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Aranuth Speaks Port Douglas July 2023.

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G’day everyone,

The usual technical tricks and somersaults keep coming up which, if acceptance and allowance is applied, then the universe turns things around. Again I was not only hacked but cloned on social media so … because I do not use social media that much except for facebook I had all social media disconnected; facebook messenger still remains.

Oh dear, the gremlins snuck into my computer and took me down … sigh! Help arrived in the form of my techie friend who put a “bandage” on the problem and here we are!!!

Keep your head held high, chin up, a smile on your face, and positivity and joy in your heart as we are witness to, and active participants in, the “Greatest Show on Earth” – “The Change of the Ages” … that is what we (Lightworkers for the unaware) came here to do; we came to assist with the birthing of the new paradigm of peace and love.

What more can be said about the recent upsurge (although we have been warned in previous messages) of escalation of armed aggression, terra upheavals, fires, floods, earthquakes, climatic events and happenings all across the globe. Of course being human organisms with feelings and emotions it is logical that we will be concerned for the future of our planet, the environment, our families, our children’s future; it is in the knowing within our hearts that “All is in Divine Order”, the Universe has our back, that we can apply acceptance of “Being in the moment of All that Is”.

Our planet and vibrational level has been noticeably altering and changing since 1987 when the experimental vibrational uplift commenced. Since the successful test began we have been subjected to more potent Divine White Light, ever increasing power and intensity of higher vibrations to activate the necessary deconstruct and removal of the old constricting and controlling paradigm thrust upon us throughout multiple eons of time by those who sought to ensure that we as a global population did not activate the Pineal Gland – third eye, see the truth, and escape the matrix. Well despite the best efforts of the darkness dwellers; it is all happening; the old paradigm is cracking and crumbling, exposing the enslavers and controllers … and will continue to happen. We are on the way home !!!

Your time has come! Face the sunrise in the east with joy in your heart and greet the future!

There are so many individuals now awakening, developing and expressing higher awareness and knowledge. They are forming like-minded groups, and assisting one another to awaken, arise, and move into a higher vibration of peace, love, and happiness.

Also quite noticeable at present is the activity in higher realms with a changeover or supplementation of Guidance Beings sometimes involving both Galactic Beings of Love, Divine White Light, and Magical Healing and the Ascended Spiritual Masters.

The weekend in beautiful Port Douglas Far North Queensland was another wonderful weekend despite some very alternating energy, (bouncy-bouncy) solar flares and similar sun activity, which tended to put something of a limitation on my communication connection with higher knowledge however, as usual my guides overcame the restriction and came through with a message.

Unfortunately my audio recorder refused to join in the fun and despite not having audio-to-text the video is up on my Aranuth Speaks Youtube site.

Spiritual love and abundance of blessings,


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