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Messages Through the Veil – From a Great Being of Love and Light

Wise and loving Ascended Master Aranuth, Archangels, Angels, and other Great Beings of Love and Light come offering gifts of guidance, advice , insights, hope, joy, and peace to guide you safely along your pathway to enlightenment through the mediumship gift of Malcolm.’


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Wise and loving Master teacher and guide.

Aranuth is a relatively unknown and unheralded, highly advanced being who has come to teach, guide, and point the way forward to all souls who seek advancement, enlightenment, and ascension to a higher vibratory level of existence and expression.

He is a compassionate, committed, and caring entity who delivers his messages in a practical and pragmatic manner interspersed with unexpected outbursts of laughter.

Aranuth’s charter is to reach out to the mass of awakening, newly awakened, and eager-to-progress souls incarnate across the planet and assist them to achieve their highest potential. At this point in time Aranuths task is to safely and surely guide souls incarnate through the most momentous era of the entire evolution of mankind……the “Change of the Ages”.

His oft-repeated mantra is “I shall bring you home”.

Aranuth is a member of an autonomous sub-group within the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light and along with other Guides and Great Beings of Love and Light such as El Morya, Isaiah, Kwan Yin, Merlin, Lady Mariam and many others, has chosen to speak through Malcolm who is best described as a broad spectrum, wideband, vibratory frequency-aligned voice medium.

Whilst Aranuth is the appointed spokesperson for his band of brothers he often opens the meeting and then stands aside to allow other guides and teachers to deliver their message.

Guest teacher / speakers have included such highly regarded beings such as the Emperor Hadrian, Pythagoras, Isiah, El Moruya, and the Sirian Group among numerous others.

In his most favoured incarnation Aranuth was a Druid-type being from ancient Mesopotamia who studied Universal and Cosmic Laws and Principles and the way that they applied to the advancement of souls incarnate on a third dimensional level of existence and expression.

Aranuth’s teachings now have an expanding readership that takes in many different countries around the globe.

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It’s not the pathway that counts… It’s how you walk it.

Snow covered mountains. Picture by Cristina Coletti.
Snow covered mountains. Picture by Cristina Coletti.