Aranuth Speaks September 2019 – Walking the difficult pathway.

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Time and water pass under the bridge as we walk our pathway buffeted by the energy of constant change: “Keep on keeping on” is the encouraging call from exalted beings from the higher realms.

The manner in which a couple of positive people keep their daily life on the upswing is by speaking out loud an affirmation such as: “Gratitude is my attitude in every moment of every day”: And … “Wake up, Get up, dress up, and show up”. There must be several more similar to the above that energises peoples daily life.

Everywhere around us we see and experience many things both sensate and insensate either breaking down or altering and changing. The important thing is to allow, to go with the flow knowing that All really is in Divine Order.


Good evening children. I have come this day to speak with you about the condition, the state of your planet and suggest to you what you may do to salvage, salvage your planet before it is too late, before there is not too much left to salvage. Many years ago when I was last incarnate, I was the leader of a tribe that was constantly at war, engaged in acts of aggression with many other tribes. Even though we were considered by your standards, to be primitive human beings this day and age, some consider us to be animalistic. That was not always the way. Tribes fought to preserve their grounds. Their hunting grounds. The areas where they farmed, fished, hunted and collected. We had to protect our lands or see our people starve. That was the main reason for aggression, skirmishes, war. We were not that primitive that we were not able to sit down together, feast together, and discuss what should be done for the common good for all tribes. That meeting was a grand success with the far greater majority of tribes observing the conditions of the treaty and adhering to them. In that manner we retained our rights to fish, to hunt, to grow. Now, many centuries later, we from the realms, observe similar things happening to your planet where you have nations and states fighting over the spoils. The spoils. Many nations and states have envy. Envy! They are envious of the resources and wealth, the food and water that other nations own. We see that at present there are those greedy ones who not only want their share, they want everyone else’s share; they want the other nations share as well because they have uncontrollable greed. The greed has accelerated to such an extent that now nations are conducting wars to take other nations food, fish, animals, and water.

I would like to tell you, fresh clean water will be the prize that some aggressive nations will be aiming to capture. Your planet is becoming drained of water. It is being misused, being overused. It is not being held for the health, well-being, and livelihood of the population as it was meant to be. You have your military warriors, and you have your ecological warriors. Where you are now the state of your planet is in flux. It is in danger. Your planet is in dire straits. It is in danger. What is the solution? The solution does not appear to be leaders sitting down feasting and making wise decisions that will suit every nation and all of the populations. We did that successfully. The leaders of your realm, your planet, will not. Some will resort to armed aggression. Wars. To steal what is not rightfully theirs.

The people of this planet have a weapon that the aggressors cannot use. That weapon is the immense power of Love and Light. The population of your planet, instead of taking up arms, should take up the sending, the radiation, of love and light. You may believe me when I say Love and Light is the most powerful, most potent, weapon on your planet. It is there for you to use. I, and the brotherhood, would recommend that you use it often. Your outbreaks of aggression and war can be contained. Can be contained! Can be stopped spreading and involving other numerous other nations. However, the greedy ones will still be there behind the scenes, wanting to send their warriors forth to steal from other nations. If enough souls incarnate spend enough time sending considerable amounts, volumes, waves, of Love and Light to those leaders and to those powerful greedy ones, your planet will return to one of stability. It is not much use directing the power of Love and Light to individuals or groups of armed aggressors. It is their leaders. It is the greedy ones. The warmongers. They are the ones that should be the recipients of your finely focused and directed Love and Light.

Yes, you will encounter, tragic circumstances, you will encounter tragedies, you will also encounter your planet shuddering, shaking, in an attempt to throw off, to discard the negative energies that permeate and penetrate her. There will be a time: There will be a time of peace. Not so much as a universal peace but a wave of peace between the powerful nations and we will see your planet return to one of peace, of harmony, of sharing, of caring. However, before your planet gets to that goal, there will be much to be overcome. There will be much violence, wars, transgressions. There will be wealthy nations beside poverty-stricken nations. This is where you need to send your energy. Your healing energy. Your loving energy. It needs to be directed to the leaders. To the leaders of your nations and planet. They are the ones who are in control of the entire world situation. Some of those leaders are not aware that the pathway they walk is already littered with traps. They will fall. They will be replaced with better, wiser, more competent leaders. However, this will not happen in the short term.

What we see is one of the wisest things that all of the populations of all nations can do is guard carefully your freshwater supplies. Guard carefully your food supplies. Greedy aggressive leaders of other nations and the powerful men behind them are known to subjugate whole nations. To starve them of water and food. That is one of the goals that is being placed, one of the plans being put in place right now by the greedy ones. Those men in power. You can stop that. You can subvert that. Firstly, by protecting your own country. Protecting your own water. Protecting your own food. Ensuring that your leaders are attuned with your desires. And you must send powerful Love and Light to those men of power, the greedy ones, and those in elected and unelected positions of power and authority.

Dear ones, know that down the path where you cannot see at present, lies many things, many happenings, in shape of tragedies and disasters of the nation and the state and that the persons in power, those in a position of power, they know not the fate that awaits them. So you may take solace in the fact that where your Love and Light may not have the desired effect on the pathway of those in power it has pitfalls arranged long ago to assist you in your cause. I tell you these things as information. I tell you these things for you to ponder. I tell you these things not to frighten you, not to put fear out there, but to appraise you of the solemnity of your planets situation. Your arms, your armaments, the most powerful ones are the ability that the human collective has to radiate Love and Light all across the planet; and yes, in decades to come, you will reap the benefits of your efforts of this day.

I thank you for your listening. I thank you for your ear. I thank you for your consideration of my words. I have come a considerable distance. Not from the highest realms, but from a realm we are presently constructing. The realm that we are presently constructing you would class as your ideal. You have heard about the so-called “other realm”. Another dimension that we are at present constructing is another world. It is not a third dimensional world. We are endevouring to fill it with a much higher vibration. Yes, it may resemble your present planet but no, it will be one of Love and Light, of peace, of good health, of happiness. I return now to take up my duties constructing that realm in readiness for those of you who have desired passage to that realm. I thank you. I send blessings, many, many blessings. Thank you dear ones.

Peace and Happiness, Malcolm.

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