Aranuth Speaks October 2019 The death and dying transition.

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Another month passes by with the cosmic energy having some very strange effects on some dear souls incarnate. For myself, I have experienced electrical appliances going haywire and breaking down one after the other; thank goodness it is over now and I am getting back to some form of normalcy … if such a thing as normalcy exists.

It was so nice to attend, with many other people, the Cairns Spiritual Centre for a social event remembering our very popular past secretary Dot Sweeting. Dot was such a beautiful soul who left her lovely individual impression on everyone she came in contact with: Dot will remain in my heart as a wonderful soul and friend.

The Message:

Well Good Evening Everyone. How amusing it is to hear your conversation. I was eavesdropping, hhhmn? You were talking on death and dying. I find it amusing, I find it amusing that you talk of dying. You talk of death. There is no dying or death. I would prefer, and I would suggest, that you use the term transitioning. Now transitioning is all-encompassing. Transitioning covers many aspects of altering, changing and we could include dying and death, however, the word dying, the word death, conjures up negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative images, when in fact it is a most beautiful transition. Now, you souls incarnate seem to have in-bred in you this fear of dying. The fear of transitioning to a beautiful place. This fear you have of letting go of this very insecure third-dimensional reality, which is in all reality, only a workshop, it’s only your playground, it is where you work, it’s where you learn. Now if you would, use your brain, you should be communicating with your guides, with your higher self, every moment that you are here on your earth plane; you should be asking for direction. Asking for help. Asking for assistance.

Goodness, how many times do we in the realms say to you simply “Ask”, simply Ask. We are listening. We are listening all of the time. Ask the question. Ask the question and you will receive guidance. It may not be a verbal answer but you will receive the answer. As I previously mentioned, I suggest to you that you dis-use those words, dying and death; and that sombre, awesome, heavy feeling associated with it, and feel bright and happy like you would when you are farewelling friends and relatives away on their vacation whether it be overseas or where ever. You are happy for them then. You are joyful for them then. Why are you not joyful for them when they pass over? When they transition to a much, much, more beautiful place .. with exceptions, there are exceptions. A much, much more beautiful place than this earth plane here.

Now I would like to talk to you about this transition. I realise it might be difficult for many of you to fully grasp, fully understand, what the transition is all about. So what I am going to do is, I am going to use the analogy of doors, two doors. I am going to use the analogy of two doors. Now with this analogy of doors, you are here, on the third dimensional, solid matter plane, your workshop to learn. To experience and learn. Now when you transition bang (loud clap) the door slams shut behind you. The door to this 3D reality is very unstable. It is an illusion. You slam the door on this illusional reality and you find yourself facing a door of the true reality. Now I would like you to consider this very carefully, there is one door that opens into another reality. Now again, to qualify that further by saying one door that opens into a myriad, a myriad of realities. I would like you to understand this. The door to the third dimension slams shut, you can’t come back. The door to other dimensions stands in front of you and opens. Now, individual souls will go to various and differing realities when they transition. It is not as though you are all lumped in together in one vibratory level. That’s incorrect. The door that opens to the true reality, you and each and every individual person will find there, the entry to each and every individual level. Which most times will be already populated with souls on a similar level to the one that you are. But all souls do not go to the same reality. That is a transition.

So the transition is one threshold between two doors. The door to the third dimension slams shut behind you and you cross the threshold and you go through the door to the reality. You go through that door to the dimension that you are best suited to. Now, I would like to clarify another point. I would like you to understand that when you go into your dimension there is a space. There is a space should we say, like a secure, serene, sterile environment. Now, this is the waiting room where your guides, family, friends, and people who have passed over before you and are in this realm. They can come back to this shall we say reception, waiting room, where you can spend time with them. Greeting them. Conversing with them. Exchanging Love. But, keep this in mind. They must return to their reality, at their level of advancement.

You must move on to your reality, your level. That level has been prepared for you. Now, once you shall we say, access your own dimensional level, where you are meant to be, you will be surprised because you have had time in that waiting room with friends, family and guides and when you into your own reality, your own vibrational level, not only is your own guide but other guides there to accompany you, to assist you. There are also other guides who are very much advanced, very much evolved. Now they may or may not be as shall we say, special added support for you. That would be determined at the moment you pass over. It would be determined how much support you will need.

Now, there is no real hocus-pocus or smoke and mirrors associated with moving into another realm. As a matter of fact, it is surprisingly simple. It is amazingly simple. You will find that after you leave the visiting room, the waiting room, they will take you into the next dimension to where you are now going to reside for now and they will escort you to the hall. It’s a Hall of Records where you will be comfortably seated, and you will then be allowed to see, review, every second of the life that you just transitioned from. You re-live it. Every second of your life in that incarnation that just ended.

Now, when you are in the hall of records, you may call it the Akash, you will find a surprise, surprise, surprise. You will be able to sit back and view that entire life, and it is you, you, who will judge yourself, what you did very nicely, what you did that was not so very nice. You will see where you have missed opportunities, you will find where you have grasped opportunities ….. No one judges you. No one judges you except yourself. You are your own judge. So after the movie, shall we say of your previous life has ended, you will find guides, some of them incredibly compassionate, who will then escort you to, usually the garden. You may call that Garden of Eden. You will be escorted to the garden, you will be allowed to wander freely in the garden, you will be watched and observed apparently by unseen, unseen beings of love and light. The guides will be watching you, waiting for you, and sensing every emotion, every feeling. They sense you.

So while you were there in the garden, you will have time to come to terms with your previous life and how you walked that pathway. As I said no one judges you except yourself. So after you have had some time in the garden, and you have come to terms and accepted, accepted totally, what your previous life was, every experience and lesson included. And when those guides feel you are ready they will immediately escort you to Summerland. Summerland.

And in Summerland: Summerland is, wait for it, Summerland is whatever you want it to be. Where ever you feel the most comfortable. Where ever you feel the energy of Love and Happiness and Joy. And you are thrilled to be there. Like every other individual, like they have entered individual and separate surroundings. Because they envision and create that beautiful reality with the assistance of the guides. They create their own version of Summerland. Now, in Summerland, many, many souls, not only reside there but they sometimes feel that they do not want to move ahead from there because they are happy, they are content. It is a place of Love. A place of Joy. A place of happiness. It is all there for you. It is all there. It is all there for you. However, according to the Prime Source, the Godhead, the Monad, you will be continually offered, offered I say, offered the chance to progress as a soul and to become something far greater than what you presently are.

You do not have to accept every advancement made to you. Every opportunity. We have a great number of souls who have literally “set up camp” in their chosen Summerland. They do not wish to go any further. However, it will come to pass when they realise that if they want to truly evolve and become higher evolved they must prepare for another incarnation, another earth walk. Now, let me tell you the earth walk that they prepare for is not necessarily on your third-dimensional, solid matter, planet. There are alternatives. They are other alternatives. Not just a few but many alternatives. Now, they may choose where it is that they need to return to experience and advance but first, but first, they will need training and in the realms, the guides, the higher evolved beings, will train groups of souls, and they prepare these souls for their return to incarnation on whatever level they wish to incarnate on. Which ever level is best suited to their plan of experience and learning. They are not always returning to this third-dimensional realm. There are others.

You will have possibly heard that in the realms, we have been preparing an alternative earth, another earth. Yes, that’s correct. That is correct! There are great beings of Love and Light who sit at the feet of the Monad. They create constantly, they create another planet, another level, another vibration, another reality, for you to choose to go to, to learn, to advance and become a much more beautiful and experienced soul. So there are rewards even for those there are souls who appear to be stuck in Summerland. It will come to pass. They will be offered many times. They will be offered the opportunity to train, to learn, to prepare themselves for another incarnation and if and when they have decided that they do wish to re-incarnate there are wise souls there beside them who will assist them to plan of the experiences and lessons on their forthcoming incarnation. And so once they have chosen their pathway, their experiences, their lessons, their families, their economic, and geographical situations and location of the family that they wish to incarnate into, then we go to see them off. Wish them well. Wave goodbye. Much similar in the way you would go to your airport and you would wave goodbye to your friends and families as they go to visit a far off land. Land of new challenges and opportunities.

And so you see, that is the circle. The cycle. Souls need to understand whether they are incarnate or not. Incarnate or discarnate, they need to understand. Life is a cycle. A circle. Around and around we go. Round and round we go. Birth, life, transition, until each soul has reached, attained, a level where they don’t really need to learn much more huh? But that’s a fallacy! Every soul needs to learn much more.

Because dear friends, life, life in the realms, it is eternal. Continually growing and expanding. The parameters are continually expanding. There will never be a time when any soul, regardless of how advanced, will ever reach the parameters, the boundaries, the finish line. So, because as they approach that, it will expand again which you will realise that is because that is the way of the Prime Source. It just keeps expanding and growing … and so too must you keep expanding. Keep growing. Don’t look at experiences on your third-dimensional planet as a hardship. Look at as opportunities for you to put into play your creative power to create, manifest, and overcome, to overcome everything.

This 3D reality is your workshop. This land of solid matter, of third-dimension, this is where you will be tested to see how strong you have become. You will put into operation, are you remembering everything, are you putting it into operation. Are you achieving? Are you advancing? And dear souls, like having an individual tutor, your guide or guides, advanced beings, will be at your side for every step of the way. Every step of the way.

And so dear friends I will bid you adieu for now. I will be back. I will return. I will be back again and again and again. So, God Bless you all. I wish you well on your journey. Good Evening.

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