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Aranuth Speaks June ’23. The Changes

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G’day everyone, dear souls, everywhere;

Here we are mid-stride, mid-stream, in “The Change of the Ages”; it is all happening all across the planet. Of course it is disturbing to see lives of so many innocents either being adversely affected, lost, or suffering terrible trauma and other things as a painful consequence of some of the world changes taking place.

My guide advises that we should not feel sorry for these dear souls as this is precisely what in they came here to do; it was written in their pathway contract and agreed to by them before they incarnated this time. It is an important part of their energy up-liftment, soul growth, and soul enrichment.

Having said that we as humans, especially empaths, healers, and others, cannot help but feel their pain, sorrow, and discomfort and feel the need to radiate boundless volumes of positive “Light Energy” to assist them and give them strength and resilience on their chosen pathway.

Part and parcel of these changes are having different priorities, drifting away from old ways, old interests, old partners and careers, old friends and associates who no longer interest you or play a part in your life. It is all part of each souls upward journey to slowly detach from and release the old solid-matter physical dimension and rise up incrementally in awareness and consciousness.

Right at this time many souls are experiencing vibrational uplifts, feelings of separation from this physical dimension, consciousness raising, or movement into a higher vibrating level where they are being warmly greeted by Higher Evolved Beings of Love, Light, and Healing. Such uplifted souls are welcomed in their energy bodies – as opposed to their physical body. The company of Ascended Beings are delighted to greet them and make them very welcome in their new higher-dimensional home. A large number of these recently up-lifted souls have chosen to physically stay on this 3rd dimension to help others to awaken to their true spiritual self.

Guidance and communication received from both Spirit and Galactic highly advanced masters of Love, Light, and Healing advise that we are in for quite a surprise very shortly (within the next decade – 10 to12 years) with “discoveries” in technology making a safer, cleaner, more universal power source indicating the end of mining/drilling/fracking/ for oil, minerals, coal, gas, etc and other traumas which presently injure Mother Earth.

The new power source will come from the sun as well as from starlight such as that radiated by the star Alcyone. Alcyone is 2,000 times brighter than our sun; it produces a lot more energy than the sun, and interestingly, will play a major part in the advancement and up-liftment of planet earth.

Water will also play a major part in the evolution of the human race here on Terra: humans and animals will consume considerably more water, plant-based “living food”, Prana, and much less animal sourced and manufactured foods.

In the very near future a far greater number of souls incarnate will develop their own non-verbal communication with advanced beings in higher realms; humanity’s journey into and above the fifth dimension is only just beginning. There is much yet to be done to shake up, break up, the old ingrained structures and systems so that a total global awakening can effectively take place.

The dictators and controllers – including the secret cabal manipulating world events and attempting to usher in a world government, sometimes disguised as “Leaders” or “Benefactors” – will lose credibility and power to control as they are unmasked and shrivel under the glare of the light of truth.

All really is in Divine Order as the Creator’s Grand Plan unfolds in perfection … although sometimes it may not look like it.

My guidance advises that by the year 2032 it will “all be happening” for our collective good so everyone be happy, be positive, and stay aligned and focused … good things are on the way.

A channelled video message will be posted at the end of this month, June.

Rainbows & Roses, Love & Light,


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