Aranuth Speaks: “I AM That I Am”: Cairns March 9th 2024

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It has been some weeks now since I have channelled a message from higher beings owing to personal health and life changes. It was wonderful to once again allow higher beings to temporarily occupy my physical body to deliver their message. At times it was a bit difficult having this Higher Being get comfortable in my physical body however it all happened okay.

It was so good to sit in front of a group of interested souls incarnate again and allow a Higher Being to speak and offer advice and matters of wisdom to assist souls on their undulating, flowing, life pathway.

For the last three decades, possibly more, my guides have been advising, preparing me/the world, for events to come. Amongst the advice was the predicting of changes such as severe climate change, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, escalation of wars and aggression, entire nations on the brink of starvation, bankruptcy – monetary, moral, spiritual, and intellectual, – collapsing, as well as other things which I have previously reported as the information came to hand.

It gives me no pleasure to relay this disturbing information however the guides state the positive that “the old 3rd dimension must crack, crumble, fall and decay, and be cleared away, so that the new paradigm of love and peaceful co-existence may be installed” (Phoenix like?) First the medicine, then the honey.

The good news is that leading from here (2024) up to the year of 2035 there will be a continuous, very noticeable, shift, an uplift in the planetary vibration which is escorting us away from the decaying third dimension, through the fourth, and knocking on the door of the fifth dimension ten or more years away: 2050 is when the magic new earth of love and peace becomes fully installed; however we are progressing steadily towards that date. Many of you will be here incarnate to experience the magic of the “Change of the Ages. I will be on the “other side”, hopefully part of the team assisting the Higher Beings, The Prime Source of All That Is, to implement the changes.

It is very obvious that heightened energy is affecting every aspect of life-on-earth in a great number of ways with many dear souls reporting a plethora of happenings such as physical body and lifestyle changes, an irresistible urge to relocate, to change employment, discontinue friendships, associations, and relationships both social, religious, romantic, and professional. Quite a number of souls have contacted me over the last several months/years asking for clarification such as “what is happening to me”?

Guidance advises that in the meantime simply stay positive, meditate, contemplate, and go deep within often, accept the changes, allow the changes to unfold without judgement – especially without mental and emotional involvement – and all will happen according to the Divine Grand Plan.

The Message

“I AM That I AM”:

Good evening everyone, I am delighted to be here amongst you. Today the brotherhood and myself have agreed that whenever we come we should always bring something, information, knowledge which leads to guidance, understanding.

Today I wish to talk to you about thoughts, especially your conscious thoughts and intentions, and I will link those together for you in the simplest manner that I am capable of. Now, I think I shall commence with, I Am, I Am is possibly the most powerful statement that any of you dear souls incarnate can utter. I Am, What is it that I Am, what is it? I Am what? It is of benefit to you that in any of your evenings or your days, you can simple state I Am. When you state that, it sends out a very positive vibration that goes out into the universe and like a still pond that you have just thrown a pebble into, the ripples go out, and out, and out. I Am.

Well, I Am is just stating that you recognise that you are an energy being, you are energy. You are not just this physical overcoat. You are an energy being, a sovereign individual, and more powerful then you have even commenced to realise. It is of great benefit to you to, perhaps in your quiet times, consciously think, consciously state, I AM. That goes out, you understand, you recognise you are an energy being, so what are you doing here where the physical embodiment is undergoing lessons, experiences, and all of that which adds to your soul growth, your soul enrichment. Because you state that you know that you are energy.

Now, at this point in time the Creator, anything that the Supreme Creator has created can never be destroyed. Never! When the creative force creates anything it can never be undone, it can never be peeled back, it can never be destroyed. So that’s just a bit of background for you.

Now, what I would like to do, to add, is when you say I AM, that’s a positive statement. If you follow that with THAT I AM, it becomes extremely powerful, so it is I AM THAT I AM. Now, I Am That I Am is a creative statement. Its a powerful creative statement. So when you utter that phrase you really do need to be in the right place, in the right mindset; having said that i would prefer to say correct heart-set. It comes from the heart my friends and anything of consequence happens; if it doesn’t come from the heart nothing of consequence is lasting, so in your every moment, in your every “now” moment you are in a position, whether you realise it or not, you are in a position to create and manifest. So, before you say THAT I AM which is quite in order, you state I AM that is your understanding, your recognition, that you are a powerful individual energy force. When you tag THAT I AM onto that you’ve moved into a state where you need to be very mindful of what it is, what it is that you want, because you don’t want to sit about creating something negative. You don’t want to be creating something that’s not in alignment with the Divine Grand Plan; it’s important, most important, for you to get into alignment, stay in alignment, alignment and acceptance, when you state THAT I AM.

We are going to use THAT I AM statement firstly to prepare your intention. Prepare your intention so that there’s no mistake about THAT I AM; prepare yourself, prepare your intention, prepare that your intention is coming from the heart, not from the magical mental hi-jinx monkey we call Mind. It is radiated from the heart! What are you feeling? What is it that you desire? What is it that you have this powerful intention to create? So, at this time on your planet, if you were of the intention to radiate peace and love to those countries that are suffering under war, oppression, starvation etc, firstly set your intention from the Heart. You intend to use whatever power you have to bring about peace and peaceful co-existence; so now we have intention from the heart which is now radiating; so you are sitting still and quiet and you wish to contribute to bring about peace. Then hold the vision, create the vision from the heart, create the vision of a population that is happy, healthy, well fed, peaceful, and moving into utopia. Bring that image up with the scenario and state “I wish to send loving, peaceful energy to that situation because I AM, THAT I AM”. I AM THAT I AM, THAT I AM is the intention, the powerfully focused intention, you send out, that so you send that scenario out as a creation.

Now it goes out as creation, it goes out. It may hang in abeyance; you all understand what abeyance is? It is in abeyance. Why? Is what you are projecting, is it in alignment with the Divine Grand Plan? If the answer is Yes, your statement, your energy emanation of peace and love now moves from abeyance into creation, and it will join with similar, similar outbursts of kind, loving, peaceful, energy from people all over your planet; so then it becomes a force, and if all is in Divine Order it will become effective. If what you are projecting, if it is not in accordance with the expression of Divine Grand Plan, if it doesn’t dovetail with the Divine Grand Plan it will stay in abeyance for a while; but while it’s in abeyance it is certainly not neutral, it’s not neutral, it’s alive and its positive. So we have this live, positive, energy force being held in abeyance.

Now under differing circumstances that force held in abeyance may hang there until such times that the situation that you are sending energy to has now changed, altered, and is ready and set for the positive change of your wishes, your intentions. In comes that positive energy force from abeyance and it becomes manifest. Now, sometimes it can be in abeyance for considerable time, the way you measure your time, so when you come to I AM that’s fine, that’s a statement that you are a powerful energy being. Now if you’re gonna go to add That I AM, do not add that until you have the intention set. Intention comes from the heart, for it is this energy emanation of love, compassion, tolerance, understanding, it can and does build up like an evening thunderstorm. And then you focus it, this is what I wish to achieve. I AM THAT I AM.

At that point you may relax, have a rest, because you have done your bit, you have sent that out there into abeyance and it will be attended to by Higher Beings when that can match the situation. So we are looking at the evolution of a situation, some of this energy in abeyance will be there to help the journey and the outcome and one that’s ready for the power that is in abeyance that comes in like a super charged rocket, Bang!

Now, I would like point out to you the major and minor creations; a major creation would be focusing on wars, aggression, famine, and the hurt and pain of displaced persons; we would labor for a change in this negative event, however, if you focus on that well an good, but you can use the THAT I AM, you can use that creative force for a change of those things. What is it that you would like to create and manifest? We could, err, you want to manifest a better job that pays better money? You want to manifest a home by the sea? You want to manifest good health? Its your choice, your choice. If you are looking at something, if you are looking at any aspect of your life, life on earth, this incarnation, if you are focusing on any aspect of your current physical life you just again generate the creative energy from the heart with the intention of making it become manifest, then its I AM, THAT I AM.

So we are just going to leave that a little bit. We’re going to focus on individual work. I AM, THAT I AM. That I AM, what is that? That is peace on earth, that is a home by the sea, that is a better paid employment, that is practically anything positive that you wish to bring about because out there, out there when you send that intention out with passion, it comes from the heart, it’s driven with passion from the heart. What is it that you want to become manifest is THAT. So you want THAT to be powerfully manifested. So, I think I have simplified that.

Now, I feel that I should add by way of repetition, explanation, there is a Divine Grand Plan, not only for your planet, not only for your Universe but for all the universes, all the multi-verses, all the planets, there is a Divine Grand Plan for all, for everything! There is a Divine Grand Plan and it all fits together like your jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece by piece. In the realms there are, just below creator-level, a group of very powerful energy entities, energy beings; now that panel, that group of highly evolved, super evolved beings, they know, they are looking at the picture, the whole big picture, so what you are wishing to manifest they can look at the whole Grand Plan and if it can be accommodated, yes, well and good. If it cannot be accommodated because there are more issues to be resolved before your creation can be accommodated, then these higher beings, they are much much higher than you would ever encounter, to be able to understand simply because while you are energy incarnate you are deprived of the ability to see these things clearly.

Okay now, please attempt to view everything, I mean every single thing as an important intrinsic part of the Grand Plan; understand that higher evolved beings do see what you’ve put into the ethers, what has been consigned to an area known as “holding in abeyance”, and these higher beings are supervising, they are stewards from the higher realms of this planet as it refers to you, as they attend the unfoldment of everything, of every aspect, every level, every vibration that as far as you are concerned of what is in abeyance, what you put out, what you wish to achieve; and of course they have a structure, so those on the higher structure have been tasked with bringing your desire into manifestation; but please do not be concerned if it does not come to pass right now because you cannot see into the future, you cannot see what else has to come into alignment before for your creation can be fitted into perfect alignment. So, dear souls, the message is this, “In your life at any moment, at any time, you can state I AM. Power! Power, if you want to bring about something, you want to bring something into manifestation, focus on what it is that you desire, don’t focus on what you don’t want, only focus on what you do want; as long as it’s clean and pure, only focus on that, and while you’re holding that heart-generated positive issue you can hold it there and state I AM, THAT I AM and it goes into abeyance to await manifestation. Some small issues can become manifested almost immediately or a little time later; it takes the time it takes!

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