Aranuth Cairns September 2011

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Aranuth Sept. 2011




It seems like just yesterday that I sat here and wrote a few words of comment preceding the August message. Over the last couple of weeks nothing much has changed; the world, its energy, and its affairs continue to evolve onwards, ever onwards, in much the same vein as before. Thankfully there haven’t been any world disasters of great significance or global impact. That is not to disparage the various localised catastrophes or calamities that randomly and unexpectedly erupt across the planet but hey, we have been warned many times of the on-going changes to our planet.

At a time when you would think that the mass of souls incarnate would be taking note of these changes and taking strides to raise their personal vibration – and that of the planet – they appear to be continuing along dutifully treading the same spiritual evolutionary path as humanity has been treading for the last two thousand years….and achieving just as little. Aranuth has spoken about the need for souls incarnate to commit to spiritual advancement and progression. Souls ignoring the expressed wisdom of a considerable number of highly evolved beings and offers of help from various ascended masters do so at their own peril. “Making the cut” as Aranuth has recently put it is directly related to each soul’s efforts to raise their vibration sufficiently enough to enable them to transition to a higher dimension. Free-will choice.

Whilst transcribing the following message the energy emanating from the spoken words affected and almost overwhelmed my typist and myself. At one point we had to cease for a few minutes to settle our vibration before re-commencing.




Ha, ha, ha, ah, ha, ha, haa.  Yes, well, good evening children; good evening to all.  You will already have noticed the alteration and the changes in the energies on this evening of yours.  The word that comes to mind is disturbing: disturbing.  The energies, the fluctuation of the energies is disturbing the harmony of the entire planet.  It is not simply the energy that surrounds you or is localised to your geographical location, it is all over your planet: and I wish to advise you that right at this very moment there are places on your planet that are undergoing some dramatic changes and these changes are generating a lot of fear; there is a lot of hardship attached to this; there is a lot of aggression; there are many, many things happening.  Not just in your state or in your country but in many other states and countries.

Now the reason for this, as I have just spoken of, it is an energy warp; it is a warping of the emerging energy; it is being interfered with; what you would consider to be your normal, harmonious, flow of energy; what you have gotten used to over many decades; that is now being disturbed and it is being disturbed by energies that you could class as…ahmmnn… most definitely foreign and definitely aggressive; and they have this aggressive impact simply because it has to promote a change. Sometimes to achieve change first you must have an impact on the status quo to break it all up so that it goes into a state of disintegration which will allow for the inflow of the newer energies which follow the aggressive energy that is impacting upon your planet right now.

You will read about this in your newspaper in the next few days: you will see it on your television set.  There is a lot of violent disharmony: there is tragedy; there is a considerable number of, a considerable number of, locations and states all over your planet that right now are experiencing changes in the atmosphere; changes within the energies, within the atmosphere, and those changes are promoting the changes of the earth.


So you are going to experience all sorts of upheavals on your planet. It is happening now and it will continue to happen for the last half of this lunar cycle.  Now when I say the last half of the lunar cycle we are talking about the down, the down lighting of the moon until we get to the dark moon; as soon as new moon comes into effect on your planet the energy of the new moon will start, it will commence to re-build; to rebuild what has been broken; what has been disintegrated; what has been scattered; and hopefully, hopefully, that scattering of those pieces will be transformed and transmuted by the harmonious rebuilding energy which is following.

So you are now going down-light of the moon: you are going to continue to experience upheaval of every nature and they are going to affect nations and stations and countries the world over; it is the energies of that.  Now I have spoken to you before about the effect of the energies on the human organism.

I have spoken to you at length about that and I wish to reinforce it again: I wish to restate; I wish to reinforce it again because you have to be in the knowingness; you have to be in the knowingness that the altered energies which are coming in, which are forcing change – they are not massaging you into change they are forcing you into change – and I as I just explained some of those energies come in with a shattering impact because that is what is required to break up, to disintegrate, the old ingrained third dimensional energies.

Everything that is full of rust, sludge, drudge, it has to be transmuted, transformed. Before that can happen we have to have the impact break it up and then the energies shall deal with it.  It shall be transmuted, transformed, and then the flow-on from this new moon upwards, up-moon, will rebuild and you will regain a state of harmony, a level, a level of a state of harmony. It will not be complete harmony because these changes are going on, and on, and there is no exact end; there is no specific end point where this is game over. These energies, they are here, they have established themselves, they are implanted in your reality, in your planet, and they will continue to generate; so its like you have the implant that is going to emit a totally different energy which all of the organisms, all of the human organisms, as well as the animals, the plants, the fishes, and the reptiles, they are all going to learn to march to the cadence of that drum, the implanted energy drum… if I can use that analogy. The drum, the implanted energy; everything is going to have to march to the beat of that drum.  Everything that is not… hmmnn… suitable, or suitably ready, will be adversely affected; it will be impacted until it reaches the stage where the flow-on following energy can work its magic.

Now, at this point in time, from where we are, if only you could be there to observe what is happening in the macrocosm and the microcosm. If you could only see the macro…and then go within and see the micro… and then come back out and see the macro again you will see the whole big picture. And then in the micro you will see individuals and groups of individuals; you will see individuals on the same level of the same energy, same vibratory level; and you can observe like we do how different entities on different levels respond to the inflow, to the alteration, to the composition, of this new energy.


Now, many, many entities, a great number, a vast number, are aware to some extent that they are now doing most unusual things. Their thoughts, their words, their deeds, bear no resemblance to what they were a short time previous to this point in time.  And at this point in time those entities are aware that things have changed. They are not fully aware, they are not completely aware, of the change that is taking place within them because again in the microcosm the energies that are coming in to break up all of the old dross, the drudge, the sludge, it is breaking it up within them, within themselves, their lives, their beingness, because they cannot be filled with light, they cannot be saturated with the new energy, until as the planet, the macrocosm, and the micro as in the macro, their energy has to be broken up.

So the first wave is an aggressive energy and it is there to perform a service of breaking up all of the old energy ready for transformation, transmutation, change; and to prepare that entity, that micro as well as the macro, to accept the new harmonious energy that is going to flood in, in a wave.  Now, that concept may be a little bit difficult to grasp within its entirety. I do endeavour to put it to you in very simplistic terms for your ease of understanding.

Now, this planet as I have spoken, is changing: it is changing now; it is changing dramatically; and the changes are not the same. Changes affect every aspect and different energies will change different aspects at different times.  Now, as an aspect, as an aspect of your physical life, it starts to crack, crumble, disintegrate: you shed it, and then you leave it behind for it to be transmuted and transformed by the workers of the light.  Now as the newer energy comes in the alteration is going to change every facet, every aspect, of your beingness.  Now when I talk of your beingness I am speaking about the physical, the emotional, and your mental: I am talking about your spiritual; I am talking about the totality of you; the totality of every soul on this planet; the totality of everything on this planet. Everything is affected and it affects aspects of that to promote and achieve the change. So it is nibble, nibble, nibble: break a little bit off: crumble a little bit away; change this, change that; alter it, transmute it, put new energy back in there.

It doesn’t just come in and hit your physicality… WHAM! …And it doesn’t just come in like that and hit the entire planet… BAM! …It’s insidious: it seeps in; it is like a fog, a mist, and it comes rolling in; the energy comes rolling in, slowly enveloping and permeating not only your planet – we speak of the planet earth because that is what is closely related to you – the entire universe and the multi-verse is affected: but what is affecting your localised – localised I say, this is your planet – is the energy comes rolling in with whatever specific duty or mission that it has been tasked with.

Now I have already spoken to you about their (the energies) task will be to affect, alter, and change aspects and facets; because it takes a different combination of energies, a different blend, to affect the change of a certain aspect as opposed to another aspect.

There will be blends of energy, and there will be levels of power of energies, specifically to attack, to change, to alter, another aspect at a different, a different, part of your body right down to the tiniest little molecular structure of your body.

You see that the energies that come into the physical – we’ll stick with the physical this evening I think – now the energies that come in and affect the physical, they come in at a molecular level. They are sub-atomic, sub-atomic particles, atomic particles, particles, cells, the entire bio-molecular structure.  This is the way that it effects change within you. It doesn’t saw an arm or a leg off and replace it…ah,ha,ha,haa… it starts within: it permeates your energy; your light; it comes in through your aura; it goes into the being, the centre of the beingness, the beingness of who and what you are; and it changes everything; all bodies.

So I thought that this evening I would deal with just the physical bodies and what appear to be aberrations; aberrations that certain entities are showing and experiencing – which is totally different to that physical being they were in the past.  Now the energy comes in at that atomic and sub-atomic level: even smaller. Know you what a Quark is? Quark? Well the energy also comes in at a “sub-quark” level. Now your scientists at present have the knowledge that Quark do exist: they do not have the knowledge of how to measure the Quark; they do not have the knowledge or the expertise to take that Quark, place it in different environment, and then observe its antics. So as yet they are totally unaware that there is a sub-quark; so when we get down to that finer level, that finer level we are dealing with, it is a very base essence: the very base essence of you; and by extension your environment and your planet


Now I am trying to keep this very simple but I would like you to fully understand and attempt to grasp this underlying issue that the change within starts at that level, your basic essence, the spark of God that you are; that is where the change commences… and it emanates, radiates out from there   Now the energy that is going into your base essence and starting to bubble outwards is affecting myriads of things within and around you but you are totally unaware of it until it gets to the stage where you start to experience physical pain; physical discomfort; strange things happening to the body.

Of most concern to those incarnate is the change taking place on the mental and emotional level. It is of concern to many people who are starting to notice the aberrations in their thought emanations.  Whereas once they had a, shall we say, a deeply ingrained way of thinking, all of a sudden it does not exist anymore. That is the old way. Its being permeated, its being altered, its being changed, its composition is now vastly different to what it used to be:  and while this change is taking place, this vast change is taking place, it is becoming noticeable by individual self and other entities incarnate around them. They have no understanding: they have no, shall we say, pre-tribal blueprint to refer back to.


The body, the physical body, and your mental and emotional body, were once such that it could go back to the original blueprint: it could identify with that blueprint; re-adjust the body; the body would re-adjust itself to that tribal imprint; the blueprint.  Now, the energy that comes in, that is still coming in, it wiped the blueprint.  The old tribal blueprint is not there anymore!

Where are the plans? Where is the blueprint?… WOW…Where is the circuit diagram for this physical being? It is gone! It’s disappeared.  It has been wiped clean. What do we do now?  What we do now is we allow: we sit still and quiet; and we allow the energy, which originally emanated from the Creator, we allow the energy to come in, to roll in like a fog. It is overwhelming: it wraps you within its beingness; within its energy beingness; we allow it to carry out the required changes… and these required changes alter your entire beingness so that you then become, become, a suitable candidate to move up… free, clean, and clear of the dross, of the heaviness, of the  physicality; and allows you to move up into an entirely different energy band… and when you go up into that energy band you will not carry any memory of this level – where you were previously were -simply because your tribal blueprint has been erased. There is nothing to refer back to!  How can you have a memory if you do not have a point of reference because your memory must have a point of referral. So if your memory conjures up something it will immediately reference that to a time of your life, an aspect of your life, an experience or a lesson in your life: and if everything became confused and seemingly at sixes and sevens then the body would immediately refer back to the original tribal blueprint.

It doesn’t happen anymore. That is why some of your fellow incarnates are doing strange things, thinking strange thoughts: they are changing; they have no reference point; what they are doing is seemingly, seemingly, out of control   they are to-ing and fro-ing. There is no comprehensive beingness because it is all changing: it is all changing.  Now that is the microcosm.


The reason why I have focused on that this evening is that first and foremost the physical entity will care for itself before it will care for other things outside of self; especially atoms of solid matter inside and outside of self; because items of solid matter are disintegrating, they are being transmuted and transformed, they are not the same as what they used to be, and entities cannot remember what they used to be because there is no point of reference for their memory: it has been erased.

Now you will see why people will appear to be going a little loco, a little crazy: they are not crazy; they are evolving; they are becoming something entirely different.

Now that the planet that they are on is changing and altering itself, because it is going through the same process – except the process of change will be slightly different because the process there will affect birds, fishes, reptiles mammals, it will also affect things such as your grasses, your trees, your bushes, your fruits, your vegetables, your water, your rocks, your minerals, – everything is undergoing its own specialised change because it has its own customised energy to assist it to become that change.   Now Mother Earth is going through the change the same as entities incarnate are going through.

Who am I? What am I? What is happening to me? Where is all this leading to? Where are we going?

Mother earth is going through the same process and of course as you alter and change and have your aches and pains and your bodily discomforts and those other things, so to does Mother Earth: and she will let off stream; she will let of pressure; part of her alterations and change will come in the form of gaseous eruptions, gaseous and fluidic eruptions that will come in the form of quakes; will come in the form of tectonic plate shifts and tearing; will come in the form of weather patterns re-shaping. What was once lush may return to desert; what is now desert may return to lush… and maybe even ice.  So, not only entities incarnate but everything in and on this planet is going through the same process in their own customised energy manner.


Now if we go outside to the “grand big picture” we are going to see a universe and the multi-verses and see what they are doing is the same as what is happening here.  So, we are going to have your astronomers your astrologists and your scientists and all of these peoples are going to start wondering what’s going on: where as once we had a very orderly and ordered galaxy, all of a sudden its changing; its different; … hahahha ….just like you….hahhahhaa…. its different, oh goodness… we have to accept that.  Everyone has to accept that!


On the level that I am on we experience continual change but we see the beauty in change. So should you see the beauty of change too.  Go with it, allow it to wash over you; allow that energy to roll in to assist to evolve you, to permeate you; to alter and change you; because its going to change you right down to your basic essence… a spark of God’s Light where you were originally breathed into life and light; its affecting you right back to your base essence.  And now it shall start building up, and up, and up, and build a more beautiful you.

Unfortunately most souls incarnate… and may I tell you a considerable number who are discarnate ….cannot grasp, understand, or do not wish to understand, what is happening because it promotes fear and insecurity at various levels.  However, as you rise through those levels of fear, insecurity, worry, and concern, it all just falls away from you… falls away from you.  And you can assist that shedding by total acceptance: allow; ignore the judgements of others; do not judge yourself or others, just allow; allow.  Everything is in perfect harmony: perfect.

I thank you for entertaining me this evening. I thank all of those entities that will hear these words, who will read these words, who will share the information and knowledge within these words with others.

I bid you all good evening, thank you.


Rainbows and Roses,



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