Aranuth Speaks: “Be the Best” May 2020

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Trying times are with us, however providing that we don’t go into fear; don’t blindly accept and believe the fear-mongering and negativity promoted by some devious, greedy, special interest backed media sources, we will come out of this “had to happen” pandemic in reasonably good shape depending upon our mindset and outlook. The highly evolved beings from the Guidance and other realms have stated many times that for the much-needed uplift in the mass consciousness to happen a considerable amount of the old controlling and bureaucracy dominance belief systems, as well as population deception and manipulation patterns, will have to be dismantled so that a new paradigm of Peace, Happiness, Love, and Light can be installed.

It is also well worth remembering that the number of souls who have chosen to leave this planet at this time and go home to the realms had this transition included in their pathway plan since before they incarnated this time round so there is no need to feel sorrowful for them. They co-authored and signed off on the script for this incarnation. “All is in Divine Order”.

The proposition – preposterous? – by some commentators of restricting world population numbers does not take flight as the guides have repeatedly stated that our planet can hold many more souls comfortably … providing that we properly manage the planet, the food, water, air, and other resources, as well as the fragile environment, and lived a life more in tune with the vibration of peace, harmony, and one-ness with all things, and lived a peaceful and mutually productive co-existence in tune with the natural environment.

Prediction: Hang onto your hat! December this year, 2020, will be a time of revelation, disclosure, exposure, and … aftershock? It will be a very Merry enlightening Christmas. Cosmic beings from other realities are waiting to assist us if the situation allows it. A new world is preparing to birth. Let us be the enthusiastic and positive mid-wives of this wondrous event.

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Wesak Channelling May 2020.

Good Everyone, My name is Malcolm. I am the Medium, the Conduit for the Collective Consciousness known as “Aranuth”. Aranuth is not a singular being. Aranuth is the name given to the Collective. Within that collective is a great number of highly evolved beings who come individually to deliver a message through me. The message they deliver through me is usually a consensus of opinion of all the other Higher Beings in that Collective consciousness which is known as Aranuth.

This message will be on Youtube at the same time as this written message will be posted to my web site.

The message. “Be the best”.

Well good evening everyone. All of my friends, good evening to all of you here watching and reading this message. I am honored to be here this evening. I am honored to be chosen to deliver this message on behalf of the Aranuth Collective. This evening, what I have chosen to talk to you about is “being the best”. The absolute best that you possibly can be. Right now and in the coming times it will be of the utmost importance for you to be at your very best. To think only the very best. To have the very best intentions. To act in the very best manner, and be a shining example of the very best that any soul can be. This involves a positive, very positive, outlook that must be fueled by positive thoughts, outlook, intentions, and positive action in the face of what you may consider being adversity. It is only adversity if you choose to label it as such. Thoughts are immensely powerful; thoughts have lives, so we would suggest that you guard your thoughts carefully; think only positive, uplifting, and peaceful thoughts. This is not fully understood by many souls incarnate.

Change comes in many forms. If the form of the change suits the general population, they accept it as a wonderful new change. If that change does not suit the average person, they then deem it to be an adversarial change. It is simply change! It happens all the time. It is a continuum, continual. There is no stopping or starting, change simply continues. I know that in this day and age you are concerned, and rightly so, with what is happening to your planet and to your self. Might I remind you that my brothers, sisters, (we are androgenous you know) and myself have been coming to you for some time now, bringing knowledge and information on the changes that are coming, that are about to take place, and we were giving you this information to forewarn you, to forearm you, to prepare you for the coming change. So that now that the change is upon you dear souls, and I can see you and identify you by your light, some of you dear souls not only accept what is happening, they are actually glad to see it happen and become manifest on this planet that has been manipulated by others for eons of time. In the realms, we are not the only ones who have been watching your planet, observing the goings-on, and even though we have wished many, many, times to intervene, take charge of the situation and change and alter it for the best, our hands were tied. They still are to some extent. The reason that our hands are tied is that your planet, your dimension, is one of free will choice. Now I will say that again. Free Will Choice. The state of the planet that you have around you at present is the culmination of all of the choices that all of the souls incarnate have ever made.

It is not appropriate for us to say that our planet has become a mess. It is more appropriate for you to consider that we will view the incarnate souls thought and action processes are responsible for everything that happens on this planet. Of course, there are exceptions. Exceptions such as the fluctuating energy of the moon, the stars, the sun, climate, environmental, it is all in the mix. There are many changes both natural and unnatural happening, including man-made, that have happened to your planet. And of course, it has had to affect, it has affected, the impact not only on but also in your planet. So at present, your planet is impregnated with a considerable amount of hurt, pain, and negativity from the wars, terrorism, the murders, the thuggeries, the torture and killings, all of which are the result of your actions and thoughts, that is what you are harvesting now.

We knew, we had advanced knowledge, a long, long time ago, that it was unlikely that you souls incarnate would be able to muster enough positive energy to dig yourself out this hole. You never have had the courage to stand up to the manipulators and push them away, tell them that what they are planning and conniving is not going to happen. So the collective of humans incarnate lacked the courage to implement policies and activities that would keep your planet, if not in a pristine, at least a clean and healthy environment.

It is now time, it is now time, for us to gain limited intercedence. We intercede in your planetary realm, third-dimensional realm; we interecede in this instance however, it is powerful because we in the realms are the catalysts, we are the catalysts that are bringing change upon you. Now, many times, many, many years ago some of my brothers and sisters came to this channel and others to warn you that change was imminent. It would not be held back. And let me tell you, this change takes no prisoners. It had to happen for your good and the good of everything on and in your planet. So now it’s all happening as predicted.

There is in this case a virus that came out of a laboratory dish. It escaped and spread world wide. There are many deaths associated with that virus. However, bear in mind, that those that were taken, those who chose to transition, those who wrote it into their pathway and wrote it into their script that at this point in their lifetime they would choose to vacate their physical body and return to the realms. That is all in order. Well planned and carried out.

Now we have heard commentators suggesting that perhaps your planet is overstocked with human beings but that is entirely incorrect. Totally incorrect. Your planet at present has, in round figures, 8 billion souls. Your planet can accommodate at least 11 billion souls. So population control does not apply. It does not apply. Now going back to best, THE best. How best can you navigate yourself through the changes that are happening all around you? Well, the answer is rather simple. We would suggest to you that we have many times before advised “do not worry”, “do not become overly concerned”, because all is in Divine Order. And all is developing according to the Grand Plan. It had to come to this situation to prompt you souls to wake up. To wake up! Stand up! Stand up for your rights! Stand up for your rights for a clean, healthy, loving, and caring environment. It is time for you to shed the manipulators. The controllers who play with you like pieces on a chessboard. It is time for you to stop the manipulators.

Best, best,.. hmm … best means how can you be at your best or be your best. How can you .. hmm.. be the best that you can be, .. hmm.. positively, be the happiest, the very best? What type of best can you aspire to and improve your own and your family and your friend’s environment. I would like you to think about that. Best. Can you be at your best? Can you be the best? How can you be the very best? The best that you can be to assist the implementation of not just a new vibration, not just a new paradigm, but we are attempting to assist and guide you to uplift your personal vibration, your community vibration, your state, nation and world vibration to a level high enough so that you may now start to merge with what you human incarnates desire, a new world. A new world, oh yes, oh yes, that is not just very possible, as each day in your life passes by it becomes more of a probable.

But you cannot sit on your rear end and leave it all to us. Yes, we are now allowed to have input to assist you however, you must do the heavy lifting. If you want a new world, a world filled with love and light, compassion, understanding, and tolerance. We suggest that you get busy and create that; and how do you create that? As I have said Best. Be at your Best. Do everything as best you can. Be the best you can be. Say positive and uplifting things. Let positivity of thought, word, and deed be the Best. You can be a temple of positivity. Create and manifest the higher vibrating planet that you desire. One that you can now live on and can be merged with the new world. So it is. So it might be. However, it is up to you. It is up to everyone. Up to each and every one of you. Be your best.

Now then being your best involves a lot of going within, discovering, re-discovering your true self. Discovering who and what you really are. Now outwardly you can be the gentleman who collects other people’s garbage, empties the bins; You can be a bank manager; You can be a chief executive officer of a huge conglomerate. Your station in this life is absolutely no indication of what the level of your soul development and enrichment is. So, from the man who collects the garbage to the chief executive officer, we say to you not only take the time but make the time. Make time to be still and quiet. You all have heard the saying, grass won’t grow on a busy street. Well, your spirituality, your spiritual outlook, the being that you are is not going to grow while your mind is elsewhere on mundane issues and physical things. You are not a physical being here to play with spiritual and metaphysical processes. You are a spiritual being incarnate here on this planet of solid matter to experience, to learn, to grow, to expand, to become, much more knowledgable and much wiser. So no matter how bad the storm that is raging outside your door is happening or affecting your life and that of your family and loved ones, do not focus on the storm. Do not focus on perhaps what damage the storm could do. Conjecture. Useless conjecture. It is simply conjecture. You are only creating more problems for yourself by allowing your mind out to play, and your mind, like a monkey, will play many games. What is the answer? … hmm, … the answer is still the mind. However, to still the mind you will need to still the physical. Still the body. And so we say to you on this night of Gautama Buddha moon, we say to you, not only find time but make time to be by yourself. You can join in with groups later. Be yourself. Be alone. Sit very still and quiet. Allow your mind to empty, to empty out all of those daily thoughts, scenarios, fears, and moods. Attempt, if you will, to make your mind similar to the surface of a frozen pond. Hold your mind still and motionless and then get out of your mind. Enter the sacred place which is the heart behind the heart. Sometimes described as the heart-within-the-heart. That is where the gateway to your beingness, your true beingness, the true self is, so what is the object of that. Hmm? … Well, the object of that is to firstly find yourself. Recognise yourself. Become a friend again, a great friend and companion of your real self. And then enter the energy the sacred vibration of your true beingness. It is not difficult as you practice more and more.

Sitting still going into the silence, finding, rediscovering, your true self and entering into that sacred, very sacred space, and know that you now have achieved wondrous things. You now have the opportunity to become, to become your true self.

I find that may be sufficient for this evening. The brotherhood, the sisterhood, from the Aranuth Collective wish you love. We wish you love, light and a positive pathway forward.

I, the representative of the Aranuth Consciousness, I am H–o-p-i. Hopi, and I thank you for accomodating me on this evening. I would take my leave now. I leave you with blessings of Love and Light. Good Evening dear children. Good Evening.

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