Aranuth Speaks: Spirituality and Physicality

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You can be excused for thinking that the entire world has been on a diet of cranky pills and losing the plot altogether. So many people have been reporting road rage drivers on the increase; agitated and abusive customers/shoppers; and of course people doing strange, weird, and sometimes outrageous things. Random acts of mindless violence are featured daily in the media. The entire world appears to be an aggressive circus run by the clowns. (Just take a look at the antics and actions; the insults hurled across from one continent to another, along with continual sabre rattling, of the so-called world leaders) The answer is the effects of powerful upgraded energies striking the planet; shaking us out of our tree of apathy, lethargy, and of allowing others to dumb us down and control us. Either our blueprint can adapt to, accommodate, and positively respond to these changes to our physical – emotional – mental – bodies brought on by the heightened energies, or our inability and/or reluctance to climb out of the pit amnesia and uplift ourselves are the cause. My guides’ view is that we, as individuals, should stay calm and centred, living in the peace and quietude of our higher beingness, and allowing the vagaries of the world to flow over and past us without leaving a mark on us.

It is also pleasing to report that more and more I find people investigating, seriously considering, and adopting the higher values, higher ideals, of spiritual values, and finding a level of comfort and acceptance there. The planet needs as many advancing souls emanating higher ideals and an abundance of love and light to lift the planet up into a higher vibratory level. At a recent Cairns Spiritual Centre Open Day I observed a great number of people, not previously exposed to spiritual values, showing considerable interest in the informative displays and actively participating in the activities. The smiles on their faces and the brightness of their auras said it all.

During healing sessions and readings lately several higher evolved guides and other entities have been in attendance. These advanced entities have surprised me with their sudden and unexpected appearance. Generally, each client has an easily identifiable guide that assists the client on a daily basis however, it appears that the illnesses or personal situation that some clients present with attracts a more powerful then usual entity. I feel sure that there is a separation developing where those souls who are ready, and ripe for awakening, advancement, and enlightenment, and those who prefer to stay “asleep” or oblivious to the upliftment in energies are experiencing a wider divergence. Every soul’s turn at awakening will come.


Good Evening everyone. I have come at this time to talk to you of many things. More specifically, I would like to talk to you about accommodating your spiritual beingness. Your spiritual, other realms, reality with your present third dimensional physicality. From where I am, I observe many well-meaning souls who even though their ideas and their perception is to be applauded, I find so many souls are actually misdirected;  they are misdirected within themselves. Firstly, I would like to start by telling you to remember, remember who, who you are as opposed to as who you are in the physical incarnation, a physical reality. In what we know as the reality, which is, the energy, the energetic level that you were not only birthed into, but you have progressed to, and will progress even further yet. Now let me remind you, your reality, your true reality is one of Love, Light, Color, Sound, Vibration. That is your true home and your true beingness in your true home.

Dear souls, I should not have to remind you that you have decided to come to this physical reality, I’m not going to say third dimensional reality because in all truth, the reality, the physical reality that you occupy at present is quite a blend. It’s a blend of various third dimension and fourth dimension vibratory levels. Now having reminded you of who you are and where you come from, the reason that you are here is because you wanted to come to this illusion, this illusion of physical reality, for the purpose of having numerous and various experiences and thereby extracting knowledge, understanding, and progress from those lessons that you learn in this experience. Now that is the common denominator of each incarnation. The common denominator in re-incarnation exists because you, and you alone, wish to keep coming to this physical reality experiencing and undergoing lessons. What you accumulate in each incarnation you take with you back to your home, what you term the ‘world of spirit’. Now when you come back to spirit, you can re-live, re-experience, and extract whatever you wish from those experiences and lessons. And that becomes to you, to each individual, that becomes soul growth; that becomes soul enrichment, and we applaud you. Well done!

Many of you, a great number of you, have been here so very many times. There have been times when you have learned valuable lessons. There have been times when you have been here and squandered, squandered the opportunities to learn and to grow. However, on return to ‘home realm’ you may choose, after a short period of adjustment and inward contemplation, that you must decide to return to this physical reality once again and possibly repeat those lost experiences from the previous earth walk, the incarnation and lesson plan that you squandered. Now there is no judgement. None whatsoever. You have the choice, it is up to the individual energy as to what they wish to experience, learn, or achieve, and grow from. That is precisely what happens to souls who decide to involve themselves in the earth life, death, birth, life, death cycle. So, well done! We wish you well on your pathway. On your multiples of pathways.

Now, what I wish to remind you of, possibly advise you of, is the fact that you are missing the point. I have just taken a little time to remind you that you are an energy being. That is your true reality. Your true reality. You are, always have been, and always will be, an energy being. You will always be energy.  Now when you decide to become incarnate, and you come to this and other similar physical realms, you come here with a prepared lesson plan. Now within that lesson plan there are avenues for variation of the plan whilst you are incarnate. So you come with a basic plan which is subject to alterations, if you so desire. When you are here in physicality, what are you here for? You are here to experience, not just the items in your lesson plan, you are here to experience physical reality. Now then, how many dear souls come to this planet to experience what physicality has to offer, and especially what it has to offer in the way of advancement and growth.

We observe souls incarnate with this desire to be as ‘spiritual’ as they can. If you already are a spiritual being how do you improve on your spirituality? Simply put, you don’t. You are spiritual beings. And you are in this physical reality to experience everything the physical reality has to offer you, or to assist you with your understanding, your growth, your experience. So, where are we at now? We see so many souls incarnate wanting to be more substantial in depth of spiritual beingness which you can not do because you are already that! But there are so many souls who appear to almost desire to not be in physicality, and instead desiring to get back to spirit as fast as they possibly can. We hear them say, “I need to become more spiritual”; “I wish to become more spiritual”. If you want to get back to your home energy realm so fast, why are you here in the first place? Why did you bother coming? You came to physicality to experience everything you desire that this physicality has to offer, and yet you wish to deny, absolutely deny, so much of physicality; so many physical experiences. Hmm. Isn’t that strange. That is very strange.

You are here to indulge yourself, immerse in yourself, in everything that physicality has to offer so that you can fully understand what the entirety of the physical incarnation contains. Consider, Consider. Out there on this planet of physicality, which is an illusion, your real home is in the energy realms, when you are incarnate you are in an illusion that was created by you and any other souls just like you. Why was it created? For you to experience. If you do not wish to experience what physicality has to offer, why did you come? Why do you continue to come; to reincarnate? There is so much out there for you to experience, and you have taken on a physical beingness to enhance, to heighten, that experience. So why would you not want to experience what it is to be in the sun, in the rain, in the water, in the wind, in the forest and the desert,  mixing and cohabiting with other physical beings? Why would deny yourself so many aspects of physicality? Why do you reject those physical parts of your lessons when you came here to do those lessons?

All too often we see people who do not wish to interact with others because “I am more spiritual than that”. They don’t want to eat certain foods because “I am too spiritual for that”. “I don’t want to go to these places and experience those things because I am too spiritual for that”.  Consider what are you doing here. What have you come for? You come to experience the solid-matter plane, the realm of physicality. Why do you not want to experience all the things that you desire without judgement? There are certain things in this physical life that you do not want to participate in and experience. That is fine. That is for your own free will. You may do that if you so choose. However, this is a falsehood, saying “I cannot do that”, “I am not going to go there because I am too spiritual”. “I am not going to involve myself or mix with other humans because I am too spiritual”. I would like you to think seriously about that. Are you denying yourself many wonderful experiences because you have judged yourself to be ‘too spiritual for that’. Again, I say, you really are spiritual. That is what you are. You are nothing else. Nothing else! The only correlation of what you term ‘spirituality’ is the way that you conduct yourself in this physical life. The experiences you wish to have. Are you not here to enjoy other’s company, to assist them on their pathway, to help them, to heal them, to share their life, share their physicality? That’s what you are here for. You chose to come here for that. So providing; providing that you are not choosing or involving yourself in things that won’t fit in with your pathway; providing you are honoring yourself, that you are honoring your sovereignty; providing that you are not choosing or involving yourself in things that do not fit your pathway plan; providing that you honor your soul; providing that you assert your individuality, your right to experience anything and everything that your heart desires.  Even, even to the point, that part of the lesson, the experience, that you wanted to have; even including things such as hurt, pain, betrayal, judgement; because those are the things that you experience and learn by.

You really do need to experience many things without judgement. Experience many things because it is all fodder. Fodder for your soul growth.  Your soul enrichment. And so the reason that I have chosen this subject today is to remind you that you are here to enjoy yourself. Not deny yourself. Don’t deny yourself the experiences and lessons that you came to do. Don’t judge yourself or others. Just because you are enjoying all the fruits of physicality does not mean that when you return to the higher realms we are going to slam the gate shut in your face.  Hmm .. Think about it dear children. Think about it. Are you living the life you came to do? If you are not experiencing all the things you wanted to do it’s about time that you started doing it because you came here for that reason. For that reason! So I would say to you, be yourself. Your true self is in the realms. Your true self is in your beingness here. You will always be your true self. And you always are, always were, always will be, a spiritual being. Do not listen to religions and others who will try to convince you that because if you don’t live the way they want you to you won’t be going to heaven.  Ha, ha; That’s a huge confidence trick. Live the life that you want to live. Enjoy the life you came to experience. I might add help and assist others on your pathway. Try not to hurt or harm any other thing. I am talking about all living things and I am talking about the environment; your trees, your water; your wind; sun; rain. Look after that. Look after yourself. That is your pathway. Enjoy yourself.  Hurt and harm no thing as you walk and enjoy your life both physical and spiritual.

Who am I?  Who am I?  I am Allness.  I am Oneness.  I am the Allness energy.  I am the energy of Allness and Oneness.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Perhaps, perhaps, I might be invited to return again one day into your future.  So I wish you Love and Light, Happiness and Joy on your pathway: so go out and live it and enjoy.  Good Evening.

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