Aranuth Speaks 2020: Change of year.

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Another year has passed by leaving behind a trail of many anniversaries, events, happenings, and challenges; some good, some not all that good; but that is a judgment! Challenges, challenges, challenges. However, it is all part of our personal pathway script, all designed by each individual soul self, to have us face the challenges confidently, overcome them, and gain in stature and soul growth; in soul enrichment.

I choose not to look back at the waters of experiences and challenges that have flowed under the bridge of my personal pathway in 2019 – the past has passed – but look forward to meeting and accepting more future challenges and opportunities for growth.

This new year, like every new year, arrived full of promise and opportunities for advancement. My wonderful start to the year commenced by attending, as a witness, a daybreak wedding – a new year, a new dawn – in the emerald rainforest on the shores of Lake Tinaroo here on the Atherton Tablelands. Breathtaking beauty!


In the near future, I will be employing more applied science and internet technology such as Youtube, Podcasts, and other forms of technical communication to facilitate reaching out worldwide to more souls incarnate and being of service to them. I expect to have both YouTube and Podcast recordings up by mid-February. The heading on YouTube and Podcast will be “Aranuth Speaks – Spiritual Truths” which more aptly describes the channelled information. The text version will still be uploaded onto my website / aranuth speaks.

Australia is burning! Many lives, including our brave firefighters, have been lost; hundreds of residences, buildings, farms, grazing properties, and whole communities have been razed to ashes. Thousands of animals both domestic and wild have been consumed by the raging fires. Australia is thankful for those wonderful volunteers from other countries who have flown in to help our firefighters in our hour of great need. A great number of our population are incensed, are fuming, over the perceived ineptitude, bumbling, and in some cases, ineffective action by our government. Even the prime minister when visiting one totally destroyed community was heckled, booed, abused and told to “bugger off and don’t come back” by angry residents incensed by government lack of action.

There is no channelled message to post this month simply because I have been dealing with other issues, however, February will see the first post of the year up approximately mid-month.

See you February,

Peace & Happiness,


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