Aranuth Speaks. Spiritual Truths February 2020:

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Another year has passed by leaving behind a trail of many anniversaries, events, happenings, and challenges; some good, some not all that good; but that is a judgment! Challenges, challenges, challenges. However, it is all part of our personal pathway script, all designed by each individual soul self, to have us face the challenges confidently, overcome them, and gain in stature and soul growth; in soul enrichment.

This new year, like every new year, arrived full of promise and opportunities for advancement. My wonderful start to the year commenced by attending, as a witness, a daybreak wedding – a new year, a new dawn, a new relationship for a lovely couple – in the emerald green rainforest on the shores of Lake Tinaroo here on the Atherton Tablelands. Breathtaking beauty!


In the near future, I will be employing more applied science and internet technology such as Youtube, Podcasts, and other forms of technical communication to facilitate reaching out worldwide to more souls incarnate and being of service to them. I expect to have both YouTube and Podcast recordings up by the end of February. The heading on YouTube and Podcast will be”Aranuth Speaks” and “Malcolm Bell Channels Aranuth” which more aptly describes who channels the information. The text version will always be uploaded onto my website / aranuth speaks.

Australia is burning! Many lives, including our brave firefighters, have been lost; hundreds of residences, buildings, farms, grazing properties, and whole communities have been razed to ashes. Thousands of animals both domestic and wild have been consumed by the raging fires. Australia is thankful for those wonderful volunteers from Australia and other countries – especially the US aircrew who lost their lives – who came to help our firefighters in our hour of great need. A great number of our population are incensed, are fuming, over the perceived ineptitude, bumbling, and in some cases, ineffective uncaring action by our government. Even the prime minister when visiting one totally destroyed community was heckled, booed, abused, and told to “bugger off and don’t come back” by angry residents incensed by the lack of preparedness and action by the federal government. Thankfully the worst of the fires are now over and the heartbreaking job of rebuilding begins.

It is great to be back in a new year channelling messages from the collective consciousness of higher beings that is Aranuth. Several times I have explained to audiences how the collective consciousness works with each individual energy-being reaching a consensus of opinion with others, which then becomes the transmitted message. The message content is received in my energy field in little packets which are then translated into English words.

Here is the recent message channelled in Cairns North Queensland on Wednesday the 12th of February.


Good evening everyone. I am Malcolm, the medium for the collective consciousness known as “Aranuth”.

Well good evening dear ‘Lights’. I call you Lights because that is what you really are. You see yourself as an individual, as physically embodied energy beings. Which is quite correct for your third-dimensional life. However, in our realms, in the non-physical realms, in the realms of which you call spiritual realms, there are many, many realms. Uncountable. Uncountable. Infinite. There are no perimeters, there are no boundaries, because the universe will keep on expanding, expanding, expanding to accommodate you Lights. When you return home to the realms and wish to create, yes, you do, you come home to the realms and you, each individual light that you are creates, creates your own particular space. You create another reality that is yours and yours alone. This, the physical dimension, is where you get to practice your creations, manifesting these creations, alter and change them at will. I addressed you as ‘Lights’ because you see, on your planet, you have approximately 8 billion souls; no two souls are alike. Every one of those 8 billion souls lights are individual; they are sovereign individual soul lights. So you can have similar souls but not the same. Because you all have a different pathway.

All are creating and recreating something entirely different from another. and that is as it should be, and that it is. We in the realms, from what you may consider to be quite a distance, there is no distance. We talk of ‘distance’ so that souls incarnate may be able to gather some idea of where they are, where you are, and where we are. You have all heard the word interpenetration. We of the realms interpenetrate with you! Ha,ha,hah. Right at this very now moment we are interpenetrating your reality, your energy, so you don’t have to reach out to touch us because we are almost you, the same as I am. I not only interpentrate here, but I also interpenetrate in here (points to heart/ chest).

There are many other highly evolved beings gathered here tonight; gathered here in anticipation. They knew you were coming. They wanted to be here to watch you, to view you, to sense your energy, and mostly a lot of these highly evolved beings around me and surrounding you at this time are here to experience your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. You cannot even blink an eye without higher evolved beings being aware of your blinking that eye, thinking that thought, feeling that sensation, that emotion. So, we are not investigating you, we are not shall we say ‘invading’ your personal private space. What the higher beings are doing is monitoring. You see they are here as a grand audience, watching you, and monitoring your every move, every feeling, all of your thoughts, and emotions, simply because they wish to know how you are reacting to the energy of the words that we are putting forth to you tonight. Very good. Very Good.

Lights, Light, perhaps, perhaps, before I go deeper into lights, I find it necessary to reassure you that all those here in person, hearing these words, seeing this vision, or reading these words. We are here to reassure you, that you are safe. You are very, very safe. You are held very gently, very carefully, in the energy of the Prime Source. The Monad, the Monad, this one knows all, knows everything, you are being monitored second by second in your time. Yes, your world is experiencing many, many things. Some you call ‘good’, and some you judge to be ‘not so good’. However, perhaps it is time for me to remind you now that you do not need to judge. You do not need to be in judgment simply because – and we have said this many times – All is in Divine Order. The Prime Source, the Godhead, does not make mistakes. What is happening in your world at present is not only allowable, but we would ask you to find it acceptable. Acceptable in-so-much as we would like you to think right now that everything is in Divine Order even though it may seem very delicately balanced. The right way to go is to know, know deep within your heart, that you are safe. Your world is safe. Nothing unplanned is going to happen to you or your planet at random. So, be reassured of that.

Lights, lights. In the beginning. In The Beginning, there was light, light. Almost everything that followed it on from that zero point has all been planned well in advance and endowed with extra allowance made to accommodate alterations, changes, and plans providing that they adhere to the main thrust of the Divine Grand Plan. I would like to say to you at this point in time; Allowance. Just simply allow everything to be. Allow it to be! Don’t shake it or worry about it like a dog with a bone. Accept this is the pathway of the evolution of your planet and everything upon it. It’s all in Divine Order, so celebrate that. Accept every little thing. Allow, allow every little thing. Do not judge it. And dear ones, do not try to change or alter it. It has its own method of working out. And sometimes in that working out, working out requires many souls to keep their hands off the steering wheel. Allow it to evolve. Allow your planet to evolve. We have everything in hand. Everything is in Divine Order. Be assured. Be assured. We have our hands on the reins.

Now, in the beginning, there was Light. From light came creation. From light came the creation of the Allness and the Oneness. And in the Allness and Oneness, there is an allowance for creativity. In the original light, great, great beings of love and light, immensely powerful beings with the power so absolutely immense that you would not understand it regardless of how much we apprised you of it. Those great beings sat, contemplated, and created with the blessings of the Creator. Everything came from the Grand Creator Source. The Source. The Source of all of us. Oneness. And so down through the ages, your planet has undergone continual creation, recreation, alteration. It goes on, and on, and on, because just as you, each of you individuals, is as yet an uncompleted work of art, so too is your planet. You may say that your planet is a work of art under continual construction. Will the canvas ever be finished? No, of course not. Of course not. That is not the way of the Creator and creation. Whilst the Creator and those great beings of love and light and power be meeting, they meet continually to create and recreate. Many times we find that it may be necessary to deconstruct, break down existing structures, old beliefs. As they break one down they will rebuild another. So your planet, along with yourself, is in a continual state of alteration and reconstruction. Great beings are striving for perfection. And why not? Why not have you as an energy being of absolute perfection living and expressing in a world, on a planet, in a dimension of absolute perfection.

From the first blaze of light until now, and continuing into the far horizon, the outer perimeters and parameters that are without end, your planet, yourself, will go undergo a continual, continual, state of rebuilding to reach a state of perfection, if, if that is, possible. Because you see, there are no perimeters, not parameters, no boundaries, and if there were, the great beings, the exalted beings, would push those boundaries striving for an even better creation.

Now, to come back to your individual soul-self; from where we are, we see you like a tightly knit group of billions, billions, of tiny pinpoints of light. You were originally birthed as a spark of light, you emerged from the veil being birthed as a new spark of light. From that spark of light you grew in brilliance and intesity because that is why you entered this birth – life – death, birth – life-death cycle of continual incarnation and reincarnation. And as you complete each individual pathway incarnation you go back to the realms carrying a package. And the package is experience gained from lessons and it will all go towards enriching and enhancing your soul self, the colour of self that you are. Admittedly you are a bright spot of light and within that spot of light, you also have colour, colour and more colour. And for those of us who have the eyes to see, we look at the colors surrounding each of you individual souls and know instantly what level of growth, enrichment, advancement that you have achieved through each individual incarnation and through each add-on incarnation; reincarnation. So every time you come to this planet you come with a lesson plan, which I will not delve into at this time because it is quite another subject, quite involved.

We see you as individual lights, billions, and billions, and billions, of lights. If you could see the entire single light created by the mass of your lights, well it is astounding; we are astounded. Now the point I am going to now make is, on your planet, like on practically every other planet, whether you can perceive it or not, your visual, your eyes, responds to light. Simple law. Enter a darkened space, flick the light switch and the light comes on. The law is, darkness must recede from light. You can prove that to yourself. Flick on your switch and the darkness recedes from the light; So too does that apply to each and every one of you as individuals, in your groups, in your masses. I would like you to consider this dear ones. If you want to assist the great beings of love and light to shun darkness, to banish darkness, to transform darkness into light, if you wish to assist the great beings of love and light to flick that switch, to bring light to all of the planet, well then you have that ability. Yes, you do. Yes, you do. One solitary light causes a degree of darkness to recede. One hundred pinpoints of light force a greater proportion of darkness to recede into the distance. So, consider, if there are 8 billion lights on your planet and only half, 4 billion lights, were determined to flick their own switch, to radiate light to all that you can perceive and conceive. Consider how much can be achieved with 4 billion lights! The power of light multiplied by 4 billion, consider the volume, the intensity, the power of that light, and what effect it would have on forcing the dark ones, the darkened ones, the dark forces, to be disempowered and forced to recede in fear of the light.

Without going into dramatics, I would like you all to consider, consider as often as you choose to, I would like you to consider how you can be one of the critical mass of light beings constantly emitting light to uplight the planet in a blaze of light.

Dear ones that why I call you Dear Lights. You are lights and you are life. You would find advancement in varying degrees by telling yourself over and over again, I Am Light, I Am Love, I am the most powerful force on this planet. I am the most powerful force because I Am Love and I Am Light. I Am That. I Am Love and Light.

And so dear ones I feel that I have given you a considerable amount of information and knowledge. I am Imhotep. Im-ho-tep. Thank you, I love you. Much love, much love, good evening dear Lights.

Peace & Happiness,


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