Mother Mary’s Message to the World.

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Hello Everyone;

This is the first message for the year and oh boy what a beauty. The year 2015 ended with the implementation of some very potent energies which had a devastating effect on many souls all across the planet; I was not excluded from the clearance of the old paradigm and the installation of the new. Over the period of November and December, and up until near the end of January, my physical body underwent some unexpected and bewildering changes however, everything is pretty much back on track.

Many spiritually aware friends and associates experienced similar changes, which at times, were quite difficult for them to bear during the downloading and accommodation of the different energy paradigm. The changes differed greatly from one to another depending upon the individuals level of advancement already attained. Some experienced great strides in their awareness and psychic abilities; some only noticed the physical discomfort. More than a few experienced, sometimes dramatically, career changes, income flow, material things, long-held friendships etc disappearing before their very eyes … and wondered  if all was right with this world .. or themselves.

The evening that I channeled this message (Friday 28th Jan) commenced with a feeling of a vastly different energy surrounding and filling the premises, coupled the uniqueness of the audience’s kaleidoscopic energy blend. The energy waxed and waned like a harvest moon all evening. For two full days following the channeling session I was “whacked out”, in what can only be described as a lethargic state. Several acquaintances and associates phoned to tell me that they were experiencing similar sensations.


Good Evening children.  Greetings and blessings.  I welcome you here this evening knowing that you also welcome me.  As previously promised, I have much to impart to you on this auspicious occasion.

You are already aware that there has been large changes and alterations in the vibratory frequency of the energy that is striking your planet and  permeating your beingness.  Your planet; the reason why I have chosen this evening to speak with you is, because from where I am, I observe that the energy has aligned prior to my coming on this day of your time.  Prior to this moment, the energies were not aligned sufficiently enough for me to communicate with you to reveal the information that I have chosen to impart to you.  It is not my intention: it is not my intention to bring fear into your lives and into your being-ness, but it is of vital importance that I bring to you, at this time, knowledge and information so that you may prepare yourself for your future.

Your planet: the state of your planet; it is in a most parlous situation; one of much concern.  It has been decided, the decision has been taken, that no longer can we hold back on what is written.  There has been an insufficient display of positivity, insufficient light, insufficient love, all across your planet to give us reason to delay what is now inevitable.  Again, I would like to say, I am not here to bring fear; I am here to bring knowledge to prepare you as of this moment for the burst of energy, that could be likened to flood gates that have been opened, to allow the release of what now must take place.  All across your planet the accumulation of centuries of negativity, violence, depression, wars, greed, and control has darkened, it has darkened the light that shines upon souls on this planet causing great distress for the peoples of all nations.

You are now about to become witness to accelerated earth changes.  There will be seemingly never ending fires, floods, earthquakes, weather extremes, diseases and other similar tragedies.  Many, many tragedies will befall this planet as this planet has now been set free and has been allowed to cleanse itself of all that has assailed it.  There are numerous countries, nations, and states, geographical areas which will take precedence over others with the cleansing process.  Many of your nations now face dire financial difficulties and hardships: many of your nations do not have the resources to cover the debts that they foolishly incurred through their excessive greed and avarice.

You dear souls can consider yourself quite fortunate that your life, the pathway that you presently walk, will not be affected to any severe extent.  There will be hardships of course: there will be many hardships that you will have to bear; but I ask you to bear this in positivity, love, and light  knowing absolutely that you are watched over and cared for at all times. I would like to reassure you that you are known: each and every one of you are known; each and every one of you are valued.  Each and every one of you will be cared for no matter what circumstances may prevail.

It would be of great benefit to you to spend more and more time in quiet contemplation and mediation focusing your light, your love, on all of the planet, each and every area that requires it.  On the subject of contemplation, I would ask you to spend that period of quiet reflection strengthening your communication with those energy beings from the higher evolved realms that you call “higher beingness”.  It is imperative that you strengthen and solidify your connection, your two-way communication, with the higher beings so that you will un-mistakeably understand the guidance that you will receive, even though it may seem at times to not fit in with your current perception of your planned pathway.  Just know absolutely that the prompting, the guidance, that you receive is accurate as well as kind and loving.

You will be positioned, re-positioned: you will be guided to change many things about your entire beingness which will assist you to survive comfortably the changes that will affect this planet. You are going to witness more wars, more terrorism, more aggression, more killings, more attempts to control the masses, and more greed.  This cannot be helped: this is the result of the actions and the negative energies emanated by your leaders, as well as many souls in the general populace.  One of the most beneficial things that you can do is sit still and quiet: accept and allow what is happening to and around you; be grateful; be thankful for what you have; not forgetting to share your abundance with those less fortunate than yourself.  Assist them: assist those who ask for your help or assistance.  There are many areas of your planet that desperately need help and assistance to fulfill the lesson plan on their pathway; their chosen life plan.

However, there are many groups, institutions, governments, and organizations, driven by absolute greed, who have controlled not only the wealth of the planet, but they seek to, and already have, taken control of your very life blood; your food production and distribution; your water; your medicines.  In their greed, they have withheld vital foods, water, medicines, knowledge, and technology.  They have withheld so very much from those deserving souls across the planet, and now the time has come for quite a number of those organizations and institutions to reap the harvest of their greed and negative actions.  Leaders, governments, and organizations will falter: they will stumble; they will fall; they will cause financial and other forms of hardship across the majority of your planet.

Among the forerunners of those organizations are those who deem themselves to be christian and various other religions, who have over many centuries accumulated great wealth; and hoarded that wealth at the expense of the population of many needy nations. The peoples that they claim to help, they have withheld from and deprived them of a rightful share of abundance.  Their greed, is no larger, no smaller than many other organizations, institutions, and governments. I came, many of your earth years ago, and I did speak to young children. I gave them information and messages designed to assist the planet, designed to encourage those organizations to share equally the hoarded abundance of your planet.  In their excessive greed they chose to ignore my message and to continue to hoard great wealth, to withhold much needed resources; and now such things cannot be tolerated any further.

Unfortunately, it would seem that many innocent souls will be affected by the cleansing of your planet.  I would like you to bear in mind all of this has been foreseen and allowance made for.  Each and every soul incarnate has a part to play, and on a level other than this physical solid matter level. We in the realms understand the part that they must play in the cleansing and re-balancing of the planet.  You may look upon some souls as undergoing great suffering and hardship.  This has all been taken into account.  Each and every one of those souls knew and was prepared for this before they became incarnate and participated in this, this re-alignment and cleansing of the planet.

I bring you good tidings: I wish to inform you that each and everyone of you are known.  Each and every soul incarnate who has stayed true will be rewarded for their progress by being gathered in: great beings of light are already gathering in the worthy. Great beings of love and light are gathering those worthy souls in like a shepherd gathers his flock; they will be well cared for. Other souls incarnate who have chosen not to do the work, not to advance, not to grow, but to simply participate in this game of life, will reap their own outcomes.  We have prepared in advance spaces where we will draw the worthy ones into like a protective, like a protective space and state.  Other souls? Yes, we care for them but we can only assist and accommodate them as they wish to be accommodated or at the level that they have earned.

There is no judgement here.  It just is.  From time immemorial, every soul upon this planet has had free will choice.  At any time and during any incarnation they could have made another choice; a better choice.  They could have chosen for themselves.  Some did.  Unfortunately, the greater mass of humanity chose not to.  All is in Divine Order.  And so, again I say to you, fear not.  Continue on your pathway.  Send love and light to one and all; to everything, caring, helping, and assisting wherever possible whenever asked.  You need not do any more than that.  I would suggest that you support and strengthen your family, your community, especially your community of like-minded souls, because you will find strength in numbers.  You will find strength: you will find support; you will find hope … given and received lovingly for your community.

Do not judge other races, other souls, other nations, other states; they are all on their chosen pathway.  Many highly evolved beings, beings from the Totality of the Oneness – not simply from what you call the spiritual stream, a galactic stream, or any other perceived stream – are watching and carefully guiding you.  There is only Oneness: no separation.  It would be beneficial for you to accept the fact that there is only Oneness, the Source is Oneness.  All is One.  All is One!

You will become aware in coming days of various events, earth changes, alterations, tragedies: I wish to reassure you once more that everything is working out according to the Divine Grand Plan which makes provision to accommodate various changes to the life plan of your planet.  I would ask you to go quietly and in peace: live in peace without judgement or criticism and with acceptance and in alignment with the total energy of the Source.

I will come again at a future date to once more inform, guide, and assist you on your journey.  I bring abundance of blessings, not only from the Creator Source but from many great souls on high.  God bless. Good evening. Thank you.  I am honored to be in attendance.  w



  1. Thank you Malcolm for your loving commitment to being the channel for this Archangelic being Mary and bringing through her message to humanity.

    Bless you


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