Aranuth Speaks: World affairs and health. June 2018

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Another month has passed and not a lot has changed in our world. The volcano on Big Island continues to spew forth rivers of hot lava inundating hundreds of houses and leaving a great number of people homeless. This lava flow will possibly continue for another year, maybe more, leaving Big Island with a very different landscape. It has been prophesied by some advanced non-physical seer that another landmass, another island, will rise from the depths of the ocean following the volcanic disturbance. My intuition also tells me that other countries situated on the “Ring of Fire” will experience earthquake and volcanic disturbances as well. The tectonic plates are on the move and pressure release valves such as volcanoes assist Gaia as she reshapes and re-positions herself. But that’s okay: the Grand Plan is in operation.

In Australia, Royal Commissions into institutionalised sexual (and other) abuse of children involving members of the clergy, government, and non-government care organisations, along with the concurrent Royal Commission into banking practices, have revealed evidence of loathsome and shameful practices and activities and has claimed the scalps of several high ranking clergymen (bishops and arch-bishops) as well as bank CEO’s and bank governing board members. Even though evidence has revealed abhorrent, sickening, and atrocious occurrences we are best served by keeping ourselves in a positive state of mind (justice is being done) and send powerfully focused love and light to every situation and victim knowing that “All is in Divine Order” even though we cannot always see the rationality of it.

My intuition is telling me that Africa will be the next flash point with great civil unrest amid food and clean water shortages, and health concerns – the chasm between the haves and the have-nots – which will be the root cause of the upheaval.

The recent solstice was not kind to me (along with many others I suspect) with several physical complaints unexpectedly manifesting. It reinforced the fact that even though sensitives like myself do the work of spirit, of the Light, we are not entitled to special dispensation or treatment unless it is within the parameters of our experience and lesson plan. It happens! So we just “Keep on Keeping on”.

Interestingly, I have been sent photos of, and been advised of, unusual cloud formations which are occurring with increasing regularity in some areas. Some years ago, when I was attending a large meditation group meeting, a galactic female channelled through a medium there and spoke at some length about their activities observing events on planet earth. The galactic entity described how they often disguised their presence by manufacturing cloud formations which hid them from our sight. The female entity stated that they had been coming and observing earth events and happenings for many years of our time and that most governments and military forces were well aware of their existence but kept it secret from the public. She said that they would continue to come in peace and observe. I was allowed to ask a question of her, the answer to which was not known by anyone else alive except me; she came up with the correct answer … three moons!


Good Evening Dear Ones.

I have returned to speak with you; this time our subject will be something much closer to both you and your planet.  Actually it is very close to you.  We are also right there beside you.  Some of you may not, or can not, see us and are not aware of us but we are right there beside you; even now, as at other times, and so we should be as we have a need to be there.  Our mission here today is to advise you that we in the realms, now I am including the galactic council of twelve, we in the realms assisted by the Galactic of twelve, which you may call satellite energies, draw closer and closer and closer to your realm, to your level, simply because that is where you need the most support.  And that support comes in the fact of us giving you knowledge and information of what is happening on and around your planet, your level of beingness.

You are all aware that we have spoken many times of the happenings on your planet, on your earth.  We have warned you about all sorts of incidents, discoveries, and calamities.  Most of these are man made,  some are called natural disasters, however let me assure you that there is nothing natural about them.  They are all planned: they are all there for one very, very, good reason.  And that reason is, we find it necessary to give your planet a good shake up, a good wake up, to prevent you from going down this pathway of negativity and destruction, and that is where you are headed because there are several nations, several nations of war-mongers on your earth plane, who wish for nothing better than to be the dominant controlling military and economic force, and their misguided actions are having, and will have to an even greater extent, a negative effect on your planet.  So we have used what you would call ‘natural disasters’, we use those as a pressure releases.  We release it like the weight upon your pressure cooker that lifts and whistles. It releases the pressure from inside the container and that is what we are doing with your earth.  Much of this pressure release is happening in areas that are not vastly populated because we simply do not wish to cause many, many, more deaths.  We do not need more souls coming over here en-masse because we are having sufficient trouble handling what is happening at present through your efforts not through ours.

Now what we are here today to tell you of is that in the main you are being watched over and looked after, you are being protected, and of course we see these things, we have seen these things, in what in your time is’ light years’ ahead.  We have seen these things light years ahead in your time; they are planned, they are all staged in a certain cadence, and the consequences of which are specifically spaced or closed up so that it appears to be a chain like the beads on the necklace around your neck.  Like a chain of happenings.  A series of carefully, very carefully guarded and carefully planned happenings.  Now when we come back down to your level, and we would like to say ‘your level on your planet’, not the level of those who have this unnatural thirst for greed and power, regardless of the consequences.  We are talking about the people of your planet.  What you would call the common man or woman on your planet.  Now you will always be watched over.

I have heard this channel minutes previously talking about a band of energy which he stated was quite a narrow band; well that is correct.  But here is another example of it.  We have taken many of you people and enclosed you in a band which is much narrower than the band that encompasses your planet and all of your galaxies.  We have narrowed that down to a band, it’s like a safe, safe passage, safe home, and in the band is safety; this is where you are.  We hold you in there so that the common man or woman are not exposed to the dangers, negativity, some of the cruelty and aggressiveness, that is taking place on this planet at present.  You might say we have quarantined you.  Quite so! So in this band you will suffer minimal effects of the activities, the actions, of those who lust for power and control. We shall leave them alone for they are like lemmings rushing towards their negatively created cliff tops. So we shall leave those lemmings alone.  We shall sit back and observe them race to the edge of the precipice.  However, we have taken you into safety, into safe care, into this band; it is a protective band and you are watched over because those who desire military and monetary control of your world, well we are not going to allow them to adversely affect the common man, the common woman.

Many things may happen to your planet but let me reassure you mankind will continue: there will be no mass destruction of your planet or of your people or your animals.  We will see to that!  And the manner in which we will see to that is, we have you in that narrow and safe protective band.  Now you may think, you may ask me, what shall we do?  Well it is very simple, what you shall do, what you may do, what is beneficial for you to do, is to continue on with your life, specifically a life of compassion, understanding, tolerance, love and light; if you continue along on that band, you help us to energise your safe band, your safe protective band.  It will help us to energise it by using the energy that you are radiating out we reflect that back to you.  So make no mistakes about this, while other nations are going at each others throats like hungry wolves, you are being held in a safe haven.  You are in a safe harbour.

So now you will see across your planet, if you as a race, as a population, wish to not only preserve your race but improve it, we would like to suggest to you that you look very closely at your sustenance.  We would ask you to look very closely at your foods and your water.  Our advice to you is to avoid at all costs, food that has been treated and processed with chemical substances wherever possible; wherever possible! Purchase, gather, food that is clean , organic, untouched by pesticides, sprays, and chemicals because let me tell you, chemicals are doing enormous damage to the human race.  Enormous damage!  So we would suggest to you that you purchase only the cleanest foods, the healthiest foods, the cleanest water that is not contaminated, is clean and is pure, because you and your children are required to maintain a very high level of health through the coming years.  You will need healthy food to maintain a healthy embodiment, and we are not just talking about the physical embodiment; we are talking about the fact that if you wish to maintain excellent health in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being, whatever, you must put clean healthy fuel into those bodies.

So, today I am not here to lecture you on food purchases: I am here to advise you that is is beneficial for you to seek out, grow, purchase, the cleanest, healthiest possible fruit, vegetables, and other foods that you may or may not ingest including such things as poultry, sea foods, meats etc, that is up to the individual to choose what you eat.  Choose wisely.  Choose the cleanest, the healthiest foods that you can.  That way you will insulate yourselves not only from the massive variety of harmful chemicals presently in your food chain, but it will lift your body vibration.  Now I would like to say this again, it will lift your overall body vibration to a higher level because if you are ingesting foods that have a very high level of a clean light element you cannot but help to have your body lifted up, raised up.  It may only be fractionally but it will be beneficial.  It will be beneficial to you because it up raises your individual vibration.  From where we are we see physical bodies, and we see your lights, and many of those lights are dull, they are dark, they are tainted, they are corrupted, by abnormal substances.  For you to maintain a high level of beingness, and therefore radiate a high level of light energy, it is necessary for you to seek out those life giving fresh living foods.

In coming months and years you are going to witness states and nations in dire trouble.  Really in trouble.  You are going to witness states and nations where there are insufficient foods; not just unhealthy, corrupted, tainted food, but no food at all!  You are going to see states and nations who are aggressively attacking each other over access to clean water.  There are forces, dark forces, on your planet who are polluting willy-nilly, arable farmlands and water courses. It’s having a negative effect, an accumulative negative effect, and in your lifetime you are going to witness states and nations who are struggling to eat anything let alone clean healthy foods.  Struggling to get water of any color and condition.  Everyone has to take ownership of that situation for that, for themselves.  If you are in an area where such problems are arising it would make sense for you to leave that area, and go to a place where there is an abundance of clean, healthy food, clean water from rivers and streams.  Some of your biggest benefactors are not going to have the resources to donate huge amounts of money required to alter the situation.  In some nations and states, it is already too late.  The clock is now minutes to midnight.  You people here on this day are very fortunate.  We find that you are most fortunate, and we are pleased to be able to come to you at this time and to wake you up to the fact that you already have access to good food, good water, good health.  It is in your best interest to follow along that line to stay healthy, to stay clean, to raise your vibration, so that you will not be affected by outside or overseas forces; and yet using your love, and your light, and your healing powers and energy, you might send clean, healthy, happy, thought energy to those who are suffering in other countries.

Now we do not come on this day to frighten you.  You should be well aware by now that we are here to help, to advise, to lift you up, point the way, and we do so knowing that all who are present here, all who are reading our words, will be absorbing the importance of those words; and if they have not already, they will very shortly begin to pay much, much more attention to food production and their own health.

This medium did speak before of lights in the sky.  Yes, there are several nations, what you would call off-planet, alien, galactic, whatever you wish to name them. There are several nations who are out there doing what I just suggested that you do.  They are out there sending love, sending light, sending love energy, to you to help you to negotiate your pathway and to navigate world affairs, so as you are sending love and light and healing energy to those populations on your planet who are suppressed, depressed down trodden, starving, diseased; as you are sending love and light to them so too are energy beings from other realms sending you love and light with the thought in mind that they wish to help you to negotiate your pathway and to navigate your way through to what is becoming increasingly concerning world affairs.

And so dear ones we thank you for having us on this day. I am having a little difficulty maintaining a smooth, continuous, level communication through this medium on this day which I am sure you will understand.

Thank you for hosting me.  I wish you well.  I wish you love, I wish you light,

Good Evening.

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