Aranuth Speaks: Teaching The Children April 2017

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The last few weeks has been a time of changes individually, nationally, and globally. Sometimes it appears that the whole world has gone mad and is on the brink of collapse; even though we know that it will never happen. The guides have assured me many times that it will never come to that. There is a higher power, a collective of powerful beings whose job it is to watch over the evolution of this planet and preserve it for future generations. In my beautiful rainforest corner of the world all is clean and green and exuding health-giving mountain air. Such surroundings promote positive feelings of peace, health, and happiness.


Good Evening everyone.  We have returned on this day with something interesting for you.  It’s also very important.  That’s why we are here to deliver these words.  What we are seriously observing is the treatment, the upbringing, the education of children.  Possibly an appropriate title of today’s dissertation would be ‘save the children’.  How do you save the children? And what do you save them from?  Well its very, very simple.  Save the children from an uncertain future.  From a future of fear, of lack, of want, of freedom, of inability to express themselves.  Save the children so that they may become the beings that they truly are.  Save the children so that they may go ahead, walk their pathway, have their experiences and their lessons, and benefit from it.  So, having said that, how, how do we save the children?  The answer to that is … we care for and direct the children.

Parents are role models.  Not only parents, but every other adult or teenage person that the child associates with, socialises with, or comes into contact with, is a role model of sorts.  The diversity of people all impacts and adds to the education of a child.  The standards that you’ve set, not only from the time the child has been birthed, but from the time child is conceived.  The standards that you set, the values, the high ideals, that you hold in the highest esteem need to be placed before the child so they can evaluate it for themselves: evaluate it in comparison to the thoughts, words, deeds of other souls, other role models; so the child should always be number one and cared for very closely. The child needs to know that they are wanted and are an important part of the family unit.

The child’s education starts quite early.  Between the time of birth and the child reaches the age of 8 years, that is when standards are set.  That is when the child accepts everyone else’s standards and compared to their standards so they come to a happy medium of what they want to be, how they want to be.  So a child’s education is not numbers, figures, letters.  The child’s education encompasses everything.  Good manners are important.  Being able to rely on their own inner guidance and feelings is most important.  Being encouraged to express their own inner thoughts.  Their own inner guidance. Their inner feeling.  What they wish to explore. Their exploration of their inner self.  The children must be encouraged to be themselves.

Now you will all understand that when a child is birthed that is not the first time that child, that soul, has been to this planet.  When a child is birthed it comes, its inner beingness carries knowledge, information, it carries memories.  That being within that child carries a record of its entire soul growth that was accumulated over every incarnation both on third dimensional earth and on other realities.  It carries every single piece of their soul experience and growth.  So when that child arrives here, that soul enrichment, that soul education, the soul growth, the soul experience, is all there within the child.  Now because the child is as yet young and unformed in its mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual to some extent.  Because it is unformed the child must be, it is a must, that the child be encouraged to explore its inner self.  If you want to do that child a disservice, tell it how to be.  Tell it how to live.  Tell it how to act.  If you do all these things you are downloading old memories, old ways, old stories, everything that you have accumulated, what was being instilled into you which held you back , not only on this pathway, but many others.  It is time now to stop.  Stop it!  Immediately!  When that child is birthed you give i, you radiate pure love.  You not only give that child nourishment, clothing, warmth, shelter, those are basics.  The most important basics are:  love the child, nurture the child, listen to the child.  Even before that child has the reached the age it can think  you have to listen to what the child is radiating.

Ask the child.  Ask them.  What are you feeling love?  What are you thinking?  Do you have a memory?  Do you feel magnetised to something?  Encourage that child to come out.  Not in an aura of ridicule, criticism, and  derision, not unless you want to spoil that child.  No, listen, because many times the child that you have just birthed is a much older and much more experienced soul than you are.  So technically speaking it should be you listening to the child not the child listening to you.  However, it is very, very, important for that child to be encouraged at all times to express their real self.  It is important that when they speak, when they put forward their thoughts, ideas, and dreams, it is very important to listen intently and take it in.  Absorb it, and tell the child hold fast, hold fast to your guidance. You need to encourage that child to come out of its base restrictive prison of third dimensional physicality.  The time for that is over.  The time for that is finished.  Encourage that child to come out and express its inner self freely, openly.  Express every thought, every feeling, every act, every sense, everything.  If we want that child to expand and grow and become, it must be encouraged,  and you must clear the way for them.  Whenever I say clear way, I am talking about removing obstacles.  Old superstitions.  Hand-me–down, outdated beliefs.  All absolutely ridiculous rules and regulations that are designed to dampen that child down and lock them in a prison.  The child must be encouraged to speak.  To act. To interact with you and the world around them.  And it is important for you when you interact with that child  to take every single word, thought, that that child speaks or emanates;  take every single thing seriously.  Consider it. With one thing in mind, keep remembering that this child just might be here to educate you.  Not you to educate them.

But of course as parents, as parents, what parents have is responsibility . The responsibility that you take on is stewardship.  You take on stewardship to guide that child.  To give that child all that it needs to negotiate their life pathway.  You are not there to design their pathway, alter their pathway, to put blocks, checks, balances on their pathway to make that child fit an outdated mode never ever served anyone any good.  So it is most important to keep listening to the child.  Most important, encourage that child to speak up. The days of ‘children should be seen and not heard’ are long gone.  Thank goodness.  Because all that served to do is to block, block, block that child’s growth and expansion.  It served to block that child from speaking what was in their heart.  Speaking their views.  Don’t forget every so-called child prodigy would never of achieved what they did if they were continually blocked, criticised, ridiculed, put down, held back: and so you see even as we from the realms come to speak to you to help and assist you on your pathway it is also incumbent upon parents to treat their children in a similar manner to what we treat you.  You can advise them but you cannot change their view.  If they are going to have internal heartfelt views, that is part of their pathway whether or not if fits your view, your pathway, your station in life.

Now with children, they absorb things like good manners, social interaction, diet, foods that they eat, what they drink, their image of themselves not to implant or strengthen a body image that the parents or society desire but to encourage that child to ensure that their vehicle, their body is very, very suited to carry out the task of walking their pathway.  Experiencing, learning, growing.  These children are your future leaders.  The children must be exposed to all educational aspects be encouraged to think.  They should be encouraged to express their feelings.  Express their thoughts.  They should be encouraged to read and compare what they are reading with previous educational books.  They need to be completely covered with the idea that in everything they do there is growth, because it does not matter what they do, it becomes part of their education, to being exposed to other ways of life, other cultures. Music, dance, art from other cultures.  They should be exposed to that and encouraged to investigate it and take out what they will.  It’s all part of their growth and these children are going to be your leaders.

And without being judgemental I would ask you to look at your leaders of today and sincerely ask yourself, “are they leaders”? Who and what are they?  Do they really have the goodness of the future of the population at heart?  I wonder?  So you can look around now and without criticism or judgement have a look at the state of your nation on this planet.  What is happening now.  The wars.  The aggression.  The terrorism.  The starvation.  The ill-health.  The pollution.  The mass greed. That is all a result of the decisions made by what you term .world leaders..  Again, I would ask you, to ask yourself, have a look at where these world leaders have led you, and are leading you.  You already know that the divine grand plan allows for these variations and fluctuations, the hostilities and the wars between nations and states and ethnic majorities and minorities. It doesn’t have to be this way.  We do not need, you do not need, to walk down a path that could lead to your destruction.  You will not reach destruction because the Divine Creator has allowed us to step in if need be.  You have free will choice.  We honor that.  We do not honor the destruction of your planet and your population.  If need be, we will intervene.  So, at your so-called world leaders in politics, finance, trade and agriculture, if those world leaders had been carefully helped, assisted, listened to, encouraged, educated as a child, you children would not be in this global and national duck soup where you are now.  You would have a clean,clear cut pathway of freedom of expressions. That is what you are missing now.  Are you aware that so-called world leaders will not tolerate freedom of expression.  They were never allowed freedom of expression themselves as a child.  They are locked in a pattern. It’s up to the parents of today to throw out that old pattern and install a new one.  One of love, of understanding.  Of encouragement.

If the parents of today encouraged children to expand and become not only that but encourage the children to continually go within.  Go within their own beingness and evaluate for themselves, and accept, adopt, and act upon what is within them.  So in one generation, everything on this planet can do a 180 degree turn, this planet and everything on it can be a place of beauty, a happy, cohesive existence. And so children you look to the little ones.  Encourage them.  Listen to them.  But do not criticise them! Do not ridicule them!  Do not block them!  And do not install all of the old superstitions, old beliefs, all old ways; they were all erroneous.  They were all erroneously conceived.  Most of them were conceived for power and control.  The power and controls have to be dismantled and dismissed.  And so I say to you, at all times look to the children.  They are your future.  Thank you dear ones.  That will be all for this evening.  Thank you.

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