Aranuth Speaks: Innisfail March 2022: Lightworkers, Action Stations.

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Hello again from Atherton Australia and blessings from the Aranuth community.

It has been some time, far too long, since I last posted a message however most dear souls will understand when I say that the uplift in planetary energies, which adjusts and compounds moment-by-moment within each and every soul incarnates being-ness , as well as changing and altering those souls energy blueprint, has had quite an effect on my vibrational structure too, just like you. We are all in this together. Yes, at times the energy may appear to be “duck soup” or “energy stir-fry” – with chilli – it is the predestined evolution of this planet and everything upon, around, and in it.

Many years ago when my guides first advised me that our old planetary paradigm had to crack, crumble, and decay before a new world of peace and happiness could be installed I did not at the time fully realise the extent of the impending “Change of the Ages”. I had hoped and prayed for a “glide” not expecting what could be described as “All Hell Breaking Loose”. I keep going back to my faith in “All is in Divine Order”.

When I look around and observe the state of the world (keep sending prayers for peace in the Ukraine and Russia) with the ageing 3D dinosaurs of unbridled power and greed waging war I have to keep reminding myself that we are seeing the dying throes and tortured screams of the old 3D reality. So, hang in there everybody, stay positively focused, hold your light-filled space, and keep radiating peace and happiness to one and all. We will get through it triumphantly!

Some few weeks ago my guides advised me that during the last week in March and the first week in April (this year) there will be an event that will have impact in every capitol city across the world: they did not say what the event was however it will happen.

Not so long ago my guides came to me around 3a.m. to reassure me that All really is in Divine Order; that a beautiful new world awaits us, however, ooohh … they also advised me that I will not be incarnate (my task here will have been completed) to experience the wonderful event: so I’ll be called home in around 12 years time, approximately.

My Spiritual Advancement workshops have been well attended with quite a number of dear souls enjoying the benefits of the program. So much so that I am often called upon to hold further workshops in the North Qld towns and cities. Some are repeat sessions – by popular demand. The recent workshop in coastal Innisfail was well attended and very much a success: It was a beautiful day – the rain held off and the sun was shining. I am already planning on having another workshop there in a few weeks time. I am still working out how best to provide this as an on-line workshop so souls all across the globe may have access and benefit.

The text of the Innisfail channelled message is posted here below. The message was delivered by several advanced entities combined having their words contribution; at the time of channelling I thought that maybe I was having difficulty holding a “clear and unobstructed” line, later all was revealed.

The message

“Good evening everyone, I am Malcolm, the full body medium from far North Qld Australia : I am the conduit, the voice, for the “Aranuth” group of highly advanced beings.

“Well good evening everyone, My name is Zetino. I have told you before that I would return. And return I have. First and foremost, I am delighted to inform you that your lights and the lights of the world, the combination of every light worker on your planet is having a positive effect . Positive effect as in as each and every soul on this planet becomes more aware, more concerned, more able to understand the truth of the world and the truth of their own being-ness, they radiate a light whether they are aware of it, fully aware of it, or not, and that light is having quite a dramatic effect across the planet, and of course the matrix that surrounds your planet. I am pleased to observe the number of souls who are becoming more and more enlightened, in-lightened. I see that many souls are now looking to discover their true self, their true beingness, and as they discover their true beingness they also discover that the light is within them as well without them. The light at present surrounding your planet is quite dim in parts, in sections, and magnificently bright in others. What I am here today to talk to you about is your own individual effort. You should not be reliant upon the mass consciousness of your planet to carry the burden of the light. The radiation, the distribution of the light, because it requires every single soul incarnate at this present time to do their utmost in radiating their light to the world, that light radiation will join up with the radiation of thousands, millions, billions of other souls and as a composite composed of all those light beings that I see from our realm a massive explosion of blinding white light. Now it is in incumbent upon each and every soul to do their bit. It is awakening time . It is awakening awareness time.

Too long, for far too long, the population of earth has sat back and half asleep in a catatonic state imagining that this world will keep ticking over nicely of its own free will without incurring any consequences. For eons of time we have sat back stood back and simply observed because you see our hands are shackled, our hands are tied, we are not allowed to interfere in the development of the planet, the souls and every sentient thing upon it. We must simply observe and where possible we will shine our light, we will radiate our energy, not to change the situation for you but to empower you. Give you the arms, the ammunition, for you to do the change; you must do the job! You must not only do the change you must be the change. You must be the change. Do you want to see your planet become one of magnificent light and love”? If so you need to do your bit. You really do not need to step up .

We understand, we in the higher realms understand that what is happening on your world on your planet is the result of the mass thoughts, words, deeds and actions of each every soul incarnate. Those souls that were incarnate in previous times all of those actions words, actions, thoughts, deeds together created the world that you have at present. You create your own world thought by thought. Now I will say that again. You create your own world thought by thought. Because you see, these thoughts, it is the thoughts,the emanation, the power emanation of the thought that becomes a construction. Your thoughts construct your reality. Your reality can change in a moment. If the entire population or the mass consciousness or the greater proportion of the souls incarnate change their thoughts they will change their reality. Now it sounds rather simplistic doesn’t it. But it is a very difficult task. However when we bring it back to the power of One, one candle, it is your life. You are the candle. The light of your beingness is what is required and when we put that light with billions of other lights then change is upon us. So, with this thought process, I would encourage you to be circumspect about your thoughts and the judgement, the criticism. Behind those thoughts again, your thoughts have tremendous power. Especially when aided and abetted by speech and actions but it is the thought. So, for every soul incarnate on your planet if their thoughts of kindness, compassion, love, understanding, those are the qualities that are going to shape your reality. As long as the world goes into negative thought, negative words, negative actions, well just look around you, the state your world is in now. And you see the result of negativity. There may be those among you across your planet who are filled, drunk with greed, power. They are small in number. Small in number. If the power of the masses become one, those dear souls and I say they are dear souls, misguided they may be, but that is their pathway, that is what they came to do. And the mass consciousness and the mass light of every other soul incarnate can and will over power those negative forces. So you really do see the future ins in your hand in your thoughts, in your words, in your deeds. Is it not time is it past time. But the people of the world started reaching out to one and other. The lights, the light beings of this world. Is it not trying to start reaching out to each other linking up with each other. We hear so many dear souls , voicing the word, light worker. Yes, we see, we hear, we know unfortunately, sometimes the word “light worker” is tossed around rather carelessly has no real meaning. For you souls incarnate who wish to state I am a “light worker” I consider it not just time, but past time for you to work in the light. If you are a light worker is it not time for you to work in the light, instead of talking about it. Light workers should be linking with one and another. They should be grouping together wherever possible. While they are grouping together, how wonderful, wonderful if it would if they set a common goal. And the common goal can be something as simple as world peace. Now world peace is not that difficult to obtain. It only requires the combined power of all of those souls that describe themselves as light workers, those souls need to get to work. Get to work.

We in the realms, we give you the arms, we give you the ammunition, the tools, the guidance, the support. We cheer you on. But you are the one that has to do it. We in the realms can accurately describe ourselves as light workers. However, there is limitation to what we can do. Those limitations are, you, you souls on earth. If you are not working in the light with the light how can we achieve much working with you, working through you, helping you, aiding you.? It is all up to you individual souls, each and every one of you individual souls. In your quiet times, in your quiet moments. What thoughts are occupying your mind? Are they thoughts of love, compassion, kindness, understanding? Or are they focused on the third dimensional solid matter pursuits of enjoyment, toys, and tools . You are incarnate at this time to be stewards. To be stewards in the light installing light on your planet. If I may, I would like to make a suggestion so please consider this. If, in your moments of quietude, stillness, would it not be of great benefit if you simply focused your thoughts on kindness, sharing, happiness, caring, love? Why do you focus your thoughts on negative things, the possibility of what may or may not go wrong. If you are considering all of those things that may or may not go wrong, what are you feeling? You are feeling things that may or may not go wrong, negatives. How would it be if you kept focusing your thoughts on peace, love, sharing, caring, positive?

That is constructive, light filled thoughts which even though it comes from one individual thought when it comes from a sufficient number of individuals, the whole issue changes on your planet. The whole issue changes and it changes fast. So instead of gathering in groups to gossip or complain, of the state of the world, state of your life, why not do something about changing and start by changing your life and the life of the world. You must change your thought pattern and to reinforce that you can start thinking about using positive language. Positive action. Avoiding the places that are dark. Avoiding the situations, the conversations that are focusing on darkness, war, judgement. No, No, focus on joy, love, peace. You have the time. You have the time … and the time is right now!

For readings from persons residing near or far I am always available to perform these reading by phone state, national, or international: my phone number is international 61-4097 636 842 ;

Australia 0427 636 842

Peace and Happiness,

Rainbows and Roses,


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