Aranuth Speaks. March 2019

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Aranuth Speaks. March 2019

It has been a few months since I last communicated. There is a good reason for that. My much-loved wife of fifty-four years developed a very aggressive form of cancer which saw her pass away in a few short weeks. At present I am entering the next stage of my life … alone this time, however All is in Divine Order. Next month, April, I will re-commence channelling messages from the guides and hopefully will continue throughout the year.

What has played on my mind, and I have noticed regular instances of, is the lack of compassion for others less fortunate by a large portion of the human race. The ‘gimme, gimme’ grasping, the ‘me first’, ‘I want’, attitude of many souls incarnate who appear to care nothing for the plight of others. This is very obvious when we observe the goings-on of some politicians and power-players. Many years ago my guides advised me that ‘service is the key’. Serving others is the key to advancement. This advice was included in my book “Rider in the Mist” which will be re-published later this year.

There are two main categories of actions by souls incarnate: one is “serving self’, which blocks advancement, and ‘serving others’ which of course empowers soul advancement. One path is the negative or dark pathway, the other is the path of light and soul growth. I am not suggesting that everyone rush out and find someone to help, what I do suggest is that you help others if you can, wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.

More next month.

Rainbows and Roses,



  1. My sincere condolences – thank you so much for sharing. God Bless. Looking forward to purchasing your book, ‘Rider in the Mist’.

  2. Hi Malcolm,

    I saw the notice in the paper — and what struck me was that Mary’s middle name was Joy — how appropriate.

    There’s no doubt she is still with us and I hope that she is appearing in your dreams and in any other subtle way possible.



  3. sad to hear of marys passing sincere condolences to you and family blessings to you all

  4. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I know she lives and is pain free now. Love never dies.

  5. Sad to hear of Mary’s passing, Condolences to you and your family. Many blessings

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