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Fear and uncertainty about the COVID19 – Corona Virus, fuelled by a media pack hungry for subscribers and increased advertising sales, has immobilised many souls on this planet. Here in Australia shoppers have descended into fear and panic mode denuding supermarket shelves and physically fighting over foods and goods in grocery aisles. However, it does not have to be this way. Those awakened souls who are aware that everything truly is in Divine Order, and that nothing unplanned on their pathway will simply manifest or happen at random, are faring the best. The solution is to stay calm and have faith and trust in the Divine … which never makes mistakes; never!

With the human population evolving over eons of time, and with the ‘survive at all costs’, ‘fight or flight’, defence mechanism firmly embedded in their psyche, which aided them admirably in the past, some, many, souls incarnate still go to that defence strategy looking for safety and survival. Aware, awakened, souls simply know not to be spooked or ejected from their safe space because if it is not written into their pathway it is never going to happen. Yes, some souls will choose to pass over due to the Corona virus however that was written into their pathway a long time before they incarnated this time. There are no mistakes.

Many souls will pass over (as planned) and make way for highly evolved beings to incarnate and to greatly assist planet earth and every living thing upon it to transition to a higher level. A great many souls will stay here to complete their journey. The planet is undergoing a ‘reset’ right now and the possibility exists, if we can get enough Love, Light, and Positivity focused on this planet, that this ‘old’ planet may join with the ‘new earth’ and become one. An achievable possibility!

Here in Australia, we are very fortunate in that we have an abundance of fertile farmland that produces almost every kind of fruits and vegetables as well as livestock – dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, pork, and poultry – as well as seafood, that we need to survive and live well without depending upon imports from affected countries such as China, among other countries. So, relax, enjoy a life free from fear and anxiety and punctuated with abundance. What you focus on will become manifest so it makes sense to focus on good health and an abundance of all good things.

My “Patreon” YouTube video channelling page is now set up – “Aranuth Speaks” – and will be activated within a matter of weeks. While Patreon is a subscriber channel – $6 US per month – my previous videos will always be available free of charge to everyone. So too will the text of each channelled message be posted on my website for all to easily access. The website is: – go to, aranuth speaks.

Because of ‘stay-at-home” – ‘isolate’, restrictions placed on everyone especially restrictions on gatherings, group activities, travel etc, this message is much later than usual and future channelled message events will be held with only a very small group of people attending; of course with everyone abiding by the “safe distance” rule.


Well hello everyone. Welcome to Aranuth Speaks at Enuma Elish Spiritual Retreat in the rainforest at Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland. Right now I have three entities around me. There is a Druid, there is a Bedouin and a North American Indian. All close to me vying to come through to deliver a message. They are part of the collective consciousness that we call Aranuth.

Channelling begins now …

Well, good day everyone. Greetings. I welcome you here. My name is Moktl. And I have been chosen to speak on behalf of the collective consciousness of which I am part of that which is called the Aranuth. There is much to speak to you about. Much information to be divulged. Much conversation, although it be one-sided. However, we have chosen to speak with you in a rather gentle compassionate manner on this day.

At present, your planet is going through a major correction. You are in the middle of a transition and energy correction that was planned eons ago. Eons ago. We, in the realms, foresaw the planet, regardless of how high we amped up the energy, that the population of your planet had failed to respond in a manner that we would have wished. For a long time, eons of time, this correction was held in abeyance until the time came … as at that earlier time it was not beneficial. It was not at all beneficial for everyone, everything, the entirety of the planet, to continue on down this pathway.

Perhaps firstly, I should say to you. You are safe. Other communicators have brought this message to you many times in the past. Our medium today has brought you this message previously. We wish to reassure you, you are very safe. While the world around you appears to be in turmoil, appears to be I say, it appears to be in turmoil and fear generated by the mass consciousness of those souls who fail to hold themselves in the light. They failed to radiate the Light, and failed to promote the Light, the Divine White Light. They failed to promote unconditional love. They failed to promote compassion for others. They failed to promote understanding.

If only we could impress upon you that there is only one Allness. Oneness. Oneness and Allness. And you are sparks of the Creator that we call Prime Source. Of course, there is a ‘Source’. You are part of that Source. Whether you are incarnate or discarnate, you can never be separated from Source. Never! How many times have we said to you if, and you are part of Source, the Prime Source, does it not follow that you are safe? That you are protected? That nothing untoward is going to happen to you unless it is from the mass consciousness of those souls who do not recognize Source; do not adhere to the rules of Source; the laws; the Laws of the Universe and the Source. And so we say to you there are those who you call ‘of the darkness’. The greedy, the power-hungry, these are souls who are amiss. They have gone amiss. They have rejected a golden opportunity to be one with the Source. It does not take much effort. You are Source energy embodied.

You will be better served should you go into your heart where you access the Source, and do not forget the Source is a two-way street. What you give out you will get in reply. Give out nonsense and you won’t get wisdom in return. Will you go within your heart? Can you find Love? Can you find the Light? Can you find tolerance, compassion, and understanding for all living things as well as your planet which is a living thing? Your planet is a living breathing thing. Everything upon it, the rocks, the mountains, the trees, the water, the animals, and of course you dear souls. You are fueled by Source energy.

Your journey here on this planet is one of discovery and learning. We presented you, you presented yourself, with challenges. You pulled across the veil of amnesia. The curtain of amnesia very tightly across yourselves. And then, you reincarnated onto this planet, into this dimension – was sometimes called the third dimension … it’s wavering now – it’s building up as a soul. You are a Source-birthed soul incarnate embodied to face the challenges that you presented yourself with. And the challenge is similar to ‘hide and go seek’. You pulled the curtain of amnesia across yourself, that way you have hidden yourself. Now you are here with challenges to find yourself. Your true self.

The way home is simple. You find yourself through your heart. Through your heart of hearts. Would you be knowing that you do not have only a physical heart? You also have an energy heart. You have a heart that lays behind the physical heart, and that energy heart is your beacon. The beep, beep, beep, of the beacon calling to you ‘This way’. ‘This way’. ‘This way home’. It’s like a lighthouse with audio. ‘This way home’, beep, beep, beep. Unfortunately, a vast majority of souls do not see the beacon light. Do not hear the audio. Did not go within their heart. Failed. Failed in the challenge, and the challenge was to become what they really are in the third-dimensional physical dimension so that they could change it. You are here to change it! Because it is your thought energy that you radiate, that you emanate, that changes and alters everything. Your reality is the result of your individual and collective thoughts.

So, even as you look around on this day and you look in fear. Many of you are in abject fear. Deep fear. How are we going to survive? What will we do? Oh my goodness! Ooohhh! You are Safe! Nothing, absolutely nothing unplanned is going to happen to you or befall your pathway. When you decided to come to this planet after pulling the curtain of amnesia across, you knew, you knew what your pathway was because you wrote it in concert with other great beings of Wisdom, Love and Light. You wrote your pathway. You included your challenges. You included your lessons and your experiences, which were to point you in the right direction. The experiences, the lessons, were there for you to recognize as a challenge, and using your source produced homing device of a lighthouse with audio to guide you home … and many of you did not follow your heart. Many of you lapsed into an area, a space, of fear and greed, losing your compassion, and tolerance for others. But that was your lesson. That was your challenge.

It is not too late. It is never too late. I, Moktl, come from many, many eons ago. And I have come a great distance to be with you on this day so that I may speak words that will help you to reset your compass. Reset and recalibrate your personal compass. I’m here to help you recalibrate and reset your compass. I am here to urge you on. I am here to advise you to throw off negativity and fear. It is like a dark cloak that has been thrown upon you by others. You have not been applying Source power. You have not utilized Source Power to throw it off. To reject it. To laugh at it. Negativity and fear are not you! How can you be a being of light if you go into fear? How can you be a being of Love if you shun your fellow man, deign to help or to lower yourself to help your fellow man?

Dear ones I can assure you, I can guarantee you, and I will guarantee you, You are Safe. Nothing unplanned on your pathway which you co-authored is going to happen to you unless you go negative and into fear and bring it in. You see what you put out there, you will receive in turn. If you are in fear and negativity, the universe is like a gigantic mirror, it will reflect that back to you. You may well wonder why is it. Why is it that you are in negativity? It is of your own making! In the realms, we would ask that the greatest number of souls possible should go into their hearts; their heart of hearts. They should reject everything that is not of the Light and not of the Love. If you need assistance call for your guides. They are close beside you here right now! Those souls who are here in person, those who are reading these words; your guides are up close and personal with you right now; they always have been. They always will be.

Sometimes, in the realms that I inhabit, we look back here and we shake our heads in wonderment. Can you not recognize the Light, the Love, the pathway forward? Can you not recognize the positivity? Can you not find your way home? Unfortunately, many of you can’t. Fortunately, you have your personal guides, and above those guides, you have Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Love and Light. And above them, you have the community of Chohans who are all overseeing your individual and collective pathway. Eons, for eons of time, you have read in your books, you have heard from your Wise Men, you have had communication with your guides, with the Source. From my end, we have done everything possible to help you along the way. The time has now come, and as I earlier stated, we have had the contingency plan in place for eons simply because we foresaw the consequences if you did not find your way back to the Light. If you did not go into your heart, of the lighthouse beacon, and listen to the light and sound calling you home.

Contingency plan. Now the contingency plan is in operation. We are not saying it is out of your hands. Far from it. Far from it. It is still in your hands. You see the contingency plan is now in operation. It has come in the form of a virus that is affecting your physicality. And I would like to enlighten you at this point in time with a piece of knowledge, a shred of information, that you may not be aware of. There is ample room on your planet to accommodate many more souls. The Prime Source, the Godhead, the Monad, in its wisdom, foresaw that should more souls come to this level of vibration, this planet, will they be any wiser than the existing incarnate souls? Or will they be much like a lot of – and this is not intended as a judgment – a lot of sheep.

The Monad in its wisdom foresaw for this contingency plan to be successful it required souls incarnate who have come to this planet from a higher level. Not just souls reincarnating, we are talking about highly evolved beings who have held up their hands. They have held up their hands, volunteered, to leave their safe haven, come down into this level of physicality, and lead the way. Show the way. These souls, many of them are here now. Many are here right now and more are coming in. These are highly evolved souls, wise souls. Wisdom. They are here to rescue. They are here to rescue all souls. They are here to rescue your planet. They are here to rescue the entirety of this dimension. They are here to radiate masses of Light and Love and to ask you to do your bit. To radiate massive amounts of Light and Love so we can swing the polarity of this planet We can take it from fear-based and bring it to Love and Light-based where you are supposed to be. We are not here to criticise or judge, we are here to inform. Inform you. To ask you for your help. Please, Please, come out of fear; come out of negativity, and shun those people who live in the dark vibration of fear and negativity; shun those souls who are of the darkness; the ones with insatiable greed and need for power. They are not of you. They are not of this Light. We ask you to help these great beings who are incarnating right now to bring masses of Light and Love to this planet.

Now then, I am Moktl and I’ve been allowed to reveal some information, a minimum of detail, and just to plant the seed. As well as you, as well as you going into your heart of hearts, going into your energy beingness, becoming a soul of the Prime Source, you are going to need all the help you can get. There are, similar to us in higher energy realms, there are also beings who inhabit higher energy realms that you souls incarnate often refer to of galactic origins. Ahhmmm … I am not at liberty to divulge much more information about those energies, those entities, those other intelligences, but they are standing by ready to help you. They are already nipping around the edges. They are champing at the bit. They are ready to go. However, you souls incarnate must do your bit. You must radiate, generate, and accelerate Love and Light to swing your planet back. To put the polarity of Love and Light back on top again. And these helpful volunteers from other energy realms will be there to assist and guide everyone. You will get to know them. Their activities will become known. They will become public knowledge this year. Not too far into the future. They are there. Believe me. You souls, we are asking you to be foot soldiers, to act like foot soldiers. We are asking you to take up your arms; your arms are your radiation of Love and Light. Take up your ultra-powerful arms of positive thinking. Positive thought. Positive action. Positive word. Radiate Love and Light, masses of it. And these other souls, these other energy entities, who will be here as a group of volunteers, will help you.

Now then, we would like you to understand this. Yes, you are going to lose quite a number of incarnates. They are coming back home. They came here to do that. It was their chosen journey. Do not waste your time and energy saying “oh my God, that poor soul, passed over from the virus”. That soul planned that a long time ago; they came here to be that and do that. They came here to attract illness and pass over to jolt, to jolt the energy of the population of your planet. And jolt it, it has. However, we did not want you to go deep into fear and negativity. So, get rid of that! Come out of fear and negativity. Positive action, positive thoughts. Radiate your Love and your Light because once again we have got you in our hands. These are safe hands. (Moktl holds out my hands palm upwards) Remember, the collective, the consciousness collective, and I am proud to be part of it, we have you safely in our hands. Nothing is going to happen to you if it wasn’t already planned on your pathway. But, when you wrote, co-authored the script, the pathway, included in that script it allowed for a deviation, a variation, so that something like this virus would come along and (Moktl started clapping my hands loudly) wake up! wake up! That’s what it does. Wakes you up. You wove that into your pathway and just in case you got lost, the wake-up call was there. Wake up! Wake up!

So this is part and parcel of the whole grand scheme of things. You are here to walk your pathway. You are here to find your true self and bring yourself home in Love, Light and Joy. Entities such as I in other realms were also included in the grand scenario to come to you to help you along your pathway. Entities from other realms that you call galactic are included in this so you are not just one solitary foot soldier you are an entire army; waves of them. You are upfront. Next, we have highly evolved beings behind them. Then what you call galactic beings behind them. Waves and waves of troops to bring you home. And bring you home we will. We will.

There are guides standing all round this medium now. They are cheering. They’re cheering. And they needed to hear this. They are cheering. They truly needed to hear this. These souls, this one, a Druid. This one, a Bedouin. This one, a North American Indian. Others further back, they are here standing by. Standing ready to help you. Monitoring your thoughts. Monitoring your energy. Your guides are here; I told you that before. If you choose to make the decision right here, right now, that you are going for Love and Light, that you are going into the Heart, you are looking for the Lighthouse, you are listening to the audio from your heart lighthouse to call you home. They are there to help you find the way. They are all there to help you. A massive army is behind you.

Dear souls incarnate. The choice is yours. The choice is yours! Choose well dear ones. Choose well. I shall now withdraw. I did not say I am going to leave. Not at all. I am going to withdraw temporarily because I understand that many of you here present, may have questions and we shall see what we can do about that later. So I Moktl from far away realms wish you well. I wish you Love and Light. I wish you good health. I wish you everything that you desire for yourself. Thank you dear ones.

There will be further short messages and information posted on my Facebook page “Malcolm the Medium” so check it out while awaiting the next channelled message.

Love & Light,

Peace & Happiness

Rainbows & Roses,


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