not only individual you are unique.  Unique. No two souls are at the same point on their pathway at the same level at the same time. So, your pathway, your chosen lesson plan becomes your reality.

So, the experiences that you have scripted, that you are undergoing, those experiences regardless of what you judge them to be good, bad, in between, there is no judgment, there is only experiences. You should not say, ‘that was a bad experience’: ‘that was a good experience’. It was just an experience and it was one that you chose. So the experiences that you are having, that becomes your reality, that is why there is so much difference.  So much difference one soul to another. That is your reality. Everyone’s pathway. The experiences, the lessons, what they perceive, what they conceive, what they believe, what they do or not do. That is their reality! not your reality! So the third dimensional vibrational level is often referred to by the masses of souls incarnate as the third dimensional reality. The only reality about is that every soul is undergoing their own reality. They are living, walking, and talking their own reality.  o it is folly, it is folly, to compare your life, your life plan, with somebody else’s. Your reality with somebody else’s. The reason being is you are individual, you are unique, and you chose the majority of those lessons, the majority of those experiences, as a learning tool. The reason why you have fluctuated on your life pathway is that you have chosen to bring a situation and a experience into your physical life for you to overcome. For you to use your power to overcome that diversity or whatever, that is the way grow.  So you have planned all these things. You planned all the happiness, all the wonder, all the music, all the mad dance, you planned them to stir your ability to conceive, achieve, and enjoy. You also scripted in adverse what you call ‘adverse’ situations so that you then challenge yourself to overcome, and make what you call make the right choice.

Now in confronting every aspect of your reality, which is life pathway plan, in confronting all of that, the way you respond to what you do, how you overcome, is all part of your soul growth. You would not grow at all if you at some time or another, in this incarnation or another, you would not grow at all if there was no challenge. It would be same old, same old. And you would get to the point where you would say, what am I doing here? What did I come for? I am learning nothing. I am being challenged by nothing. I am learning nothing and of course I am not advancing one bit. So all of these experiences and lessons that you very deliberately put in your life plan are there for a very, very, good reason.  And the reasons is, as I have previous spoken, it’s like, these little challenges, how do I overcome these?  What do I do?  So this prompts you to think about that.  What we want you to think about is this, this is your reality, this is your life plan, this is the lessons, this is the experiences, this was placed on your pathway for your advancement and development. And how do you achieve it? Dear ones, you are supposed to be going within. You are supposed to be contacting the inner eternal beingness that you are. The eternal beingness. The infinite.The infinite internal being who has amassed enormous soul growth, knowledge, and information over a great number, sometimes hundreds of incarnations here. In here, (points to heart), you have it all stored.  All you have to do is access the answer. How do I deal with this? If you are having difficulty accessing talk to your guides. They are your higher self, your higher selves: there are some very, very advanced beings, energy beings, out here in the realms. They are there to help you. What is it that has stymied you? What is is that you just cannot seem to confront, overcome or surmount? Go within! Go within! Ask your heart self. What is the answer to this. If you are thinking you are not getting the answer then call to your guides. They are never very far away. Speak to them just like they are standing in front of you. Because a lot of the time they are standing directly in front of or beside you. Just because you cannot see them does not mean that they are not there or they do not exist. So you ask. Just ask. What is the answer to this? How do I best overcome this? Well as you will understand your guides are not there to give you every answer to everything then you would have no soul growth whatsoever. Your guide is there to guide the way; to prompt you; give you hints, drop pearls of wisdom. You’re the one who is having the experience. You are the one who is walking the pathway. You are the one that is in your own individual unique reality. And your guides are there to help, where ever, whenever possible without taking away from you the opportunity to experience or learn for yourself and thereby gather soul enrichment. So, that is the true meaning of reality.

Now as you understand, the number of souls incarnate on your planet are all walking a different pathway. You will understand that they all have a different reality. So if you have 8 billion souls incarnate at any one time on your planet, you have 8 billion souls who have 8 billion differing realities.  That is a personalised version of reality. But I would also like to add, realities alter and change all of the time. Your own unique individual reality is changing all of the time. Every time that you enter an experience, a lesson, you overcome it; you have learned from it, you move on, your reality has just changed. Because no longer is that experience or lesson part of your reality. It’s just being excised. It’s just being excised. In a similar way every day of your life, what you call past, is excised.  You’ve done the lesson, you’ve had the experience, it’s done, its over, excised it.  Unless there is a residue that you have not completed that lesson satisfactorily. So it will come around again. It will come around again to give you another opportunity to overcome that challenge, so that opportunity, that lesson, that experience, will be presented to you in a slightly different manner. Its like it comes to you in a different dress from the original version.

So your reality alters, it alters, minute by minute: day by day:  year by year. Think of what you have done today; you are listening to information. As you absorb this information, to the extent that you absorb this information, to the extent that you use that information, changes your reality. So reality is not a constant. It is forever fluctuating according to your lesson, to your experience, to your thoughts and your emotions; what you are thinking or feeling about a situation. It’s changing. It’s changing your reality because your emotions generate thoughts that impact upon your mental; it will also impact upon your own individual unique reality. So we thought if we come on this day into your reality to give you information and knowledge about the true source of your reality it will help you on your pathway: it will help you to understand that everyone of those 8 billion souls on your planet have their own reality. They are doing something similar to you. So it would be wonderful to look upon all those souls as what you would call ‘co-walkers’ on the pathway. You are all in the march: you are all marching to a different tune on a different pathway.

Now, divorcing ourselves from your third dimensional vibration: in the realms there are also not just many never-ending, never-ending realities. Realities that stretch into infinity and beyond. Do you see that you are a reflection and that the realms are a reflection of you. In the realms there are an infinite number of realities which change and alter the same as you do. In the realms there are beings, there are beings such as I and other beings, how we go about our advancement our learning changes our realities. So the vibrational space that we occupy is in a continual state of changing reality, the same as you are here. Every thought, every word, every action, every plan, alters your reality in some way or another. It is the same in the realms. Just because we are disembodied, that we are not in a physical third dimensional realm, we express in a much higher vibratory realm, it still has opportunity for us, for every individual soul, to change and alter their reality. Alter their experience of being and expressing, learning, in that realm.

Now we hear you talking about levels, levels, levels. Goodness gracious, when are people going to wake up.  here is no dividing line. There just is continual energy realities. It’s like the ocean. Something lies on the floor of the ocean, it ascends, it floats. There is no division, there is no separation in the depth of the ocean. It is just all ocean. And so are you in the ocean of Allness. No parameters; no perimeters; It is continually growing and expanding; and of course as souls grow, advance, and expand so too does their reality which gives birth to a new reality, to an altered reality, another reality. Everything. Everything is in a fluid motion of never-ending expansion. Now the reason that I am bring that up is because I would like to return to you souls incarnate so that you, having heard my words, can now see how you can change, and you can alter your own reality. You can alter your reality any time you wish to. And of course there are other running mates such as positive thoughts, acceptance, allowance etc etc. There are all of those things including creation and manifestation, …  It’s all in the mix.  All in the mix.  It is all in the mix that you use in your own unique individual reality.

So your thoughts, your words, your deeds, how you solve the puzzle with your pathway that’s what changes your reality. So you can change your reality by thinking positively.  Being non-judgemental.  Spreading, exhibiting, understanding, showing tolerance, love and most of all positivity, knowing, knowing that you are a creator. You were birthed as part of the creative energy. If you were birthed by the Creator how could you not be a creator yourself.  So create.  What do you want, go out and get it.  Create it.  Manifest it.  Bring it in.  And while you are doing that you are changing your reality.

So that my dear friends is the story of reality. We in the realms sincerely hope that you enjoyed our little dissertation, and of course we hope that you have learned from it and we hope that what we bring you will assist you on your pathway.  Because that is our task.  If I and my brothers come to you bringing information, knowledge and guidance that does not help you on your pathway then we have not completed our mission correctly.  And so dear friends I would wish you well and again we shall return.  Thank you dear souls, Good evening.

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