“The messages and lessons from Aranuth connect to my spirit on a basic level – like the ringing of a bell.  They serve to remind me of the good red road when life has become cluttered and confused. Simply a wisdom that helps to point the way while helping me to remember who I am and why I chose to be here.”

Amy from the Mohawk Valley, N.Y.

“I have known Malcolm for many years, so therefore Aranuth, and his messages. I have always enjoyed his messages because they always confirm my own inner messages and that shows me that I must be walking my path as best I can in human form. Also his messages the right information at the right time and are direct and to-the-point and always filled with love and compassion for us here on our earthly path ,struggling with out world, and physical bodies and existence. Aranuth says that he will bring us homeand I know that he will. A Master Guide and Energy Being that has lit the way for many who hear his message….I am so grateful that he has lit my way.”

Wendy, Ravenshoe, Australia.

green mountain
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“I have been reading these messages for approx 4 years and find them a great comfort as well as a great guide on my pathway.  Many times unexplainable events happen.  At these times I only need to hear or read one of Malcolm’s channellings and I find that somewhere in these messages the reasons for why they are happening and for why my (and others) reactions are what they are, become all so clear.  Aranuth and the Brotherhood of the Light are wonderful entities to whom have a great way of bringing forth their messages.  There is no mistaking the love, faith and healing in the messages that they convey to us all. A big thank you to Malcolm for allowing himself to be the host of these wonderful messages and for bringing forth the love, the faith and the healing.”

Betty, Australia.

“I have been receiving Malcolm’s messages for about 4 years…I have found them to be very timely, inspiring and giving hope during these times of “Ascension Challenges”….a guiding beacon and compass in the uncertain spiritual seas of our end of the Mayan Calendar times!!”

Daphne, St. Petersberg, Florida.

“I have been receiving the messages from Aranuth through Malcolm for a number of years and have always found them to be inspirational and enlightening. The message content is also assisting me on the path to my ascension and recommend Aranuth’s messages to anyone who is seeking to advance spiritually.”

In Love and Light, Kunobert, Cowley/Innisfail, Queensland, Australia.

Fall landscape. Picture by Cristina Coletti.
Fall landscape. Picture by Cristina Coletti.