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Aranuth Speaks: “Be Still, Be Quiet” Port Douglas, August 2023.

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G’day everyone;

It is wonderful to see the never-ending advances in technology, especially in the science and medical fields, which is making peoples lives so much better. People are now living longer and enjoying a higher level of health, happiness, and life expectancy than in previous years. On the flip side; there are so many strange, weird, totally unexpected events happening all over the planet.

It saddens me to see the number and frequency of tragedies both man-made and natural, such as fires, floods, earthquakes, wars, famines, etc. which are taking so many lives, displacing large sections of populations, and causing much hardship, however, we have been told over and over again that “All is in Divine Order” … predicted earth changes.

Note: I wonder if there is enough of a groundswell of the world’s ‘spiritually aware souls’ who would be interested, and committed enough, to devote an ‘everyone inclusive’ one-off, one hour of meditation world-wide, to focus and expand the Divine White Light to the entire world … especially to the refugees, the displaced, the homeless, and hopeless. … (interested persons who may wish to assist can contact me at

I find it interesting to note the number of people booking in to have a reading with me to gain some level of clarity and understanding about unexpected happenings and events in their life. So very many souls are “awakening”, discovering their true being-ness, an un-imagined being-ness, and having their pathway and destiny revealed. This awakening often times involves shivers of uncertainty and fear of “what’s happening to me”; planetary energies of physical/spiritual phenomena, and anxious thoughts of what the future may hold. You are safe, secure, watched over, and in good – angelic – hands at all times.

The message:

Good evening souls, it’s somewhat of an honor to be here to address you, furthermore I come to you with a gift, a gift of knowledge and information, possibly guidance. At this moment, in your planetary time, time only exists in your reality. I would like to give you a heads-up on what the near-future has in store for you. Most are aware that cosmic energies radiated from various planets, notably the central sun, emits, radiates, powerful waves, waves of alternating power that flows to, over, and around your planet.

Now dear souls, what I wish to impart to you is the coming high volume, high voltage, correct that, alternating voltage of waves of energy radiating from the great central sun. For many years of your time there has been change, change, incremental change, and sometimes change that simply happens. Well the change is on-going it is picking up in impetus and power, direction, and in your near future, incisive.

The reason that I am here today is to prepare you, forewarned is forearmed, so I wish you to prepare you so that you can understand and process the effects of this cosmic radiation. Talking in terms, speaking in terms of your time, as you measure it on earth, over the coming months let me see, hmm, forward from this point of your time, in 15 months there’s going to be, what would appear to be, erratic outbursts of energy caused by massive explosions on your sun. Your sun plays a major part in what happens on your earth planet. The way that I envisage it and that of my brothers from the Aranuth Group, nine of your calendar months from now the energy will peak. So from this point in your time, if you can envisage climbing the mountain you will reach the peak of the mountain in approximately nine of your calendar months from now; and then on the other side of the peak and possibly in corresponding cadence the energies will ease somewhat. It is a time for you human organisms to allow your energy blueprint to be altered and changed. In effect you have two choices, you can dig in, feel the power of the change as it comes in sweeps over and leaves you behind, or you can sit still in peace, in quiet, in allowance in acceptance, allow it to do its thing as you have no chance of stopping it altering it, or changing it. So you can go down that tunnel and be left behind or you can sit still and quiet and allow it.

There are great strides forward to be taken, when I say great strides forward it is for your benefit but it’s not for you to strive forward: its for you to remain stationary, sit still each one of you. Adopt the energy of a frozen lake; now then, these massive eruptions from your great central sun are going to send waves, you may wish to term them as shock waves because as these waves of energy flow to, over, around, and within your planet it will knock you around so to speak, it will buffet you. It is all for the advance and the benefit of the planet and every, everything upon it, even your rocks have a level of consciousness so if the rocks register the upraised vibration how do you think you human organisms will register it. It is not our intention for the energy to hurt or harm or derange you, and derangement will happen to some souls, so souls who cannot absorb or will not absorb and allow their frequency blueprint to be upgraded these some souls will go down the track of mental disturbance, derangement; there is no need of that. Every soul needs to sit still, be at peace, at one-ment with the planet around you, the vibration of everything, even as I spoke the rock, the trees, the water and the grass whatever just be in that energy and sit in it peacefully and quietly. You will not be taken at the flood so to speak, so do not be in fear, be in joy. The storm, if I may use that word, will come, it will do it’s unstable thing, then it will abate, it will pass, and it will leave you better off for it.

Not to put a negative point on this dissertation, however there is much on every level, every vibratory level, on around and within this planet that needs to be altered, changed, and that involves the decay, the crumbling, the removal of many old institutions, ways of being and living; your whole planet is undergoing a massive but very necessary change. Why I am here is to assist you, advise you to, as well as sitting still and quiet, I would advise you not to counter-punch when a wave of energy strikes you and shall we say bumps you off balance; it would erroneous to counter-punch, to strike back, there is no striking back; and if you try to strike back the only thing that gets hurt is yourself.

My advice and my brothers advice, brothers and sisters in the realms, having said that there is no gender in the realm, we delight, we take pleasure in coming to you, talking to you, giving information, hopefully what you will accept as guidance because we too want to see you succeed we want to see your energy blueprint being altered, changed, the absolute entire cellular structure of your human organism is changing, allow for change.

Now, we would not advise for you dear souls incarnate over the next 3-15 months, don’t get too adventurous because change is there, change is happening, change is eternal. Eternal, think about it. Are you to sit still for eons of time? No, you are here to experience, learn lessons, most of all enjoy yourself and advance, grow, and the way we do that is by allowing the power of “All-That-Is” to do its thing, to release it’s plan, and we stand back and allow the plan to unfold in it’s perfection. There is no bogeyman out there, there is no negative energy waiting to descend upon you and tear you limb from limb; that’s the stuff of fairy tales.

Everyone of you, you are known, and every one of you is cared for. You have your own guardian close to you at all times, not only your own guardian but your own guardian may see fit to summon up other exalted beings to help you on your pathway because we come to you with love, we don’t come to you with a purpose of putting fear into you, we come to you with love to help, to assist, to heal, to guide, point the way, that’s our task, that’s what we have been tasked with. Even though you will see things from diminutive to massive and major shaking, decaying, crumbling, falling, let it happen, let it happen. You can be the observer, as the observer if you do not register any mental creations or negative emotions; that’s all judgement, that’s judgement, do not judge. You cannot judge, simply because all that your judgement does is to put a negative cloak over things that are positive. If only all souls alive could see that golden light of positivity, of protection, of love; you are protected even though at times it may not seem so however, bear in mind that your pathway, – you wrote the script of lessons, experiences because you needed that for your soul advancement you soul, growth, your soul enrichment.

We are not saying to you, the end is nigh, doom and gloom, far from it; we say to you that the light is coming, more light, and more light, and even more light, is coming. So we have to remove the negativity and the darkness so the light can permeate, it can invade and permeate everything around every single minute of your existence on the planet. We are going to fill your planet with light and love. I would ask you to at least ponder, ponder the information that I have just brought to you, I would suggest that you do not use your mind, I suggest you ponder it, sense it, through your heart. I would advise not not look upon change on your planet or any other thing, do not look upon it as, “hmm I’ll have to think about this”, thought is not required here. I’d advise against it. You will all be better served by sitting still and quiet and as change and change of any stripe comes to you, feel it, feel it, feel it through your heart. How do I feel about this, what do I feel about this, what is I am sensing? That way you will get the truth or close enough to it.

Judgement as I have spoken before, judgement must not be part of your life because your thoughts, radiation of judgment, thoughts going out there only clouds the situation and can possible make it worse, not for the universe, not for the energy, but for yourself, yourself! Allow, just allow things change, “Ok, I’ll allow that”, accept it. You are in a state of change all of the time. So accept change is here, change is happening! Go with it, flow with it; you will not be washed up on a desert island so just go with the flow and it will carry you to the golden destination. Hmm, again, again, you will not be hurt or harmed by this “change of the ages”, there are no powerful figures in the realms that mean you harm or wish to betray you. That’s a nonsense. We are busily sending, radiating, light to your planet and to your life, as well as the radiation of the energy of the must-happen change. So before I withdraw I wish to state again, be still, be quiet, be at acceptance, please do not try to fight back against the energies, let the tide carry you safely.

Well I thank you for being host to me, having me here this evening, to be able to pass on this message. Thank you. God bless you all. Face the future with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

Thank you.

The video of this channeling is up on Aranuth Speaks YouTube, Port Douglas September 2023.

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