Aranuth Speaks. Time & Change. May 2019

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This past month has been the usual one of “expect the unexpected” with many souls experiencing changes in their lives, sometimes mild, sometimes wild. Mothers Day came and went with families all over the world celebrating their mother’s wonderful contribution to their life. Some of us have lost our wives and mothers however, we still take the time to celebrate their life, love, and the sacrifices that they made for their children.


Good Evening everyone. It is my pleasure, it is an honour, for me to return, to come among you, and to have a conversation with you. Time and change. Time and Change. It is just goes on, and on, and on, into infinity. So many souls incarnate, dear souls that they are, often speak of the effects of change, when things change, when changes are complete, and when the changes are over. Well let me tell you. Change is never over. Change never ceases. Change remains a constant in your physical, third-dimensional, life. A constant. Without change, where would you be? Stuck! Stuck! You would all come to a stationary point on your pathway simply because nothing is changing or has changed.

So I would like you to think about the benefits of change. I would like you to think about accepting and embracing change. Every soul incarnate, every animal, every mammal, every reptile, every bird, even the planet itself is continually and constantly undergoing change. Now I realise that you have this hmm … a tendency to judge change. You have a tendency to pass judgement on change, where that change was good, bad, beneficial, upsetting, whatever. There are many, many, adjectives used to describe the effects of change. Rarely do we hear you souls incarnate embracing change and speaking of the wonderfulness of that change. And when you do speak of the wonderfulness of the change it’s generally only for a short period of time because there is another change coming and that change may be judged by you to be not so wonderful. I would suggest to all of you that you just embrace change. Allow it. Welcome it. Welcome it into your life simply because everything must be in a constant state of change.

I would also suggest you refrain from putting a judgement on change. Refrain from saying this change is better, or worse, good, or bad. No, no judgement. It just is. And do not forget dear ones, change is there for you as a challenge; it is to you overcome that change, learn from it, benefit from it, grow, and be not forgetting this is what soul growth is, as was well as the physical, mental and emotional growth. Mental, yes, something changes and you ponder it, you think about it, and you wring it out, roll it around in your mind, and come to a decision. Emotional, it happens and the emotions come up. Emotions of happiness, of sadness, it goes on and on. The list is a lengthy one. But change is all about your advancement as a being, as an energy being, so we should embrace that change and work with it. It becomes a factor in your soul growth. So, in your world of, shall we say, accelerated change, and I do mean accelerated change, it would be quite beneficial to you if you took the time to investigate what that change is. What it means to you. What it means to your life. What it means to your growth and advancement. So instead of being saddened, upset, or angry because change happens, it would be far better for you if you looked at the change and you ask yourself why has this change has come to me? How will this change affect me? How do I benefit from this change? Do I grow and expand from this change?

You souls incarnate on this dimensional, third-dimensional, planet of solid matter have been facing, experiencing, considerable change over the last two decades. Prior to that change came slowly. Change came slowly because you had trouble handling change. Nothing much changed. You did not want to change. But in the last two decades, the energy of your planet has increased and now change happens more often. Change happens with greater impact. I’m going to come back to impact in a short time.

So now with your energy increasing in a cadence, power, regularity, frequency; with change happening, you have to move up to it. You have to meet that challenge. Now I am not saying that you need to meet the challenge of change with a clenched fist and angry mind; no, that is not the way to go if you wish to benefit from that change. Change always brings something beautiful for you if only you would sit quietly and ask yourself “what does this change mean to me”? How do I benefit from this change? You will be surprised at what unfolds and arises in your mind, in your heart, in your entire energy beingness. If you carefully consider the implications of that change many of the changes that you feel or judge to be of an unwelcome or negative manner actually have within them, hidden within them, jewels, jewels of advancement if only you would dig into that change, examine every aspect of it, and then find the jewel within it. Find the jewel within that change that is going to help your advancement.

Impact. Impact. It is quite a harsh word, harsh. However, it is a very apt and descriptive word. Change always has an impact on one or many; change always has an impact. But the impact does not have to be painful or hurtful. Again if you examine it very closely, dissect it to find the jewel in there, it helps you to advance and go ahead. Now dear souls with change, I would like to delve a little bit deeper here. Delve into the experience of change; the cause and effect of change. You will have already noticed that there seems to be quite an increase in souls wishing to leave this planet. They are choosing, standard ways and novel ways to pass over, to end this incarnation. To put it bluntly, they want to get out of here as quickly as they can. We hear their cry, “I want to go home”!

Well, we’re not going to put a judgement on that. But what I wish to say about that is, all souls incarnate, they have the right, they have the opportunity, to choose if they’re going to accept that change, dissect it, find the jewel, the essence, that grain of beauty and knowledge and opportunity. However, there are those dear souls who are unsure of the change around them so they go into fear, they shake with fear, and then they want out. They want out! That is okay. That is their free will choice. It is their choice.

If they wish to stay, accept change, accept change, after change, after change, and grow from it, they will become an advanced and expanded being through the lessons that they have learned, the experience and the lessons that they have undergone. Now, on the other hand, they often throw their hands in the air and say, “That’s it”! “I’ve had enough”! “I’m out of here”! That is their free will choice. Their guide, their other guides, come close to them but do not attempt to thwart them. They attempt to explain to these souls that change is beneficial, it is for their benefit, they are encouraged to stay here in this incarnation, in this energy realm, and deal with it. Grow from it. Become a beautiful multi-coloured being. So those that choose to go may do so, they may do so. There are no hard and fast rules associated with this. Those souls who decide to depart may be choosing the medical route; they are choosing all sorts of novel and unusual diseases and illnesses. Some seem to be more common and popular than others. But when it comes down to the essence of it, we come down to the fact that they wish to leave. They wish to discontinue this incarnation. They wish to leave this realm, and they wish to go back to where they consider they are safe.

Yes, they are safe. Very safe. They come home to us and after a short period of readjustment and realignment, they have in-depth discussions with their guides, other very highly evolved beings where they realise the folly, the folly of departing this life and going home to the realms early. But that’s okay. That’s okay. Because they will come around again. A great number, a great number, will simply reincarnate. And what lessons do you think they are going to encounter? Hmmnn .. change, change, constant, continuous change. Hopefully, after their sojourn in the realms, they will have been counselled, they have gained considerable extra knowledge and information, then they will return to this realm and they will handle change and every other experience and lesson. They will handle it well.

Impact, Impact, Dear ones, it is not beneficial for you to become too involved in the massive changes that are taking place on your planet. We in the realms understand how difficult, how very difficult it is for you to work your way through, just figure out what is happening on your planet. It is in quite a mess mainly due to the warmongers and the greedy. However, all is in Divine Order. Again, we in the realms would say to you “please do not get upset and be putting judgement on what’s happening on your planet”. Yes, there are wars; they’re cruel , there are deaths, there are tortures, it is sickening to you humans. It is sickening. However, all of these things, all of these changes are heading, like an express train, towards a final outworking. Believe me, you of the light, you will come out in the light. I cannot say anything about those who have a tendency to go to the dark side for power, ego, money and many other things. Those that commit, promote, wars and atrocities; they will be taken care of. Little do they know that their situation will take care of them. Their ‘situation’ will take care of them! So difficult; yes it is very difficult because when you see women and children ; men, women and children being slaughtered, being savagely slaughtered, it is very difficult for you to come to terms with the fact that all is in Divine Order. That you are part of the outworking, and the outworking is to take your planet and every living thing upon it to a brighter positive outcome. So I understand and I ask you an almost impossible question. I ask you to not set a judgement; do not have a criticism, simply accept change and of course call for the Light. Send Love and Light to that change, to that situation, to those people, to that place. Just accept that all is in Divine Order even though you may see it as chaos.

So thank you, dear souls, it has been a pleasure for me to return and speak with you. So I would say God Bless you all as you go about your daily lives. Thank you for hosting me. Good Evening.

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