Aranuth Speaks: Changing Energies: April 2018

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Where does love and compassion begin? At this particular time in space and place, there are a huge number of people all across the planet who are living under extreme pressure, their very lives and future are on the line with no guarantee of where their next meal is coming from, or that they or their children will still be alive from one moment to the next. It is gut wrenching to see exhausted mothers in deep depression, breasts hanging like empty sacks, with emaciated babies grimly suckling a dry teat. Daily we see images of refugees being driven from their home country by unforgiving soldiers and militia men and having to suffer shootings, bashings, torture, gang rape, and other forms of inhuman subjugation. There are many humanitarian organisations that are attempting to hold back this tidal wave of human wreckage, however, it can be assisted by sensitive, aware, and caring souls by using a simple but effective method.  Meditation! Yes, meditation.

Where there has previously been mass meditations for peace, the abatement of crime, or relief from tragedies such as drought and massive crop failures, there has been academically proven positive results of the effectiveness of group meditation. Even hard-nosed skeptics have had to admit that the mass meditation had been a success and of great value and benefit to the community. Why do we not harness this wonderful energy-empowering method to assist those downtrodden, depressed, desperate, and despairing souls in need of help by conducting a simple and well co-ordinated world-wide meditation session. There are Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Love and Light standing by to add impetus to such a campaign. It is simply a matter of setting an international time and encouraging spiritually aware people, members of the various faiths and religious belief systems, even your family, friends, and neighbours to join in.

Regardless of what some commentators say, meditation is simply “sitting still with clear mind and doing nothing”. It can also be described as entering a state of peaceful contemplation. To clarify that statement, it means sitting still, doing nothing, clearing your mind of all worldly cares and woes, and allowing yourself to enter the velvet void with the stated intention of focusing Love, Light, and Healing energy to wherever your consciousness directs it.  A proven simple and effective method of meditating is included at the bottom of this message; please feel free to use it.

Is there anyone out there who would like to arrange and co-ordinate such a world-wide meditation? Is there anyone out there who would assist the global co-ordinator by organising a local group time for their city, region, state, or nation? If so please email me at



Well, greetings everyone.  We welcome you here again once more and we will continue this discourse in the same or similar vein as previous messages.  What we wish to explain to you is the altering, changing, energy and the effect that is having upon yourselves, you incarnates, your planet, and everything upon it.  What is not clearly understood is the totality of the effect of the energy radiation.  You are all are very much aware that there has been, and continues to be, large alterations in the volume, content, intensity, and power of the energy which radiates from the source.  Have you ever stopped to consider where the energy comes from?  Who or what manufactures or produces it?  It comes from the source.  It comes from the source.  The omnipotent, powerful, all powerful, all potent, source.  So we will not go into too much detail about the source of this energy.  Moreover we would like to talk to you about the energy that not only the affects you living incarnates, but effects every thing, and I mean every, every, thing.  Most of you are unaware that the planets in your universe, and in the multiples of universes, the multiples, the multi-verses are also affected more than you could ever, ever imagine.

However, confining ourselves to your universe, the universe where you are bound to, the energy of the source affects every thing in your universe.  Now then, when you gaze upon your night sky, do you observe planets, objects in the sky?  Many objects in the sky are new planets, new objects, new asteroids, they are all being discovered daily due to the power of your telescopic instruments and their ability to detect previously totally unknown planets.  Now then, every planet in your universe, including your own very own Gaia, not only have an energy vibration totally encompassing them, but they have an unseen planet, a twin, a twin planet, that is also wrapped in this magnificent energy.  Now if you will imagine for one minute that you see a planet, what you see is a facsimile, a solid facsimile of a planet, not knowing or seeing that there is a twin invisible planet precisely the same which is also composed of energy.  Now, some of your planets have more than one twin but at this point in your evolution you are unable to see these twin invisible energy planets.  Now, when the source radiates a changed, an altered, an upgraded energy, your living planet and everything upon is called upon to adjust their own blueprint to accommodate a different energy.  So then the energy at this point in time is changing what you would call daily, changing daily.  You as incarnates, and every living thing upon your planet, every sentient and insensate item on your planet, is surrounded by energy and must also now attempt to accommodate that altered energy.  You will need to allow that new energy to overlap, to super impose on your blueprint and change it so that you may be able to continue to function in a upraised energy environment.

Now, your planet plays a major part in the distribution of this energy.  You see the planets have their own energy field and are the first, one of the first, affected by this upraised energy.  Now, the planets being a living thing with a living energy which is sensitive to the alterations and changes in the energy  radiation from the source, must alter their blueprint to accommodate this new inflow of energy.  The planet, whether you are consciously aware or no, if you were consciously aware or not that not only the position of the planets in your galaxy, your universe, not only do they have quite an effect on everything on planet earth and on other planets, they too also evolve.  So, with the upraised energy striking, surrounding, and permeating any planet, star, asteroid, or item in the sky, with that energy altering and changing, that planet .. it stands to reason that the position of the planet and the energy that it radiates affects other planets including Gaia.  So it would be folly for you to think that the altered energy from the source travels in a direct beam to your planet to alter it and everything upon it.  The energy from the source is all encompassing.  The energy from the source is all encompassing and encompassing not just your universe but multiples, multiples of universes which you call quite rightly multi-verses.  And so I thought that today we would talk about this and advise you of the fact that if you have not already become aware of it that the energy of the source is the energy of the planet.  The planets are changing and altering their position in your sky right now and are having this effect upon you.

Now then, your scientists are about to discover that the plotting of the position of the major planets will have to be altered.  Why is this?  Why is this so? they ask.  The planets previously thought to occupy a permanent and stable position in your universe are actually mobile to some degree or another.  Everything is in a state of change. The oneness, the allness, excluding nothing and including everything is in a constant state of change. So it stands to reason that if the planet in your sky, in your galaxy, in your universe, if those planets alter their positions only minimally, minisculy, hardly noticeable, it will alter the energy on your planet.  It has an overflow, on on-flow effect.  As the planets receive the energy and alter themselves, their twin energies also alter, and they radiate a changed energy which drives every other planet including yours .. and there we have it.  This is the way the energy works, in a simplified form of course. We are not going deep into science, we are attempting to keep our information practicable, easily understood and assimilated.  And so, for you incarnates and everything on your planet, every living thing, and of course there are mountains, rocks, forests, oceans, etc. they all have an energy and they are all affected.  So, the most minuscule change in energy radiated by the source will have an onflowing affect.  It will just keep rolling, rolling, and rolling, because it is all encompassing, it encompass the allness, the oness; and as I previously said the universe and the multi-verses.

So,  it would be wise for you human incarnates to accept the fact that energy change is a constant.  Your bodily growth is a change that is constant.  You arrived on this planet as a embodied soul, embodied in a small baby body, and it alters and changes until its time for you to come home to the realms.  Does it not make sense that everything around you alters and changes?  Its called growth.  The trees, the water, the air, the animals, everything continues to grow, expand, evolve, and similar to what you have often spoken of as growing pains, so too is the energy of the allness, of the oneness, affects you in a manner similar to growing pains.  It is growing, advancement, evolution, from where we are in the realms we can and do observe individuals as well as masses altering and changing, minute by minute, by every tick of your clock.  So, today we thought we would bring you this information so that you might cease to complain, cease wondering “what is happening to me”, “what is going on”, everything is changing and in a constant state of flux.  Growing pains dear ones.  Everything, the allness and the oness is growing, altering, advancing.  To where? you might ask.  It is to become Light.  Light. You will become everything: the totality of the oness and the allness will become one. Become Light.

Thank you dear ones.  We hope that you have enjoyed our discourse.  Thank you and good evening.  Perhaps I will be invited to return again.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Simple meditation method:

Select a room, an isolated place in your home or garden where you are not likely to be disturbed. Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Sit on a comfortable chair, or on the floor in a Lotus or Half-Lotus position.. The simplest and best practice is to adopt the Egyptian King position. Sit upright  with both feet planted on the floor, elbows tucked into your ribs, hands with palms facing each other and extended in front of you. Your feet, knees, and hands should be the same width apart. Now close your eyes and focus solely and intently on the play of energy moving between your hands.

I have closed my eyes, I cannot see: I have closed my ears, I cannot hear: I have closed my mind, I cannot think. Concentrate solely on the energy playing between your hands and allow yourself to  drift into the void.

Peace & Happiness,



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