Aranuth Speaks: April ’19 Augustus

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What can anyone say regarding the events of the last few months? In every nook and cranny of the planet there has been, and still are, unexpected changes in the lives of the populations, states, and nations. In my case my life took an unexpected turn – my wife of fifty-four years passed over – which was emotionally difficult for my family and myself to deal with however, the saving grace was knowing absolutely that “All is in Divine Order” and that the love of my life was adhering to, and had closed out, her chosen pathway. As you can imagine, my wife Mary has been back a few times to ensure that we knew that she was in a wonderful place, even to the extent of coming through a medium friend of mine with messages and making appearances, unexpected, and at times causing family and friends to stop and almost do a “double take”.

During the recent March equinox I attended an “Invitation Only” event to celebrate the celestial event which was held in a Yurt in the rainforest. The proceedings were wonderful, very uplifting, and the combined group attained a higher state of beingness. The internationally renowned New Age singer, the lovely Lia Scallon, sang beautifully which fitted hand-in-glove with the mystique of the occasion. At the cessation of her singing all was quiet for a few minutes, then an assertive and knowledgeable guide who I have never channelled before came through me with a wonderful message regarding the reason for the changes that our planet is presently undergoing. It was unfortunate that I did not record the session as I was not confident that I was ready to resume channelling so soon after the heartache of losing my wife.

It is my firm belief and inner knowing that to successfully negotiate the unstable and uncertain present, and build a bright future for ourselves and the planet, every soul incarnate would benefit greatly by adopting and radiating a peaceful and positive attitude to all of life. Quiet contemplation and peaceful meditation regularly, solo or in groups, and for longer periods of time, would promote a better “now” and a brighter future.

Never mind, below is the latest message that I transmitted on Thursday 18th of April.


Good evening everyone. My name is Augustus, Augustus, and I am an “August” person. I am Augustus of the, shall I say, of the Higher Angelic Realms. You do have your understanding of Angels, Archangels, and the Angelic Realm. What you are not familiar with is the fact that there are graduated levels within the angelic realm. Not every angelic soul, or being that you would term as Angelic, they are not all on the one level, however, you can be, you may, or may not be, aware they will be on different levels. I am fortunate enough to have studied and experienced many, many, things that have helped me to be wise, to rise, and as you would say, to be on a higher scale in the angelic realm.

Now, what I wish to speak to you about is, and you will relate to this, “Feast” or “Famine”. Feast or Famine. That is what you are experiencing on your planet right now. You are experiencing that in your own life. You are experiencing that on national and international levels as well as a global level. There is feast or famine. I’m not speaking entirely about food and water. No, I am speaking about events, changes, more changes. You see, in some instances, you will be enjoying your life, your pathway and everything associated with it. So, the term “feast” applies. Now there are others who are going through a difficult portion of their pathway. Maybe quite rocky or with potholes or barriers along the way and they are experiencing which they consider being of a negative happening. However, that is part of their chosen pathway. That is what I call the Famine. So there are those among you; I am speaking to you individuals and I am speaking to populations of your nations and your planet; so you can have one dear soul enjoying the feast while nearby is another soul not enjoying anything rather than they are suffering, famine. However, remember dear ones, life is a cycle. It is a circle and a cycle.

Now if you were not already aware, perhaps I would make you aware now. There is a theory, correct, correct, of the commencement of life. It is often depicted as a flower. Now the flower of life is made up of entwining, interleaving, concentric, circles arranged in such a fashion that those circles depict a flower with each circle representing a petal. So, you see, each petal, each ring is a circle. It is a cycle. So right from the birth of the universe, what did you have? A circle of everything. Cycles and circles. Everything. And it is in your individual life and your national life. It is in the life of the “Allness”. All is a circle and the circle will come round and you will partake of whatever is on that side of the circle be it feast or famine. However, remember, this circle never stops revolving. Your life never stops evolving. Like a circle, a cycle, it continues to revolve and you dear souls continue to evolve. Now, what is evolution? Well, children, most of you will be very much aware that you have incarnation, birth, life, death, incarnation: birth, life, death, incarnation. It is a cycle, isn’t it? It’s a circle. Birth, life, death, return. Birth, life, death, return, round and round we go. Now it’s not only incarnations in a linear fashion, but it is also circular here. So you have life, death, life, death and around we go even though many of you prefer to look at it in what we call a linear fashion. It is not linear, it is not vertical, it is not horizontal, it is circular.

So now, we come back to the feast and the famine. On that circle, on that cycle, everything has been taken into account. Everything. Now everything in the Allness has a season; a reason for the season. There is a reason why you are experiencing that season. All is a circle. Everything is in a cycle. So now for many of you, the petal, the circle that you are on, is bringing you abundance. It is bringing you peace, happiness, abundance, and a new found joy of life. And then there are others who are on a different petal flower of life. So their cycle is now going through decay, collapse, and restructure.

Now this is important. I would like you to remember. Decay, crumble, collapse, regrow. It’s coming back. Do you see the circle? Do you see the cycle? Crumbling, decaying, collapsing, regrowing. Here we go, we’re right back up there again. Tremble, crumble, collapse, regrow, you are in a cycle and there is nothing that you as individuals, or as a group, can do about that cycle. You cannot stop it, you cannot change it. It is the Allness, because it all goes back to the flower of life. The commencement, the very commencement of life on your planet in your universe. So what I thought I would come today to tell you to enjoy, enjoy every little piece, every little happening, every thought, every feeling, every action. It’s on the feast side of the cycle. Enjoy it. Even though it is there with a multitude of events, it is there. So I would advise you to joyously, joyously, accept what is on your part of this cycle. Now if you are going through the famine side, I would ask you to remember that it is a cycle. You will never be anchored there.

So if what you are transiting now is what you would call “quite difficult” at this moment, for you the pathway ahead is to remain positive. If possible, be super positive. You would understand that “super” positive is absolute positivity in the face of absolute negativity. So the great wave of change that is rushing towards you making you feel fearful that you are not going to survive this one is not impenetrable, it is not of such power or force that you cannot overcome it. You can lessen the impact with your super positivity. So I would like you to ponder on that, that cycle of life, the circle of life, and know that providing that acceptance and positivity will be supreme, what you would consider the famine or the not so good part of the cycle, will have a lesser, much lesser impact upon you. So you all have heard of the story of the Phoenix. Well, that’s what happens to your planet and your universe. It will always rise again and again. The circle, the cycle says this is so. You must rise again. So never give up hope, never become depressed, never commit suicide or any of those other “escape life” things. Do not allow yourself to become mentally or emotionally out of kilter, or attempt to escape life’s experiences and lessons through your chemical drugs. Just stay on your vessel, float your boat. Stay with it. Sail into calmer waters. Positivity!

Now if we go outside of this group, the people who are hearing this message, to the people who will very shortly be reading this message, I say to you it doesn’t matter who or where you are on your pathway or on the planet, no matter where you are there will be ructions, it will be rambunctious, rambunctious! This is not of concern to you. You have no way of altering or changing that situation. So whether it be at local, state or national, or even planetary level, it is not your task. Think about this dear one. You came here with a very set plan, a parchment rolled up, tucked under your arm and the parchment says this will happen… and it will happen. So this is the script of life. You have lived part of the script. There are future parts of the script that you may not read, you are yet to live. There are experiences and lessons there on your individual pathways. Now you are sovereign individual. Now step out of all of the other rumbunctious happenings, be your self. Guided by self. Stay in touch. You can get on your telephone, not the electronic one, the one in meditation. In contemplation. Quietude. Use your telephone. Talk, talk, talk to spirit. To your guides. Talk to angelic beings such as I. Talk to the Supreme Creator. The Prime Source. The Godhead. Speak with whoever you like. Ask. Ask for divine direction. Ask for divine intercedence.

If you are at a part on your pathway that you feel you cannot move in any direction well, sit still and quiet and ask. Ask for the pathway to open up, ask to be shown a safe passage through that rocky, bumpy portion of your life. So dear ones it is important right now at this point in your life and the pathway of the planet: very important for you to play your part by being accepting, being positive, and keep looking towards a better outcome, a better future. In other words, look forward to a feast coming and remaining.

Now on a planetary level, on a planetary level, this planet has its own plan. It has its own plan, its own pathway. There are experiences, issues, events, that must take place. It is all part of the circle, the cycle, the evolution of your planet. Don’t forget you are just clinging to it. You are just a sovereign individual soul clinging to that third-dimensional reality. It is your planet, it is your reality, one of many. So allow earth, your planet, to evolve and grow. Do not attempt to stop it going through feast or famine. It must do this and at present most of the planet is on shall we say on the “shadow side” of the circle. But remember just as the sun comes up in the morning that part of the circle will come out of the shadow and move into the light. It’s going to happen, however, while we are in the shadow side there are important changes, alterations that must take place on your planet. Yes, there will be wars, there will be fighting, there will be bloodshed. It will not be nice. However, think about his, it will not be nice, but that is a judgment. That is a judgment. So don’t get into judgment. Just allow, allow, everything to unfold. Don’t get into the disturbances, upheavals, and machinations of the planet, of your life, of the continent, in your state. Judgement is not for you! Your world would be a far better place, a far, far, better place if judgement did not exist in any shape or form.

And so dear ones, very shortly I will take my leave. I am most pleased to be allowed to come through to share this transmission, these words, with you. I feel that the message brought today is not only important but as you absorb it and ponder it, whether it is at later hours, or a later date, you will see more and more and more of the wisdom, the knowledge, of what is happening to your planet and your universe. So again, stay super positive and watch for the new life, the sun, it’s coming. thank you. Good evening everyone. Good evening.


  1. I have heard that before about the cycles. A financial cycle, a weather cycle. Now a life cycle. It looks like we have lessons to learn before we go on in the cycle. Ann N

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