Aranuth Speaks: Truth: January 2018

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Welcome to 2018, the year of opportunity; not that every other year did not bring golden opportunities, but this year will encourage greater emphasis on peace, allowance, acceptance, truth, and positivity with each and every opportunity: in short, opportunity will be there at every turn: it is up to you to realise it and grab hold of it … or let it pass you by.  Last year, many souls incarnate were allowing themselves to be uncomfortably affected, pushed out of their comfort zone, by the upswing in the energy striking and flowing over this planet.  This surge in energy was meant to be the wave that lifted souls out of the dungeon of same old, same old, apathy and lethargy, and used to propel them into a higher and finer state of realisation of their  true beingness. The following message was quite a tree-shaker, shaking souls out of the eons old deception and chicanery paradigm.



Well good evening everyone.  What we wish to speak to you about on this visit is “Truth in Action”.  Truth.  Truthfulness in action. In every aspect of your life.  We understand that much of what happens on your plane of existence is based in “Untruths”, “Half-truths”.  For thousands of years you have been lied to.  You have been told untruths.  You have been gullible, and you have perpetuated many untruths by repeating them.  Going back many incarnations ago, my brothers spent considerable time and effort instructing you to stand up for “Truth”.  Speak truth, and be truth.  Be true to yourself.  Be true to your inner knowingness, to your understanding, to what you were intuitively receiving.  However, for various reasons many of you chose to go down the path of the untruth simply because it was the pathway of least resistance.  Untruths in your life still remains the pathway of least resistance.  Untruth remains the almost insurmountable object like a huge brick wall between you and your advancement, simply because you will not, you refuse to, stand up for “truth”.

Someone needs to take a stand.  That someone is you!  There is nothing to be gained by your sitting back thinking “I’ll let someone else do this and that way I won’t feel any repercussions”.  Most other souls incarnate are thinking precisely the same thing.  As a result, truth gets shuffled off to the side and locked in a dark corner.  It is not until you shine your light of truth on everything that crosses your pathway that you would be able to advance as you so planned for this incarnation.  Untruths are deeply embedded in your society.  It is in your governments.  It is in your education system.  It is in your work, It is in your career. It is in every aspect of your life.  Now think about those aspects of your life and you will find that every aspect of your life, every incident, carries a modicum of truth, and a modicum of untruth.  It is up to the individual soul incarnate to separate truth from untruth.  It is up to every soul incarnate to speak truth.  Embrace truth.  Be truth.  Because every time that you speak an untruth you face another obstacle to your advancement.

There are many so-called leaders in your society; many leaders who are venerated for being knowledgeable, compassionate and kind, and yet they too suffer from the distortion of truth simply because it suits them.  Even many of the stories retold in your religious books exist on untruths.  They perpetuate untruths.  So these untruths do not have to be seen as an obstacle.  They do not have to be seen as in an impediment.  In fact, these untruths should be viewed as an opportunity to correct that untruth to a truth.  Where this is an untruth, delete it and speak the truth.  Words, along with thoughts and actions, are very similar to ripples, not just on a pond, but on a lake.  If you correct an untruth, if you speak the truth, the ripples go out, out, out, out-and-out.  When you correct an untruth or speak the truth, the ripples of truth affect many of those around you, those souls that you come in contact with, and of course many souls you have not met and will never meet.  Because similar to an untruth, if you expose it, and speak THE TRUTH it will go out and out and many people would be prompted to look within themselves at what they call truth or untruth.  They will be prompted to tell the truth in the same manner which you have spoken it.

Every day in your media, your papers, your magazines, your theaters, every day you will find those electronic communication devices filled with untruths, filled with variations of the truth which are misleading, false, fake.  If you take the truth, distort it, vary it, and regurgitate it, it comes out as an untruth.  Truth does not need to be interfered with, examined, altered, changed or any other thing.  Truth simply is!  It can start with you.  It can start with you, you individual seemingly lonely souls.  You are not a lonely soul: you are not a forgotten soul.  You are not a soul that has been put on the shelf with the cupboard door closed.  You are a spark of God the Creator.  You are supposed to be infused with the light of truth.  You, each and every one of you, are here to be the truth, speak the truth, expand the truth, so that many others can hear it and absorb it.  Of course, you will see some souls sacrificing themselves to tell the truth and as a result of the truth-telling they are ridiculed, captured, imprisoned, some executed.  How dare they tell the truth!  The more souls who dare to tell the truth the greater is the chance that the purveyor of lies, false truths, and half-truths will be shunned.  They will be shunned!  They will be unwelcome in your life and in your community whether it be local, national or global.

From the realms, we hear the distortions and we feel almost a cringe from that energy of that distortion, that untruth, that outright lie.  Simply because we can see an opportunity.  We can see an opportunity there for one and all to correct that false statement, that false information.  We can see a grand opportunity for souls incarnate to deny that untruth: to expose it, to correct it, to speak the truth, to unmask those purveyors of lies and untruths.  We see a grand opportunity for you souls, many of whom you consider yourself to be insignificant, we see the opportunity to unmask and disarm those purveyors of lies, half-truths and untruths.  But you are not going to see that at an international level if you do not commence that at a grass-roots level.  We in the realms cannot be expected to intervene in international and national affairs to correct untruths that the greater majority of souls incarnate are not inclined to do themselves.  We are not here to walk your pathway.  We are not here to change your planet.  We are not here to change or alter them.  We are here to honor your free will choice.  How many times have my brothers and sisters and myself: how many times have the individual guides; how many times have the shinning ones been there with you as an individual and as a group, as a race, encouraging you to be truth.  Our efforts seem to have gone astray.  Our efforts seem to have been sidelined; ignored in many cases.

We are not here to run your world.  We are not here to interfere in your vibratory realm.  It’s your realm.  It was designed specifically for you to be here to experience and learn.  It is loaded, absolutely loaded with opportunities for you to be your sovereign individual self, and yet to our dismay you willingly, and sometimes eagerly, hand over that sovereignty to someone who promotes untruths.  Why do you do that?  I’m asking you.  Why do you not stand up and make truth your shining light, the light beacon of your beingness?  The truthful person commits to being a positive light vibration that can be recognised and felt by many other souls incarnate.  Many of whom dismissed it, gave it the flick; they are not listening.  We are there talking. We are there advising.  We are there, manipulating, altering to some extent, the experiences, the lessons, on your pathway as much as we are allowed to.  We are there to assist you to live your life in the light of truth and make your little corner of your vibratory realm a wonderful and most beautiful place to be.  You don’t feel the need to preserve the beauty of your realm.  You musn’t because you allowed the dark, the negativity, the lies, and the treachery; you allowed it.  You did not stand up for the truth.

We in the realms do not expect you to form an opposition group, a protest group, start guerilla warfare.  We in the realms ask you as a single individual entity to embrace only that which is truth and deny untruths.  If it is not truth deny it.  Deny it!  Do not give it life.  Do not give it energy.  Do not perpetuate it.  There are enough souls on this planet perpetuating lies, deception and treachery.  Dear souls you are above that.  We are not saying you are part of the  lies, deceit, treachery.  What we are saying is that you know that it is there and you are doing nothing about it.  This is your world.  This is your planet.  This is your realm.  This is your life.  Your experiences, your pathway.  Are you going to squander it?  Or are you going to stand up and demand that this existence is one of beauty, one of love, one of light.  Are you prepared to expand your light by adhering only to the truth, being the truth, speaking the truth.

We don’t expect you to stand on the street corner and harangue passers-by, but we do expect you to acknowledge, expose, and dismiss all untruths.  We ask you to be your truth.  Your truth may be a variation of the Universal Truth however, that’s understandable because the majority of you are not sufficiently advanced to understand the whole truth, the real truth.  So we accept that you have your version of it but at least it is truth.  It is your truth.

And so dear friends I will leave you with that.  There is a lot to ponder.  There is a lot to implement in your life starting right now.  Starting right now.  Reject anything that is not of the truth.  Reject anything that is not of the light.  Reject anything that is not of the love.  If it is not of the love, is not of light, and it is not truth, reject it outright.

Thank you and good evening my dear friends.  We sincerely hope our words will carry sufficient weight to carry you forward.  Thank you.


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