Aranuth Mission Beach March 2012

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Aranuth @Mission Beach March 2012





There is plenty of evidence of the effects of the accelerated intensity of the Cosmic / Divine energies upon the physical embodiment of those people in my social / spiritual orbit. The biggest one experienced at present is a nagging dry cough which defies all efforts of treatment. Others include the usual unspecified aches and pains, dull headache, disorientation, and of course my seemingly on-going difficulty … memory fog; I forget the names of people and everyday objects. My favourite activity is going to the grocery store and then forgetting what I went there for. All is not lost though; I regularly buy things that we need anyway – sometimes including the item that I had originally forgotten.

Here in Australia the unusual and unpredictable weather patterns are only outdone by the vanities, posturing, and antics of the elected and aspiring politicians. You could be forgiven for thinking that the House of Parliament is the only circus in town run by the clowns.

The tech gremmies still test my patience; the new digital MP3 recorder which worked very well in tests a few days previously refused to respond to the “record” button at the session.  With the session being filmed we were able to extract the audio from the video, transfer it to CD, and transcribe it…not without some difficulty. To be sure that I have the last laugh I have purchased yet again another MP3 player which is simpler to programme and use. I’m going to practice, practice, practice, with this one until I can do it blindfolded.

The following message was transmitted in Mission Beach, a lovely coastal village still recovering from the effects of last years destructive cyclone Yasi and videoed (with sound which alleviates problems with voice recorders!)  The people at Mission Beach are a lovely group and I was given the use of the Mission Beach Wellness Centre premises. The weather was warm with intermittent rain showers but everyone had a most enjoyable evening.

The video is up on YouTube: go to “Aranuth YouTube Channel –>and select “MissionBeach, March 2012”



Ha, ah,ha,ha,ah,aha.   Well good evening everybody.  It is wonderful to see you all back here again. Very kind of you to come, very kind indeed. And this evening we the Brotherhood, we will not disappoint you because we have a couple of issues to talk to you about.  Some very, very, simplistic, concepts which you will grasp quite easily; and these concepts are in most instances something that you have never ever considered before …or if you did, you did it in such a fleeting manner so that it did not record on your memory.    We thought what we might talk to you about this evening that would be most appropriate would be light, light, …yes, light.  Well, as you are all aware by now, everything, and I mean everything, revolves around love and light.  You cannot have one without the other because they are one. If you call for light you will get love too; and if you call for love you will get light as well.  Inseparable, like Siamese twins, they are love and light. 

Now then, in answer to your unspoken questions, …ah,ha,ha,ha… in answer to your “unspoken questions”, what is happening to me? … Ha,ha,ha… What indeed, what indeed is happening to me?  Well, let me simplify this for you.  For many years now your planet, this illusion, this dimension of illusion, – that is what it is – is what you created. You created it; you made it; and it didn’t exist until you decided to create it.  Now it is your playground, it is your workshop, it is your school, it is your university, and it is your college of higher learning.  That is what this planet is.  Now all of you souls who chose to become incarnate on this planet did so for a very good reason which is to learn: you wanted experiences; and in those experiences you wanted lessons; and the fruit of these lessons, the fruit of those experiences and lessons is soul growth, soul enrichment, personal advancement… that’s what it is.  So now you understand why; why you are here incarnate at this time.  Now then for eons, eons of time shall we say, the human race has been ohh-so-slow, ohh-so-laggardly in development. You may say that you stopped to smell the flowers… and anything else that assailed your nostrils. And along the way you got waylaid, you got lost, and you crisscrossed your pathway, and you doubled back; and then you went ahead again and you left all these wriggly-squiggly tracks all over your life plan, all over the plan of your lessons and development, the planned pathway of your illusion; there were all these squiggly tracks.  So the decision was taken by the Creator and these beings, these Great Beings of love and light, they decided that you people needed assistance.  You needed a push: a little bit of a help along; because in most cases you were going nowhere fast.  So, it was decided at the Creator level, the Supreme Creator level, it was decided to increase, increase, not just the volume of the energy that radiates to this planet but all the intensity, the power within the volume, the intensity I say. We had to accelerate; accelerate the power of this energy to give you a little lift up and to carry you along.  You need a little bit of… hmm… opening up, opening up: and in another state, in your state, your altered state of “essence of true beingness”, not in this physical, in your “beingness vibratory state” you were calling out to the Creator for help.  The Creator and the Great Beings of love and light responded appropriately; they responded to your request. 

Now, let us not be forgetting, forgetting here that this planet and your chosen pathway, and your chosen development, your evolution, was based on free will choice.  And the ones who made the free will choice was you; and you told us “do not interfere”,  “if I need help I will call you”.  “Do not interfere”; “do not control”.  So it was hands off: hands off the controls because you wanted to run, stumble, fall, and get up and run again; and in many cases you stumbled and fell and got up to run again.  We honoured, we honoured your request; we did not interfere. However, in your true beingness a great proportion of the masses of souls incarnate requested help in the form of a wave that you could surf, a wave of energy to lift you up and carry you along; we responded positively… so that is what is happening.  Now, incrementally, the intensity of the energy, the power of the energy, has been increasing… not in volume but in power.  Now why we do this is because we cannot just give you lift, a wave surge, and then dump you on the shore: you will flounder; so we give you a lift and continue to carry you forward; we just generate the energy of the surge. You requested it: freedom of choice, freedom of choice; you requested the energy and we supplied it.  From the Creator level we gave you the energy: we brought the energy forth for you to allow you the freedom of choice to do what you will with that energy.  We never put any conditions on that energy: you ask for the energy, we helped to create the energy… and you may do with it what you please.  Now then, you have all heard that saying “be careful what you ask for because you just might get it”. You did: you certainly did; you asked for the energy, you got it.  Now, what happens when this energy strikes your planet and fills, surrounds, and permeates everything, everything, everything? The energy fills, surrounds, and permeates because everything is energy.  Even though you look at something and it looks like rock solid matter it is still composed of energy. So the cosmic energy, the Divine energy, radiating to your planet is affecting everything: and it is of course affecting you. That is what you requested: that is what you asked for.  So now how does the energy truly affect you?  Well, I gave you a hint before when I said all energy is love and light; love and light… the Siamese twins of love and light.   So the energy is radiating to you, filling you, surrounding you, permeating you with love and light, love and light.  Now these two twins have a matching effect, a twin effect; love will prompt you, love will prompt your feelings, your emotions, it will affect all of the senses associated with your forward brain and your reptilian brain, and the hypothalamus. 

(Triune brain: reptilian complex – limbic complex – neo-cortex =  Pineal – Pituitary – Hypothalamus glands)

Love affects that; Light affects that; both affect the building blocks of your body: light affects the building blocks, the cellular structure of your body; light affects your DNA; light affects everything. So what is happening to you? You my children are becoming en-lightened and in-lightened… so you have the light coming in …hmmm?  Now then, if we take this physical embodiment which is dense physical matter, which is blood, flesh, bone, gristle, what is happening there? Well, the light affects the DNA, it affects the cellular matter- the cells of your body – and because the energy is light it is en-lightened and in-lightened: It in-lightens the cells and DNA structure;  so don’t go rushing to your weigh scales just yet as it is not going to show up there just yet.  As a matter of fact your physical may gain a little in gross mass and it may loose a little in gross mass; that’s just a fact of life. What is happening is, your body – starting from the base building blocks – is changing. It is changing from dense gross mass to light.  Now when it does this, what happens to your body? It does not just glide forth as light… your body is altering and changing… you are starting to experience aches and pains, colds, headaches, aches of the joints, mental confusion, insecurity,….. Whoa there!… It is whole suitcase full of problems out there. 

Now for those souls who are not aware, or those who already are…errr.. hmmm …who are only just awakening, becoming aware all of these aches and pains and physical discomforts; it will prompt you to run to your doctor who does not understand what’s happening to your body so he looks at it in a very scientific manner and decides he might supply you with some very scientific chemicals to put into your body to supposedly cure your aches and pains.  Symptoms of discomfort caused by the power and intensity of the light cannot be cured or alleviated by chemical substances. In some cases, in some instances, natural substances may be of assistance. Remember you asked for it, so now you deal with it.  Do you want advancement? Yes! Enlightenment? Yes!… they all put their hand up; yes, well it’s not just handed to you on a platter you know; you have to work your way through it. Why? Because you chose it of your free will choice and you don’t want us to intervene: you don’t want us to step in and cure your physical. Oh, and when you get out of bed and you are doubled over with your aches and pains…ohhh God, ooooh God, please cure me now….remember you’re going from gross mass to light. In your true essence, in your true beingness, you say “hang on, I chose this – it is my true development – I am doing this my way – this is my growth, my experience”… and then you further say to us “don’t forget what we are doing here incarnate on this planet at this time”. We remember! You came here to be part of the change remember?  Remember? Can you recall back then when you were “over there” (discarnate in the realms). Have you gone within sufficiently and got in touch with yourself, you higher self, your guides, your Creator? Have you spent sufficient time going within building up a stream, a level of communication, so that you can say to your guide, “what’s happening to me”. He / She will tell you that this is what you chose: you chose to be here for this magical event, magical. “Have a look at me”!  “It is magical to be here in dense physical matter as a highly developed being of love and light”; “I reside in dense physical matter and look at the magician in me”. “I am going to take on dense physical matter and I am going to transform this gross physical matter into light”! Whoo…hoo!  How daring, how very daring you are children!  Ha ha ha haaa. (Aranuth claps twice) How daring? But at the end of the day it is not all a nice piece of cake is it?  It is a hard row to hoe and that’s why we come to you, to explain to you what’s happening, and to give hints, to give you tools, to give knowledge, which is an aid to helping you deal with things more efficiently.  So, be not afraid; have no fear; don’t get down in the dumps. You should feel wonderful; you should feel great; you are doing something billions of other souls would never dare to even dream of! ahahahha. And from other realms they watch you and go Wheeee (Aranuth whistles) Daring! How absolutely daring are they? How daring? How dare the brilliant, highly evolved beings encased in a dense physical matter body dare changing it into light and then coming home to the realms triumphant?  Wow, does it get any better than that?    Hmm …Children it’s never been done before. You are pioneers: it has never been done before and you are doing it.  You are proving that it can be done. You are showing the way for many other souls because into what you term as your future, into what you term as your future there will be many other newer, younger, souls who will attempt this… and you will be there to advise and assist them because you have already done it successfully.  Nothing succeeds like success.  And you are succeeding ha ha, ha.  I have to tell you, I have to tell you dear ones, you are so “into it” right now that the chances of you pulling back out of it is almost zero.  Simply because this is what you wanted; and you will hear other souls incarnate ….ahhumm… wishing to distribute their knowledge saying that there will be some souls who will just decide to “cut and run” and end up on another level, another third dimensional level full of  awful bogey men. Forget it. Forget it!  You are here with one thing in mind; development, success; and you will do it, you will do it, I guarantee it.  And I guarantee you that my Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light, the White Brotherhood, all of us will be there to hold your hand and when you stumble and fall we will pick you up; if you look weak and woozy it will be this shoulder (Aranuth slaps his shoulder) that you will lean on …and we will carry you if we have to; you will succeed.    That’s where you are now: that’s why you have the aches and pains; every time that you have these shocking headaches, or this pain in the hip, or this numbness in the foot, say thank you, thank you; say thank you to the Creator because here (points to head), here (points to hip) here (points to foot) is evidence that your body is responding to the energy; that your physical body is altering and changing. It’s what you wanted: it’s what you need; so say thank you every night, every day, whenever; just say thank you, thank you, to the Creator, to your guides,…… and do you know it means a lot to your guides because they are there; they are around you…often.  If you could only see how many guides are here this evening. I have to tell you … hahha… oh boy… they outnumber you five to one… ha,ha, ha …I have a bigger audience of guides than I have of you souls in physicality… ha,ha,ha.  Good evening gentlemen (Aranuth speaks expansively to the guides) ha, ha,ha.   Here I am preaching to the converted; ha,ha, ha. Yes, every time you get an ache or pain say thank you, thank you, thank you. It is part of your development; it is your advancement; the altering of your body.   You will have changes in your body functions. You are going to wake up in the night with a tummy ache or something similar, you are going to say “What is happening to me”? “What is this“?  “A virus is going around”? haha  Ah it is a terrible virus; it is a terrible virus…ha,ha,ha,…it’s called development!  Ha,ha,ha.  Aren’t we having fun tonight?

Now, now that you understand what is happening to you let’s talk about a running mate; and the running mate is practicality, positivity, pragmatism.  Now that you understand what is happening to you, don’t for one minute entertain the opinions of the people who are “off with the fairies” (mind in fantasy realms – not paying attention to their physical existence or walking their chosen pathway in truth) saying “oh this is what is happening”.  “ Oh now you are going to have to make all of these mystical signs and symbols and pray… oh ho ho ho ho. Positivity, practicality, pragmatism required here. Okay I’ve got an ache, I’ve got a pain, why have I got this? I am altering, I am changing, I am going from dense mass to light… okay, okay, That’s positive.! How do I deal with this? Get on with it.! Accept it and get on with it! If there is something you can do to alleviate the problem then by all means take some sort of potion or lotion to help you relax. If you find you have to….errr… may I say that if you get a serious ache or pain, it does no harm to consult your medical practitioner and just say “would you confirm this for me”?  Because you very well know that you can benefit by seeking medical intervention for a serious ache or complaint.  However, most of you are just going to have run-of-the-mill aches and pains.  So attack it practically, practically, you know what’s it all about.  Deal with it positively.  “I know what’s happening so I’ll just get on with it”.    If my foot aches I won’t walk today, if my head aches I might have a large glass of water and lay down for a rest. Look after your body and help it through the changes… that’s what it is all about, that’s being positive, that’s being practical. And if the airy-fairy (out of touch with reality) people come to you and say “Oh no, it’s the colour of your chakra” or “the chakra’s are spinning backwards”, don’t listen. Take a pragmatic approach; you know what it is and you will deal with it.  The people who are “off with the fairies avoiding their experience and lesson plan” …well let them fly with the fairies. That’s their choice  Stick to what you are doing. You are transforming, you’re transmuting; it’s physical mass and you are transforming it into brilliant light.  And the running mate to light is love.  So what are you becoming, okay….Love and Light!   

Note*** Aranuth is not ridiculing the fairy world or those who genuinely interact with the fairy world; he is legitimately pointing out that there are people who are “up in their fanciful mind” and not applying themselves to the chosen experiences and lessons on their pathway.  

Now, at this point in time – and whilst you are undergoing all of the foregoing – now, while you are undergoing all of the foregoing you are walking in two worlds.  I really do have to inform you that you are walking in two worlds, one foot in this one and one foot in that one, (Aranuth indicates to the left and to the right). So here you are in physicality (to the left) and here you are in heightened energy (to the right) and you know very well that where they meet it is going to cause confusion and friction. So you have expect aches and pains; and that you must remember that you are walking in two worlds.  Children please do not forget that while you are walking with one leg in your physical world, you still have to go through your physical things, your daily routine, your physical habits, and you still have to attend to physical things.  On the other side where you are walking in the higher vibratory realm… well …you will have to deal with that too simply by allowing yourself the time to sit quietly, clear your mind, go within, and wait, wait.  Now as I said you have the physical and the energy and as they get closer there is going to be this out-of-step friction. Pay attention to what the physical needs are and deal with it practically, positively, and pragmatically.  Pay attention to what’s happening to you energy-wise; spiritually; and the practical, positive, way to deal with that is make time to go and sit quietly, go within, ask, ask …that’s all you have to do.  It’s free will choice. Ask all of these volunteers around you, the guides, they won’t tell you anything until you ask; because they are not going to trample all over your free will choice.  So, you know what to do and because you are incarnate I would suggest that you are already fairly solidly ensconced in this physical body. I would suggest  that you set aside a time, write it down, pick a position, a place in your house, in your yard, in your favourite room, in your garden, and go there everyday at that appointed time; spend the allocated time – not just five minutes if you have planned to spend an hour – do so:  go there; go within; and listen to this children… how many times do people say “I can’t meditate, with all of these things, these thoughts going on within my mind”? Well, take your hands off the wheel; take your hands off the steering wheel; take your hands off the controls.  If things are fluttering by in your mind then let them.  Let them! Continue to sit quiet; monkey mind  will play mind games while you are away, while you are here talking to your guides, by yourself. Let monkey mind play its games until it becomes bored and goes away… It is that simple.    So, the one word that sums it all up application, hahaha, application; apply yourself to it.  Positively! …ha ha …apply yourself. Do it! Do not worry, do not fear, the whole world is not going to come tumbling in on top of you. Nothing is going to happen to you that is not already planned for and woven into your pathway…. and if it is on your pathway then there is no way in the world you are going to dodge it. You can’t side step this one.  So, be aware that whatever is coming is coming …it is good; if it appears to be not-so-good?  Well let me tell you…it is all good.  Everything that is happening to you is for your benefit, for your experience, for your awareness. It’s your golden opportunity to surmount obstacles, to grow, to become the magician that you really wish to be… and you are magicians! It is just that you have forgotten about your power.  Now is the time for you to remember your power; but not only that but you have to remember how to use your power in a restricted vibratory level which is right here!… ha,ha,ha. Oh dear, how dare you: how very daring of you: you are magical; you are magicians!   Well dear children it has been wonderful to be here with you this afternoon; it has been my pleasure. 

I shall take my leave now. The Brotherhood, many of which will stay, many who will be around you, many will travel to your homes with you in your vehicle, and many of them will be with you when you enter into your sleep state. And what has been discussed here this evening will be …ahhh…hmm …reviewed, reviewed by you and your guide whilst you are in another state, another state-within-your-sleep-state, going into an altered state; and then you will sit down with your guide and review all that has happened tonight! And you will review all of the information; your guide will further explain some things and together you just might make a few adjustments to your pathway, reshape it a little bit; and you can change it a little bit if you like because it is free will choice; it is your free will choice.  Hmm…. I should say thank you. It is time for me to leave. I shall go now and leave to your devices.

Thank you for having me: thank you for being here; and thank you for opening your energy and for being so receptive.  Good evening.   Rainbows and Roses, Malcolm.

I would welcome any questions or comments that you may have or suggestions of message content that you would like Aranuth or the Brotherhood to respond to in future channelling sessions.  The guides will always respond in your quest for knowledge.

All comments and queries or requests for healing can be addressed to me at through-the-veil;

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