Aranuth Speaks: Three Pillars: Atherton June ’17

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Winter on this side of the globe has arrived bringing not only rain but damaging floods to some southern areas. It is not  all that cold this winter however when you go from the high end of 30 plus degrees C heat to single digit temperatures you notice it. My joke is that “I have to put the butter in the fridge to stop it from getting hard”.

Looking at the situation in so many other countries I realise that Australia is indeed “the lucky country”. Having said that, the tragic situations unfolding in other countries, especially England and Europe, is heartbreaking. Being so far away geographically, most of us here in Australia have to be content with sending love and light to our brothers and sisters in those badly and sadly affected countries. While we find the acts of war, terrorism, and global tragedies horrifying sometimes we have to prod ourselves into remembering that “all is in Divine Order”. However it does not need to be this way. We can change it.

It is nice to find that booksellers around the country (Australia) are noticing an increase in the sales of spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric books along with many “feel good” books. Many people are now realising that there is a better, a more peaceful and happy, way of thinking, living, co-existing, and being. Sales of my first book ‘Rider in the Mist’ have increased and hopefully my soon-to-be-released second book ‘Emergence’ will find a level of popularity as well.  (sales inquiries to An unplanned third book is in the pipeline so that will keep me busy for the next six months.


Good Evening everyone.  Following on from the last time that I came to address you, we have brought more knowledge, more information, in addition, additional, we do say addition because there is more to come and there should be more to come in the future.  Last time that I came to visit we did discuss how to attain a level of personal inner love and understanding.  You may recall that I did speak at length about going within.  I did speak at length about all souls incarnate allowing time for themselves to go into contemplation, a contemplative state, a state of meditation, and while in that state, I recall I advised you to continually seek.  To go deeper, deeper, and deeper. Of course that still applies.  Of course that still applies.  I would like to remind you of the importance, the importance of each and every soul incarnate;  the importance of making time in this busy world of yours to sit quiet,  go within, continually projecting the thought, the intention, that you wish to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper, until you find the state that could be easily described as Nirvana.

Now it would be folly to think that that is all that is required of you.  Far from it.  It may be a very important aspect of your development, of your future, which is absolutely vital.  Absolutely vital. To accompany yourself in your quest to go deeper, deeper, and deeper, into the ocean of Allness you also need to have quite a strong measure of love.  Universal Love.  Unconditional love.  Now there are three major pillars.  Three major pillars that will drive your advancement, your opening up to all that is.  When we discussed one of the pillars last time I came to that of meditation.  Today we are going to talk about Love and of course accompanying love is the “Light”.  Far too few souls incarnate, far too few really focus on light.  I find it strange that many souls incarnate do not even focus on the light within themselves let alone sending the light elsewhere.  I find that strange indeed.

Love is another pillar that is often spoken about, mis-spoken, mis-understood, mis-applied, and yet it is so simple.  It is so very simple.  We do not ask you to love everyone and everything.  That is almost impossible.  What we do ask you is to apply a level of love which is underpinned by non-judgement, understanding, compassion, tolerance, and allowance.  Because when you allow all of those aspects, all of those values, all of those ideals, when you allow that to come into your beingness –  now I am not just talking about your physical life, your physical pathway, I am talking about your universal life, your universal pathway, the compilation and combination of every life you ever had.  Now, if you can take Love, compassion, tolerance, understanding, take all of those things that I have just recited, if you can implement them in your daily life you will find that they all add up to a grand total that becomes Love.  So that’s the pathway.  To Love.

So we are not saying go out there and tell everyone and everything how much you love them.  What we are suggesting is that you go out there, and – not just to humans but the animals, the environment, but every thing that you can see, feel touch, sense,  everything – practice being non-judgemental.  Practice being compassionate.  Practice being understanding.  Practice being in allowance.  Allowing things to be the way they are.   Accepting that that is the way they are at this point in time.  They have not always been that way.  They will not always be that way.  But for this moment in time, allow it.  Just allow it.  I feel very sure that you would not wish others to be in judgement of you.  You would like others to allow you to walk your pathway.  You would enjoy having everyone understand who and what you are at this point on your pathway …..  So these are the things that when you stack them up, that becomes Love.  That becomes Love.

So, what we are suggesting now is, what we are doing is stitching a few things together.  Let’s start with going within.  Contemplation. Mediation. Sense and feel your way through everything while you are in that state.  Keep asking yourself, What is this I feel?  What is this I sense?  What is this I see?  Allow yourself to enjoy all those thoughts and senses and feelings as you are going into that meditative state simply because that will help you, help to remind you of your enjoyment; the enjoyment of your pathway; your process into deep meditative state.  So now if we go in to accommodate that on a daily basis, also, we can add to that;  stack to that;  stitch to that;  allowance, understanding, compassion, tolerance, non-judgement.  So when you pull all those together, you now have Love.  So now we have the three pillars coming together nicely.  Because we have you finding your true self.  Your true beingness.  Now with the Love aspect, we find you practicing being who and what you really are.  And once you have got to that, then you go to the third pillar which is Light.

So now, there is so much mis-information and mis-guided writing and words spoken regarding Light.  Surely, this is not that complicated! So what is Light?  Well simply put, Light is energy.  Light is energy in its purest form.  So you cannot have Light with a dash of negativity, with a dash of judgement, with a healthy dash of non-compassion.  Light is pure.  Light cannot be sullied.  It can not be corrupted.  It cannot be besmirched .  Light is purity.  And of course it is the purity of Truth and the purity of Love.  So now we have the three pillars.  We have the three.  We have the finding of your true self.  We have the Love.  And now we have the Light.  Now if you were to add here, add those three pillars to every moment of your life, well then I would have to stand before you and clap, cheer, and say “welcome home”.  “You have nothing further to do on this third dimensional planet”.  “You have walked your pathway, you have had your experiences,  you have done your lessons,  and you have passed with honours”. “Welcome Home”!  There will be no need or desire for you to ever return to this or any other lower vibratory realm.  And that is the sum of what you are doing here.  That’s the sum of every, every individual lifetime that you have been incarnate.  It is also the sum of every time that you have occupied spaces in between incarnations.  There will be no reason for you to ever move to a space, a place, a realm, that is not of higher vibration.  So that’s your target.  That’s what you are aiming for.  And you can do it.  Many of you can do it in this one lifetime.  In this lifetime if you wanted.  Put your nose to the grindstone as they say.  If you want to knuckle down, put your nose to the grindstone, you will do it.  However, it is a big ask and big task.  So its quite okay for you to break that up into several incarnations.  Not many, I said several.

So the reason why I and my brothers come to you is to explain precisely what it is that you are here to do.  We explain precisely how to do it.  And we explain what it is like after you have achieved it.  Now there is nothing complicated in that.  The only thing that it requires is your application.  Apply yourself to these tasks.  Now, more and more you will be required to get deep, deep, within yourself.  You will be required to use every piece and parcel of what Love is.  All of the understanding, compassion, tolerance.  You will be required to use all that.  Display it constantly.  You will be required to ensure that the pure Light is within you, around you, unsullied, not even a hint of negativity.  Because that is not only your salvation but it also the salvation of many others around you, seen and unseen.  We came to you many years ago and we told you about the ongoing writhing, upheaval, chaos, that your planet would undergo.  Now stand witness to the truth of what we prophesied.

It does not have to be that way.  Had every soul incarnate applied themselves to the task of Love and Light.  Applied themselves to going within to discover who and what they are, radiating Love, Light, compassion, and understanding, your planet would be a vastly different place.  And now it has been written that there are big changes  Not only what has happened in the past, the recent past, is happening now, will happen in the future; there are many, many, more big changes to come.  Negativity will only promote the impact of those changes.  Positivity will soften the impact.  The changes have to, must, take place if this planet and the people on it and every living thing upon it is to achieve salvation.  I can tell you, your planet is going to survive!  The human race is going to survive!  But the pathway to that survival is going to be littered with tragedies.  You do not have to buy into that. You only need to keep applying the three pillars.  Keep applying Love, peace, happiness, understanding, help, assistance,   The more souls incarnate who follow that pathway of Light, the easier it will be for not just yourself but whole populations to survive and grow and glow through these changes.

The changes will take place in numerous forms.  Not just earth changes, not just government changes.  Not just war and terrorism changes.  The whole gamut, the whole expanse.  Changes will come to everything!  Nothing will be excluded!  Everything will be affected.  Now we don’t come to you to bring this information to frighten you or to promote fear and negativity.  We come to you so you will understand the consequences of actions of previous souls incarnate over eons of time.  Over eons of time the population of the world has now reached a stage of development where they can halt a lot of the tragedies.  They can change it.  They can alter it.  They change the whole pathway of the planet and everything on it.  The population of your planet now has the power to reset their course away from the present situation and draw closer and closer to a much more peaceful and happy world and environment.  So its all in your hands.  It starts.  It starts with one, a few, a group, large groups.  It keeps on expanding.  So we ask all souls that hear these words and read these words to take note.  Give consideration to the actual power that you can wield You have the power.  You have the power by changing your thoughts, changing your attitude.  Changing your perception.  Changing your way.  Apply more Love, understanding, compassion, tolerance.  Apply that.  Send kind loving thoughts to all the realms.  Send healing thoughts.  Do not visualise tragedy and destruction.  Visualise pristine beauty.  Visualise a pristine, clean, free, healthy planet.  So we are saying visualise that.  Because you are creative.  If you visualise that, you will create that.  You will create, you can create it.  But it is like a thousand candles.  Someone has to light the first candle, and then the second, and then the third, and so on and so forth until the Light becomes to powerful, so strong, that it overcomes everything of a dark and negative aspect.

So dear souls the ball is in your court.  It really is.  We in the realms are not to interfere as such.  But we can guide.  We can whisper.  We can send messages.  There are many things that we can do to prompt you to think to consider and to act if only you would listen.  And so I say to you thank you again.  There will be more on this subject.  There is more to come.  I am the one who has been chosen to bring it.  And bring it I will.  So I would ask you to ensure that my visits here to address you are not wasted.  m

That my words do not fall on deaf ears, closed minds, and closed hearts.  Because I come to open your mind.  I come to open your heart to what can be.  Thank you dear souls that will be all for this session. Go in Love and Peace.

I AM the Aranuth.

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