Aranuth Speaks: Bright & Positive Future: August 2018

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Hello everybody, it is so good to be back with another helpful message from the higher realms. Last month did not happen owing to an ongoing ear problem (hereditary ear problem) which prevented me from being able to focus sufficiently to bring through a clear message. A few dear souls asked why my healing guides did not step in and perform their healing magic. Well, there are several interlocking answers to that but it comes down to an important experience and lesson for me on my chosen pathway.

A few months ago I stated that with the rift in the European Union, the finance and monetary exchange between countries, and the value of accepted currencies one to another, would be considerably affected. I sense that there is more financial complications with acceptable currency exchange in the offing for those smaller nations and states who do not the the diversity of financial resources to weather the storm.  To accompany that several African states will undergo a “them versus us”, the haves and the have-nots, upheaval driven by the urgent needs of the neglected masses. Forefront will be government and big business entrenched corruption exposure.

Here in Australia we have a major portion of the country in very serious drought with long convoys of trucks and semi-trailers laden with donated hay wending their way across barren countryside to starving stock in the areas most in need.  Australian farmers and hay producers along with community based organisations have responded magnificently with donations of family food packages, stockfeeds, and money being quickly assembled and distributed. Bravo!  The Aussie spirit of ‘help your mate’ is alive and up and running. The Federal Government has been under fire for perceived insufficient assistance and lack of meaningful funding of relief efforts. We will overcome!



Well good evening dear friends.  It is most enjoyable to return to speak with you on such a propitious day.  I wonder how many of you realise that you now have passed the tipping point.  Well as previously experienced it would have appeared to many as an uphill climb.  You have now reached the apex of that energy and are now on a plateau which will be better with more wonderful things presenting themselves without you going downhill.  When I say tipping point, I would like you to understand that the tipping point is like a balanced weight operational for eons of time.  The human race has been advancing sometimes one step forward, two steps back.  It has been a difficult journey for most.  In that journey the Hosts of Heaven, what you would describe as the “Heavenly Hosts” have been there watching anonymously and silently to help you achieve what many of you thought was the unachievable.  It was always achievable!  It was always achievable but in your terms, it was a matter of time of advancement; of course here in the realms we don’t have ‘time’ but we know and understand your concept of time.  We know your time.  And we have watched you as you would say “time and time again”.

Trying to climb that mountain of evolution, of tipping time, not just spiritual evolution but physical and mental evolution.  All must evolve in sequence and in a consistent manner whether you can feel it or not;  whether you can sense it or not;  whether you know it or not.  The energy of the planet, the combined energy of all sentient things on your planet, has now not only approached, but has achieved the critical tipping point.  From this time onwards change will continue to happen to you personally, individually, as a group, and as a mass consciousness.  It is the mass consciousness that carries the most weight.  You have had an enormous amount of help from the Heavenly Hosts and from other great beings of Love and Light.  I am not just talking about spiritual beings; I am talking about those advanced beings who are more of a scientific mould.  They are on a scientific pathway of learning and evolution whereas most of you souls incarnate are on a spiritual advancement pathway.  Without the help of those scientific oriented beings your planet and yourselves would not be where it is today.  You would not be so advanced.  You see, the beings you would recall, are from the science realms and have been working diligently to change and alter your energies, the strength, the power, the depth, and the creative part of that energy.  You see they are on a learning mission too and they use the benefits of their learning, of their knowledge, to assist you.

You will find now that things will manifest much faster in your life.  It will become almost, you think it and it arrives!  There are many souls incarnate now who are doing precisely that.  Think it and it manifests in an instant.  You will notice, each and every one of you will notice, an increase, a heightened energy.  You will feel a joy, a happiness flowing over you.  Joy and happiness that you have never felt before.  That is because you have entered the new realm.  The new upgraded realm.  Now, it’s not all over yet.  There are still many things on your planet that are still enmeshed in its own outworking and out work it must!  I would like to advise you to be pleasant, be peaceful, be happy; do not allow yourself to dwell on negatives.  Look for a positive in everything.  Become a positive being.  Become a peaceful, compassionate, caring, positive, energy being.  Because it is the combined energies of the masses of the population that create the mass consciousness which is the great engine which you drive, not only for your own advancement but the advancement of your planet and everything upon it.

Previously, other souls have come, other masters have come, to speak with you and advise you of the energy that fills and surrounds every single form on your planet, including the planet itself.  Everything has a consciousness.  Your rocks, your trees, your lakes, your fields, all have its own consciousness.  Of course the degree of consciousness can be so miniscule in some cases so as to be unable to be observed however, everything, every single thing, has a degree of consciousness.  The consciousness of the entirety of the population, the mass consciousness, affects, as you are aware, it affects everything; it affects the consciousness of Allness of the Oneness of everything: so to drive your planet, to drive your beingness forward, upward, clearer, finer, you must be in a state of positivity; and coupled with the positivity you must have as a running mate, you must have peace, compassion, tolerance, understanding, because these are all slices of the pie that you describe as the consciousness of the All.

So, it is my pleasure to come to you today to advise you of a much happier, much more pleasant, much more peaceful, future if you call it. A future that is gradually coming your way.  It is coming your way because the mass consciousness of the planet is attracting it.  The mass consciousness of the planet attracts everything.  The stronger, purer, more positive, the consciousness so too will there be more positive practical, peaceful future and present because your present is the future.  And your future is the present.  There is no delineation.  It is one, it is all Onenss.  So, we could say to you, I and others, other beings in the realms, congratulate you on achieving this level.  Even though many of you were unaware that they were actually achieving anything when they are immersed in daily physical, solid matter things, which appear solid but are actually passing, passing energy, passing things, passing experiences, passing lessons, there is nothing there that is of permanence, except that the results, the benefits, you have achieved; that benefit is practical and solid.  I would like to suggest to you that if you now go forward peacefully but determinedly.  Be determined that you will exude a powerful air of positivity which will promote growth, personal growth, individual growth, soul growth, and because you, as a individual, your growth combined with the growth of others becomes the growth of the entire planet and every single thing upon it.  Yes, you have achieved and passed a milestone which is not stepping stone, it has passed almost unnoticed, not un-felt because many souls have felt an improvement in their life in their surroundings, in their energy, and I would encourage you all to continue along that same vein, that same stream; continue along that.  Yes we will have hurdles to surmount but they are only there as a learning experience.  They are not there to knock you down, hold you back.  There are there for you to find a way to overcome, to conquer them, and if you feel that you are not having success in overcoming these obstacles let me assure there is always a way around them.  You may come back to that experience, that lesson another time but for this time you may find a way around them.  So I would say to you be positive.  Be peaceful.  Be caring.  Be understanding.  Know that you are loved.  Know that you might be like a grain of sand on the beach but every grain of sand on that beach is known and loved.  So now I will wish you very well, very well indeed.  Good evening and thank you my dear, dear friends.


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