Aranuth Ravenshoe Jan 2012

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Aranuth Ravenshoe Jan 2012





Here we go zooming into a new year with quite a number of incidents already happening across the globe …and the year is only one month old. The first full moon of the year was a little ripper energy-wise; it really shook some peoples tree… including mine. The full moon, and to a lesser extent the new moon, has the propensity to bombard the earth with two / three day bursts of heightened energy. Lethargy, tiredness, and disinterest are among the various symptoms. Some people feel it, some don’t. The more sensitive you are to energy fluctuations the more you will experience discomfort.


The global financial situation took another hit with a number of previously considered reasonably stable economies- predominantly European – having their credit rating downgraded adding to their list of woes. The re-valuation and re- issuing of currencies which will result in a sharp alteration to foreign exchange rates and balance of payments between trading nations is still very much on the euro-nations “top secret” agenda. 


The worlds “controllers” are moving urgently to shore up their power by attempting to censor the internet by stealth. The main targets of the “controllers” are individuals and groups who are alerting people to corporate “dirty deeds” as well as protesting against such issues as global warming, oil pricing,  nuclear waste, industrial pollution, GM crops, forest clearing, whale slaughter, and the rampant misuse of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and other substances in our food chain especially beef, lamb, and chicken. In the guise of wanting to protect “intellectual property rights” and big business from “attacks which may harm their business” the controllers desperately want to shut down or censor websites such as Wiki leaks, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd,, Care 2 Causes, International Forum on Globalisation, Eco-Warrior, Occupy,.… and a great many others who have to ability to expose dirty deeds and cause severe embarrassment to Governments, their militaries, “big business”, global finance institutions, and a whole raft of others.

The”controllers” will not succeed as long as we the people, the critical mass of souls demanding democracy, freedom, openness, and honesty, stand their ground.

The light workers of the world must be forever vigilant and prepared as there are many issues to be confronted and overcome in 2012;

However this is”the year of living positively”.

The positive power of Prayer, Love, and Light will triumph.

All is in Divine Order.





Yes, well good evening once again.  I would like to welcome you all here this evening where I Isaiah shall address you.  I thank you all for coming to hear the message that I have been chosen to deliver.  It is my honour.  We in the realms also feel gratified to discover that those hearing this message, seeing this message, and reading this message, are becoming more and more involved in their own spiritual advancement and are in many cases, eagerly, eagerly absorbing the information within the messages that we bring.


  In line with our policy of bringing you as much information, as much guidance, as we can in the most simplistic manner for your ease of understanding and absorption, today I wish to talk to you about your “feed” as you may call it.  Your continuous feed: your continuous and often tenuous connection with your Higher Self and your Creator. 

Now, none of this has to be complicated: it is quite simple. Firstly I would like you to envision yourself, your embodiment, as though you were looking at your own reflection in a mirror.  Now within your embodiment and around your embodiment is your essence, your true essence of who and what you really are.  Briefly put, the “essential” you. 

Now, if you could but for one moment diminish the vision of your physicality and hold another vision of yourself, one of your “essence” as light energy; one where you are in within your own energy cocoon.  This light energy cocoon contracts and expands according to your moods, your emotions, your mental state, and your willingness and desire to connect with what you would consider to be a higher evolved being.  Whether that being may be your personal guides, your Higher Self, other highly evolved beings of love and light, ascended masters, or the Creator. 


Now if you will, envision yourself as part of the continuous unbroken light.  Ahh…for your ease of understanding, and because of your perception of higher evolved beings being vertical to you – which they are not – but to simplify it you may envision it to be vertical (ascending scale) to you. 

So you have this light which goes up and out, and up and out, and up and out, depending upon the way, the manner, in which you shape it.  (The light energy connection).  And you shape it from here, from the heart, you shape it from there, you shape from your thoughts, from your desires, whatever you are pushing out, radiating, from your heart you are continuously shaping from your heart light. 

(watch the video on YouTube. link at bottom of this message)

Many souls incarnate such as yourself spend varying amounts of time building, strengthening, this communication with beings in the higher realms: these beings, the ones that you are calling to, would include your own personal guides who are close to and around you.  Can you imagine like a circle of friends around your light pole.  So, many of you will commence your communication by going immediately to your guides; the ones surrounding your light energy pole.  Then you will move on and go up the vibration to the Higher Self.  So the Higher Self is operating on a much higher level than the majority of your guides, not all, but the majority.  So, if you were to desire to create, to alter, to change, to bring things into your life or move things out of your life normally you would go to these heavenly bodies (guides) around you, then you go to the Higher Self because it is the Higher Self who has …ahhh….shall we say, the greater proportion of power to allow or dis-allow things to come into and out of your life. 

Now when you get to the Higher Self the light energy also goes outwards because when you are up there in your Higher Self, as your Higher Self, talking to your Higher Self, you have the capacity…. now you may not be aware of this…. you have the capacity at that level to communicate with the Higher Selves of other entities.  If you go a little higher than that you start moving into the realm of what you term the Ascended Masters: these are the beings that inhabit the much, much higher, realms than where you are at present.  Then of course starting from your incarnate self you go out from your localised guides, up to your Higher Self, out to other Higher Selves, up to Ascended Master – of which there are a great number – out again because the Ascended Masters are out there and are orbiting the light too.  So that is the manner that you would best perceive these Ascended Masters orbiting the universal energy light. 

Now from those Ascended Masters you go up the light pole again: up this energy light shaft; and when you go up there you come to Great Oversouls, great beings of love and light.  And of course they are out there too orbiting the universal light; and if you continue going up your light shaft you reach the Creator. 

So you could actually view your communication light feed, light stream, light pole, as yourself, the guides, Higher Self, other Higher Selves, Ascended Masters, great beings of love and light, right on up to the Creator.  So that creates  a wobbly, wide then narrow, wide then narrow, stream of light; a light shaft: and that is what I meant when I said to you moments previously;  you shape it, you shape your light stream. 

Now how does that knowledge benefit you?  Well, it benefits you in a very simple and easy to understand manner.  If you have what we term localised, a localised problem or difficulty; whether it be of illness, discomfort, whatever; or you may require a little guidance, a little gentle push this way or that way, or maybe direction, you go within into the heart and radiate the energy to your guides.  Tell them what it is that you wish to create or bring into your life ….or in many instances … ah, ha, ha-ha… you want to take things out of your life… the things that are in your life that you don’t want in your life.  You want them moved out of the road and whoosh … out with the trash and down the back alley with them.  So you talk to your guides and you tell them what it is that is causing you this concern or this discomfort or whatever on this plane, this level where you are now, in your physicality, in your daily life. 

So you communicate that to them.  Then you play your part in focusing upon it – the desired outcome I should say – focusing upon the desired outcome: doing your very best to focus intently to bring it in or move it out of your sphere of operation… and then believing, having the belief that whatever the outcome is will be the very best outcome.  It will be the best outcome that is best suited to you and others sharing that situation or experience with you. 

Now please remember this:  It is not possible for you to create and manifest every thing you want because many of the things that you so desire are not part of your planned pathway.  There are not part of your present pathway: if they came to fruition they would not benefit you… it may actually be detrimental to you.  So please understand that.  When you wish to create you focus intently, ask for it to be brought in, believe that you will create it, you will manifest it, and achieve the best result for you.  And with that result do not spoil it all by being judgemental because if something is not going to become manifest in your life because it will not be of any benefit to you on your pathway then that is a gift; that is a gift to you.  And if you become judgemental and throw your hands in the air and say, “what’s the use”, “what’s going on here” well that shoots everything down; it breaks everything down; all of that solid creative energy that you previously applied broken down; because you erroneously judged that you never got what is best for you; simply because you do not know what is best for you. 

Now when we go a little higher – and I encourage you all to do this, often, regular – talk to your localised guides, go to your Higher Self because your Higher Self is very much a … the word that you may use…ahh… is controlling what flows in and out of your life; whether or not it is part of the pattern; whether it is part of the script. The Higher Self is the one that administers that; he is the one that administers that.  And of course the Higher Self does have a certain amount of power, a certain amount of leeway, to alter your pathway to accommodate whatever it is that you have asked to have brought in or removed.  If it can be accommodated at no detrimental cost, well then it surely will, it surely will become manifest.  So talk to your Higher Self; ask, do it often, do it regular, do it long.  Not just a quick “hello can you fix this up, thanks, I’m off now”. Sit quiet, talk; explain what is happening in your life.  Tell your Higher Self what you are feeling, what your emotions are, how these things are affecting you. 

Now as I spoke before when I said that there is not only your Higher Self, there are other Higher Selves out there and they are orbiting around the light too.  There are performing their function: their function; they are performing their function   So if incarnate soul A and incarnate soul B have an aggressive or a relationship that is quite abrasive and it is negatively affecting both incarnate souls, have you ever thought of going to your Higher Self and saying “would you please contact the Higher Self of this other person and tell them, inform them, that I wish love and light for this other person.  I wish an end to this friction, aggression, disagreement, be what it may.”  Because just as you all socialise with each other and talk to each other, so too do those beings those higher energy forms that we refer to as Higher Self; so too do they mix, match, socialise, and intermingle. 

You see all of the Higher Selves are on much the same energy band and within the same band as each other. They have the capacity to relate your side of things to the Higher Self of the other person involved and all that you need to ask for is an outcome that is “for the highest good of both parties, for both souls incarnate”; and by extension family, friends and others associated with each soul incarnate: because you do share in each others lessons you know, and it does have an effect… like ripples in the pond.  Two souls incarnate at logger heads… ripples in the pond … and out it goes.  The further the ripple goes out the less it affects other people, other souls in your life, or in your sphere of influence.  So if you have an issue that you are having a difficulty resolving I would suggest that you talk to your localised guide, then to your Higher Self and have a good talk to your Higher Self and explain your side of the situation.  Ask your Higher Self to give you a bit of information and knowledge about how the other party is feeling about this.  You can have a coming together, a peaceful coming together – one of love.  So that is where you can operate on the level of your Higher Self. 

Now your Higher Self will not be offended; there is no ego there you know; your higher self will not be offended if you choose to go a little higher and talk to the Ascended Masters. You surely can do this: you may go above your Higher Self and call to one or more of the Ascended Masters; explain the situation to them and ask them for guidance.  Ask them for guidance and advice because they are Ascended Masters you know.  These people are highly evolved and they see your pathway, they see what you are trying to achieve in this incarnation, and they will assist you the same as your Higher Self and your localised guides.  The Ascended Masters will assist you to achieve the result which is for the highest good of all.  Hmm.

 Now if you want to bring in shall we say more fire power you may go to the Great Oversouls.  But remember you have to go into your light column, up to the Higher Self, up to the Ascended Masters.  You have to reach higher, have more genuine drive, and it must be driven by love.  You must have that drive, that stretching out, that striving to achieve.  So you can go to the Great Over souls the great beings of love and light and ask them for help and assistance to either remove, bring into your life, or resolve an issue. And it’s not just confined to those types of things you know.  You can go as high as you like and ask them to carry your love, your light, the love and light of your essential beingness to that situation, to whatever it is, no matter whatever it is. 

So sometimes souls incarnate have the propensity to call for help when things are not going so well.  It’s not often they call out simply to express their gratitude, their thankfulness, for what they have or who they are:  for the love that surrounds them, for their family, their good health, their abundance: not too often do souls incarnate go up the light column, drive and strive for the highest to have their love and light spread far and wide.  It is well worth doing. 

Now when you get to the Great Oversouls, the great beings; when you get to that realm you are dealing with some very, very advanced and very, very powerful beings. Very powerful!  Be sure of the reason for approaching them.  Be very sure that what you are asking for is for your best.  Be very sure because at that level they will consider your request, bearing in mind that you are here as free will choice, all of those beings that are discarnate and operating on much higher realms absolutely abhor interfering with your free will choice.  They will not respond to something negative, hurtful, or anything that is going to disrupt your pathway, what you chose through free will choice. You chose these lessons, you chose these experiences, you were the one chose it all.  They will help you; they will help you. 

Now let us not forget the Creator.  You can go to the Creator via your localised guides, your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Great Oversouls and keep going straight to the Creator because it is to the Creator that your light column must go.  Now if that light column becomes broken or severed you may liken that to being “cut adrift”; you certainly don’t want that to happen.  So in your daily life is it not simple for you to address a situation in your life and make the decision yourself… that’s what you are here for, to learn.  Ask your localised guide for guidance and advice, ask the Higher Self, ask the Ascended Masters, ask the Great Oversouls, ask the Creator, ask them all.  Take your prayer, because that is what it is, your request is a prayer…so take your prayer right up the column of light; keep ascending the column of light because as you ascend your column of light you are also ascending the vibratory scale.  Isn’t that nice to know that it’s not just the more highly evolved guides who have gone up the ascendency scale, taken the ascendency route, up the vibratory scale.  You can, and you do, do it; consciously or unconsciously, knowingly, or unknowingly.  Most times it will be in your altered states which vary anything from a meditative state all the way up to a higher consciousness where you become, you become your higher consciousness; you drive, you strive, and you push your consciousness to go even higher.  And when you do achieve those rarified levels, you may come to the realisation that everything in this life is there for a reason and the reason is that you chose it.  So you come to that understanding:  you come to that: you are enlightened; and my dear ones that is what you are looking for. And so before departing I would just like to say once more, we in the realms are always there to help.  We do the very best we can for the “essential” you and we thank you and encourage you for striving to attain the highest. So we wish you well, we wish you love, and we wish you success.  You will be successful… you will be. 

We thank you for being here; we thank you for absorbing the content of our message.  Thank you for doing the best that you can with what you have.  Good evening people.




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