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Aranuth Speaks: Prophecy 1st December 2022

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G’day everybody,

Changes, changes, they are seemingly never ending … but it is all for the better.

Higher Guidance comes to me unexpectedly and at irregular intervals depending upon the perceived importance of the information and timeframe.The predictions are coming more often of late. Up until now the information was given to me usually one prediction at a time (such as the Java Indonesian event) however Guidance is now coming with several predictions in one download. Is this a sign that the planetary “change of the ages” is firmly upon us?

These prophecies and predictions are given to me generally in the early morning hours (when the veil between the realms is at its thinnest) to disseminate and prepare souls for future events and hopefully to allow sufficient time for individuals and humanity to make individual and group/tribe adjustments. So is this an indication that several things will now happen within a short timeframe?

I am not a pretend Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce, just another sensitive conduit nevertheless these predictions are as bigger surprise to me as well as to you. However the Guides give me this information with hope that it will assist souls to ponder their pathway and make improvements for themselves and the good of all … including the environment and Mother Nature herself.

I get the overwhelming feeling that we are approaching massive earth changes with serious consequences if we do not clean up our act and care for the people, the planet, and everything upon it.

These prophecies are a gift from the Guidance Realm and hopefully will be accepted as such: for those dear souls who tend to go into negativity and fear the answer is not to read any further and continue along their “eyes wide shut” pathway.

The Prophecies:

One: More trouble in the Baltic states with one, possibly two, more nations becoming involved in the military engagement with the supply of armaments and equipment along with the flow-on of financial and humanitarian support.

Two: England will ‘feel the pinch” as monetary policies are tightened affecting household budgets. The English people will stay stoic and will “keep on keeping on”.

Three: A small African nation, possibly an Island nation, will gain prominence with the discovery of a valuable resource. Modern day “carpet baggers” will gather like ants to honey.

Four: More seismic and tectonic plate upheaval in the Pacific Rim area; Australia will remain stable as always however the extreme weather events will continue with some surprising and unexpected incidents.

Five: The US. Firstly, an event “affects and strikes at the heart of America”; I interpret this to mean either or both Wall St (financial) and/or Washington (political). This will involve scandals, massive corruption, deception, and chicanery in high places with accompanying uprising and protests by the people. International villains are involved!

Two: Big problems with the stone fruit farming and production with fruit being discovered rotting from the inside caused by an as-yet unknown blight.

Three: Serious seismic and tectonic plate movement involving landmass cracking, moving, sliding in both the East and West Coasts. Higher Beings are holding the line firmly on this catastrophe however it all depends on whether or not the critical mass of people in the US take positive steps to end war, corruption, greed, lust for power and redistribute abundance of all good things for the benefit of all.

I post this in hopes that that being forewarned will be of great value to all of mankind. We must clean up our act and our planet. Of course there will be those who criticise and deride me however my job is to do and not judge.

I will still be available for readings and healing except on Christmas day.

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Rainbows & Roses,

Peace & Happiness,

Love & Light,


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