Aranuth Speaks: Crystals for Fukushima

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Aranuth speaks about the immense power of crystals and the important role that they play in supporting the geophysical structure of the planet, sustaining and promoting the growth of all plant life, and acting as a catalyst to nullify or lessen the effects of earth movements such as earthquakes, tectonic plate shifts, volcanic eruptions, and other associated events. An important aspect is the accelerated power of the crystals when souls singular or in groups keenly focus their intent upon the crystals to bring about change.


In the last channelled message the guides warned of impending attempts by the controllers to maintain and increase a vise-like grip on  governments, finances, trade, exploitation of natural resources, and other activities of this planet however their efforts over time will prove futile. The people will win fairness and equality for all providing that we as a world population do not involve ourselves in negative judgement and instead send continuous waves of love and light to all of the planet. The information in the press lately confirms the controllers intent. 

Tobacco giant Philip Morris is suing Australia for billions of dollars in lost profits because the government took action to reduce teenage smoking and the ever-escalating health costs of smoking related illnesses. Smoking related illnesses account for many hundreds of  millions of dollars in health costs every year in Australia.

Reports are that pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is suing Canada for $500 million …just because Canada has laws to keep essential and life-saving drugs affordable.

Details are leaking of two global trade pacts that would massively expand the power of corporations to sue our governments. Reports are that countries from Australia to the US; from the EU to Canada; are in negotiations right now. Hundreds of corporate lobbyists are helping to write these secret pacts….but the public is not allowed to see them.

The Trans-Pacific-Partnership agreement between governments is gaining momentum and threatens individuals rights and freedom of speech. Publicly stated concerns are: (1) More power to corporations to attack nations – foreign corporations empowered to attack health, environmental, and other laws and demand compensation for government policies that undermine corporations expected profits.  (2) Threats to public health – longer monopoly control on drugs with developing countries unable to afford life-saving medicines.  (3) Undermining of food safety – require countries to import foods that do not meet their safety standards; limitation of food labelling.  (4) Curtailing internet freedom – require internet service providers to police user activities and report to authorities.  (5) Financial deregulation…a bankers delight.  

Our Great Barrier Reef, one of the great wonders of the world – and irreplaceable – is under threat like never before with the planned mass expansion of gas and coal exports. Dredging the waters around the Abbott Point coal loading facility will see three million cubic metres of sludge dumped in reef waters threatening to pollute the reef. The increase in the export of coal will see a corresponding increase in the number of ships operating in reef waters. Concerned Australian people are demanding no new ports and no offshore dumping of dredge spoil into these pristine areas of our World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef waters. 

When a Danish pig farmer noticed an increase in disease and deformities among the pig litters he investigated his pigs diet for possible causes. What he found confirmed that genetically modified organisms (GMO’S) in animal feed was responsible for birth defects, deformities, spontaneous abortions, and growth and development abnormalities in both his pigs and his cattle.

A Canadian mining company has just slapped Costa Rica with a one billion dollar lawsuit because the nation wants to protect its rainforest. Costs Rica’s rainforest is lauded as one of the most beautiful in the world and is home to many endangered species. The rainforest house 5% of the worlds species.

Better news: The worlds largest palm oil company Wilmar International (Kelloggs) – called by Newsweek ” the worlds least sustainable corporation” – says it will now act to save the rainforests in Southeast Asia.


 Well greetings everyone;  greetings from your brothers and sisters from beyond the veil.  We are honoured, honoured indeed, to be with you on this day as you expand your light, accelerate the potency of the light, which you are calling down from the source and directing into your crystals.  Now your crystals are receptors: they are receptive; they are energy receptors; they are light and energy magnifiers.  Now crystalline structures on their own do attract and magnify the energy, the power, the potency, however it is your intent – and I congratulate you on this on this day-  it is your intent that enhances and strengthens the potency of that light, of that energy.  So the greater focus you have the more potently that you can focus your intent upon your crystalline structures; the greater and the more powerful will be the energy emanation from that crystal.  So, you are co-creators: you are creators.  You are creators of the light; co-creators of the crystal light.  Now then, ahahahaha, is it by accident that we the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light are here with you on this day when you are going to not only enhance the power and the efficiency of the light of the crystal, not only that, you are here to enhance your own intention. So each souls intention, layer upon layer, upon layer, accelerates the previous layer and adds to the power:  yes, this is the day; the day of the crystal light.  

Now some of the things that you may not be consciously aware of with the crystals.  As previously spoken, crystals do have their own light structure within their mineral structure.  The quotient and the potency of the quotient of each individual crystal is enhanced by the cosmic energy; the light that comes down, and it is that light that the crystal magnifies: it magnetises it; it magnifies it.  Like a magnet it magnetises, it magnifies, and your intentions magnifies it as well.  So it is not only very possible, it is happening; the actual power output of those crystals are considerable; considerably enhanced. Now when we go back to the simple structure of crystals, what you may not be consciously aware of is, the crystals upon your ground, upon your earth, the crystals within your earth are supported by, supported by the crystalline structure of your rocks within your earth because your rocks also have a portion, a quotient of crystalline in them and large rocks hold energy; they draw energy down to the crystals beneath the surface and on your surface; and unbeknown to you, and unbeknown to you, is the fact that the crystals on their own always have, always will, radiate light throughout your planet without any help or assistance from any outside influences.  That is what the crystals do.  So the crystals that you select and collect from lying on the surface of the planet or you mine them, dig them out of caves, from underground subterranean passages; those crystals have been there since the creation of this planet.  They draw the energy down: they magnetise it; they magnify it; and they radiate out and it goes out, and out, and out, through the subterranean structure of your planet.  So you may not be fully aware of that fact however, it does happen.  

Now the crystalline rock: rocks with a portion or quotient of crystalline structure; also play their part shall we say like a bit player. When the crystals send out the energy, the rocks pick it up and do their portion of magnifying and re-radiating outwards.  Again, now, where do you think the light goes.? Where do you think that energy from the crystals go?  Well, firstly they go into your underground water supply: they go into your underground water supply and give it life; they give it life; they give it purity; they give it health-giving qualities: so the energy of the crystals radiating out goes through your subterranean waters: Not only that but it goes through subterranean passages and supports and enhances other forms of life which you have never seen and are only vaguely aware of.  Because within the core of the structure of your planet there are many, many levels, subterranean passages, places which contain other life forms.  Some similar to but not the same as your physical embodiment… what we call humans. Now there are other entities in a not quite human embodiment in an entirely different vibratory realm that exists within the earth, within the subterranean passages and caverns of your earth.  

The crystalline energy is also responsible for the creation of your precious metals and jewels for without the crystalline energy your jewels, the evolution of your precious stones, would be dramatically slowed up. So the crystal, the crystal energy, gives life to your precious metals and precious stones.  Now then, carrying on from that are you aware that it is the power and intensity of the crystalline energy in the soil that travels up through the roots up into your trees, and your shrubs, and your plants and grasses.  The crystalline energy promotes the growth of all of your plant life, all of your planet life. No matter where upon your planet it happens to be the crystalline energy permeating your planet earth is drawn up like fertilizer through all of the roots of your trees, plants, bushes, shrubs …which in turn gives that foliage, those trees, it gives them light and life.  So the light is the life of that plant, that tree, that shrub.  It is the life force. The crystalline energy contributes to the life force, the light energy, of all of your plants… hahaha  

Now, we shall come back to your gathering here today if I may.  Consider, consider, children have you ever seen with your third eye? Have you ever seen the light of a crystal?  Have you observed the light emanation from a crystalline structure hmm?  Well only those of you that have the third eye opened to a reasonable degree would be able to perceive the brilliance of the light which is emanated and accelerated by that crystalline structure.  The light is the life; the light is the very life.  It is absolutely brilliant.  If you were to see the full intensity of the light of your crystallines around you now you would cover your eyes or be blinded; such is the power of the light of crystals.  Such is the power.  And by your grouping here today and the focusing of your intent on those crystals; it is magnifying, magnifying and accelerating the brilliance, the sheer brilliance and power of those crystalline structures.  If only you could see it! And I ask you all to see it in your mind; hold it in your mind.  What you perceive in your mind you can conceive and bring into your life.  If you wish to see the sheer power and brilliance of a crystalline structure, picture, picture the brilliance, the intensity of the light in your mind… and hold that vision strongly and you will see it.  You will see it.  Hold the vision strong enough and long enough and you will see the light emanation of your crystals.  Interesting, interesting.  

Now your crystals also play a healing, a healing part in your terra firma.  The crystalline structure by its very nature, by its very nature, is a very extremely powerful force and extremely powerful light source.  So, in areas of your planet where negativity exists not so much on top of your earth but embedded, embedded into the earth, it is that negative energy that is embedded into the earth where the crystals do their greatest work.  They achieve their greatest successes silently and totally unobserved.  How many, how many souls incarnate are aware that each and every crystal below your earth is working away like a busy little ant radiating energy to transmute and transform the negativity that is firmly embedded in your terra firma and has been for aeons of time.  So all of these crystalline workers, a massive army of workers, are there trying to transform, transmute,and totally overcome implanted negativity in your planet.  The crystals have been responsible over a great number of your centuries for diverting and converting catacylsmic earth movements, earth changes.  There have been earth changes similar to a wave and before it crests and breaks the workers of the energy, of the crystalline energy, move in and totally negate the negativity within that wave so that they may avert what you term an earth tragedy. So you are to be congratulated: you are to be congratulated and we the brothers and the sisters from the realms, from the realms of the crystal light, we congratulate you for having the awareness and the intent to use your energy to accelerate the light, the power, the potency, of that crystal which your intent also wishes to send that to a part of your earth that is currently being attacked by the most powerful negative force that was ever in the controlling hands of mankind.  It will achieve the purpose.  It can do no other thing other than achieve the purpose simply because that is the purpose of the light of the crystal.  That is the purpose.  And it will achieve it; and it is through your efforts not just today but the days leading up to this day and following this day.  It is through your directed efforts, your focused efforts, that you intensify that power, that light, which will further create a more powerful healing of the geographical location which is currently under attack by your nuclear, nuclear forces.  

I thank you all: we thank you all; for being with us on this day.  We thank you for hosting us on this day.  And I, speaking for the oneness: I, “one’ “one” speaking for the oneness, the all-ness, thank you for inviting me along to deliver this message through your medium.  I shall say thank you and God bless you and continue on with your work with crystals.  It is already blessed and it is thrice blessed.  Please continue on with your work.  Thank you, we bless you, thank you.

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