Aranuth Speaks June 2020 “Be Peaceful”

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The COVID virus is almost finished here in Qld Australia. Thankfully we got off fairly light with few deaths thanks to our government and health departments’ quick action to restrict the spread of the virus. The lockdown period served to refocus many people’s family connectedness and re-establish and foster closer loving relationships within the family group and highlight awareness of community responsibilities. Regrettably, it also saw an upsurge in the number of domestic violence issues. It also emphasised our reliance on foods, consumables, and goods manufactured overseas and imported instead of supporting locally/nationally produced and manufactured items. Where I live, up high on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, we have an abundance of practically every type of locally grown and produced fruits, vegetables, and grains to complement the meat, poultry, and dairy products readily available.

World wide protests about racial discrimination have now expanded into protesting about the Oligarchs and Glitterati, the wealthy and powerful families and groups, who buy and corrupt politicians and people of power and influence in an effort to control the affairs of the world. A few years ago Aranuth stated in one channelled message that in the coming times “the streets would run with blood”. We are witnessing this now. This is a time of exposure and disclosure. The masses are revolting against being dominated, controlled, and exploited. This had to happen to break down the old corrupt and decaying prototype, obliterate the matrix, and install a paradigm of Love and Light. We are the Rainbow Tribe, of many skin colours, and we are privileged to participate in this once in eons event.

The lunar enhanced energy of the recent solstice was a disturbing occurrence with seemingly anything and everything going into warp mode and affecting quite a number of people. The most common effects people experienced were dullness and fuzziness in the head; inability to focus clearly and perform daily tasks, and feelings of lethargy, listlessness, and tiredness. In my case it lasted for four days and nights, (the higher a soul’s level of consciousness and sensitivity the more it affects you) the worst being the malfunction of my video camera and audio recorder when channelling a message from the guides. This was remediated when surprisingly, an entity from the guidance realm came in the early hours, woke me up, and had me channel the message below while I was in an altered (drowsy) state.


Well good evening dear ones. I have returned. You know me by several names. Principally as Rohjet. I feel however that I do not require an introduction. What I have come at this quiet hour to tell you is that it is most important for you to be aware of the energy that you radiate. The energy that you personally, you, the individual, and you the mass, the masses radiate. Many of you are apparently unaware that the energy that you radiate, the energy that is a composition of your every thought, word, and action, is what combines with the energy of others of the entire population. Such energy does have quite an effect on the energy of Mother Earth.

You are aware that Mother Earth is a living thing. It is a living planet. Mother Earth has a life of her own and as such, is affected by the positivity or negativity radiated by the masses; the energy radiated, emanated, by the population of her planet. It is important for you to understand that the energy that each individual radiates either assists or hinders the combined energy of, in, and surrounding Mother Earth. Mother Earth, being an independent being, such as you are too, the individual and independent beings must rise or lower according to the totality of the energy formulated and generated by the critical mass of souls incarnate. You will understand this. You as an individual, you as a combination of souls, of soul energy, cannot rise in vibration unless Mother Earth also rises in vibration. Mother Earth cannot rise in vibration while she is populated with a critical mass of souls incarnate who are radiating a lower vibration. So you see dear ones, the energy of your planet is in lock-step with the energy of the population of every race on planet earth at this time.

You may also be unaware, it is more than probable, that you do not think about the effects of the energy of other planets and their relationship with planet earth. Planet earth is alive. It is vibrant, and as I have spoken, it is, and can be, affected positively or negatively by the energy radiated by the masses. The energy of Mother Earth is unique. It is insulated from the energy of other planets. Now other planets have their own individual energy and that energy, that vibrancy of energy, is fluctuating according to those individual planets’ own life/time frame. Now, you are familiar with the fact that planets, stars, have life but they also have death; they have deceasement. Out there, out there in the oneness and the allness, are planets that are either being born or coming to the end of their timeline to which they will become dead; a dead planet, a dead star.

Now then, there are races, there are races of entities on many of those planets, those stars, and they too similar to the races here on your planet earth are affected by the energy of the planet that they inhabit. So, while the energy of their planet is alive and vibrant, nourishing, and sustaining, all is well. However, when the energy of those planets starts to die, the races, the population, those entities existing on those planets have a very difficult choice. They can either die with their planet or they can look elsewhere for their future survival prospects. Right now, in this present time frame, there are other races, other populations, not necessarily similar to you human beings who, knowing that the energy of their star is approaching the midnight hour, the end of useful life, and so they are looking to see if they can move en-mass to another star or planet that will sustain life as they know it.

I wish to inform you that planet earth is being seen from afar as a jewel, a glistening jewel. It is seen as a planet that can sustain races of entities for eons yet to come. Among those races seeking to migrate to a newer, healthier, more vibrant, more energetic, more energetically suitable, planet such as planet earth, your planet is seen as a very, very attractive proposition. Now, as on your planet where you have nations, races of numerous color, DNA, genetics, etc., who are not always living cohesively, peacefully with each other, other races in the cosmos may or may not co-exist peacefully. Many of these races in the cosmos are looking to see who are the more powerful and who will come to populate earth before other smaller weaker races. It is a race to claim the earth as a future homeland you might say. It is an event, a race by these nations to befriend planet earth or simply take over planet earth.

We, in the higher realms do not wish to see all races of all planets, all stars, all realities, all vibrations, being at loggerheads with each other about coming and joining with the human race of planet earth. Some of these galactic races are already bringing you new technology and technological advances; technology advances in the medical field, in the mineral field and more especially in the energy generation and propulsion field. We have here in the realms a collective consciousness to which I belong but also there is a similar collective of what you would call GalacticbNations, Star People, people from many galaxies who are attempting to stitch together a coalition of kindred peaceful races wishing to join with the human race and exist together in a very compatible, cohesive, and peaceful manner. Some of those galactic races are testing the waters right now. Testing the waters of the energy of planet earth to ascertain whether or not their energy beingness is compatible with and can survive and thrive on planet earth. There are other races who are already aware that they would not be able to survive on your planet and are looking elsewhere. Looking at, testing, the vibration on other stars, other planets.

So I would like to say to you, it is in the best interest of the population of planet earth and of the future evolution and upliftment of both the human race and Mother Earth herself to now focus very keenly on bringing peace and harmony on your planet. Peaceful coexistence between all nations, all races, on your planet. It is for your benefit for all races, all colors, all DNA and genetic forms that you would call humanoid, to join together as a peaceful, peace-loving, peace-promoting group and thereby lift their own vibration and of course lift the vibration of planet earth. It is peaceful coexistence that is going to lift you and your planet into higher realms. We from other locations, other places, other spaces, other realities, have our own evolution and advancement to attend to and we are limited in how much help, assistance, and advice that we can give to you humans regarding the advancement and upliftment of yourself on your planet. So, I would like to say to you, think and act positively and peacefully as a group. Because that is the way forward, that is the way that all races on your planet and the planet itself will rise and rise and will become a living breathing beautiful jewel in the galaxy. Thank you and good evening dear ones. I shall come again. Thank you.

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