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Project a Positive Attitude: Cairns Nov 2015.


With so many happenings world wide, all of which could be judged as “good” or “bad”, it is far better to ignore the negative aspects of our criticisms and judgements and concentrate more on a positive outcome in every instance. Instead of being negatively expressed”against” some thing (war, terrorism, depression, famine, diseases, etc) it would be better if we chose to be positively “for” something – such as individually or collectively meditating to send out positive, caring, compassionate, and uplifting thoughts; along with unconditional love and light to every situation, we just might manifest a better world in a very short period of time.

The fusion of our combined thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, which we call the Human Energy Field, is perpetually creating the quantum reality within and around us at every moment. We can positively change the planet if the critical mass of souls (or even a few dedicated souls) put their energy to it. Let’s us believe it and achieve it!

The Cairns channeling session was well attended and Aranuth’s message very well received. It was very noticeable right from the beginning that the room was encased in a bubble of higher vibrating light energy which also attracted entities from higher realms.


Well good evening everyone. Aranuth at your service. I would like to welcome all of my brother and sisters of the light; welcome you here to this house of light.  What I wish to talk to you about this evening is a matter of some importance.  Actually, what we are talking about is of grave importance to you; to you souls incarnate, on this physical realm.  We in the higher realms, a higher and finer realm, may appear to be quite distant from you however, we are never far away.  We are only one thought away.  Even though our “residence” you might say, is a considerable distance away vibrationally speaking, we are still only a thought away.

We in the realms do not need to tell you what condition your planet is in.  The reason is, in this less than wished for condition, it can be sheeted home directly to the thoughts, the words, the deeds, of souls incarnate.  We in the realms did not engineer this.  Those in realms higher than us did not engineer this.  The Creator energy, the Creator light, did not engineer this.  Souls incarnate did.  So, I could say quite safely that is is all in your head; under your control.  It is your responsibility.  Not just you souls present here this evening but all souls across the world whether they hear my words or not, have to accept responsibility for the state of this planet, this vibrationary level.  I do not need to tell you that this level, this illusion, as I see it, this level was created by you, not by us.  Not by the Creator.  It was created by you.  It was created for you as a place of expression.  Souls embodied in a physical vehicle here to express themselves, to learn, to grow.  Some are growing, some are stagnant, and some even appear to be going backwards.

Every time we look at your planet we see wars, floods, terrorism, starvation, disease, depression, we see all of this.  We do not need to ask who is responsible for this.  The ones responsible for this are those who created this planet, they created this illusion, they created this playing field for them to experience, to learn, to grow.  So, all souls now incarnate, souls of past incarnations, can now see where they missed golden opportunities to change the planet.  When they return in a future, what you call your future, incarnation, they will have another opportunity to experience and learn.

The way ahead, if you do not mind myself and my brotherhood pointing this out to you, the way ahead is for you to change your attitude, change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change it all from one of judgement and negativity and instead put a positive spin on everything; and if you find that you cannot do that alone I would suggest that you simply sit still and quiet, radiate, send out, thoughts of divine love and divine light.  Not spoken, not focused on any one group, any one nation, any one event, just send out the love and the light.  Now that’s the simplicity of it, that the simplicity of it.

You see you have heard myself and my brotherhood say many times all is one, one is all.  No one thing moves without affecting everything.  One thought resounds across the universe, across the cosmos, and affects all. Even though you may not see the result of your thoughts, your judgements,  every thing feels it, and I am talking about the human, the animal kingdom, even the very earth you walk upon registers that.  Sit on a rock, think a negative thought, and the rock absorbs that.  Walk across your earth thinking negative thoughts, the earth absorbs that; and conversely, conversely.  think thoughts of love, of light, compassion, tolerance, understanding, think thoughts of those higher values and the One-ness, the All-ness, records it and resounds to it.

Now I understand that you may have a little bit of difficulty fully grasping that but there really is nothing to grasp in that concept.  That concept is very simple.  Every thought, every feeling, that you emanate or radiate will be recorded and will be effective across the Oneness and the All-ness.  The reason why you have wars and terrorism and pestilence, and disease, is the collective negative thought.  The collective of negative thought, negative vibration, emanated by souls incarnate all across the planet. The accumulated power of that negativity strikes the Oneness, the All-ness and ultimately affects your planet.

What we are here this evening for is to suggest to you that throughout your life, this earth walk, this pathway that you walk, it would greatly assist yourself, your community, your nation, your planet, if, instead of judging situations, people, etc as good or bad, instead of standing in judgement where you may have negative thoughts, and if you do not entertain them, you do not express them, you do not put them into action, they will fall flat sooner or later because they are not empowered.  Now I would like you to think upon that word empowered.  How do you empower your positive thought.  It’s very simple.  Very simple.  It is similar, similar to the process of manifestation.  Now you all at some time or other, and some continuously, wish to manifest all manner of things in your life.  How do you do that?  Well, the way for a manifestation to come into effect is (A) have a heart felt desire (B) empower that desire, empower it, want it want it badly, see it in your life; see it become manifest; see it become solid and real. Solid in your third dimensional realm.

And so to is it with your wish to send out distant and absent healing.  You can send healing to anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. Desire it, desire that to become effective, to become manifest; empower that desire by constantly focusing on a positive outcome;  a positive aspect.  So if you wish to manifest things large or small in your life desire it from your heart; empower it, want it.  Want it.  See it in effect.  See it materialize.  When you empower it with positivity you are calling it in.  Healing, send it out as a heart felt plea, empower it.  Desire it and see it come into effect.  If there is a geographical area in the world that is undergoing a tragedy whether it be what you call “natural tragedy” whether it be starvation, war, or terrorism, desire peace and do not send negative thoughts by a judgement of who is right or who is wrong.  Send out a positive thought for all of that, all that is not of the light, to disappear.  It is really simple.  Send out a heart felt feeling, a heart felt prayer, that you want the light to shine most powerfully in those areas, those places, those people, that situation, you desire that light to overpower everything so that every thing becomes love and light.  Empower that.  Empower that by spending time sending out that thought, that heart felt feeling that you wish to call in the light to overcome that situation and turn it from one of negativity to one of positivity; to transmute the dark and transform it into light.  You can do that.  You can do that quite easily.  You know you can.  However, it takes a little practice.  Because it has to become a habit. It has to become a habit in your life. Habit! You see a situation, send light to it, send love and light.  Get into that habit.  All humans are of course human.  You have all of these perceived draw backs but they are not draw backs.  Opportunities!  The name of them is opportunities.  When you see a situation of negativity, this is an opportunity for you to rise above the dross, the muck, the mud of the third dimension, this  dimension of solid matter, and send love and light.  Think only of the light.  Emanate, radiate, only love and light.

As you understand, some things have been written.  Many things that happen across your planet have been written and set in stone.  They must happen, they must happen because the world and the people of the world need to see.  They need to see right in their face that this is the consequences of their negative thoughts, words, and deeds.  They all, the souls of this planet, come to realize that everything that is happening on this planet is the result of your collective thoughts, beliefs, words, actions, and attitudes.  Then you will see the error of your ways.  Now that in itself is not a negative.  That in itself is a grand positive because the lesson has presented itself to you.  Recognize the opportunity to move away from the darkness, from the negativity, and move to the light because you see there is only light.  There is only “light”.  Anything that is not of the light is destined to decay and crumble.

Now I would like to revisit some of the tragic events that are happening across your planet.  Why are they happening?  As I have just spoken, anything that is not constructed of light, and is of the light, is destined to decay, crumble, collapse, dust to dust, because it was built on a false premise, a false  foundation; built on negativity which in itself is destined to decay and crumble.  The more souls incarnate who live in the light, radiate light, choose to assist the planet and everything on it, are radiating light to turn the planet into a light of solidity.  Light of solidity: planet of solidity.  If it is not of the light, believe me, it is going to decay, crumble, and collapse.  You have seen civilizations go through that; you have seen towns and cities go through that; you have seen armies built on negativity, fear, and aggression which is not of the light. Sooner or later they will decay, crumble, and become a nothing.  So what I would like to tell you souls, if you are not already consciously aware of it, is it doesn’t matter really.  If you continue living on this planet.  If you pass over and come home to the realms, well, that is simply the end of that earth walk, on this earth plane, that earth pathway, for you.  But for the entirety of humanity, sadly, that would be the end of your opportunity for you to learn.  It would be the end of your lessons.  The end of a golden opportunity for you to rise above it.

You souls being do not belong here.  The souls essence, the being-ness within you, does not belong here.  Your physical body belongs on this physical planet.  Your soul being-ness simply inhabits an embodiment so that it may experience, learn and grow.  So if you lose this body and lose this planet, so what.  Your soul being-ness goes back to the realms and it will look for another opportunity to come to another reality regardless of what level it is on.  But all those souls essence, those beings, will choose what is best for them.  They wish to reincarnate, they may reincarnate on any number of vibratory levels, not necessarily ones similar to this.  Although, I must tell you, there are more than a few realms similar to this.  Souls of this planet who have already passed over and gone into the realms are already choosing to reincarnate on these other planets, these other realms, to continue with their lesson plan.  To continue to learn, to grow, to advance.  But why go through all that when you are here to do it now.  Why waste this golden opportunity.  Why not project your energy; project the energy of love and light and be of assistance to your brothers and sisters all across the planet, and of course of the planet itself.

Now I did say be of assistance.  Well you understand what assistance is.  You do not have to go out and physically do something.  You can simply sit quiet within your own energy field, within your own energy being-ness, and radiate good thoughts, good wishes, feelings of love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and understanding.  If you sit quiet and radiate that, send it out to All That Is, not just to one pokey little corner of the planet,  send it out to All That Is and that means not just this planet, it means All There Is!  The Oneness.  The All-ness.  That is where you come from. That is where you belong.  You belong in the Oneness, in the All-ness.  You are all sparks of the Creators light so you can be of great assistance.  Hmm, not just great assistance, but of service.  Service.

Dear souls you are not here simply to take.  You are not here simply to have your higher self or other guides  to tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  It is your learning pathway.  So why not be of assistance? Why not be of service?  Why not be love and light and service to the All-ness, to the Oness?  Everything?  Now we do not say that as a criticism but merely to prompt you, to prompt your memory, we have to prompt your memory of who and what you really are.  You are not this physical body.  You are going to discard this one day just like you have discarded dozens of others; you just discard it, you dump it, dump it.  It’s only a old overcoat.  The being-ness that you truly are will never die.  I will say that again.  The being-ness that you are, the spark of the Creator’s light, will never dim or die.  So, while you are here learning, why not recognize, why not acknowledge, the fact that you have power, you have tremendous power to change; to change the entire structure of your planet and every aspect of it if you so desire, individually and collectively; it is very, very simple.  The more souls who send out heart felt feelings, heart felt desires, to know peace, happiness, abundance; the more you focus on that, the more you call for that to become embedded in this planet; the more chance there is of that happening. You may only be, or you may consider yourself to be, one or two voices in the wilderness.  You are not; there are millions of lights, light forms, light beings across the planet who radiate love and light to overcome any darkness, any negativity, and bring this planet into one of complete light.  And that includes yourself, your friends, the entire population, the animal kingdoms, the lot.  You have the power, you may recognize it, you may not realize it, but you have the power.  You have the power to do these things.

Why wouldn’t you do these things?  Why would you want to wallow in negativity, and fear, uncertainty, and insecurity? Is this the way you wish to live your life?  Is this the way you wish your community to live their life?  Is this the way you wish the entire population of the planet to live their life? Of course not.  Of course not.  You call out;  we hear you call; constantly calling out for help and assistance.  Are you assisting yourself?  You call to us for assistance.  What positive action are you taking to be of assistance to yourself?  You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t have negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative words, negative actions, and then call out to us for assistance.  You are creating it!

As I spoke earlier, everything, every single thing that is happening, or has happened, and may happen, to your planet is the result of the energy, the vibration, that you radiate, that you emit.  If you don’t want all this negativity, fear, wars and terrorism happening, if you don’t want that, why do you focus on negativity?  Why don’t you be of service to yourself; to your fellow man, to your planet?  Why don’t you continually send out feeling, heart felt feelings, heart driven feelings, of love and light to all the planet?  That way it is you who will be the architect of change.  You call upon us in the realms.  Help. Help Help.  Of course we will always help you but don’t be forgetting that you got yourself into this situation.  So put it all down to a learning experience.  Ha Ha Ha.  It really is isn’t’ it.  It is just a learning experience.  But you do take it to heart don’t you.  You let it affect you very negatively  when you shouldn’t.  Everything has a lesson attached to it.  Every little experience has a lesson attached to it.  Every little experience and lesson is a golden opportunity for you to call to your higher self, your higher being-ness, not this physical being-ness, your higher being-ness.  Call to your higher being-ness, your higher self, the all powerful higher self; do you realize how powerful you are? – NO!  Some do, some don’t.  You have no idea of how powerful you really are.  And the reason for my being here this evening is to tell you that you are powerful being.

Think about it.  You can change a whole situation by sending out love and light.  You can heal someone by sending out love and light.  You can manifest, you can create using love and light.  It’s there for you to use.  Why? Because that is you.  That is you. You are love and light.  That’s where you come from.  That is where you come from!  So now all of you souls incarnate have been playing this game of  “I am blindfolded and I’ll pretend that I don’t know where I come from”; “I will pretend that I know nothing; that I am totally dis-empowered”.  No, that game is over. That game is over.  Do you realise that by the time that I finish talking to you tonight you will have a responsibility,  You will have a responsibility, firstly to yourself, and then to your planet, because now, having been told that you are powerful creators, powerful beings of love and light, there is absolutely no excuse for you to say that “ohh I didn’t know that”.  You do!  You do now!  So you can’t say “I did not know that how destructive negative thoughts and words and actions are”.  You do now!  You can not say “I did not know how absolutely powerful love and light, the Creator’s light really is”.  You can’t say that anymore.

So now you have a responsibility to yourself; to yourself first and foremost and to the rest of the planet; to all, all of creation.  You now know, you have been advised, that you are love and light.  You are the Creator’s love and light.  And you have responsibility for yourself and this planet.  To be here or not.  And I am here tonight because too many souls incarnate, and I am not saying you souls here tonight need a good lesson, ha ha, I am here talking about the entire population of this planet, and the entire population on this planet have some souls who  are termed “not very well developed young souls still learning the ropes”.  But you can’t leave young souls learning the ropes to take the responsibility when there are souls here tonight,  people who are going to read or hear these words, who are advanced beings and who should know better.  Many of you know better.  So what I would like to say to you is “negativity breeds negativity”.  “Light, love, and positivity breeds light, love, and positivity”. So dear souls, what are you breeding?

I feel that this might be sufficient for this evening.  I did not intend on making this a series or into a serial however, there will be more to come.  I will be here through my medium giving you more information.  I will be here giving you as much information, help, and assistance as you have earned.  As you have earned.  The more you put into action, both light and positivity, the more the brotherhood will be prompted to give you more information, more help, and more assistance.  So dear ones.  I shall leave it in your hands simply because you are sovereign beings.  Good evening.

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  1. Hi Malcolm, two weeks ago I posted a comment to Victor Zammit on his Friday Afterlife Report because he featured a trance medium like yourself in his report. I gave Victor your name and told him how you channel Aranuth quite regularly. To my amazement he posted my letter in today’s Afterlife Report. I do not know if you receive the Friday Afterlife Report each week but if you do, please scroll down to the letters at the very bottom and you will be able to read what I sent him regarding yourself. You can also click on the link to read the latest channelled message from Aranuth in my letter. I always enjoy the Victot Zammit Friday Afterlife Report. It has enabled me to learn so much more about what awaits me in the afterlife and I have also managed to buy many recommended books to further my knowledge.
    Love from Jo Scott

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