Aranuth Speaks “Living Simply”: September 2018

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Well hello and welcome everyone:

Here we are deep into September/October and immersed in the changed – once again – energy which is affecting so many people in so many different ways. I have lost count of the number of people contacting me to say “I don’t understand what is happening to me”; “It seems that my life has been turned upside down”? Does this sound like a broken record? Yes!  With everyone being an individual, obviously, each individual will register differing effects. The answer is of course “go with the flow” and simply allow; accept and allow; take your hands off your pathway steering wheel, stop trying to control every aspect of your life, and allow your pathway to unfold unhindered and in Divine Order. This may sound next to impossible in the present high volatile energy climate – believe me, I am copping it very powerfully as well with my physical body apparently attempting to separate from my energetic body; two warring twins? – but it does appear that the more advanced and “sensitive” souls are feeling the greatest strain. Hold on tight!

The common theme expressing itself is physical/mental/emotional upsets such as headaches, tooth aches, eye and ear problems, sudden disorder and disquiet, and anxiousness; the upraised energies appear to be affecting the head area.

All across the planet we are seeing the Aranuth predicted earth changes, which involves major earth tragedies of almost every stripe and type as Mother Earth cleanses and restructures herself as part of the planet’s evolution and upliftment. It would be unwise to “expect” anything and everything; the planet’s upward journey is already written and in-train. Sending prayers to the multiple affected areas and people is good start.

The upraised energy has been prompting some incredible changes here in Australia breaking down many of the old ingrained government, corporate, religious, and social structures. The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the banking and finance industry has unearthed some horrifying practices such as charging management fees to long dead clients, along with industry-embedded fleecing of clients. Likewise the molestation and abuse of young children by persons in religious and institutional organisations. In both instances high ranking and low ranked officials are being sent to prison. Justly so!

The amazing and heartwarming response by average Aussies to the plight of farmers and graziers suffering from the effects of a horrendous drought makes me proud to be an Aussie. Multiple truck and road-train loads of donated and much needed hay and stockfeed wends it way across the parched country on a daily basis. Money and food for farming families, and others dependent on the farming industry for their livelihood, are included as recipients of the donations. Hopefully, the exposed and shamed big banks will attempt to make amends by announcing a moratorium on agricultural loan repayments.

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Good evening and greetings dear ones.  I have come today to talk with you about much, much-needed simplicity in your life.  Not just simplicity, but also the need to clear away thoughts and perceptions that are incorrect.  There are various aspects of your life as a physical being interwoven, interleaved, with your so-called spiritual life, which is actually interleaved with your true energy beingness and advancement.  From the realms we observe you human incarnates on planet earth and many times we have had to sit back and wonder, and scratch our heads, saying “why are they getting caught up in all of this”?  “Are they being caught up with false dreams”?  “False premises”?  This is only clutter.  It is clutter in your life.  Your life was meant to be one of simplicity.  Peaceful simplicity.  We have noted that where you have an hour or a day free in your physical life, instead of focusing on the absolute simplicity of life, and the beauty of your natural surroundings, so many of you tend to create, create nonsense.  Create false scenarios.  Not realising that it is your thoughts and the power that you put behind those thoughts that create, manifest, and magnetises your fantasy and give it power to come in and take up residence in your life.

Now of course you have your working life, your careers, your need to earn, to support yourself and your family, but when you are not focused on doing your job, your profession, instead of going to a peaceful quiet place and enjoying the beauty and serenity of it you choose to involve yourself in activities which you feel are positive ones and yet they are stressful.  You join groups, you play sports, you involve yourself in social interaction, which puts more stress on you and confuses your life, whereas you could be sitting peacefully.  You could be doing the things that you like such as  you can walk in nature.  However many of you choose to get involved in all sorts of pursuits that not only does not assist you on your pathway, it is detrimental to you and causes you stress, and we watch you losing sight, losing sight of your pathway.  Your compass does not seem to work anymore;  you do not allow your personal compass to point the way for you to travel your pathway.

Also included in these distractions and intrusions is your propensity to give your power away to others, to follow their lead, their words, their  actions, of others who are off on a false pathway themselves.  We see you pursuing what you call spiritual pursuits.  Attending functions,  attending seminars where supposedly someone who has the power and the knowledge and ability passes this on to you … for a price of course.  My dear friends, you do not need any of that.  You do know that you are essentially a spiritual being.  I would suggest that you set your compass on your pathway of development of your so called spirituality, which is simply energy emanation,  energy attraction,  and energy magnetising.  You do not need others to tell you how to walk your path. How to be a spiritual being.  You already are that.  You don’t need others to develop you as a spiritual being.

Have you ever thought that your guides and some of the ascended masters around you are more competent to steer you on a spiritual development course than those who are incarnate and claim to have this knowledge and ability which they pass on to you.  Have you ever stopped to think that your own guides and the masters that are around you, do you ever stop to think that they are well versed, well educated, well experienced at guiding you on your pathway.  For eons of time populations in many countries, many continents, have followed a religion.  As religions are basically man-made, man-devised, they are religions that are designed to control you.  They purport to give you information and knowledge about words and deeds of higher beings who previously walked upon this planet, but most of that information is incorrect, distorted, and downright false.

You do not need a huge cathedral to talk to the God Head.  You do not need another soul incarnate to train you how to talk to the God Head.  You do not need any soul incarnate to subvert and invalidate your own power.  And instead of supporting you on your advancement pathway they are actually placing obstacles on your pathway.  They are preventing you from rediscovering, and I will say that again, rediscovering who and what you really are.  We would recommend that you extract yourself wherever possible from the hurly-burly craziness of this physical world: go within where you will find your guiding light which will guide you unerringly to your goal.  Having said that, every soul, every soul, walks a different pathway.  Every soul’s pathway will be in different directions.  It will comprise different lessons; different experiences.  They are all there to assist you to grow.  They are all there as a challenge to you.  When you meet this challenge, you do not need to go to someone else and ask them to tell you how to walk your pathway.  You simply go within.  Now if you feel that once you go within you do not make any progress, let me assure you of the fact that you are going within attempting to shine the light to reveal your pathway; that is progress, and it is progress you won’t find elsewhere.

There are many untruths spoken and written about spirituality, spiritual pathways, etc. etc. most of it is from people who do not know.  They surmise.  Of course you have some very well experienced, in a spiritual sense, masters who are here on this planet to give you information.  They are not attempting to take power away from you.  They are attempting to empower you.  They are not there to take your money away from you.  They are simply there to point the way.  To speak words of wisdom.  Those true masters, therre very few of them, ask nothing of you but they are there to give you everything.  And so you can listen to those others, bearing in mind that you have your own pathway to walk.  Some of those highly evolved beings who are incarnate on your planet at this point in time give freely of their knowledge and their wisdom.  They freely give advice.  They are not asking for anything in return.  They are working towards you going inside yourself, finding your true beingness. Consider, the pathway you walking, is it in line, in concert, with some of the pearls of wisdom that these incarnate masters divulged to you?  That  is your learning, free will choice.  So you know, you feel magnetised to walk your pathway.

Masters incarnate are giving you hints, advice, information, to help you make better choices.  So together you are in command of your own advancement.  Your own development.  Do not let people tell you that you have to develop as a spiritual being.  You are a spiritual being full stop.  What the lesson is all about is accepting that you are a spiritual being walking a physical pathway guided by spiritual laws, laws of the universe, and also it is worth remembering that you have to abide by the laws of the land.  Now that is not a complicated ask of you.  That is not complicated at all.  What we are saying to you is don’t listen out.  Listen in.  Don’t go out, go within.  Sit quietly, peacefully, hopefully in ecstasy and ask, ask your higher self;  ask yourself as a future ascended master …  did that sink in.? … ask yourself as a future ascended master to bring guidance, unerring guidance, to you now so that you walk your path with honesty and integrity, being your own free self, beholden to no one.  The only one you are beholden to is your true beingness, your true self, and the God Head.  Several times discarnate communicators have come to you to urge you to spend more and more time in peaceful, quiet, meditation.  We ask you to allocate not just sufficient time, but spend more and more time in meditation.  More and more time within, instead of going without and involving yourself in the hurlly-burly craziness of your planet.  You have it within you.

I have heard, overheard, some dear souls saying to this medium “how do I become more spiritiual”. We just gave you the answer to that.  We have overheard some dear souls saying to this medium, “why do I not have psychic powers”.  If you needed psychic powers to walk this present pathway you would already have them.  The fact that you haven’t got them simply means that you are not a requirement, not an aid, and are not needed for you to fulfill your present pathway.  Having what you describe as psychic powers has very little to do with the development of the true beingness that you are.  It is simply a running mate. As you develop yourself as a spiritual being you come to realise that you are attracting what you call psychic powers, you are attracting them to yourself.  It is part and parcel of what you are becoming.  So by the time you have completed not only this journey, but several other incarnations, you will become whole.  You will become One.  You will become Oneness.  You will be simply an energy entity that has all knowledge of all things.  But that takes time.  Takes many incarnations of trial and error.  The importance is that you learn lessons from those errors.  Do not repeat a mistake.  Above all do not give your power to anyone.  You are already everything.  You only need to make use of it.

And so I would like to say to you at this time, on your planet, if the entire planet appears to be in turmoil, you do not have to jump into that whirlpool with them.  You don’t have to jump into the turmoil and become part of it, and then wonder why your life is being pulled this way and that.  One of the little secrets is do not become emotionally involved in any of the third dimensional happenings.  It is as though you are entirely divorced from it.  That is the way it is meant to be.  You are meant to be a sovereign individual entirely divorced and unaffected by wars, terrorism, aggression,  and tragedies. Hold yourself apart from that.  Hold yourself aloof from that.  Only, only focus on all that is good, pure, and positive.  That way you will be constructing a pure positive pathway.  I feel my medium is tiring now, I must withdraw.  I will come again.  I will come again.  Thank you dear souls.  I sincerely hope that my words have assisted you in any and every way.  Good evening.


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