Aranuth Speaks December 2021 Cairns – Zetino

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Aranuth Speaks; Cairns December 2021: Zetino, “Who are you? Who are we?”

G’day everyone;

Welcome to another message from the Aranuth community of Highly Advanced Beings.


As usual, the planet continues to undergo massive changes to its entire physical, environment, Government, Corporate, and of course personal life structure … as per the Divine Grand Plan. Increasingly, I continue to encounter a large number of souls suffering various levels of anxiety, concerns, fear, and/or a combination of all four. Many Governments appear to be coming apart at the seams; cracking, crumbling, and in the early stages of decay. Here in Australia you could be forgiven for thinking that the Government was staggering from one exigence to another.

The fast spreading, seemingly ever-mutating Wuhan virus is possibly one of the greatest health challenges (along with the Spanish Flu incident of years gone by) to the entire world. Governments and the captive, compliant, media continue to create fear with, and sprout false information trotting out so-called “experts” to urge and mandate the population to get the jab. The health situation around the world is going deeper into crisis mode with no positive answer in sight. This is not a negative, it is a positive for the evolution of the planet and all life forms. Many times we have been advised by higher beings that the key is to stay positively focused and in alignment with Source. We are creators of our own pathway; we can and do create and manifest the world that we desire if only we would continuously dream, think, say, act, with positivity and know absolutely that we can and do create our reality moment by moment.

Creation and manifestation; it is a state of mind. As you think, so it is! Dream big!

Now is the time to create and manifest a cleaner, brighter, healthier, more equitable, all-inclusive paradigm of world peoples, tribes, and all lifeforms including Mother Earth herself.


Good evening everyone. My name is Zetino.

Zetino, hmm. Well, I thought we might have something by way of an explanation of who we are. Who am I? Who are you? Who are you? Whom are you really? hmm? Well, I thought that this evening we might have a talk to you about getting out of that physical embodiment temporarily realising that the physical embodiment is only the vehicle that you use to transport yourself around this third dimensional location. We are not that. I am not that. You are not that. Zetino is not that. You are not just that physical body. Not at all. So I have been observing that you have been going into your meditative process which is very good, thank you very much, and you have been going deeper, deeper, you are going inside the embodiment looking, searching, trying to contact your true beingness. Now what I am talking about is your true energy beingness. Now, that energy beingness, it does have parameters however at this time, in your shall we say your current life you need to recognise that to a certain extent you have to discard, move out of this physical body, temporarily, and move into that energy beingness that you are because it is through that energy beingness that you will rise and strengthen contact your higher self.

Now, who is your higher self? Have you ever stopped to consider who is your higher self? Who is your higher self? Well, your higher self is not some stranger who is divorced from you, not at all. You see, once you are in alignment with prime source you go into your energy beingness and you go up to your higher self; now what is your higher self? Your higher self is not something outside of yourself. Your higher self is you. It is you. It’s not something “without” it is something “within”. So, when we say who are you? Who are you? Well, you have a name in this incarnation. You have had many names in many previous incarnations. You have a name in the spiritual realms as well even though in the realms we do not use names, it is energy. We identify you by your energy. So I look at you and I see these colours, this mix of colours. That mix of colours tells me everything about you; not just as a physical you, but the being that you are and were in every incarnation you have ever had. Every experience, every lesson, every piece of soul enrichment, I see that. We see that. And we see beyond that.

Now, seeing beyond that can sometimes present a problem. What you see of ‘what lies beyond’ is your higher self and some times your higher self is possibly, rarely, even more advanced than what we are. So we can find it difficult to look up and look ahead. But we are not called upon to do that very often. So, when we have a look around us (speaking of when in physicality) we see each other, our family, our friends, we have a look around on the 3D planet, we see the other physical beings. Also, we have like an ‘intuition’ of who and what that other third dimensional being / person really is. And when we get into the spiritual realms and the spiritual meditation spaces as we can and do – I am now talking about the physical body, about the physical – the physical starts to rise in consciousness and as it is rising in consciousness it gains and accumulates. Now it gains experience, it accumulates experience, it gains and accumulates knowledge too, so as your consciousness rises your intuition advances, expands, but it is not just your intuition, you see dear ones we want to see not just your intuition, not just your third eye, not just your heart chakra, we want to see the whole being that you are. To open, expand, open up, and grow.

So on a physical level where you think you are doing day-to-day things including of course your meditations and your prayers and your help and kindness and caring, all of those things. Why do you have to do that? Because it is written into your pathway. And it is written into your pathway simply because this is your lesson plan, and this is the way, this is the avenue that you are going to grow, grow, and grow. To also accumulate and absorb soul knowledge, soul enrichment, which is a stepping stone to lifting up your consciousness. Now, when we say “Who are you”? ha ha, well might we say, we in the realms see who you are! You say, ‘who am I’, and sometimes it confounds you. Who am I? Who am I? What is this thing (Zetino indicates the conduits physical body). What is this thing? What is this being? (The conduit) Well, good luck on your journey. Ha ha ha! It is your journey, it is your lesson plan, and its your learning, and its your upliftment. So, hmm, who are you? Perhaps you may take the time to consider, consider, look, within, go within and ask yourself, who am I? Try to unearth and discover “who am I” . Who am I? So, it is hmm, well we could say dependent upon you to find that out for yourself because it really is a process of search and discover, discover and searching and unearthing. So, Who are we?

Right, if I may just say, I will put you, the assembled people, on hold for a short period of time. Now when you engage a conduit, Malcolm is a physical conduit, half of his journey is to be the conduit for us to come to you from other realms, higher dimensions, higher vibrations, for us to come because we need a physical body to get to you. Because if we come to you in your sleep, in your dreams, or in your altered state, how much of that sinks in. How much do you remember? What impact, if any, does it have on you. So, we choose another way. We choose to use a conduit. This one – indicating my physical body – serves our purpose. The Aranuth community uses this conduit. Now, because this conduit is in physicality he can stand before you and talk and teach and channel and talk some more and you will remember, mostly, mostly you will remember what he says, what he does, and should I correct myself and say you will remember what we said through him.! So, who is he? Who is Malcolm? He is just another physical embodiment externally, just like you. Internally he is ah .. hmm, possibly what we would say, is a higher evolved being, and because of his level of evolution and his high level of consciousness he serves our purpose very well indeed So we take advantage of that. And there are rewards for Malcolm too. Rewards. So who is Malcolm? Right now, Malcolm is me. Malcolm is Zentino! Malcolm is not here at present but he will be back. So, I Zetino is who Malcolm is at present. When I am not there, he has a higher consciousness. Not only a higher consciousness, he has “true soul”, the higher energy that he really is.

Now then, you too are exactly the same. Who are you? You are in physicality, you have a beingness, you go within, you have an energy within, you are that energy being. You are on your way through various and numerous experiences and lessons You are on your way to becoming. Becoming! What are you becoming? You are becoming a more enlightened being. A higher vibrating being. A being with a uplifted consciousness. So, your physical is going to negotiate where you are going to on this planet and you are going to use your inner compass to direct you on this planet. The higher knowledge, the consciousness, the higher consciousness is channelled through your body. So, your guiding light compass, your lighthouse, is your higher beingness. So who are you? You are not just Tom, Sally, Harry, No. That’s only the name that you use now. That’s only a name. That is the label that you stick on yourself. (Slaps my chest) But we look into your colours and we know who you are. We know what you are. We know. Simply because we look at you and see your colours. We see your conglomeration of your colours, and mix that with the whole energy content and it tells us about where you are on your progression, on your upliftment, on your spiritual advancement. So, let me say this to you. How would you know which, if any, physical embodiments among you is a higher evolved being? How do you know that they are not a very old soul, a highly evolved soul who has already reached heights on the vibratory scale. Because you see amongst you there are those who appear to be ordinary everyday persons, they appear to be exhibiting a level, signs of awareness, signs of advancement, and often times they are not exhibiting what they truly are for the simple reason that they have a pathway full of experiences and lessons to walk and on that pathway they are coming to help you, and they are going to help people to uplift and rise: but if you think or know that they are a higher evolved being you may not respond because often times you want someone on your own or a similar level to bounce things off, exchange ideas, gain knowledge.

Some highly advanced beings come into physicality on this 3rd dimensional planet to assist you. To help you. To grow you. Yes, they are there to give that little prompt, that little encouragement, and while they are doing that they are earning, what you say, earning bonus points, for themselves. They are earning more and more and more acclaim from the higher realms. So, when we look at people – we are talking about the physical – when one physical looks at another physical, they think Who are you? What are you? Who am I? What am I? Some people are looking and they are saying who are you? what are you? Now you can see the futility the absolute futility of looking at someone and saying ha, ha, who are you? Who are you? I am better than you. I am a more highly advanced, I am more knowledgeable; well, are you? Are they? No, of course not.

So where does that bring us back to. Judgement. Judgement. How can anyone judge anything or any other soul unless they are a highly evolved being. And if they are, they are not in judgement. It’s just that they see and they know. The same as we in the realms look at individuals or as a group and we see your colours, we see your life pathway, the plan, we see what you are struggling with and what you are achieving. We see that so we know Well then, we don’t have to judge you. There is no judgement. There is only progress. Every soul that is embodied with spirit life, if they are here, they have the spirit light within them because they are here for a lesson. For a plan. For a pathway walk, development, soul enrichment. Refrain from judgement of other souls and every other soul because you see even the environment around you contributes towards your forward progress. Even your animals, your pets, they all contribute a little to the development of the energy being that you are. The energy being is disguised in a physical body. So you cannot judge anyone or anything because you are not in a position to judge. You do not know it all, every thing, you just do not know so if you judge, you are judging from a very limited stand point; and may i suggest sometimes it is very wrong. What you think you are seeing is incorrect. It is incorrect. So, my purpose of being here today to have this little dissertation with you, is to Number One: to encourage you to think about who you really are. Encourage you to feel, to sense, who and what you really are.

Now the pathway to achieving that knowledge is to sit still and quiet, move into alignment, bring the energy of the alignment down through the the Pineal, through the 3rd eye, through the heart, into your beingness, and just be it. Just be it. You are not working at it. This isn’t a job, this isn’t a task, It’s a being, it’s a being. You are a human being. So being the identity that you are, the physical identity, you are that being and you are being there so that you may start to rise, to develop, to grow in consciousness and you start to find out, you start to discover who you really are. It’s elusive. It’s elusive. Now I don’t want to discourage you but what I want to say to you is, consider, do you ever think that you would ever discover the true identity of who you are? Because the more you go up, the more you discover, the more that it seems to move away from you. What I am talking about is, eternity. Eternity. You are growing all the time and there is no goal, there is no goal line, there is no end, because someone just shifted the goal line taking it further ahead, further ahead, and further ahead. So not to discourage you, that you will never, while you are in physicality, it does not matter how evolved you are, you will never find who you really are. But, you have this knowingness and now after our little chat today you have the information, you have the knowingness, and now your task is to become; your task is to become. Become what? Become wiser. More uplifted. More open, more pontaneous, more able, with ability to absorb more knowledge, information, and in doing that you discover there is more and more. More, that’s alright, one step at a time. One step at a time.

However, let me tell you this. You are all on your pathway. You are all on track. You really are even though you think this track is wobbly. Well, it is wobbly for a reason. If you think it is wobbly then think about sitting still. Let the Universe sort things out, work things out. All that you need to do is sit still, sit quiet. Open yourself up to move up the vibratory scale, higher, higher, your consciousness goes up, up, and you become more knowledgeable. So it is not as though you sit here and say “woe is me”. “What will happen to us now”, we already know! We have been up there ,we have seen it, and you know why, why this happening, because you know where you are going. Where are you going? Who are you going to become? You, you are going to become you, your true self, your higher, higher self. It is unending. You will just keep rising, rising, rising. And gain, as I have said before, you are all on the right track. Please don’t ponder , doubt, or consider that your life has gone all wobbly for no reason. If you consider that your life has gone wobbly, and you think it is wobbly, then start thinking this is how it is all working out. Your life is not crazy, upset, wobbly, or without a determined end. It is not that at all. Accept your life. This is it. Don’t allow your beingness to be affected by this out-sourced physical activities and all sorts of crazy vibrations that this earth is now encompassed in. You are not in that soup. Get out of that soup! It is thick, it is heavy, get out of that soup! Rise up. Everything is on track.

I have been here today unbeknown to you. I have been here today observing and hearing everything and I know, I watched, and your guides were there and how many realise how much input your guides were having today. Standing there beside you, behind you, whispering to you, urging you, hmmm Yes, your pathway is good, it’s good. The only time it is not good is when you perceive it to be not good. If you perceive everything to be in Divine Order and you are in alignment and acceptance it flows, it will flow. So here we are back to who are you. You are an eternal being. An eternal being! And you are going on and on, higher and higher. Never ending. Never ending. But your journey gets sweeter, sweeter, the further you go, the higher you rise, the more you uplift your consciousness, the sweeter it is. The sweeter it is.

And so I Zetino, won’t keep you any longer, you have had a large and informative day and it’s time now that I feel for you to relax the mind, relax and rest the body, absorb, absorb everything that you have learned this day. What you feel that has been helpful, keep it. Anything that you don’t understand, leave, leave it for later. So I would like to say good evening people, it has been a pleasure to be here with you and let me tell you, you will hear more from I Zetino of the Aranuth community. Thank you.

Note: Apologies for the half channelling video on Youtube, the camera malfunctioned halfway through. Aranuth Speaks Youtube.

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Love & Light

Rainbows & Roses,

Peace& Happiness


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