Aranuth Speaks October 25th 2013

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Aranuth advises us on how to successfully conduct relationships without placing unreasonable expectations on others or standing in judgement of them if they do not live up to our expectations. The highly evolved being “One” speaks about how we relate to other souls incarnate and the complex world in which we live. Again the message of acceptance, non-judgement, and honouring another souls free-will choice.



A town in the UK is considering adding fluoride to the milk of schoolchildren in an effort to improve dental health. Fluoride is a toxic substance that is biologically active in the human body where it accumulates in the sensitive tissues, wreaks havoc with enzymes, and produces a number of serious health problems. Twenty-five human studies have linked fluoride with lowered IQ in children including recent research from Harvard University and one hundred animal studies linking it to brain damage. Here in Australia there are more than a few local councils who bowing to public resistance refuse to add fluoride to the towns drinking water.

Recent research reveals that nearly twenty percent of  corporate crime is committed by companies that make products for your health. Crimes included fabricated studies and hiding damaging research. Corruption of science is dangerous as doctors often rely upon published studies to make treatment recommendations. A recent study published by a watchdog organisation  in the US revealed that sixty percent of commercials for prescription drugs and eighty percent of over-the-counter drugs are misleading and in some instances outright false.

“Tell us what we already know dept”…    Medical scientists have concluded that walking barefoot transfers electrons from the earth’s surface into your body providing beneficial effects. It is a process called “grounding”.

Thousands of Australian women and hundreds of thousands of women across the US  have breast implant surgery each year. Setting aside those women who require breast reconstruction or augmentation for authentic medical reasons is the worth of a woman now gauged by the size and shape of her breasts? 


Well good evening dear ones.  I, One, have come today to discuss with you relationships.  Relationships occupy a very prominent position in your life on earth and your development as a soul incarnate on earth. As you become more advanced and aware, it is essential that you understand the key components of the word “relationship”.  The key components of a relationship are;  you are all aware that every individual soul incarnate is at a different level of advancement and understanding at any one time or any one point in time.  It is erroneous for souls incarnate to assume that simply because and another soul whose pathway parallels theirs would be at the same level of advancement or understanding; and if in any type of relationship it would also be erroneous to consider that that relationship is what you perceive it to be.  Now we are talking about perceptions here.  Relationships, whether it be near or far, close or distant, relationships cannot be perceived to be anything other than sovereign.  Sovereign. Many souls incarnate have a relationship with a partner, a loved one, a family member, co-workers and they perceive, they perceive that that relationship fits into a specific box, a specific envelope or pigeon hole.  This is not correct.  You can never assume what another persons of view of relationships is in relation to your view of what a relationship should be, could be, or would be.  Now as individual souls you must remember that there are various other aspects and issues associated with a successful understanding relationship.  There are many other issues and aspects involved.  One of the aspects is non-judgement; being non judgemental of what that other soul is attempting to achieve in this life. It is being unassuming and allowing that soul to be, to do, whatever it so chooses to do without previously spoken judgement.  There are so many aspects; you must give these souls freedom;  freedom to be and they reciprocate and give you freedom to be.  

Now we are aware that in relationships regardless of what type of relationship there will be those incarnate who erroneously devise a set of rules in their mind which they think should apply to that other person or persons.  You cannot, you cannot, expect another soul to conform with your views, your ideas, or your rules of relationship because every soul is a sovereign individual and on their own pathway.  And just because they have a close relationship with you at this point in time in no way reflects their thoughts on how they will transit their pathway and what they will achieve on that pathway.  It is far better for souls incarnate to respect another souls sovereignty, another souls integrity.  It is far better to honour that other souls pathway and choice of lessons and experiences and their thoughts and opinions.  It is far better to honour that soul and expect the same honour in return, the same freedom from criticism or judgement.  Far better it be that you wish souls, every soul well; wish them well on their pathway and do not expect them to fall into line or conform with whatever your thought of the day is regarding relationships.  Remember there are no rules.  Those who attempt to create a rule do so with folly; it is folly.  Do souls incarnate really expect to create a rule that covers any aspect of a relationship and fully expect other souls to obey that rule; to follow that set pattern or pathway that has been devised and laid out in expectation that others will accept that and accede to it.  Why we come to you this day to tell you this is it is now becoming imperative.  Now I will use that word again, imperative, that you allow, live in allowance, expect yourself to be in allowance, be in acceptance, and you can expect the other souls to be in acceptance.  

At this point in time which is the point of your advancement and development it is beneficial for you to understand that there are no rules in any relationship.  It is wrongful and erroneous to not only create rules but expect rules to be conformed with.  Honour every other soul as a sovereign individual and do not place undue expectations on them or else you will feel rather ahh..resentful… is a gentle word I could use; you would feel resentful that that other soul is not conforming to your rules or expectations of how a relationship should be conducted.  Once you grasp, once you grasp the individuality and the sovereignty of each soul to control and direct every aspect of their life on earth and those souls reciprocate by honouring your choice on your earth walk then and only then will you have what could be considered a successful relationship.  A successful relationship is simply allowing; being in allowance; being in acceptance.  So with relationships allow each soul to be whatever it is that they have chosen; allow that soul to walk whatever pathway they have chosen and accept the fact that they are sovereign individuals. Acknowledge that they have a pathway and incarnation agenda similar to what you have which will be different in lessons and experiences however, you may from time to time share a lesson, share an experience, but remember none of that is permanent. It is fleeting. You come together to share an experience and a lesson and move on because as I have already explained different pathways, different lessons, different experiences, different perceptions… it is all different.  No; no two souls are the same; no two souls incarnate on this planet at this time have the exact same pathway, experience, lesson plan etc. If you wish to be freed from the shackles of unreasonable expectations by others so too it is important that you do not place unreasonable expectations on other souls.  

There are some instances on the human pathway where there are expectations that can be met regarding various life issues however it is not beneficial for any soul to place undue expectations on another soul simply because you are attempting to restrict the lesson plan of that other soul; you are attempting to divert that other soul from their pre-planned  pathway.  Now I understand that you have never considered it that way before and so I come among you this evening to bring this to your attention because as you move into this higher energy, and it is ever increasing and it is about to have quite a dramatic affect on various souls on each soul, it will affect each soul differently.  It may affect them similarly but it will affect them differently.  So I come among you to bring this knowledge to you so that you will understand that it is not beneficial for you to have any restrictions or expectations placed on you at this vital, this very vital time of your advancement and expansion.  No ties, no hooks, no bonds.  Nothing that restricts a souls learning activity in this or any other incarnation, in this or any other concurrent and parallel life of which there are several; and so I would like you to carefully consider what your relationship is with another soul knowing full well that these relationships as such, relationships per se, are not permanent or binding; they are fleeting.  What is a relationship in this incarnation will not continue into another unless it is associated with a shared learning experience which will be carried over into a further or subsequent incarnation that both souls have agreed to.  Relationships are fleeting: they serve you and they serve a purpose at this present moment at the point on your pathway, at this point on each souls pathway; their advancement; their expansion; but please remember do not attempt to restrict another; do not expect another soul to conform with your perception of what constitutes a relationship.  

Now if that were to be applied not just to a few individual souls or family or a group or a nation, if that were to be applied to every soul incarnate in every nation on this planet you would not find yourself in the bind that you are presently in.  If there were was respect shown for individual advancement and lessons; individual sovereignty; you would not have the amount of friction between individuals and nations.  If every soul incarnate accepted and honoured each and every other souls pathway you would by now have risen to far greater levels of vibration, levels of increased light. You would not be here in this quagmire of international relations of terrorism and war.  None of that would exist if every single soul incarnate honoured and accepted each other souls pathway, choice of pathway, choice of experience, choice of lessons, and choice of the manner in which they learn those lessons.  It all starts at your level. You could not expect nations to suddenly come upon this knowledge and put it into practice.  You could not expect states to suddenly come to the realisation.  You cannot expect communities to suddenly come to that realisation; but you can expect each individual to come to that realisation of what constitutes a relationship.  You could reasonably expect that from one-on-one it can expand.  That knowledge and acceptance, that soul freedom to be what they wish to be,  you can expect that to grow into a community attitude.  You could expect that community attitude to grow into a state and nation attitude.  It is all in the way that you perceive what constitutes a relationship and how that relationship should be conducted.  Any and every relationship should be conducted from a point of unconditional love and acceptance.  

We often speak of unconditional love; we often speak of acceptance.  It is not all that often that unconditional love and complete acceptance actually becomes manifest.  It seems to be mired in the words instead of the actions.  For those souls who intend or are desiring to advance quickly, to rise above the dross, the heaviness of this physical dimension, those souls need to come to the realisation now of what a relationship really means.  Every soul incarnate would do well to allow; simply allow.  You were not put here to judge others, to criticise others, or create rules to control others.  You were put here so that you could exercise your free will choice.  You came here to exercise free will choice of experiences and lessons.  You did not come here to be controlled by others.  So it is free will.  If you wish to have free will and free will choice then it all starts with you honouring every other soul incarnate by allowing them to exercise free will. You are all free  souls: none of you are shackled, chained, restrained to any set of circumstances or actions.  You have free will choice, that’s what you are doing here.  To exercise that free will choice and achieve all of the things that you planned before you became incarnate and so having said that you must also reciprocate.  You must allow every other soul incarnate to have the freedom to be that which they wish to be.  That is relationship.  

Now, into the future: into your not so distant future; you and your relationships are going to be challenged: you are going to be challenged.  We are not talking about simple relationships such as friends and family acquaintances, we are talking about the totality of expanded relationships.  How you relate to other people, to other nations, to other ways of life and methods of living, and how other souls relate to you and your way of living because that is what relationship is.  It is relating: it is relating to each other; you are going to be challenged. If you wish to advance you will be challenged: you will need to call upon this knowledge and information to ensure that your advancement continues  by allowing other people, other souls incarnate, to exercise their own free will choice.  You are going to be challenged to understand what relationship means.  What relating to others and not just relating to others but relating to your entire planet, your environment, everything.  How will you relate yourself, your views, your goals, your desires, your wishes, your dreams; how are you going to relate all of those to every other thing in existence  Well, I gave you the key before, accept!  Acceptance.  Total acceptance.  That is all there is.  Just accept.  Accept what is and be very careful with your unreasonable expectations.  Be very, very careful about unreasonable expectations or any expectations.  Perhaps you should very carefully examine each and every expectation that you have and ensure that you truly are accepting what is.  A simple subject with deep, very deep, connotations  And so dear friends, I sincerely hope that the information that I have just put before you will be of immense value to you and to your future.  Once more before I withdraw: accept and allow with unconditional love.

 That is all  Thank you dear souls I am One: I am One of the Brotherhood; I am One of the All.  I am One.  Good evening and thank you.



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