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Aranuth Speaks: Cairns Australia April ’23

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G’day everyone across this beautiful planet; welcome and thanks for visiting my website. It has been awhile since I last posted a channelled message or put a video up on my “Aranuth Speaks Youtube” site however I’m back on track now. My transcribing typist moved to another city and has now been replaced with my daughter … very fast-moving typing hands! Yeah!

We, the aware or unaware lightworkers of this marvelous age, have been seeing and experiencing the collapse of the old and the installation of the new paradigm … as promised. It has been a long and arduous – but rewarding – journey over a great many incarnations and for several eons of our time.

Right now we are most obviously in the midst of the monumental “change of the ages” both man-made and natural, and witness the exposing and unmasking of the tricksters, fraudsters, of the combined and corrupt dark cabal of Religions, Governments, Militaries, Secret Societies and others, masquerading as wise and knowing beings but (under the cloak lies deception) they seek to keep us trapped, enslaved, in the illusory prison of the 3D matrix to stop us from discovering the truth of our true being-ness, power, and potential as highly evolved energy beings having a physical experience.

There is a lot more to unfold as yet across the planet however our best sanctuary is to stay centered and in alignment and acceptance of “what is”, and go within, be in peace, love, light, and positivity. All is in Divine Order.


Good evening everybody, my name is Isiah; I have come to you this evening for another one of our shall we say talks. What I thought I might speak to you of tonight is, I want to give you an insight into what you are terming “spirituality”. Fair enough, “spirituality” will be fine.

From where I am we look upon you individual souls, and we see your true being-ness, not your physical being-ness, your true energy being-ness, the top, apex, energy being-ness. Now if only you dear souls could see yourself for what you truly are, the colors that you are, the colors that indicate and represent your advancement, the level where you’re at; it also shows in your colors, it shows us your progress through every incarnation for every embodiment that you have inhabited, every lesson, every experience, yes we see that. If you could envision that, you would feel so prompted to go, go, go, ahead and develop more and expand, gather all this soul growth, soul enrichment; if you could only see what you have achieved and accumulated so far. Well done!

Now, at this point I would like to give you a simple, very simple picture; you are solid matter, solid physical flesh and bone. Now above that – we won’t go into upgraded consciousness right now – just above your physical you have your soul, soul-self, soul-body, and often times you will hear us all talking about your “soul”. And then above the soul is your true higher being-ness. Now, in each and every incarnation when you become incarnate you take on another body. When you take on that body you are also accompanied by a manifesto which is your entire pathway plan of experiences and lessons, which has a bit of wiggle room in it. It’s not locked in hard and fast, there is wiggle room there. So, when you are incarnate as you are now, you have an experience, in that experience there will be a lesson, and the result of how you address and overcome that lesson goes into what you may term, memory. Yes, it does go into memory. It also goes into “soul-memory”. So your soul memory is the actual repository for every experience, every lesson, that you ever had in this carnation, the soul memory is the repository of all of that. So in this incarnation you have a memory of what has happened in this and other incarnations so the gifted ones are able to recall numerous, various, experiences from previous incarnations; it’s not a general thing. So, what you are having here is the physical being encountering, addressing and overcoming various experiences and lessons which goes into soul memory repository.

Now, we rise above that because you see, as a higher energy being, apex energy being, the accumulation of all those experiences and lessons, shall we say the ripeness of it, goes up to the higher being, it goes into the higher being and it actually contributes to your level of consciousness. Now consciousness, you can attempt, and maybe achieve in this lifetime, in your quiet time, lifting your consciousness, deliberately focusing on lifting your consciousness, and you want to lift it above and beyond soul because soul is only there as a repository, that’s it. The soul memories are there however the higher being-ness is the one that benefits, so you become a more enlightened, more experienced, higher being as a result of your physical being-ness stores in the soul and then passed up the line.

Now all too often we in the realms encounter a log-jam because your guardians, those beings in the realm that have chosen to watch over, care for you, we see you getting stuck in the soul-level; you have trouble getting any higher than the repository of the soul. Well, don’t forget that was simply placed on your pathway as a “Learning experience, learning tool”. All these experiences and lessons come to you for you to learn from, grow from, experience, expand and you become more colourful, much more colourful, so as the soul passes the benefit of all those experiences, the soul passes that up, it goes up into your true being-ness and that indicates what level you have achieved as a higher being. Your higher being-ness initially is like a transparent empty vessel, you come in as soul-embodied.

Now for the benefit of those who have never heard before, I would like you to form a picture with your mind, not just in the realms, but above the realms, but above and beyond it, where we are into the Prime Source of All That Is. Now I’m going to say that again, imagine nothing-ness, and within that nothing-ness is the cosmic soup of energy the magnificent, awesome, power of manifestation. It is there that creation and manifestation are not only part of your galaxy, but every other galaxy. Everything that exists came from the Source of All That Is, that awesome power. So to give you a simplified description, if you can imagine in the nothingness, it breathes in the nothingness, the all-ness, the one-ness ,the nothingness, it breathes, so we tell you, breathe, breathe, harmonize yourself with the energy from the source coming to your planet where ever you are. Breathe…..

Now, where the source is, that power source, it’s like an invisible membrane and as a membrane it breathes in and out, in and out, some of those will have heard the sound of the universe, so you may have heard the sound of creation; Sigh, it’s a sigh! and the membrane breathes in and out; now, this side of the membrane are some incredibly highly developed beings. Now as the membrane breathes, it breathes out, emits, the tiniest little sparks, that’s light, that’s light, and life. Now that membrane is breathing out minute lights which are new souls, and the great beings take that little new soul light and they take it to a position, you could say it’s like a nursery, with all these other little lights; this is the birth of the souls, of new beings, of new energy beings. So these higher evolved beings nurse and nurture these new sparks of light and life until it’s time to pass them on to where they are prepared to come, not just to this earth planet, but to numerous, too numerous to number, numerous other realities, where they will become incarnate, embodied, and they will start their process of experience, learning, growing, and within them is this empty chamber, empty container called Soul.

So each and every one of those experiences that they now having, that will go into the repository called soul. Those beings at a time of ripeness will be approached by higher beings who will then guide and mentor them in regards to gaining growth, enrichment, wisdom, love and light … and so starts the journey of every soul of learning: so you come into the first journey, the first incarnation; it is generally a rather short one and then that soul goes back to the realms and in due time that soul will reincarnate again either here, or in galactic realms, various realms, many, many, realms that they can go to learn, to grow, to experience. So this planet earth is just one of them, but this is very important one, so what I would like to impress upon you, if you can carry it in your mind and in your heart, that you are a light that can never be extinguished: on a physical level your body can collapse, the energy being will depart that lifeless body; that being with soul attached will go back to the realms and due time, with some further education and instruction, they will come back again to have more experiences, more lessons, more growth, more enrichment, which goes into the soul repository, at the end of that life they will go again; it’s a circle, it’s a cycle.

Some of you souls here tonight have had quite a number of incarnations, not just dozens, some in the hundreds, some in the hundreds! Your incarnations haven’t always been here on this planet Earth, most of you will have come in through other “planets” shall we say; now when I say Planet, we’re not talking about that big chunk of rock floating around out there in the planetary soup, that rock has a body-double, it is an energy bubble double, a copy of that rock, but that is were the life is, that’s where the light is, and that’s where the learning is, so you will have encountered those who remember some their incarnations on places like Neptune, Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and so on, so many planets. So to become a well-rounded soul you cannot just be locked in this tunnel of earth and terrestrial death: birth, death, birth, death. You are not gaining much, you are experiencing a lot of the things that this planet has to offer but it’s not enough if you want to become a well-rounded soul, if you want to have high levels of experience, growth; so many magical words to describe it; so you go to other realities and again and again you take the packet called “soul” with you because where ever you go what you take with you is the repository memory of all those events, all those lessons, all those experiences, and how you responded to them; it’s all soul growth, it’s all there in the packet and it accompanies you where ever you go.

Now in those much, much, higher realms where your true being-ness resides you become and are already light; you are just this waving, swirling, mix of colours; now the colour saturation, content and mix all flowing colours designates to those higher beings who have eyes to see, it designates where you are at. Your soul growth, experience, and own brand of colours, they show very plainly what you have endured on this planet, on other planets, in other realities, they are not only planets. Let me tell you the number of realities that you can go to, have no number, they cannot be calculated because they keep being created, everything is expanding, creating, developing, more and more and more, so is there an end to all of this? Not really, not really because you see in the realms you hunger, you thirst, for more development, more growth, more light, until (and I have never experienced this) until your vibration becomes so very high, so powerful, so intense, that you blend with the Source, you blend with the creative power, you become that, you become that!

So, coming back down to your level here I would say to you it is of great benefit to you to remember the totality of you is not THIS body at present, the totality of you, hundreds of bodies, numerous experiences, lessons and it just keeps going on and on and on. And so I say again to you, if you could only see what a beautiful enriched being that you truly are you would hunger for more development, more expansion, more light, and that’s a good thing! And so my friends I wish to say to you, thank you for having me in your midst, I feel honoured to have been here to give you a somewhat simplified explanation of where you are now and where you fit in this Source of All.

The video of this channelling will be up on ‘Aranuth Speaks Youtube’ within coming days; it is interesting to watch and observe the entity speaking through me.

Rainbows & Roses,

Peace & Happiness,

Love & Light


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